Pretty good BBQ overall

I've had this since before Xmas. It does a pretty good job. Much harder to put together than I'd expected and the finish isn't excellent (sides don't line up perfectly). It does cook evenly and the slide out gas bottle holder is a nice touch. Feels a little cheap for the price. Fairly easy to clean. The 240V lights are good for cooking at night.

Purchased in December 2018 at Harvey Norman for $549.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Preheating Speed
Even Heat DistributionYes

Dangerous and poorly built

We bought a Specialist 2 from Harvey Norman and was recommended as the best value for money BBQ.
We assembled BBQ and noticed crazing and cracking in paintwork in several areas. Harvey Norman replaces BBQ delivered and assembled.
Within 4 months we had the following issues;
- Severe rust in burners and fat tray (under fat soak)
- LED lights behind controls had failed.
- Door catch broken
- Glass door falls off continuously.
- Gas bottle holder rolls out doesn't hold.
After several complaints to Harvey Norman I was pushed over to Gasmate rep. We were sent new parts to install ourselves and fixed BBQ. It then went into storage for 2 years as we moved into house with in built BBQ.
We puled this BBQ out of storage last week cleaned it up and started cooking.
The BBQ caught light behind the 4th burner control and we couldn't see it.My husband hand and control and melted my fingers to the stainless steel. Causing serious Burns to 3 fingers
To say I am completely dissapointed with this product is an understatement.
As this BBQ is out of warranty we are not having much luck with Harvey Norman or Gas mate.


Date PurchasedNov 2016

great size for a big family

went from a 6 burner to 4 burner only because 6 burner were harder to find and a lot dearer, plenty big enough to feed a family of 10, move around great on the wheels , easy to clean, great price as I shopped around doing lots of comparable s

Date PurchasedSep 2016


Gasmate make poorly designed BBQs made of cheap materials. My BBQ less than 3 years old and here's the status: 2 burners are jammed permanently on, the two igniting burners don't work so a lighter is required to start, the burners are completely rusted out.
Don't waste you're money on this crap

Terrible build quality

I bought the 4 burner gas mate specialist. The build quality was very poor. One burner had a long slot instead of small holes. The hood fouled against the fire box and the enamel had cracked off in several places. Cheap poorly made crap. I returned it and bout a BBQ galore beef master. Very happy now.

Good start to a long relationship

Heavy box weighing in at 79 kg. I purchased my Gasmate 4 burner BQ8243 specialist today on the 18/05/2014 for $530 at Kangaroo tent city and BBQ's north Parramatta. On the way home I purchased a Gasmate natural gas regulator from bunningss for $98. I took my time assembling all the pieces. Changed my injectors or you can drill the injectors with a drill to 1.80mm.
Just cooked up some sausages and onions. Tasted great. Next week I am having a little party so I can't wait until the next Cook off.
Need to adjust the orifices on the knob.
Tips for a good assembly. Place base on a waist height table.
Glass panels, affordable, easy to find parts from bunningss, AGA certified, natural gas certified, warmer, easy assembly for me that is
One back panel was slightly bent. But easily straightened out with my fingers.

Great BBQ

This for me is an excellent performing BBQ, the 70Mj (according to the specs) output is fabulous it cooks exactly as I expected it to after putting in some time in researching various bbqs, performance and thought into how I would usually cook with one. I recently did a tandoori marinaded split chicken in it, sealing the outside on the hot grill and then turning the burners down to roast it along with potatoes and veg. It also did a perfect job of grilling some roo fillet steak, and roasting a whole snapper. It did a perfect job on the regular snags, patties and chops. The 13.5Mj (according to specs) side burner seems slow to boil a kettle - but that might just be a bad designed kettle too. Will try using that a few more times, have not used it with a regular pan.

The glass window hood is handy to keep an eye things as they cook without having to open it and loose all the heat. So far has been easy to keep clean - but time will tell, here. It is difficult to get it to maintain a constant temperature under the hood - but I am new to roasting in a BBQ so not prepared to say this is a design issue with the unit yet. I am not sure how accurate the thermometer on the hood is. The enamel coated grill, flame tamer and hot plate make it easy to clean. The glass front doors look great, the gas bottle slide behind them means it could slide out and smash them if using the BBQ on a steeper sloping surface than my verandah.

Whilst assembling the unit out of the box two of the cabinet panels were slightly bent. They pulled back into shape easily enough though and the rest lined up perfectly. Connecting the gas hoses underneath was difficult as they were not moulded hoses and hard to flex new out of the box. Apart from that build quality for the price is very good and time will tell the quality of the powder coating.
Performs exactly as I expected it to having read the specs, Easy to use and clean & well designed.
Slightly bent cabinet panels out of the box.

Good BBQ

BBQ was bought for me as a pressent from my family about 3 years ago has been a great BBQ love cooking on it easy to move but rather heavy gets used about once every 2 weeks even in winter. glass window is great hard to keep clean. wheels seem solid have had it on a ute and traveled 200km and everything was still tight even got my dad to purchase one as is a great BBQ. has most of the time been under a cover but still has rust coming up from under Paint
Glass window, easy to move, gas bottle draw, look great
tiny bits of rust under paint, window hard to clean, one burner sometimes doesnt light on one side

Questions & Answers

I have just bought from Bunnings Taree this bbq - do you have a recipe book or site I can print from?
1 answer
no I don't sorry

I'm looking to buy a BBQ 4 Burner Torino Gasmate. Anything I should be aware of? Thank you, Diane
1 answer
Hi Diane I bought one a few months ago and was very disappointed with the build quality. There were five problems with it. I tried to fix the first few and then gave up and returned it for a refund. alsi some panels were damaged in the box - probably because the box weighs about 60 kg. I hope this helps. Derek

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