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Genesis Bamboo Flooring

Genesis Bamboo Flooring

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Be wary of Genesis Bamboo Flooring - it expands far more than stated

Our floor was laid mid 2016 in the summer of 2016-17 we had extreme expansion. The laying was not the best job. We have had bamboo flooring in a previous house. The retailer didn’t want to fix without some payment. We had to employ carpenters to cut a larger gap around the external of the living room. Now this year, 2018, the kitchen area has tented - upstairs and the hallway downstairs. Back to pulling off skirting - you can see it is jammed against the walls. Then there will be the cutting; refixing of skirting and repainting. What a mess! I am recommending that you look at other alternatives to Genesis. We wish we knew before we purchased. We spent over $15,000 on our floors.

Warped bamboo flooring

Same happened to my floor. The flooring was laid prior to my purchasing the house so I have no idea who the installer was


Handscaped effect to make it appear weathered causes surface to be rough and catch on cloth. This has caused the surface to splinter leaving more rough holes in surface. Splinters produced as evidence ignored by Genesis. Do not buy this brand. The sample we ordered from was NOT representative of the distress marks in the boards.

Further to this - Importer Proline has placed the blame on us and the seller Flooring Xtra Browns Plains has not been bothered to even look at it. All charm until they have your money ($15,668 for Bamboo and Carpet) - then you are on your own. If you want a floor that puts splinters in you and catches on socks and cloths then this is the floor for you. I can see we will have to replace the floor at our own cost.Flooring Xtra Browns Plains have since looked at the floor and acknowledged the differences compared to the sample. There has been reassurance given that the floor has a warranty. We will see how we go over time.


Over $10000 spent. In high humidity our floor expands HEAPS. Installer says that the floor has expanded beyond manufacturer specifications. Company rep says mmmmmmmm. Hard work getting company to respond and assess. No word 2 weeks after assessment. We can't let 94yo Grandma visit because of tripping hazard. Have to straddle the ridge in our floor to get to the fridge or the pantry. Not acceptable and response from both manufacturer and retailer has been woeful. Might pay to be wary of this product.

OK but extremely poor customer service from importer

Some boards were obviously flawed, and this was confirmed by flooring supplier, however, when the importer sent a rep to examine he said there was nothing wrong it and it was our fault that there were gouge marks and scratches in it. He spoke to us as if we were children, no respect or manners, let alone "the customer is always right".


Thinking of putting Genesis bamboo throughout our house - these reviews are conflicting. Who do you believe . Further opinions sought

Great product excellent customer service

Couldn't be happier with my floor was just what I was looking for. Cleaning is a breeze and with kids this makes life so much easier . I get so many compliments from friends

Run away Other bamboos ok just not theirs

My bamboo floors started peeling and bubbling after only 4 months.
They blamed it on me using a damp mop for the damage.
What a load of nonsense.
Chasing through fair trading at the minute.
Whole floor needs replacing after 2 years.
I want my money back.

Super Happy with our bamboo floor

We had genesis bamboo colour California installed, absolutely thrilled as we had been wanting this exact colour and they even had matching stair treads! We're thrilled with this great product.

Beautiful and easy clean

My husband had this installed in our living areas and I couldn't be happier. It has made such a difference to the whole feel of our house. Easy to clean too with a broom and baby wipes!

Love this product

I installed Genesis Carbonised bamboo throughout my house and can't be any happier. Looks great, solid and easy to keep clean. I recommend Genesis bamboo to anyone who is looking for a floor.

Crap product crap customer service

Wanted sustainable timber flooring and read up on genesis, sounded just what I was after and had the colour I wanted. Went for bamboo as it is meant to be one of the hardest floorings. So far in 2 years I have had the coating lift in a number of boards and it scratches very easily. Had the company out to investigate the delaminating and their conclusion was I let me dog pee all over the floor and not clean it up which is nonsense. She must be clever fitting under the loungers and coffee table which have damaged floorboards under them. In other words they take no responsibility and put the blame all back on you, my neighbour also has Genesis Bamboo flooring and also has similar issues again they said it wasn't their fault and it was not covered by warranty but did not blame the dog in that instance. Very disappointed as the flooring will need to be replaced sooner rather than later. If you are considering Genesis flooring my recommendation is DON'T... run as far away from it as possible.

Complete Waste of $6500

So disappointed in this product it scratches VERY easily, we selected Genesis Balinese Teak Bamboo Flooring because it was recommended to us by the salesman at Choices Flooring in Wagga Wagga, when we first went to the shop I told the salesman the we required a floor that would stand up to the rigours of life on a farm with 2 indoor dogs, I also explained that the house is old and the sub floor is very uneven. Since laying the floor I have learnt that the sales many ignored everything I said because this flooring is completely unsuitable you can only have a 3mm variation in the sub floor or it breaks (which it has in many places), and the dogs have had to become outdoor dogs because their nails will destroy it, I now have to vacuum 2 times a week because if you get a tiny bit of dirt on the floor you can scratch it if you walk over it.

So disappointed with this product it cost me $6500 and all I want to do is rip it up and replace it with lino which I would have used from the start if I had just been given the correct information.

This product scratches - sales company do not care - Warranty is no good.

Extremely disappointed with this product. It claims to be "the hardest bamboo strand flooring" and invites you to take a sample home and try to scratch - and I was unable to scratch the sample.
I purchased $3600 worth and had it laid professionally.
- then moving the furniture in - I scratched it, and scratched it by walking on it and plastic items - such as my daughter's toy-box - scratched it terribly - chairs scratch it and anything else.
I can't prove it, but I suspect my test piece was coated in another scratch-proof coating that they do not apply to the boards supplied for laying.
The Company was not interested in my claim to repair or replace, so the shop I bought from got involved and the Bamboo flooring company sent out a rep to inspect - his answer was that we don't treat the floor properly - we need to walk around in socks, we should have castors under each piece of furniture and protectors under office chairs with wheels - castors or floor protection does not appear in their brochures (as seen on web-site) and no mention is made of that recommendation.
After repeated calls, the rep returned with almond oil for me to make the scratches disappear - no mention is made of this in the brochure - after that they will not return my calls.
The warranty is useless - it claims to provide 25 years warrant but excludes - scratches, water marks, water damage, incorrect installation, mis-use etc. etc. in other words the warranty excuse everything imaginable.

Poor product - poor service - useless warranty.

Questions & Answers

I'm so confused has any one had GENESIS BAMBOO strand woven FLOORING down for a long period of time I'm thinking of going for the color Java. I was wondering how it is wearing? java is a lighter honey color and hand scraped.I have just got back my quote but after reading these reviews it sounds like GENESIS'S warranty and backup is rubbish. I hate that pass the buck onto installers and owners. The retailer at Choice flooring told me it was a wonderful product and because it was hand scraped it would show less scratching. However I was never aware of delaminating until reading these forums. I don't care if it was the owners fault for leaving drops of water overnight or not. It should not do this and should be covered by warranty sounds like a crap product. Does any one have any brand of bamboo flooring that they have had down for a long time that lives up to its name and that they would recommend. I don't want to spend this money only to pull it up in 2 years cheers Jane
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Our Genesis has been down for nearly 4 years and aside from the initial problems with flawed boards it has been great. Only a couple of scratches, no delaminating, or any other concerns. It still looks as though it is brand new, very easy to look after.I’ve had the floor 2 years, had to replace entire floor due to delamination 1 month after moving into new home (had to move all furniture). Then months later had boards pop as they expanded dramatically and proline tried to blame a fictitious dishwasher leak, then had to replace kitchen and living area. Now big gaps have appeared again and they’re trying to get out of it. Absolute joke. Stay away from this product and proline like the plague.

Dated March 2017 - Sydney NSW - has anyone who had the carbonized Genesis bamboo floating floor put down experienced severe lifting or tenting as it may be also known? Mine has been down 18 months with no issues but the latest humidity in NSW has been unbelievable and now my floor resembles a skate park! Not sure if it is poor workmanship in the installation and/or the wood expanding dramatically. HELP!!
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No problems with lifting yet!! You have me worried though after all the recent humidity, I will be keeping a very close eye on it. I wish you luck as we had a very poor response from the supplier with our early problems with Genesis bambooI have bamboo floors not this brand (Genesis) have had no issues with lifting. I would say poor workmanship & or may be the quality of of the flooring after reading some of the comments left by unhappy customers. I have purchased a dehumidifier which i used in one room as there was condensation on floor due to the amount of rain. I'd be really annoyed if I were you & be contacting the people who installed it. Ended up with approximately 30 litres of water in humidifier after using in it in one bedroom with bamboo flooring & floor so far hasnt lifted.Hey there - we have had the same problem with this product. Had the company out to look at but not interested just full of excuses and pushing the blame. Disgusting

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