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GAIA Natural Baby Shampoo

GAIA Natural Baby Shampoo

4.6 from 29 reviews

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Unfortunately not ideal for my baby

I was given this product from my best friend in a baby hamper she made up. From her own experience, she said it was the best product for her daughter when she was a baby. Unfortunately not the case for me. After using it 3 times, my daughter started to get an extremely flakey scalp (almost like dandruff) which also became quite irritated around the neck. I figured that it couldn’t be the shampoo but then after reading the ingredients, I couldn’t believe that it has lactic acid in it considering that it is an exfoliator product! What newborn baby requires lactic acid on their skin? I immediately stopped using it (along with the body wash and body lotion) and it has taken a while to settle down. Now using another product WITHOUT lactic acid. This could be ok for babies with cradle cap to help exfoliate away the crusty surface? But for a baby that had extremely good newborn skin, this product assisted in making it the complete opposite very quickly.


I have used many expensive shampoo's over the years, unfortunately lately I had been suffering a very itchy scalp. I thought I try out my daughter's shampoo "Gaia". I must say it's the only shampoo that has helped calm down itchy scalp comparing to so many I tried in the process to treat the condition. Give it a go if you have the same problem.

Excellent product

I brought this when the leading brand made my little ones scalp dry out and then causes craddle cap. OMG its all natural, it really is tear free, lovely light fragrance (natural too), if your looking for a good product this is the one. I would really recommend this product to anyone who would listen. Put down the leading brand and give this a try you won't regret it.

I just wish the adult products were marketed and available like the baby products. They are there but you have to search for them even in sydney! And don't bother in the country they have barely heard of Gaia.

For grownups too....

I have very fine hair that frizzes using conditioning shampoos yet has dry ends. My hair was falling out. I was desperate. I used this product and after 2 washes my hair was silky, non frizzy, my scalp settled down and my hair fall decreased to normal levels. My hair is now balanced and normal! I use no other product now. Yes I did try other baby shampoos. This is the best. A little does go a long way so the price is worth it.

Excellent product

I bought this for my baby when another 'leading brand' caused a lot of scalp dryness. The cradle cap improved nearly immediately after starting to use the Gaia shampoo. It's very gentle on the scalp and leaves hair very soft.
It's a bit more expensive than other brands but a little goes a long way. Well worth it!
Gentle and natural

Smooth and silky

I have been using this shampoo on my kids for 2.5 years. I love it. It leaves their hair so soft and clean, with no tears... also helped control cradle cap when they were little bubs. You don't need to use much, a small 5c blob for shorter hair and I use about double for shoulder length hair on the 2yo... I could use less, but she likes to help. Highly recommended.
Goes a long way, hair so clean and pretty.
Nothing.... it's awesome.

first and cant imagine changing to other brands

I bought this shampoo along with other Gaia brands in the starter kit. Im onto the first big bottle now! The small size from starter kit lasts me about 3 months+ and we use it pretty much every day. Keeps my baby's hair soft and smells lovely! A little goes a long way, I always use a pea size of it and it lathers well. Too much of it and it gets difficult to rinse.

For the price I pay I expect a pump though.
a little goes a long way so its worth the price. smells good and lathers well
no pump :(

Gorgeous baby shampoo!!

We have used this brand for our baby girl since birth and it is brilliant!! It has a subtle, natural fragrance and contains organic ingredients. It is so gentle and effective and you only need to use a tiny amount as this product really goes far. :) We love it because it is environmentally friendly, a really good quality product and not too expensive.

user unfriendly

Have tried this several times on both kids, found that though it smells nice it's far too thick, almost impossible to get a good even lather and rinse it all out. After having issues with cradle cap I switched to a different brand of shampoo and all of a sudden, no more problem!
smells nice
too thick! also expensive

Excellent Product. Natural!!

Best thing on the market, natural. It helped fix a problem Johnson and Johnson shampoo helped create. Never had craddle cap till I used the above product and only used it cause I had it given to me.

Thought I would use it because it smelt nice. Bad mistake!!

Gaia has helped get rid of it and I will never change products again.

Since have discovered leading health professionals say stay away from J&Js dries things out too much.

Love the smell and the way this product has no laurelsodium etc etc.And still suds up well.
Everything!! Natural, only need a small amount will last forever.


my overall opinion of Gaia Natural baby shampoo is that this product is great! not only is it natural the out come of using this is really good and a big difference from other products i have used, my childs hair came out soft, shiny and smelling great. This shampoo you only need to use a tiny bit for great results and it last ages which is what most mothers look at these days in a product for there child
i used this product when my baby was a new born and loved it! her hair came out so soft and shiny and also smelling great!! the no tears formuler was great as well
there isnt anything i can think of for why this product is bad

Great product!!

This shampoo is great for both NB and 3yr old. It lasts a long time as you only need the smallest amount.
My toddler has a sensitive scalp and had issues with some of the mainstream baby shampoos. Once i found this shampoo i haven't looked back. The other products in the same range are fantastic also.
A gental wash perfect for my new born and also my sensitive skinned toddler
Although it costs more compared to other products on the market - it lasts and lasts and lasts


I will most certainly continue to use this shampoo on my children. I can not fault it, other than the price, but you get what you pay for! I would recommend this to everybody, and especially those parents and carers who are concerned enough to use organic products. Some organic products don't measure up, but Gaia sure does.
This is yet another beautiful Gaia product. It smells lovely and is gentle on my childrens' hair. They do not worry when it gets in their eyes either! I feel much better using an organic product too.
The price is high ($10 a bottle) but you will be surprised at how long this little bottle will last you!


I love this shampoo for the whold family! We have sensitive skin and I have been on the search for a hair product that is a cheaper option to the infomercial "Chaz Den's Wen" and this is what I have found works well for us all.
I love it. It doesn't take much to wash bub's hair. He is six months old and I have only used half of a small bottle. It is gentle and great for gentle skin. I have started using it on my hair as well and I love it. It is so much better than other shampoos I have used on my hair.
It is a bit expensive to buy but it lasts, so no cons that I can think of.


I love this product for my baby, and also for myself. A few weeks ago I was suffering from dandruff (very rare for me) so I decided to use this shampoo and it has completely cleared it up after two washes! Will definitely continue buying this for the whole family.
Best shampoo I have used on my baby - leaves his hair looking and smelling beautiful, and so so soft.
The price


I used this shampoo on my 3mth old baby as she had cradle cap and it says that it helps to treat cradle cap. It was true after a few applications I could see the cradle cap coming off slowly on its own and no new cradle cap! Works great.
I love this shampoo it leaves the hair soft and smelling great.


I tried several other brands of shampoo, including Johnsons, and found this one was the only brand that did not dry bub's scalp. Its ingradients also made me feel a lot more comfortable, as they're all natural, compared to the ingradients of some other shampoos - very scary to read!
This shampoo is organic and smells great too. You only need to use a tiny amount and it never dries out bub's scalp.
None that I can think of - possibly the price, though I believe it is well worth it and priced in line with a lot of other inferior products.


I found this whole range to be quite expensive for what it was. Although for those with sensitive skin or skin conditions the prices for products seem to just with how severe their reactions is (probably like many conditions/ illnesses). I foudn it didnt aggravate my sons extremely bad eczema but I found many other products that did just as good a job as this one with a much lower price.
smell, doesnt irritate sensitive skin


I love the entire range. I love that they are organic and that you can get them in smaller travel sizes. I love that they are now available in supermarkets - they used to be so hard to get. We do not have tears with this shampoo - it is very gentle. It does a really good job of cleaning my daughter's hair and it seems to not dry her hair out at all. A fabulous product.
I love all the gaia products - but especially this shampoo! It is so gentle and does not irritate my daughter's eyes. It lathers really well and gets her curls clean.
nothing - we love this


I love my daughters bath time as i get to wash her hair, the shampoo smells so great and leaves her hair very shiny. You only need to pour a little onto the hair as a little bit a this shampoo makes up a very big lather. It is certified organic and Australian made which is also a reason i buy his product, it has no nasty chemicals to irritate my daughters sensitive skin. I will keep using this product on my daughter and will keep recommending to mothers with new borns.
Certified organic. Great smelling and gentle on babies skin.
A little bit expensive.

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GAIA Natural Baby Shampoo
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