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GAIA Natural Baby Bamboo

GAIA Natural Baby Bamboo

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OzKMetropolitan Adelaide, SA

Impossible to pull out one handed


The wipes are nicely scented but I hate using them. They’re thin and impossible to pull out they just keep joining together and don’t separate, you have to pull them apart yourself and it’s impossible to grab just one without pulling out 3 or 4. So you end up wasting so many wipes. I’ve used heaps of wipes brands and I hate these ones.

Purchased in April 2019 at Coles.



  • 6 reviews

serious rash


have been using it for two weeks, baby was crying the second i apply it on her, thought it was because of cold touch. how wrong was i, now a serious rash is developed and broken skin. never ever buy this product, it is too harmful to baby skin.

Purchased in August 2019.


TarynPerth, WA

  • 5 reviews
  • Verified purchase

I don't like the feel of them


Can't stand the feel of using these on bubs bum... I don't feel like they actually pick up any of the mess - they just move it around. Also - another company that can't seem to make their wipes come out one at a time. I just need one more wipe - I get 4. They're also VERY wet. I think that might be why they don't pick up the mess as well as others.

Purchased in June 2018 at Chemist Warehouse Online Store for $17.24.


GemGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

  • 4 reviews
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The best baby wipes on the market!


These wipes are the best on the market! After having constant rashes and irritations on my sons skin, I decided to change to these bamboo wipes. I always thought some of the irritation my child got was from mainly his nappies, but since changing to these wipes ive realised the wipes I was using played a big part in the rashes. Since switching to Gaia bamboo wipes I’ve had no problems with my child’s skin. They are hands down the best wipes on the market!

Purchased in January 2017 at Chemist Warehouse for $5.00.

Gave baby nappy rash


Bought a bulk pack when they were on special thinking I'd give them a try. Gave my baby terrible nappy rash, used 3 packs before I realised what it was causing the rash. Also smaller and drier than other wipes I have used. Not to mention they come out of the packaging in a big string instead of one at a time.



  • 2 reviews

Don't buy these wipes


I brought these wipes as the packet stated that they were suitable for sensitive skin. After one use my baby's bottom was inflamed, not thinking I used them again and the result was a screaming baby and a very sore bottom.
I wished I read independent reviews prior to buying them.



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Causes rash


Decided to try these as they were on special. So bought a bulk pack. Also liked that it mentioned natural and organic. Unfortunately within a couple of days of using it our baby started to develop a red and inflamed rash. So we switched back to our usual Baby U Goats Milk wipes and the rash soon disappeared.



  • 15 reviews

I like them


Have to say i am quite surprised to read all the bad reviews!

My son had skin issues as a baby and I ended up trying all sorts of wipes and these ended up being my favourite.

I still carry them in my bag for my 3 year old for face/hand cleaning on the go and will use them for my newborn.

Poor packaging


These wipes smell nice and do the job fine. Problem is with the packaging. There's no way to take just one wipe out at a time due to the way they've folded them together, or some other problem. This is an issue when you only need one wipe, but five come out, and being wet wipes you can't really just leave the extra ones lying around or else they will dry out. Other manufacturers seem to get this basic concept right, why can't you gaia?



I use all Gaia products on Bub except for the wipes they were horrible and dry ! I couldn't wipe babies bum without scrubbing it to get it clean. Currently using Kmart Baby Solutions as they were a gift and I'm loving them!!! Also tried dymples from bigw also not bad

Misleading natural marketing


We bought these due to their supposed organic, natural qualities but like other posters here were disappointed to find out that they actually contain the nastiest chemicals, cocamidopropyl betaine among others. They also caused our baby a rash as soon as they were used. Really not so natural - avoid!



  • 2 reviews

Like the idea, but annoying packaging


I like the idea of these and bought them because they seemed more environmentally friendly, but the packaging is terrible. I can't seem to get just one wipe at a time, I always get about 4 or 5 come out at once, and it's very fiddly. Not ideal at 1am with a wiggling infant. Other brands seem to get this fairly basic thing right so I don't get why it's such a challenge for Gaia. They do the job otherwise, but I'll probably be trying other brands once the packs I have bought run out.



  • 12 reviews

Not amazing but good


When our child was born we initially used cotton wool & water but needed something for messier occasions. We found these at the chemist and bought a few multi packs. They are gentle on skin, don't have a fragrance & are biodegradable which I like. They are a little on the thin side though. I do also wish I could but them from the supermarket.

very disapointed


i have been using these on my baby for a while and wanted something affordable and safe but i was fooled by the packaging stating they are paraben free alcohol free blah blah but they have more chemicals than most baby wipes on the market, so to say the least im really disappointed at the 'natural' marketing on this product




  • 22 reviews

Caused severe dermatitis


Anne Holm

Anne HolmBrisbane

  • 6 reviews

Happy with the switch to bamboo


I'm trying to be more considerate of the environment so decided to try bamboo wipes because they have much less of an environmental impact than cotton. The wipes stick together a bit but it's not too difficult just to get out one at a time and they do the job fine. I'm happy with the packaging as well. They're quite a bit more expensive than the generic grocery store brands and not as thick, but I've decided I'm willing to accept that for a more eco friendly product.



  • 13 reviews

Fantastic packaging and well packaged wipes


The best packaging that I found in the market, easy to open and close the packet and when taking wipes out only one is pulled out at a time. They feel very soft and thin, and stay moist; however after using the whole packet my baby started developing a slight rash/reaction to the wipes. They do have a pleasant scent.
Fantastic packaging
Not as gentle on baby skin as some other products in the market



  • 6 reviews

Gentle on skin but poor packaging


I got these wipes because they are made of bamboo and have minimal chemicals. They are gentle on baby's skin but it is often difficult to take just one wipe out at a time. The wipes tend to come out as a huge clump, and makes change time tricky when trying to hold on to a wriggly baby with one hand! Also, I find that my fingertips start cracking and peeling after handling them several times a day. (No visible effect on baby's skin though.) I use the Curash wipes now and my fingers have stopped peeling.
Made from bamboo, biodegradable and free from nasty chemicals
Poor packaging, causes the skin of my fingertips to crack and peel



  • 11 reviews

Ok wipes but bad packaging


I bought the Gaia bamboo wipes because I wanted to use a product with as minimal chemicals as possible. The wipes themselves are fine and do the job but the packaging lets them down. You can't get just one wipe out without a whole wad coming out at the same time. Not very handy when trying to get wipes with one hand! Because of this issue I won't be buying them again.
Natural product.
Poor packaging.

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Can gaia bamboo baby wipes be flushed into toilet?

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No, like all baby wipes you are not meant to flush them down the toilet. It even states so on the packet.

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