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Worst service ever.

Doors on back to front, rubbish not removed.... although they did take the left over panels that were actually mine.
The shed itself apart from doors is good...
Not sure about it having been good value though.

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Store LocationTitan

Doesn't live up to TV add expectations

The original sales person was great to deal with at first but once the contract was signed the north Brisbane salesperson didn't want to know us or help us and was rude to my wife. Had to continually ring Titan for the next step, was very confusing with all involved eg salesperson, certifier, concreter, installer and Titan. The workmanship on the shed frame was very poor with parts missing and the concrete slab was damaged when fasteners were installed at the bottom of the frames. Concerns with both roller doors, one doesn't seal on the floor and the other slide rail is very flimsy. The quality of the steel frames isn't what I would expect from Titan given their air play on TV. Steel have been cut with sharp edges still visible and starting to rust. I actually painted some areas of the frames before it was installed. Some issues were fixed by Titan and it wasn't a problem for them but I don't recommend them at all.

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Store LocationMorayfield Qld
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Hi Glenn. Thank you for your feedback. I'm sorry to hear your experience was not a good one. At Titan we pride ourselves on our after sales service and as you mentioned issues you brought up were rectified. Because you bought your shed without wall cladding, some of the visible sections which would normally be covered by cladding may have looked rough but would be quite normal as the cladding would finish it off. Titan uses .9 and 1.5mm thick high tensile galvanized steel for the Goldstar star stud frame construction. This being above the industry standard, our customers can enjoy peace of mind when it comes to the structural integrity of their building. Kind regards Titan Garages and Sheds

Replacement carport

The salesman, John Barter was excellent, prompt, I first made contact with Titan (Crestmead) on a Saturday morning by that afternoon John had come to site & measured / checked the site suitability.
The price was reasonable, approx. half another quote, I did seek another (3rd) quote, however the 3rd company wasn't able to do a ( weekend) site inspection for more than a month.
I demolished, the old carport/ cleared the site. ( the existing concrete slab was re-used), although because the carport was wider than the existing slab, the 2 outside posts needed new footings
The new carport, (6 m long X 3 m wide X 2.7 m high, skillion roof) was built over 2 half days, I didn't actually see the builder, as it was done while I was at work.
The finished carport is well built/ heavy duty, exactly what I wanted, high enough to back my 4wd in with my kayak still on the roof-bars.

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Store LocationHead office Crestmead

Extremely unhappy - Absolutely terrible service

We have had the worst experience with Titan. The shed is sited incorrectly as there was no site visit beforehand and a Concreter who was in too much of a hurry to care. If anyone is thinking of getting a shed through Titan beware as we have found that if there is a problem it is the owners responsibility.

Customer Service
Hello and thank you for review. Your shed has been correctly positioned on your site as per the certifiers approved plans which were also approved by you prior to any work commencing. You chose to do your own earthworks and site prep however Titans concreter had to finish off the prep by bringing in more soil. This took more time as our concreter was told this would be done. Once the site was ready and marked out we were given the approval and go ahead by you prior to the slab being poured. There was no problem and nothing was done by Titan without your approval so the responsibility in this case, does come back to you the owner. Kind Regards Titan Sheds and GaragesThe concreter was supposed to check this a day or two beforehand but never did. We were not made aware of this clause and I can find nothing in the emails saying we were responsible for this until there was a problem. We were not made aware we were looking at the position when we were asked. Where is the duty of care from Titan? Surely if there was a problem someone with some level of expertise should point it out and some discussion should be entered into. Communication in Titan seems to be poor with poor conflict skills as all that happened is we felt bullied by aggressive representatives.

We are extremely happy!!

We had a caravan carport and small shed erected. Everything has been done professionally and in the time frame promised. The salesman Phillip Watkins listened to what we wanted and that's what we got.
The contractors were there on time and completed each section in a professional manner. We can highly recommend Titan Garages and Sheds and they were also one of the most reasonable quotes. Thank you Titan.

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Store LocationCaboolture
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Hi Lynne H. Thnkyou so much for your review. It’s great to hear your carport and shed went up without a hitch and you can now protect your caravan from the elements. Thanks in advance for any recommendations you give Titan. Kind regards Titan Garages and Sheds.

Happy customer

This is my second Titan shed the last one was 18 years ago i was happy with everything back then that is why i went with Titan again , they did a excellent job the product is the best around Fresno Concrete contractors Titan did a amazing job i have no problem recommending that concrete company , as for the installation of my Titan Shed , Shane had my Titan up under 8 hrs , top guy & top job ,because this is my second Titan Adam the Manager threw in a electric door opener . ,
Happy Little Vegemite Michael Quinn Boondall

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Hi Michael. Great to hear you're happy with your new shed and your that your Titan experience was a good one. Who knows, we might see you in another 18 years time for your third Titan. Thanks very much for your review. Kind regards Titan Garages and Sheds

Boy, what they say and what they do is totally different ,

Another update 3/3/19
Well after a promise to call two Monday’s ago hasn’t happened .
So I doubt we are in mediation now .
The product is good , however , even with all the mistakes , customer service during and after leave a lot to be desired .
I feel ingood conscience that I really can’t recommend Titan as they haven’t fulfilled “ our commitment to you “ as on the reverse of their business cards .
See below
Ros and Pau

Update !Update ! Update !!

Amendum to original post 27/2/19

After hearing from Titan yesterday, after a chat last week they contacted us yesterday to say we can call and pick up the keys to our shed, when we get back from holidays. That’s fantastic !
Except for a few problems :
Here’s the first problem: * we didn’t get a shed with or without keys .
Second problem: * we have a carport ( still with all its problems )
Third problem : * we haven’t been on holidays.
Fourth problem: * Addressed to us however not sent to the right people with the shed
Fifth problem: * a plumber came today and yesterday and put our down pipes in their proper position, at our expense , where they should have been in the first place. Now it’s all finished, no thanks to Titan, we can get final clearance.

We wanted an extra carport for a long time.
In October 2018, We chose Titan as they said they would handle council permits, would deliver framework with a few days notice and it would only take 8 hours to erect.
We should have twigged we were going to have trouble when the salesman forgot to meet with my husband at lunchtime, he took time off to meet him here , he rang and said he couldn’t remember the phone arrangement from the day before.
He came on Saturday after to measure , we were happy with the price so said to go ahead. We chose colours that day, paid half the cost as deposit, he said the team would contact us for the balance before the delivery. We paid the balance of before the framework could be delivered. We were told we would be kept up to date and given a few days notice before starting the build.
Three weeks before Christmas the framework was delivered , it sat there until late January 19.
We called the office before Xmas to find they were closed until January 7th.
We called again, utter chaos someone had left and not contact customers with dates etc.
The builders rang Sunday night to say they would be here in the morning, so we were late for work. There was a problem with the plans , they had the first draft, we had the second. They needed to check this out .
so after telling us how hard this was going to be and saying that the holes my husband dug to show them where the pipes were, close to the pole sites, and the hedge had to be reduced by a third for them to get in by the pool to work there and we had to take two pool fence sections off for them to get around, they then contacted us a week later ! A week !
So first day of build, they arrived later than stated, they were arguing with each other about where the poles were to go, my husband had to leave for work ( late again ) after chatting to them about what he had done and what they were going to do.
Yes only takes about 8 hours to erect.

Tuesday, They put some of the frame together , shouted and swearing at each other, I’ve apologised to our neighbours and their children.
They left at 1pm.
Coming back Wednesday, started to do concrete for posts, not enough , did some and left , everything still in middle of driveway, fences still off. Still arguing.
Thursday rang to say can’t come , bad back,
Friday we’re here for 10 _15 minutes had to pack up as one needed the hospital as he was choking on a sausage roll. Still arguing.
Said we’ll be back Saturday, they turned up got quite a lot done .my husband discussed downpipes , best place for them etc
said we’ll be back and finish on Sunday . Never turned up.
Came on Monday for a quick visit to top up the concrete , then left in under an hour.
Returned Tuesday and did a bit more , they pop riveted everything that needed it and places that didn’t . The down pipes have been placed near the house in the opposite spot to where they were to be.
Everything went quiet , and they were gone . Not a word was said . Just gone . We weren’t sure if they had more to do . Still didn’t until we heard from you by mail today saying it was finished.
we knew we had to pay for the pipes by a plumber at our expense for final inspection however we have to remove your down pipes all riveted on,
in the wrong spot at our expense.
I feel that if someone asked me what I thought about Titan I couldn’t lie.

Paul and Ros

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Hi Rosalyn L. Thank you for your feedback. I'm sorry to hear your experience wasn't a good one. Our installers number one priority is to start and finish a job in good time. they are paid per job not per hour. I believe genuine issues were contributing to them having to leave site, however I agree communication could have been a lot better. Taking out 2 weeks for Christmas closure, your carport was finished with in the 12 week building time frame that was part of your contract. Once again, thank you for your review. These issues will be addressed for future. Kind regards Titan Garages and Sheds.

Garaport extension

Great job by the whole TITAN Team. John started the ball rolling with on site measure and quote. Everything went smoothly from start to finish considering it was over the Xmas period. Scott did a great job installing the garaport to my existing TITAN shed. Looks like it was always there originally. Very Happy with end result.

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Hi Greg. Great to hear you're happy with your new Titan. It looks fantastic on your property. Thank you for taking the time to share your experience. Kind regards Titan Garages and Sheds

Building my Titan tiny house was a breeze because Sharon and John care about what you want to achiev

I had in mind for a long time to build a small and sustainable dwelling. Downsizing seemed like an easy way to de-clutter and live a life that would one day be debt free. I had looked at what it would take to get council to approve it’s construction and went through the headache of working out who would insure such a dwelling and how expensive that might be but the answers don’t come easy and the stress associated with building something with an unknown budget was quite scary.

Then I met Sharon and John down at Titan Tiny Houses and sheds in Nerang, on the Gold Coast. Those fears of the unknown and the costs associated with building a tiny house soon dissipated.

These two are not only genuine people vested in the creation of your dream, but also have credibility. They live the Titan tiny house lifestyle, having built their own custom house using Titan products, and having lived in that dwelling for a number of years. They also very openly allow people like me to visit their house on the Gold Coast hinterland, to show what can be done, and how living small doesn’t mean you have to live without.

They took all the guesswork out of what construction standard the dwelling would have to be built too and helped with the mind boggling process of dealing with council. John has an extensive background in construction and was very helpful in directing me to trades and really outlaying the processes and building schedules, from erection to a finished, and ready to live in dwelling.

Sharon was always on hand to take my calls about concerns I had with the process and or the product. She is the basis of what drew me in to buying and building a Titan Tiny House. Sharon has a no frills frankness about her that makes you feel confident in Titan being the right fit to make your Tiny dream a reality.

This husband and wife pair really are so much more than salespeople. They live what they are selling and they are passionate about helping you fulfil your dream of being a house owner.

I couldn’t recommend them enough. They did not leave me high and dry after they got the sale. They actively played a part in my success in getting my tiny house council approved and insurable. Give them a call or better yet drop down to Nerang and have a coffee with them. You’ll see a married couple that are hardworking and passionate about what they do. Thank you Sharon and John and thank you Titan Tiny Houses for helping me fulfil my dream of home ownership.

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Hi JJay. Thanks so much for your review. We're so happy to hear the experience you got form Titan and particularly John and Sharon at Nerang was an enjoyable one and helped set up your dream to own a Titan Tiny House. Kind regards Titan Garages and Sheds

Excellent performance Dean McComb Caboolture Titan.

Great Sales man. Talked no rubbish - Price was within market and did exactly what he said.

I opted for the shed only (ex display), Did the concrete, install and cert cheaper away from Titan. More messing around but saved a fair bit. Shed came on discussed delivery date (1st Date I moved because concrete got put back due to weather Titan head office was more than accommodating.

The shed is great quality and all fixings are fantastic even though it was ex display. The installation video is a bit dated and also misleading when compared to new drawings and obvious changes in design. I had a minor issue on a Saturday I was performing the install I rand Dean the salesman at Caboolture wrongly assuming he worked Saturdays. Nevertheless Dean answered my call knowing it was me and also helped me through the issue I had.

Would recommend Titan for the sales people and quality of products.

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Hi Jubby. Great to hear your story mate. Good to see we offered you plenty of after sales service as well. Thanks so much for your review. Kind regards Titan Garages and Sheds

Bad management

Shed finally completed yesterday after waiting months on end. The shed itself seems good and I think it will stand the test of time. My rating of 2 stars is solely based on the runnings of the company or lack of.

Firstly salesman was ok, No surprise, it’s their job to sign you up. After signing up for your shed and now dealing with head office is where the extremely poor communication/management begins. The only time Titan are prompt is when they’re sending an invoice.

The left hand doesn’t work with the right. I got an invoice for an installment that I had already paid for. The salesman advised head office of colours for the shed yet head office had it wrong. Only a day or 2 notice was provided for delivery, concreting, shed erection and when your waiting weeks/months you need to drop any plans that had been made.

A shed delivery date supposedly has to be arranged prior to organising a construction date. Probably wouldn’t be too bad if you didn’t have to have it sitting in your yard for around 10 weeks.

Titan are not willing to have it delivered week of construction. Any damage to shed components is your responsibility, so be careful coming into storm season. Not all components were delivered on delivery date yet according to contract it is your responsibility to make sure all is there. I wasn’t advised that not all parts were to be delivered so I had to chase this up. Whomever I spoke to seemed to be initially caught unaware.

To get a reply to an email just doesn’t seem to happen, you need to chase all enquirers up with phone calls. I waited around 2 weeks for a reply to 1 email that didn’t come until I picked up the phone.

Titan, you may have a decent product but from recent reviews you need to communicate with your customers. I would imagine that until you do the recent poor reviews will continue. The delivery men, concreters and construction men were all good but I bet they’re sick of hearing the same complaints.

It takes along time to get a Titan carport

We got the Capalaba Titan sales guy out to measure and quote, had to chase the quote then he measured wrong had to come back to be helped to measure the right width.Then pay deposit went to council payed next payment 13 weeks later kit arrived then another 5 weeks before construction. The carport is very strong, finish is acceptable be aware that titan doesn’t do the stormwater hook up and you have to organise the final inspection. I think that titan has a lack of installers you pretty well pay all the money before you get anything out of the ground,If you want a well built carport and prepared to wait then buy a titan,the timeframe wasn’t convaryed when the quote was submitted.

You'll be lucky if they ever show up to build your shed

Poor communication poor service. If you're in business of building sheds/carports and you can't do this in a timely manner you are in the wrong business. Go and grow potatoes or something. Shop around and ask people about service before purchasing a shed. Two workmates ordered their sheds after mine off a different shed company and both sheds are up and have been up for 8 weeks. Much larger sheds on slabs. Mine hasn't got a slab.

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Hi LCJ. Thank you for feed back. When Titan experience delays in the build process its because we're extremely busy. A large number of our customers want the security of Titan's registered building company doing their job. The work is guaranteed and handled by the one company, not farmed out to independent contractors. Kind regards Titan Garages and Sheds

It may be worth trying someone else, What Service?

Titan have lost their way. Each area don't speak to each other, and overall there is an obvious lack of customer service, no contact and no care.
When you do contact them to chase things up it is usually followed by a soft apology and "we are doing the best we can".
The reputation they had is gone, material seems to be ok, but the service and care for customers is certainly not evident.
My installation took months since we paid and signed the contract, unacceptable really, especially with no communication to manage our expectations.
You can get a shed or carport form a number of local suppliers, most of these care about their customers and the service as they benefit from repeat business or referrals.
Sorry Titan, I won't be recommending you to anyone.

Crap service

After signing a contract for a three bay garage in late April and paying all the installments in time.. there is no customer service, no returned phone calls, the Bundamba sales rep, doesn’t care as he has his sale commission already. Shed was delivered Five weeks ago, after many phone calls asking when will it be erected this is the answer we got by Text Message... name of the installer is @@@@@@@@@ (name withheld) he has been assigned as the installer for your Titan shed he will be in touch in the near future to organise a start date... TITAN WILL NOT GIVE ANYTHING IN WRITING.... after they take your money... Titan use SUB CONTRACTS to do their Concrete slabs and Install there sheds!!! I’m a shift worker and have large dogs so I need to be home when they install.

ordeal of communication sequel

The cement slab was expertly done by [name removed]. The concrete delivered to the site was incorrect in that it had too much water. [name removed]'s staff member stayed with the curing slab until 10 at night. He was back at the slab at 4 in the morning until 11am. The quality of his work was exceptional.
The shed erection was done in one day.
Communication with head office in Brisbane was good. I never had any further communication with the local office.
I am amazed however at the amount of work I still had to do such as the site clean up and sealing the guttering.

Excellent product and very Happy with the Shek

Very Happy with the Supply and Erection of my Shed and the Erection of it. The Service from the Staff was excellent.

Could be better...

I ordered a custom shed which costs considerably more than an 'off-the-shelf' shed. On a 2m high shed the option of a roller door was out, so, I uninstalled the swing doors and replaced them with a 'roller shutter' (the kind you see over windows) - and additional $1000 but it gave me the roller door I wanted. I found panel top and bottom plates were not parallel. The gable end flashing was not long enough and therefore the ends look a little unfinished. A very generic installation guideline was provided of which little was relative to my type of shed.
All in all, the finished product has come up quite good with my addition of the roller shutter.
The best thing I found with Titan was the service. All that I dealt with were exceptional.

Very Good

Had a carport done by Titan and am pretty happy with the finished product. Although the process was a bit slower than I would have liked. I also would have preferred that they use Colourbond corry & flashings rather than the Chinese corry. Looks the same now, but we'll see how well the colour holds up in the future.

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Hi Chris. Thank you for your review. We're glad to hear you are happy with the finished product. The cladding and flashings we use are of an extremely good quality, backed with an excellent warranty and made to Australian standards, so I'm sure you will be happy with it in the future. Kind Regards Titan Garages and Sheds


No communication, delivery late and was to be installed before Christmas, still waiting for that to happen. Shocking communication, shouldn't be this hard.

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Hi Josh. I have tried to contact you through a private message to get some more details about your job so I can look into it for you. We have no jobs in our system that match the time frame you mention so its a little hard to find with the limited information you have provided. Kind Regards Titan Garages and Sheds

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Questions & Answers

hey could you possibly tell me the prices for your titan houses preferably the 54d,54e as well as the 45b thanks very much. kind regards Ash.
1 answer
Hi Ash and thank you for your question. The 54D is $23300 and 54E are $24300. The 45B is $20500. All prices are for the kit, ex factory. For further information Ash, feel free to call your nearest display on 132736. We currently have our 54m2 models on display at Nerang, Bundamba, Zillmere and Yandina. Kind regards Adam

Why don't you show the prices online?
2 answers
You’re asking a former customer, not Titan.Hi Louise H. Sorry for the delay in answering your question. We have some price indicators on our website as a guide. However due to the many variables offered by Titan - sizes, options, installs, concrete slabs, council approvals etc, its best to contact your nearest display on 132736 and talk to our sales consultants and let them know what you are looking for. They will be happy to help. Kind regards Adam

Do you install garage doors on existing garages , with remote , we live in Kilcoy,
1 answer
Hello Barbara. I'm so sorry for the delay with my reply. If you are still looking for someone to quote , feel free to call our Kingaroy Distributor on 4163 6033. They will be able to help you out. Kind regards Adam

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