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Gasmate Cruiser BBQ

Gasmate Cruiser BBQ

3.2 from 18 reviews

Its OK but the bolts rattled apart.

I keep it in the camping trailer and it literally rattled itself to bits after a year or so. It was getting shonky then one day it was falling apart. I checked the bolts and some had already gone, the rest weren't far off. Cheaply made and the plate is too thin, plus a lot of space is wasted under the plate. Light though.

Date PurchasedApr 2016

Great little cooker

Had it for 3 years now....the regulator is stuck on high have contacted Gasmate for solution and hoping to hear back soon ..we use it in the caravan all the time ..really hope gasmate can let us know the outcome of our regulator appart from that no other problems ..for the price it’s a great performer think they stopped making them

Date PurchasedJan 2015

Love it!

We absolutely love our Gasmate, it was recommended by friends and we couldn't be happier with it.
We always take it camping & use it for majority of our meals. The weather isn't an issue with it due to the cover. We even have it set up out the back of our house since we don't have a BBQ and use it when cooking big breakfasts/meat for dinner.
Best part is it is super easy to use & clean.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Great on the road.

Nothing like enjoying a BBQ by the beach as the sun sinks in far north queensland. We took this all the way up[ the coast and enjoyed using it in so many places. Its cooks beautifully considering how light it is. - good on gas too - didn't get through a whole refill the entire trip.best to clean it directly after use so it doesn't smell in the van

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Excellent travelling BBQ

I like the idea of this little barbie more than the reality of it. Its true that it packs ip neatifulland you can store in in the boot but the reality is you need to fully clean it too of you will be smeling chop grease all the way home. UIt cooks pretty well and is easy to set up and was reasonably cheap to buy. Would I buy the same ne again? Maybe, not definitely.

Date PurchasedApr 2018

I like it

The BBQ is only used for camping and is OK for that. I run it on the large disposable cylinders. The fat system is not the best and the whole unit gets messy, so I carry some garbage bags to store it in when travelling. Plus paper towel to clean up. It gets Hot enough to cook a good steak and the non stick is working so far.

Date PurchasedMar 2016

gasmate cruiser bbq

Is a great bbq have cooked many things on it. Its very easy to clean and still looks like new. A little hard to boil water or cook in a pan on as not on direct heat. We take the flatplate off and use it with a custom mount i got made up something they should consider adding it.

Date PurchasedNov 2016

Legs constantly come undone

Would love this product more if it was smaller in height because on short camping trips it takes up alot of room and makes me not want to take it away.
On numerous occasions the legs "give way" and the food pretty much rolls off and if we arnt quick enough we will loose whatever we are cooking and when this happens the little box that collects the fat/oils also falls and spills everywhere.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Should have read the reviews first

It's okay but looked so much better in the pics on Ebay. Paid $195 delivered. I actually now wish I had saved a little more and bought a Weber baby Q instead. Very thin and tinny looking. Haven't used it yet and thinking about sending it back for a refund and just waiting for the weber.

UPDATE; So I have since tried it out. After reading other reviews on the hotplate that loses its non-stick coating, I've tried a few things. Spraying some canola oil on first before I cooked eggs, bacon, sausages and onion? This made a big difference! I also got out all my flat pans and found ones that fit on top of hotplate. Cooking this way is far better, I just angle grinded a section out for the drip tray on my own pan. I also cooked a pizza in it in the same way but closed the lid and placed on medium heat. Infant gasmate in Victoria and ordered a replacement regulator for $39 dollars. I'm still going to save for a Weber baby Q but this will suffice for now. And just on the cooking time. I agree with other reviews, it takes twice as long to cook bbq food but then if you go to a public area, most have electric BBQs these days and they take the same amount of time to heat and cook and I don't see any bad reviews on them???

UPDATE 2: Woolworths have a bbq sheet you can buy. Costs $8 and is reusable. You simply put it on top of the bbq plate then cook on it. That way the bbq plate never looses it's non-stick coating.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

It was cheap

I bought this last year and it is still working, but the quality is awful. We had it in the car on a camping trip and it rattled so bad it drove us nuts. I wrapped its parts up in towels to stop the noise. The light alloy hot plate is about as hot as using a alloy frying pan, gas output BTU is way less than a normal BBQ, I think it's only about 8 BTU and a normal portable is around 14 to 15 BTU. The thing will collapse if the pins holding the legs are not just right, you need to check that every time you put it up. Why do I buy Cheap junk, I should know better by now.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Good but spares hard to get.

The BBQ is great but the regulator/valve has failed unsafe, explosive situation if not careful.
Trying to get a new valve/regulator and its like finding rocking horse sh$t. All from over seas and google flags up that the gasmate web site is unsafe!!!
It's lasted a couple of years but would expect more from the components.

Date PurchasedApr 2014

Poor pin design

Purchased this BBQ to take away camping in 01/2016. What attracted me to this BBQ was the compact size, the grill/hot plate combo, easy access of fat drip tray and price. However when the BBQ was opened, I quickly discovered the pins that hold the back legs in the open position are not long enough and the smallest bump or tiniest knock would cause the pins to slip out of their hole and this would cause the BBQ to collapse. BBQ collapsed almost every night and this caused that evenings dinner to crash to the table or on the ground. Very frustrating indeed. For example I cracked an egg on the side of the BBQ and this caused the back legs to collapse. Even in mild wind conditions the pins are unable to stay within their hole they would pop out and the BBQ would collapse.
I also noticed the top lid does not alight with the base of the BBQ when the unit is closed. Shows just how poor the build quality is on this product. Based upon my experience I would certainly not buy another Gasmate Cruiser BBQ ever again and I would recommend you look at other brands. Pay a bit more and get a better BBQ.

Great BBQ until the regulator failed

The foldup concept is great and this is a neat little unit, even has a heating rack at the back. Cooks well and is ideal for camping. Unfortunately the regulator failed and it only runs on low, could be very expensive for a new one. Will now have to find a new regulator.

The pins are an issue when they pull out

Only took one pin to pop out to cause the BBQ to collapse. Poorly built and the non stick coating came away after two uses. Contacted Gasmate and got the run around. Took three returns to BCF to get refund/store credit. Great concept unfortunately the cheap build has wrecked it!


Works a treat cooks anything easy to set up and pack away has come a regular cooker at picnics and camping trips


Probably the worst BBQ i have used in 40 years, tinny and poorly built, the Non Stick coating came of the plate after 4 uses, the regulator failed after 14 months, contacted Gasmate $46 for replacement regulator, no way, threw it in the garbage and will never buy the Gasmate brand again.

Eveything when the regulator fails you can only replace with genuine


First the lid hinges broke off.2nd the nonstick came off 3rd time i used it.3rd then it apparently moisture got into the regulator and stuffed that, got new one it did not work either.And finally the legs do not lock in properly and collapses when you less expect it.
cheap and nasty heap of sit

This is perfect! Can't live without it.

We love our Gasmate barbeque. I got it for xmas about 4 years ago and it is still going strong. We bought our bbq to take camping and have been able to cook anything from bbq meat, roasts, pizzas, toasted sandwiches and pancakes on it. It is so practical our friends have bought one too. Because it is so light, we have taken it out in the boat so that we can have a bbq lunch when out fishing. We also made great use out of ours while we were building our house. The only thing that I would change would be that it comes on a stand. Other barbeques that do have a stand either have a full grill and no plate or don't have a rack (which is what we cook out pizzas on.)
Might not be big enough if you are cooking for 4 adults.
I loved that it was light, easy to use and the grill is easy to lift out and clean

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Best barbeque I've every owned and peformed equally as well as our home barbie. Used every night on camping trips.

Questions & Answers

Is there meant to be a gap between regulator and bbq, in gas valve?
No answers

Where can I buy a regulated from?
1 answer
If your after a gas regulator you have to go direct to Gasmate as nobody else sells them as a spare part except for outside Australia.

Where can we purchase hinges for the cover of Gas mate cruiser BBQ G2017?
1 answer
Try the manufacturers: GASMATE 33-35 lionel road mt waverley vic 3149 australia ph: 1300 174 876 email: sales@gasmate.com.au


Cruiser BBQ
Price (RRP)$249.99
Number of Burners1
Gas TypeLPG

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