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Thieves and con artists

Had a 2006 hilux for 3 years
Due to be paid out in September this year

Cost of the Ute was $16500

I fell into trouble with work and had the car illegally repossessed

After doing the figures
My estimate comes in at $7000 including the arrears for a pay out which signs the deed of the Ute to me. In my contract.

After pain staking phone calls and being duck shoved from Probe to go getta
Go getta come back with a pay out figure of $17,500

I’m no rocket scientist
But I think they over shot the mark by well maybe $10,000

With a dead line of 1 week and not 30days required by law Australia wide
They are auctioning the car and think I’m going to pay the difference ?

My question is.
What the hell have a paid for over the last 3 years
Where is my Ute


Have had a ute through silver chef/gogetta for 2 yrs paid over $25.000 (utes only worth $14.000) in that time not including services and repairs. All i want to do is return the vehicle but instead of the drop of point being half hour from me which is in my origanl contract silver chef now expects me to drive 3 and a half hours to drop of or tow at my expense! Absolute rubbish! I can see now why they have gone broke!


Purchase and totalled price for my cryo machine was $56000. I decided to go with my suppliers (griffith industries) preferred option for finance Go Getta and choose a lease to own option. The first 12 months I paid $864 a week for a machine that gave me constant issues. Once the first 12 months were done I received a email from silverchef/Go Getta offering me lower weekly re-payments. The option I took moving forward was lowest repayment offered at an astounding $564 a week at 36 months.

In total I have already paid $864 a week for 12 month totalling $44928

In addition I have also paid $564 a week for the following 12 months totalling $29328.

How is a company like this allowed to operate in Australia. They have ripped off many hard working Australian businesses and people and its about time they get exposed. No wonder they have closed down in providing small business funding for equipment and vehicles.

Bunch of crooks

I dealt with this shady company a few years ago. They will stab you in the back and rob your money. They owe me over $5 million. They did a shifty deal with my sales manager. I will not mention names here but I will do when my case against gogetta goes to the supreme court.

Super negative

I got approved for a truck and a 4w4 with the truck I spent $7000 in 4 weeks on parts so I can do the repairs its sent me broke so I rang gogetta up and and told them what was going on and we need help to put it back on the road they told me the couldn't help with that so I ended up borrowing the money to finish the repair witch put us further behind I fall 1week behind and gogetta ring me up telling me I had to pay the arrears or the truck will be repossessed I then told them how much money I had spent on to work again they basically said not there problem so I said they can buy the truck back off me for some amount I payed for it which was $25,000 they would and they will have the paper work drawn up so I can clear the rest of the bill ($10,000). I took the truck back to bundoora to the place I got it from, they didn't have any paper work for me and didn't now what I was talking about, so I rang gogetta back and they said the paper work will be sent out. Now before I got this truck I wanted a 14ton tailgate lift the one I seen on the sight that said it was in melb before I signed the paper work I told the rep that this isn't the truck and he said was in Queensland and he said the iveco was the only on they had for me so regretfully I got it to start work.also with the 4w4 drive my wife and I have had it for 12 months so bbn I ring gogetta to find out the buy it out price was and they said they would get back to the following day well I had to chase they up for about a week and coz I was chasing them I finally get hold of them they said I owed they 4 week in back payments I said no I have all the payments and I dont and the said if I dont pay it the car will be repossessed. Well one day we went out and when we got back the 4w4 drive was gone. For four more weeks trying to them to ring me back gogetta sent me two Bill's $10,000 for the truck and $12,000 for the 4w4 drive they kept emailing me but I couldnt.

No issues with Gogetta

I've had no trouble with Gogetta, requested a payout figure and got it promptly. (Re previous message further down). They helped me secure a vehicle when I was declined by other places. Thank you.


I have rent to own contract with them for 4 years and been pass almost 3 years now and only 1 more year left. After that, I can own the car for just $1 according to the contract. I had direct debit issues which make my account in arrears for approx $500. They offered me to pay off the contract since they are closing down, but I have no money to pay back. Now they try hard to get my car back since I'm in arrears even I was trying to pay and negotiate. Even only $300 behind, they try hard to get my car or surrender my car. I consult with a lawyer friend of mine, they said this is absurb and can be considered againts the law. Loan company must able to give time and give chance to people, not trying to get advantage to get the car back since most of car value has been paid. I encourage everyone to report this and report to media which I'm doing it now.

Go Getta Rental is also a scam

They don’t tell you but the “security” deposit they require is kept for a month. Had to call them so many times and jump through so many hoops. More expensive and more hassle than it is worth. Choose a different company


I've asked them for my pay out figure and its taken them 2 weeks and still dont have it they are not responding to emails and when i call to speak to case manager, he is always out of his office. Do not engage with these guys.

Zero rating

So after 3 years of payments, registration, insurance, service , repairs etc, i ask for payout out figure... it appears only gogettas vehicles appreciate in value. So i make a counter offer and they give 4 days( rather 3 & 1/4 - as email response by them is sent at 3:30 pm) to come up with the lump sum- failure to which ‘payout appreciates in value again’.
I am not in the least sad that they are closing down.. wonderful news.

Go getta??? They are a hire company not finance

Had a very good 2 yrs with them on traling equipment dolly flattop ect trouble started when i got the second truck from there recommend dealer at forest hill in qld absolute lemon near broke me threat s of repo all crap this is covered by consumer law in this country as they are a hire co not finance.
Documented case in nsw courts where hirer of faulty goods hired from go getta won case put before a tribunal in nsw courts for loss of income and repairs to a gogetta truck.

Worst scam and service ever

Not surprised with all the 1 star ratings..there needs to be a NO STAR option. After paying 260 weekly for a vehicle that I was told part of that money would come off the price..."rent to buy" I was advised that they were shutting down and if you wanted the car it would be 12k. I paid 260 for 1 year then 230 the 2nd year and now have to pay 12k yo own it....and after trying to get some sense they say pay or get repos...No wonder why your closing down you thieves...Out right criminals.

Scam scam scam

Ok. Please people read my experience from GOGETTA.
I went to get a car after all I make a deal with them for the car is $23000 so they said that you get the car and pay for it $286.00 every week for 12 months and after that you have 2 options which is what ever left after 12 months is to pay for it or you keep renting it until it gets to 23k. So 12 months is finished they said if you want to own the car you pay $16000 then the car is yours if you don't want it just keep paying $286.00 per week until you have the car I mean this is completely wrong. I have no idea why Australia has approved them as company? so at the end I gave the car back BUT at the beginning I paid $1800 for deposit and during this 12 months I paid $16000 so when I gave the car back they only send me $300 back after I paid $17000. They got the car and they got the money nothing is left for.

Illegal dishonest

I have the same issue.

I have emailed Gogetta and Silverchef twice asking for an explanation of the statement that they are shutting down and had no response. I have called and they respond by saying pay your bill or we will repossess.

We are offered a payout figure at the end of the 12 months of period and decided to renew for another three years. I have since found out they based the second contract on a value $30,000 higher than the payout figure .

I will be contacting the credit ombudsman, ASIC, legal and current affairs in that order.

Its a disgrace that in today's world a a company can rip struggling business's off like this that are supporting families.

I wouldn't even give them 1 star

I got finance for a business the loan was $17,000 with a deposit of $1731.90 costs of $1220 plus weekly repayments of $267.38 totaling $13,903.76 for the first 12 months. The second year came up and repayments were dropped to $227.26 a week for the next 24 month which I was never told about up front by the broker. The loan will cost $42,140 and remember I only borrowed $17,000.

Liars unprofessional

I have been dealing with gogeta for a little over 6 months have never missed a payment during this time the trailer we were leasing broke down and had to be sent back to where the manufacturer made it so I rang go Getta and they said they would suspend out payments for a two week period. About a month later I started getting phone calls from gogetta telling me I owe them money these phone calls were frequent I finally got the sheets and ask them to provide a statement of account and guess what we weren't behind they were supposed to ring back yesterday they haven't run back because I've got them over a barrel the person I've been doing with his holy and I would recommend anyone who has to deal with them and has problems find one person write their name down and keep asking for that one person. Gogetta still hasn't told me that they're closing the doors at the end of the year so I have no chance of turning over my lease I was offered it a two-year contract at the end of the 1 year lease but apparently they won't be open and they've only said this to try and keep me happy I will be joining a class action against go get up because I believe that practices around professional and border on Criminal my advice to anyone seeking finance do not use go getter.
I have also been told that I can send the trailer back under law as it is not fit for what we purchased it for I will be seeking legal advice and we will be doing this and scream go getter like they've tried to screw us.


I got finance for $6,000 to buy a car from this horrible mob. After the first year I had the option of buying the car after paying $5,373 I was told it will be $3000 to but out the vehicle. The company told me I could give back the car after the first year which I agreed to do after the car was taken I was told a default was placed against me for $3,404 and the car was going to auction that day.
They have not replied to my emails or phone calls to explain themselves.
Do not use this company.

I cannot fault go getta

We have been leasing a car and run into some financial difficulties. Rather than get nasty Go Getta came up with an unbelievable solution (literally the best solution anyone could have hoped for) that has finalised the lease and taken a weight off our back. We now own our vehicle outright

A HUGE thank you to JP and his managers who have worked some amazing magic and allowed us to finalise out car lease in the most spectacular manner possible. Thank you from all of our family. You have taken a huge burden off of us and we are so grateful

Just crap

Don’t sign the contract as I had payments coming out monthly, had a discussion about changing to weekly payments.
Didn’t sign anything to give them the ok to do weekly payments.
They just did it anyway. There is more to this story.
Even the brokers are saying stay away from them.

No Stars 4 u

Got a vehicle worth 26,000, For 12 mths been paying 265 pw, was told what I pay will be coming off cost of vehicle.
after 12 mths I paid a total of $13,780.. SO I still owed approx. 12,000...excellent, so I thought..
After the 12 mths was up ,they offered a deal where I pay lower repayments which would be 185pw.
and they confirmed I owed 12,000..
so after calculating now what I owe would equal approx. $6000 to own it..
After hearing they are winding down, I asked them for a payout figure so I can re finance..
WELL, the payout figure given was $22,000...
All that money paid went where, not on the vehicle that's for sure.....
and trying to contact them is meaningless...

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Hi, I am wanting to return my vehicle before my contract is up with Gogetta as it has become too expensive to run with minimal work How can I do this? I am happy to continue to pay my contract at the weekly rate or an agreed lower rate.
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My name is Les Norton, I have two trucks with you guys and because of wet weather there has been no work, can I defer one month of payments until the end of April?
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