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Regular Gatorade VS sugar free

The regular Gatorade is ok, flavours good and not as bad as soft drink when you need a boost.
I tried the sugar free version yesterday and was shocked at the awful aftertaste.
They trial these things before they market them right?
Just awful. Won’t do that again!

Open: "Says-a-me!!!"

I purchased 4-32 fl. oz of Gatorade Lemon-Lime bottles. Unfortunately, I can't get them open. My son (who works out) can't get them open either. Next up, vice-grips, I guess. This company should go to Oak Ridge National Laboratory's Spallation Neutron Plant in Oak, Ridge, TN to get researchers to help them make an easy open product by zapping the atoms out of the top. Thank goodness for water. Are there any suggestions regarding alternate ways to get stubborn bottle tops to open?

Mold in Gatorade

We purchased a case of the low calorie G2 gatorade after consuming several bottles of it already, we noticed a large slimey cloudy blob floating in a bottle that my husband was about to drink. We made a complaint to gatorade and were told it is infact MOLD! To read all of these complaints it sounds like this is something that happens quite often! We will never purchase gatorade again.

Fill bottle to the top so when you open it, spills everywhere! Morons!

These stupid must hate their customers! They purposely fill the bottle to the top so when you open it, it spills everywhere! What morons!

Moderation is key

As an active person, I’m often finding myself dehydrated at the end of a running session. I wouldn’t consider myself loyal to Gatorade, but when on special I’ll buy a few and store them in the fridge. Benefits include: an enjoyable range of flavours; they’re great at hydrating the body; and a conveniently sized bottle. In saying this, negatives include: enormous sugar content; their RRP is on the expensive side. As such, and like with many other things, moderation is key.

Liquid Sugar

OK, I admit, I've been relying on Gatorade and other "sports drinks' to rehydrate during my working day for 5 years now and prior to that, when I was playing sport..

I buy the powder and mix my own drink as buying ready to drink is way too expensive for me.

I drink it every work day in summer (1 - 1.5 litres).

On days where I don't drink it I notice the difference, so I believe that it helps me get through my day.

The downside.....when I last saw my dentist he commented that my teeth had not fared very well since my previous visit and he was at a loss as to why. It was then that I mentioned my "sports drink" intake.

His response was ".....no, no, you must not drink that stuff....it will harm your teeth..."

I tried another rehydration product but that was way too expensive so I continued with the Gatorade and the likes.

Gatorade works but I'm giving it a 2 because of its carbohydrate/sugar/kJ/sodium content.

Per 250ml serve:
kJ 275 (65.7266 Cal)
Carbohydrate 15.8g
Sodium 128mg

Then I came across Aqualyte.

It's also a rehydration liquid but with less of the bad stuff.

Will I buy Gatorade again.....no.


Overall I would drink this if I was in any sporting situation where I needed short-term hydration, but not for long term hydration.
The bottle size is fantastic, very large giving you enough to drink in any situation. There are lots of delicious flavours as well which I enjoy selecting from. The packaging is also very nice to look at. Its a great alternative to water.
When you drink it, you can taste the high amount of sugar that is within the drink. That is not good for my teeth or a long term solution to feeling hydrated. Can be also very expensive to buy at the shops.


I love gatorade, especially the grape one. Its great when you need to get hydrated but also need a sugar hit! The taste of most flavours is fantastic, though some are a little bit too watery and salty. Still a great drink though and easily found in stores!
Great taste, very hydrating, heaps of flavours
Some flavours are a little watery, the price is pretty high when not on special.

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