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Garden Master
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Great product, great service

Wanted a simple medium size storage shed in our established garden. Rang the office on south road, spoke with Craig, who was very helpful in explaining our options for the site and the quality of the materials and the style options. Received a quote promptly the next day from Jody, Account & Admin. Company did a site review prior to construction. Shed only took 2 weeks to make and was constructed on site soon after. We also opted for the floor to be contracted which Gardenmaster organised.
Overall a very easy and painless task of getting a new shed as the team at Gardenmaster were so professional & organised.

Excellent Shed For My Cat

For the longest time I've been searching for a shed for my pet cat but i can't seem to find a great supplier and then I found Garden Master on Google.
Contacted them and talked to their customer service. They amicably got my order, had it delivered and properly installed.
Now I have the happiest cat ever!
Will definitely refer this to my family and friends.

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Hello Ambriz, thank you for the feedback! We are very happy that you are pleased with your purchase. Please do share with your family and friends, so they too can have a shed that is custom built for their needs. Cheers!

The Best Support Ever!

I needed a shed but didn’t know what to buy and I found Garden Master.

I really don’t know much about sheds but they have patiently answered my questions and explained a lot of things to me.

They were very helpful! So glad with my purchase and the customer-service!

Given the chance, would purchase again from them and would highly recommend them!

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Hi Suzanne, thank you for your feedback. We see to it that all our customer's are fully informed of what they are purchasing as this allows satisfaction of the item purchased. We are extremely happy that we are able to meet your needs, and have met your expectations on both service and quality. May your new shed serve you well!

Great Product from Genuine Family Business..

Bought one of these for my Dad... They are heavier than the other brands - i noticed quite significantly. You get way more for your money. I've assembled cheap brands and they are a waste of time and you can hardly assemble it without damaging the metal. Cant recommend these guys highly enough.

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Hello Monty, we are glad that you are very happy with your purchase. Indeed the quality of our sheets are heavier as it is meant to be tough and sturdy. Appreciate your honest feedback and we hope your father enjoys his garden shed. Cheers!

Aviary for wildlife

Thankyou Garden Master for custom designing us a 20ft flight aviary for wildlife with special needs. Easy to put together and made to our exact requirements. Friendly service and great follow up too.

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Hi Sue, it was our pleasure to make them for you. We are very committed to deliver orders based on our client's requirements and we thank you for the opportunity and trust to help you with your customised aviary.

Fantastic quality garden /storage shed

From my first telephone contact I got the impression these people really know what they are doing.i did not think such service existed today,from the most professional receptionist who sold me the shed thru to the installer.I am most impressed with the quality of my garden shed as I had looked around and nothing came near the products from Garden Master,I would certainly purchase from them again and would highly recommend them to any body looking to purchase a quality shed with good old fashioned Service

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Hello Alan. We are very pleased to hear how satisfied you are with both our products as well as our customer service. We have been in this business for a very long time now and all that experience has really shaped how we work towards client satisfaction. In fact, good old fashioned service continuous to exist in Garden Master, and that what you have experienced is just the everyday norm for us. Whether a customer enquire or buys, our service remains as it is: friendly, professional, accommodating. Thank you for your feedback. If you have any questions related to your purchase, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Good Quality Garden Sheds and Service

Purchased my smooth cream customised economaster garden shed from garden master and have since stocked all my clutter in there. I must say that the purchase was very easy because: 1.) They were very knowledgeable and professional. 2.) They can fully customise your sheds to meet your specifications. I recommend them for anyone trying to declutter their backyard!

Well built products doesn't come cheap

Great customer service. Very accommodating and very professional. Given that they are in the manufacturing since 1975, they've got a really well made product on hand (They are probably one of the pioneers in SA in this industry. Sorry, wasn't able to ask). Price are Okay (I keep my cash deep in my pockets). But hey, you couldn't go wrong with a 12 year guarantee, right? So I paid for it with my eyes closed, and there I was, bringing home my new garden shed. They have factory seconds by the way, I just wasn't the sheds I was looking for.

If you are reading this, then you probably need one, so call them! It's worth a try. As I've said, they are very accommodating.

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Hello Derrick, thank you for your feedback. As you have said, building quality products does not come cheap. Our pricing model is balanced between product quality and value for money. At the end of the day, we owe it to our customers. And so, building only the best quality product that makes a satisfied and happy customer is what we aim for.

If you need a garden shed, I recommend buying from Garden Master!

Purchased my shed from Garden Master and had some measurements customised and some part of the shed modified. The outcome was perfect, build quality of my compact shed was great, and the customer service as what other's mentioned was excellent! Even the lady, who usually gets to answer my call was very polite. I only signed up to the site to give my testimony and that hopefully, this helps anyone out there in need of a garden shed.

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Hi Alan, thank for the effort in singing up just to provide us the positive feedback. You can count that we will continue to provide the same service to you, and our future customers. Many thanks!

It was down right perfect!

Purchased an aviary from Garden Master. Got extra mesh installed on specific areas. Had provided measurements to fit right in the spot in my home. Doors and hinges, colors, ALL PERFECT! I couldn't ask for more. They have truly met my expectations, and for that, they deserve my praise!

Love my fully customisable shed

Everything at Garden Master is customisable from the size and colours down to the locks and windows. Good service overall. They'll spend time with you in getting your specifications right. So, if anyone is looking for a customisable storage sheds, I suggest you try these guys!

Worth my time!

I don't normally write recommendations for any items or service I get, but this business is such a huge exception! The service they provided is truly excellent that it is just worth sharing! The specifics of the Skillion shed I requested was right on target!

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Hello Carol, thank you for the effort of writing us a review. We've been doing what we do best, and that's helping out our client's as much as we can. Glad to hear that you are satisfied with your purchase. Again, many thanks!

Perfectly Customised Sheds. Excellent Service!

The guy in charge helped me out with the specifications that I needed exactly. I wanted get this Truss Shed but told him that it was a bit larger than what I needed, and that I preferred a sliding door. To my surprise he tells me: "Not a problem, what dimensions do you need? We can change the doors for you and turn it into a sliding door if that's what you want."

So they quoted me on the specifications, and was amazed by how well it came out. They were extremely helpful and will go the extra mile to make sure you are happy with your purchase.

The craftsmanship was perfect, and the service - Even better! Highly recommended!

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This may have been a very late acknowledgement, but we are very happy that you are highly satisfied with your purchase. We've been in the business for a very long time so we do understand and really take into account what our client wants, and you are no exception to this commitment of ours. Cheers!

True Experts

Purchased a garden shed from this company. Honest and very friendly staff, unlike the other business (Stratco) I was suppose to deal with first. These guys offered me sheds within my budget and didn't go around the bush. Apparently, Garden master has been in the industry for a very long time, and the guy who owns the company inherited the business.

So if an expert is what you're looking for, visit there website at [weblink removed]. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend these guys as they deserve it!

Called the guys for some enquiries about the shed I bought last October. Service did not disappoint!Hi Stuart, after sales is equally important as making a sale as you have experienced first hand. Do not hesitate to ask if you have any other enquiries. Also, this may come late, but we appreciate the feedback you have provided. Cheers!

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