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Difficult to get a straight answer

I’ve had nothing but trouble with Goodlife since signup, I’ve had random charges to my account no one can explain, staff try to push different ways to get more money from you and are less than willing to listen to any concerns of patrons. The staff are either really nice yet unhelpful or really unpleasant and unprofessional. A few weeks ago my contract end date was coming up so I called to cancel the plan seen as I haven’t been in over 9 months and was still paying the weekly fee, was told on the day I called that it was all fine, they’d cancel it for me and that because I called before the end date I didn’t have to wait the 30 day cooling off period, two weeks later I’m still being charged and when I called and asked why I was basically accused of being a liar saying that no one would’ve told me they could waive the waiting period and that there was nothing they could do to help me unless I pay the $245 cancellation fee. The staff member was completely unprofessional and rude the entire call. Will be talking to management on Monday and will never be coming back to Goodlife or recommend it as a gym to anyone ever.

Value for Money

Pushy, refused to let me use my trial after wasting my time

I signed up for a 5 day trail at Cross Roads gym. I was told to show up half an hour before the class I wanted to try (with a person who is already a member). We did the "small talk" thing, have I ever been a member of any gym before, I said yes, actually used to be a member of a Goodlife gym on the other side of town about 5 years ago, and then some other gyms. All good, no problems.

Went through the gym, had to listen to the hard sell of hypoxi and everything else I wasn't interested in. Then we sat down to sign me up. I say I don't want to sign up today, I want to try it out and see if it's fitting in with my lifestyle for the 5 days and then sign up. That's why I signed up for a 5 day trial.

The girl isn't interested in hearing this and I wait while she goes and "speaks to the manager" to get me another, lower quote. Again, I say I don't want to sign up today, I want to do my trial. So naturally, this was taken as "she wants to sit there and wait while I go back to the manager and get another quote", so again I'm sitting there waiting as she gets me another quote I didn't want, time is ticking and the class I wanted to try was about to start.

Again, I say that I don't want to sign up today - I was there with my coworker who is a member, we were going to a class together and planning on making it a regular thing (I was pretty much 100% set on signing up after my trial, just didn't want to do it there and then).

The sales girl then tells me, as the class is about to start, that because I was previously a member of a Goodlife gym (5 years ago, different location) that they wouldn't honor my 5 day trial because that's "only for new members" and that if I wanted to attend the class that night I would need to pay $20.

So we left. Congrats Goodlife - you basically had a sure sale and that little bit of spite and pettiness lost you a tonne of money in fees that I would have readily paid (and continued to pay even when I got over my fitness kick and stopped showing up). Coworker is probably going to cancel her membership too, so we can find a gym that we can go to together.

Don't worry, it's not all bad though - I got a nice text message today saying they are still willing to give me the super-great discount that was for one night only if I come in again today for another nice chat with the salesgirl! Score!

Rude/unfriendly staff

These days, most gyms will have their equipments to make a modern gym. I think staff make the difference. I had been with Jetts(I have given 5stars for their service) and Snap fitness (4stars). I travel a lot so I go to other gyms around Australia. I noticed ataff are very (friendly most of the times in other gyms. This is the 1st time I went in to a Goodlife gym. Sadly, Majority of Goodlife Caloundra’s staff are rude majority of time and it’s exactly the opposite to what I have seen around.
We need to wait and rethink when we write a review because it should be accurate as possible and out of emotions. Goodlife Caloundra should get 5stars for many things like gym equipments, location and even staff hours but not to the customer service.
If you need a nice gym Goodlife Caloundra is still a good gym (in terms of what they have other than Human Resources) but just go in after hours.

Terrible, rude staff. Bad equipment, don’t waste your time or money.

- They false advertise, overcharge, very hard to quit membership.
- Crap, unmaintained equipment (half are out of order, and other half you could get infected from)
- their staff are rude and so far up their own butt it’s not even funny.

Don't waste your time or money at this gym, worst gym I've ever been to.
There is a reason why it has only 1.5 stars.

Value for Money

Here's how you get cheated at Goodlife

Did you ever consider getting personal training at Goodlife? Suggest you take into account these facts before making that decision, this of course is based on my personal experience.
After 3 years of being with Goodlife I decided to take personal training from one of their recommended trainers. Initially there was a whole lot of sales talk around why that is a good idea and would help me attain my fitness goals. However the reality was the trainer took $500 from me to provide 10 sessions of personal training, he showed up for the first 2 with a lot of professionalism, the next 3 started becoming a nightmare to co-ordinate, and after 5 sessions, he told me he was quitting and wont be completing the remaining 5 sessions. When I asked for the balance $250 to be refunded he refused, stating he dint have the money. When I informed Goodlife management they refused to reimburse my unused personal training session funds too.
So here's their modus operandi; all their trainers are contractors, neither of them are on payroll and in fact they pay Goodlife $300 a week to wear their uniform and perform service on their premise. However as a customer we are not told any of that. Despite being a member of Goodlife they hold no obligation towards their members financial or personal wellbeing. For example, if a member were to suffer an injury due to a faulty personal training session, Goodlife will conveniently shun off their responsibilities towards their 'contractors'.
Clearly Goodlife, customer loyalty is not something you'll are familiar with. The least you'll can do is take responsibility towards your employees and contractors and not watch your customers getting cheated from the sideline.

Value for Money

Incorrect account charges and cancelling memberships at Good life Hoppers Crossing

Started our memberships only to work out they were not charging us then to start charging wrong amounts after I brought it to their attention. Member for just under 6 months and only used gym 3-5 times max and requested to cancel memberships, they tried to claim I didn’t when I had emails stating this. Now they have ARMA a debt agency chasing for money that I supposedly owe them. It’s interesting how a few hundred dollar cancellation has gone up to almost $900! WHAT A JOKE OF A BUSINESS HARASSING ITS CUSTOMERS WHEN THEY DON'T GET WHAT THEY WANT... What happen to looking after your customers. Will now take it to AFCA and will report them, I am sick and tired of Goodlife bullying us. They forgot that they broke their own contract with us when the screwed up our charges on my account almost every week which I chased up never once did good life take any action as long as they got there money from customers.

Value for Money

Absolutely terrible

I have been a member for several years of Goodlife Glenelg as it was a convenient location, I was initially happy with the gym until they started to cut classes but persevered until I sustained an ongoing injury and decided to cancel my membership. I dealt with the “lady” who handles cancellations and it was like I was cutting her wage. As opposed to when I joined when staff were overly accommodating and payments processed swiftly, this person was an absolute disgrace, she was aggressive, rude, spoke over the top of me and initially refused to let me speak to her manager stating she was the manager. Unfortunately there are some awesome instructors there but the final dealing has left me with the lowest opinion of the club that I will never recommend to anyone. If you need to cancel, go through the company they use to direct debit, lovely staff and easy process.

Value for Money

Cancelling membership can be a real challenge!

Perhaps multiple contacts over the last month with Good life Wantirna club they have been unable to process cancellation of my membership. I have now ended up receiving an over due payment notice from Debit success.

I wonder how such errors don't ever occur when we first join? The staff is quick and prompt to ensure the payments are debited timely. But when it comes to cancelling, bo one cares or has anytime to diligently process cancellation request appropriately and promptly!!

Also, I was denied the contact email address for the manager for privacy and confidentiality reasons.

Extremely disappointed with this poor attitide!!

Withdrawal of evening pump class for Goodlife Health Club members at Floreat with 3 weeks notice

Evening pump classes at Goodlife Floreat cancelled from next week. The Club Manager and State Manager are both aware of complaints due to cancelling the class. No consideration has been given for working parents of young children.

AVOID Goodlife Toowoomba

Absolutely no communication skills whatsoever from any of the untrained staff at this gym after you agree to give them your money. So incredibly unprofessional and money hungry. My partner and I were mislead with what we could and could not do once we signed up. Promised phone calls which were never acted upon. Terrible excuse for a gym. Feel like a fool that I was cheated out of my money. Please take my advice and go literally anywhere but Goodlife Toowoomba. PS it’s a $245 cancellation fee.

Value for Money

No first aid kit and left alone in pool of blood after accident

I have spoke to Goodlife staff after being discharged from hospital and fed back I would never return to Goodlife. This would be three months ago. I canceled membership and direct debit I had been a member for several years. I have notified all concerned. They will not leave me alone, finally sending a recovery agency to charge me three months of membership. Constant abusive emails, phonecalls texts or letters. I payed for ambulance and medical care. No first aid was available at goodlife, ice and absorb ant guaze. Left in a room with no chair. Noone came to help until told by emergency service to stay with me.

Value for Money

Terrible service. Taking unauthorised money out.

Staff are really lovely to get you to sign up. Won’t stop harrasing you until you do. Once signed up no help whatsoever. Never received A contract, never was told about orientation day. Have had all sorts of money coming out overdrawing my account. Joined arena paused my account for holiday was still charged. Had 3 different amounts come out in the same day. Send email to head office. Been instore and was credited $30. Was told it would was all fixed than more money was taken out.

Value for Money

Wantirna goodlife rude manager and yoga guy

Wantirna goodlife here you go. I have membership here and in particularly I bought it because of yoga classes. Went for yoga today and I was 15minutes late because I was held up at my childs school. Of course sometimes these are unavoidable. The yoga instructor infront of everyone said to me to that im late and disturbing everyone and which implied me to go. Seriously this is like a principal treatment in a school. I made a complain, and then the female manager who I dont know the name phoned me rudely, no apologise for the mental hurt I had infront of everyone and for my lost time, instead said no one can get late to a class more than 5minutes. I couldnt event find this in the agreement (maybe my fault) but im not the only one who came after 5minutes. Everyone does. Besides this is not a school. The issue is not about the late come but about the very unprofessional nature of the manager who raised voice against me and was there to cover the yoga guy. I was not told that they are taking action to educate the instructors how to talk. Instead I was said I can cancel the membership if im not comfortable coming. I cant believe the attitude of her and the negative outcomes it could bring to the gym.

Corroding equipment

Head office are too interested in opening new gyms and not looking after current members.

Dumbbells and barbells corroded and old, machines missing pieces, awful music, sell sell sell, 24/7 card $20 not free, corporate office take months to get things done but will open new gyms with new equipment.

Old gyms are stale and need a lot of work.

As soon as you owe $1 you will be hounded which shows a less than friendly approach from the head office. Staff can be a little "used car salesman" to get weekly kpi but I have appreciation for the Fitzroy, docklands and northland staff. Corporate head office need to open their eyes and fix the broken equipment and change the music.

After seeing that the gym refuses to listen to members and keep acquiring other gyms I simply left and now they are expecting me to pay $230+ for breaking contract. I found a better, cheaper, less company oriented gym. Middle finger to good life hc head office!

Value for Money

A home away from home!

I have been a member of Goodlife Prahran for about 6 months now and I have found that the staff there are so welcoming and helpful, even the club manager has said hello to me and scanned my keys at reception! I just completed the 8 week challenge and I feel I have made some great friends during the weekend bootcamp sessions. I feel like this place has really become a second home for me :)

Value for Money

Knox has a really friendly community, and the Arena area is great value for money!!

I have been training at this club for 6 months. It has recently been renovated and has a very new and fresh feeling to it. It is not overly crowded, and the staff and members are all very friendly and approachable. My favourite things this club offers are 24/7 access, and the Arena. I am at my fittest I've ever been thanks to Arena. The coaches really push you, it's a great atmosphere, and it's much cheaper than similar products such as F45.

Value for Money

Kept charging direct debit even after cancelling membership and providing 4 weeks notice

Poorly managed fountain gate goodlife gym . They Kept charging direct debit even after cancelling membership and providing 4 weeks notice. They don’t check if member is attending the gym or not .

Value for Money

Good life gym point cook central shopping centre. Customer service is abismal, especially from the reception staff

Good life gym point cook central shopping centre.
Customer service is abismal, especially from the reception staff, gym condition is atrocious, and the equipment is generally in poor condition and lack enough equipment to service membership. Tried to sign my son up, but unfortunately nobody available to take his application.....complete waste of time

Value for Money

Perfect example of Customer Loyalty meaning NOTHING

I did my first challenge and have been a member at GL Morningside BEFORE GL took over. So a very very long time. I invest well over $200 a month into this club thanks to my son and husband joining (even though they wanted to go elsewhere) and have just participated in a challenge where my comments on the facebook page were deleted (how disrespectful!!) when they were actually concurring with the Admin of the group. Be respectful, no name calling. Instructions were to inbox them directly. I get NOTHING. The organisation at Morningside was woeful, the challenge didn't even have a FITNESS test. Jump on the scales and a couple of skin folds. I actually walked into a fitness class expecting it to be where you go to get tested for fitness. I work out from 4-6 nights a week dependent on the week and had put on weight due to a medication reaction. If I was overweight and not familiar with the gym and signed up for this challenge, I'd probably be binging and curled in the foetal right now. I have remained loyal to this gym for so long - I get nothing but sighs and Idk what you're talking about when approaching counter staff because I'm a shift worker and adapt this challenge to suit my lifestyle. Well GL, Snap has newer better equipment up the road and I intend to take my family there and invest the money I will SAVE (yes we've been looking into changing for a long time now and this is the icing on the cake) into a yoga studio membership (as the only reason I was hanging on was for [name removed] the yoga teacher. Absolutely disgusted. BTW, can you also tell your cleaners not to dust right next to you when you're on the treadmill so you breathe in all the dust? Come to think of it the more I contemplate this experience, the more grateful I am for the wake-up call. I don't use the pool so I couldn't care less about your pool. I care about customer service, support, being rewarded for loyalty and openness to constructive feedback which they clearly don't have. Signing up we were rounded up like sheep while PT's were standing around doing nothing and it clearly is just a massive money spinner for honestly, NOTHING. Icing on the cake. Loyalty means nothing.

Value for Money

Thieves, Scammers and poor customer service.

I was keep getting calls asking to join Goodlife gym as there was a promotion going on. They mislead me and signed me up on 12.98$ and denied access to one of their gyms stating i don't have 24X7 access.

Later after few terrible customer service interactions i was asked to signup for 18$ week program (and told ,my 12$ program was cancelled) to get 24X7 gym access and was told i have to wait another 24hr to get my card activated what a crap Gym.

On top of that you will be harassed by the gym trainers to join their programs. Well the story didn't end there, after 15 days my account was direct debited for 94$ as per the old contract (which i was told cancelled) so rang the customer service few time no proper response, so i walked up to the store and asked them. Then they told me i will be refunded the 94$ in 7 business days.

Ok Please be patient the story didn't end there, after 2 weeks i still didn't receive my refund so i wrote an email explaining the issue and call the gym. They now tell me a new story that my refund was denied because its less than 200$ (if so then why didn't they inform me before and made me to wait 2 week until i asked about it).

Guys and Girls this a very very terrible gym please don't get fooled by seeing the people walking in and out the gym thinking its great gym. I did the same mistake and suffering now.

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Questions & Answers

Just wondering how often the Gym gets cleaned? I have been going to the Cannington gym for over 10 years and It is starting to feel VERY unhygienic. Equipment especially the treadmills, steppers and bikes etc are very dirty and dusty with paper towels left on them etc. The floor is always filthy with peoples old drinkbottles, socks, gloves etc lieing around for days. The equipment often does not work having to change to at least 3 different treadmills at times to get one that works. Trying to watch TV from them is always an issue too. They always say 'no signal' or you cant put your earphones in the port. All this is really starting to bother me and am seriously looking at changing gyms. It is not cheap to attend a gym so we expect higher standards for the money we are paying.
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I have spoke to Goodlife staff after being discharged from hospital and fed back I would never return to Goodlife. This would be three months ago. I canceled membership and direct debit I had been a member for several years. I have notified all concerned. Please leave me alone and no more emails, phonecalls texts or letters. I payed for ambulance and medical care. No first aid for available at goodlife, ice and absorb ant guaze. Allison Corbett .
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Is goodlife joondalup still open
2 answers
I saw goodlife joondalup painted completely white no signs just paid for a membership is this gymn still open lucyI think they have moved out to where the old Masters Hardware was on Joondalup Drive, near Baby Bunting etc; That huge building is now a Good Life gym on one side, and Anaconda on the other.

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