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Good customer service.

Representative had a good attention to detail.
The representative was polite and very helpful.
The representative was knowledgeable about the product, even with the small details.
The representative did not use any pressure to make a sale.

Product Quality
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Well looked after

Gary was extremely helpful with the selecting of the correct building for our needs. Fast, prompt and ready to answer and questions we had in relation to changes in plans

Stress free service

Nigel was easy to deal with and his knowledge of the product was soild.
I have refered Wide span to several people because of him.
I will ring Nigel in the future for any future purchase.


New Shed

Frank listened carefully to what I wanted from my shed, and was happy to make changes to the original design as I thought of improvements. He was easy to talk to over the phone and made the whole process very simple. I am confident my new shed will meet my expectations - I can't wait to start using it!

New farm shed

Frank listened to what we required in a shed and made valued suggestions. We received the quote quickly and everything was easy to understand. Overall experience with Frank and Widespan has been great.

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Frank was really helpful over the phone and followed up.

Frank went through everything with to make sure what had ordered was correct.His follow up calls confirmed this.It was a good exsperience to know that everything has been done correctly.

Product Quality
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Fantastic Service

Can’t thank Paul at Widespan Sheds enough! He was quick to supply quotes & made our requested changes to them multiple times without it being a problem. Overall a great experience!

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Widespan shed

The fox's were patient and consistently gave good advice. I was a bit of a pain and it took a lot of support to get my business but they did well.

well done

tolerant and knowledgeable. answered all our questions promptly and in a timely manner. Ver happy with this process. No pushy sals techniques and I don't know what else to say to fill up the words

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Wait too long, time wasted

Ordered and paid 14 of Feb, but today is already 5 of Match, but still nothing here, still waiting......how long need to wait? is it send out from the moon?

Product Quality
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Thank you for your review Deb and for bringing to our attention that you are waiting for the Garden Shed that you ordered online. Garden Sheds are normally manufactured within 72 hours of receiving the order with delivery then arranged through global logistics company Mainfreight. We sincerely apologise for the delay brought about as a result of a factory shortage of ZINCALUME coupled with Mainfreight Head Office inadvertently missing an email from their on forwarder in Mackay requesting confirmation of the delivery address. As you may know, Sally from our Customer Service team spoke with your partner to confirm she contacted both Mainfreight and their on forwarder and was advised that the Garden Shed will be delivered to site tomorrow and that you can expect a phone call from the on forwarder prior to the delivery.


Lied to get a sale.
Told can't get plans for council until money paid.
Paid money
Council denied plans
Wide span refuse to give back deposit it as we should of spoken to council first.
We actually did but they asked for plans. To get them you pay 25%. And if the council dont approve. Stiff!

Product Quality
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Thank you for your review Ed and Ashleigh. We do not lie to customers, we publish guidance on our website making clear the importance of contacting your local council and/or a Certifier to confirm you meet the correct design criteria for your area and ensure you do not waste time, resources or funds. Our ‘quote’ includes a drawing with dimensions of the proposed building and our guidance recommends taking your quote to a Certifier who will be able to look at your proposed building and the area you are planning to build and let you know of any issues that may arise. Moreton Bay Regional Council’s website promotes a pre-lodgement advice service to encourage customers to seek clarification or advice on development proposals. If somebody at the Council advised you that fully engineered plans for a building were required before they would give you pre-lodgement advice then we strongly recommend you take this up with the Council. You received a series of quotations from us over a period of six weeks from 10.10.18 to 20.11.18, during which time you had the opportunity to utilise the Councils pre-lodgement advice facility or approach a local building Certifier. The email you forwarded to us in February 2019 written by your Certifier confirms she phoned Moreton Bay Regional Council and they advised under no circumstances would they approve a 4.5m high shed in a residential area but they would approve a 4m high shed. However, in November 2018 you accepted our quotation and you signed a Purchase Agreement and you made a payment for us to engineer your building. On 28.11.18 we duly provided you with all the appropriate plans, engineering specification and certification for the completed structural design of the steel building all signed off by an independent Registered Professional Structural Engineer and in doing so we incurred engineering and administrative costs. We confirmed that we are more than willing to have our engineers spend time at no cost to you altering the design and in particular the height of the building to meet council requirements. You advised us that that size does not meet your needs and therefore you want a full refund. As you know, we wrote to you a week ago and advised that whilst we are more than willing to re-engineer the building at no cost to you, if you feel you have no option but to cancel the Purchase Agreement at this time, we would be pleased for the opportunity to supply you with a steel building at any time in the future and at that time discuss recognition of your payment to date (for example, if you purchase a building of equal value to the one that you now wish to cancel we will be pleased to transfer 100% of your payment). For the record, our ‘Council Approval Information’ can be found on our website under ‘Resources’. For anybody considering buying a Wide Span Shed, if they Google associated words – Council Approval, Wide Span Sheds - they will find on the first page of Google our published ‘Council Approval Information’ and our ‘Council Approval Latest’ articles including ‘Local Building Certifiers vs the Council’ and ‘Council Approval in Australia for Steel Garages’.

Helpful , Easy, responsive

Frank was an energetic guy that had the knowledge. Once I had engaged he was efficiently assisting the process with out pressure. Good on his knowledge that meant I was happy to disengage from other companies and focus on him

many thanks Paul Mc

Excellent Wide Span Shed

I have now completed the construction of my 10m X 9m shed which I purchased through Wide Span Sheds. My experience during all dealings with Frank and Sally was totally professional from day one.
Any questions I had were answered promptly and the process of manufacturing and delivery of my shed was as per the contract and on time.
Before I had the opportunity to view other brand name sheds prior to my purchase and now can confirm that my Wide Span Shed is structurally stronger in the engineering and design.
I would definitely recommend Wide Span Sheds.

Steer clear if you are a owner builder

Wide Span Sheds might be ok if you are in a urban area and using the company to install. However if you are doing it yourself and in a situation where there may be delays getting it up try and find a local provider. It seems that all the different shed manufactures are using the same design software from Bluescope so you get the same product across different brands. They just get the local roll former to cut and punch the steel so why deal with a company in QLD when you are in TAS when the customer service finishes once the kit is paid for.

Alarm bells started ringing when the experienced concreter said the plans lacked sufficient information for the footings. The plans are really woeful being a collection of detail, some of which may be relevant - most of which is not. For an 'Engineered' structure this is very poor as there is know way of knowing exactly how the shed is designed to go together prior to construction. The manual also lacks detail and seems to be a cut and paste.

Things do be come clearer when the kit is laid out on the ground as per the marking scheme and thats when you discover that the brackets supplied as per the BOM are the wrong type, have been substituted for another type, or are missing. The plans are little help at this point as there is nothing too show exactly what goes where.

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Thank you for your review Chris. Following deliver of your steel kit building on 13 August 2018 we sincerely apologise that you discovered that some of the haunch brackets supplied with the steel kit building were incorrect and we appreciate the frustration you will have felt with it being just a week before the industry shut down for the Christmas break and brackets needing to be shipped to Flinders Island in the Bass Strait north of Tasmania. We were pleased to learn that Noel, the Flinders Island Manager at Sharp Airlines had confirmed that you had received the replacement brackets on Wednesday 19 December, two days after we received the photographs that you kindly supplied so that it was clear to all parties involved exactly what had been supplied and what needed to be shipped to Flinders Island, so there could be no misunderstandings. Wide Span Sheds use in-house developed engineering technology that is industry leading. Our software incorporates site specific analysis of the wind loads acting on the building to derive our ShedSafe accredited engineering plans and calculations. Years of research have gone into developing our robust framing system. For example, our haunch bracket is designed to strengthen the ‘rafter-over-column’ method that Wide Span Sheds have adopted to strengthen this joint and reduce the twisting within the portal frame caused by standard loads but this is not a feature of all steel kit buildings. As you know Chris, we received your email dated 13 December 2018 at 6.01 pm and we replied the following day in an email that addressed all of the questions that you had asked in relation to the positions of brackets. We also advised in our reply email that if your concreter could be specific as to the detail(s) that he considered was missing from the footing plans that we welcomed this feedback for our consideration in trying to improve the clarity of our information for the benefit of other customers and we await this information. We trust you will discover as you progress with the build that the combined documentation of the Plan Drawings (21 pages), Construction Manual (42 pages) and Bill of Materials (7 pages) contains only those details that are relevant for the erection of your particular steel kit building and to suggest that most of the details are not relevant is misleading the readers of Product Review. We sincerely regret that the wrong brackets were supplied and we do understand your frustration and desire to immediately shame us on social media for our error. As you know, our Customer Service and Technical Department have assisted you and remain on hand to assist you with any construction related queries. We do hope that once you have completed your steel kit building your overriding memory will be the quality, engineering and performance of your Wide Span Shed.

Genuinely fantastic customer service!

Wide Span Sheds have provided excellent customer service at every step. They did everything they said they would and within the timeframe they promised. Looking forward to receiving the kit.

Seems good so far

Was easy to talk to. Guided me in the right direction & helped me understand everything & in the end it was what I wanted.

Friendly service thats made this big purchase simple.

Really good experience with wide span sheds, Lucas was very enthusiastic with helping me work through ordering my new shed. He was promt and accurate in providing me with multiple quotes for different variatuons I made to my design.

the perfect carport

i like the quality of wide span products and ease of putting it together with the help of a friend and following the instructions it goes up in no time.

Great double garage

Very efficient, and cost effective. Lucas had all the questions answered immediately, eager to find a solution to any concerns.

Awesome service

Awesome service. Factual information. Great price and value for money. Chris Walker was very patient and willing to give advice on how to build the in the most cost effective manor. Wide Span was recommended by friend s and would not hesitate to recommend to others

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Questions & Answers

Are Wide Span homes considered to be removable to meet council requirements for a dependent living unit?
1 answer
Thank you for your enquiry. We understand that conditions and rules on dependent persons units vary between councils and therefore it is best to check with your local council. If the council requires that dependent persons units must be able to be easily lifted and placed on a new site within a short period of time (generally a few days) then you might be best searching for demountable and / or transportable buildings.

Can you erect the sheds and how much? Thank you!
1 answer
Thank you for your question. Wide Span Sheds expertise is the engineering, manufacture and supply of steel kit buildings, but we can provide administrative support to help our customers obtain quotes from builders with experience in erecting sheds. Your Wide Span Sheds sales person will be pleased to discuss your project and work with you to develop a quote that will satisfy your technical and budgetary requirements. You can contact us on 1300 94 33 77 anytime between 7.30 am and 5.00 pm (AEST) five days a week and at weekends (see website for opening time) to request a quote, or you can find your Local Agent by visiting www. sheds. com. au / agents and entering your post code.

How do we get help/advise on erecting shed. 27m by 7 roughly and instructions very difficult to follow. Is there a construction advisor or can we pay someone to come and assist the errection process
1 answer
Hi Kylie - The Wide Span Sheds home page currently references a blog titled 'Are Steel Shed Kits Easy to Erect?' that you may find of interest.

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