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Good Life The Guardian

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Products made to sell, not work

We spent over a 100 dollars on a system made by Goodlife to stop a nuisance dog barking from our next door neighbors yard. The dog, literally 20 feet from the corner of our building paid little to no attention. Despite battery changes, despite location changes the system was zero percent effective. We gave it a few months as Goodlife indicated and of course by the time we realized it wasn't working, there was no way to get the money back.

Now we live in the mountains and have squirrels eating our car up...after researching we've found Goodlife has a squirrel deterrent. But we can most certainly state we won't be tricked a second time by Goodlife.

Does not work for bats

I have his device within 2 metres of my mango tree aimed straight at it and it does absolutely nothing to keep bats away! I am Very disappointed with the purchase

Is unbearable on 50% of the settings

We bought this product to assist with keeping deer away from our yard. One catch - when its on the setting for deer - it is so loud it would wake anyone within a 200 m radius which makes it completely useless. I have absolutely no doubt it would keep deer away - and also the rest of your family and neighbours as well. It does have other settings for smaller animals which may work fine but this is not what we purchased it for. I honestly do not see how anyone anywhere could realistically use this to keep deer away - unless you had a remote farm.

Given that the whole thrust of the products advertising is 'ultrasonic" - which means humans can't hear it - it is fairly misleading. It does mention quietly that on some settings it may be audible..... but there is a vast difference between audible and unbearable. My fridge is audible and so's my car - but they don't wake the kids up.

Aussie Pest Control/Good Life do offer a 45 Day Money Back - but we would loose the postage of 18.95 :(
Decided to keep it and give to someone i want to annoy.

Completely unbearable noise when used on deer setting

We purchased this a couple of weeks ago to fix the problem we have with deer eating plants in our (suburban) backyard - when we tried it on the deer setting, the squealing noise was so loud there is no way we could have left it on - it would wake you from a sound sleep when it went off during the night (and all the neighbours - and probably their dogs as well). The only place on their website where it mentions that humans can hear it is in the Frequently Asked Questions - and it says that noise is 'audible' - I don't just call this audible ... it is AWFUL. They have agreed to give a refund (thankfully) but are refusing to refund the fairly expensive postage - which I don't think is fair since their marketing is totally misleading. Wish we never bothered with the product - I can't see how anyone would use it within 100m of their house. If the company chooses to refund the postage as well as the original product, I will update this review and perhaps give another star.

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