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Goodness Superfoods Digestive 1st

Goodness Superfoods Digestive 1st

3.8 from 16 reviews

Good value for Benefits

Have been eating Heart for 4 years on dietician's recommendation . Great taste with milk or yoghurt. Gets me off to a good start for the day.

Digestive Health lives up to its promise

Started taking because of diverticulitis, bloating and constipation. Found the product tasteless and dry and unappealing. Nearly threw it out but decided to try boiling it in the micowave for 3 minutes then putting in fridge overnight. Served cold with greek yogurt, milk and fruit and it was delicious. Have been on it for a week and am starting to enjoy the benefits. It worries me that the product is so dry and an alternative method needs to be suggested as many will just throw it out, My husband is now also enjoying it in the new method. Please get the message out...

Goodness Superfood - Heart

I've been enjoying this product for quite a few years. I started eating the Digestive product but swapped the Heart product as I found it more enjoyable.
I started eating the cereal after reading about it's development by the CSIRO. I suffered from occasional bouts of bloating and diverticulitis.
I have 1/2 cup each morning with Greek yoghurt, blueberries and a sprinkle on probiotic called Garnet Plum. Occasionally add LSA if I remember!

I am very satisfied with the efficacy of this cereal in helping me overcome my digestive problems. I now buy it in bulk lots online as it's slightly cheaper, but recently I did a price check and Woolworths price is pretty good. I usually shop at Coles or Aldi, but as neither of them stock it I'll go out of my way to WW.

Been eating this for three years

I love it I look forward to breakfast every morning and I mix it with goodness other cereal but my main one is heart

Best source of fibre

This is the best cereal for fibre (better than all-bran). Based on health studies I saw fibre should be a number 1 priority so getting this out of the way early is a real plus.

Customer complaint

I recently purchased the goodness super foods barley wrap only to discover that upon opening the packet to have one for my lunch all of them were mouldy and i was unable to eat them. This product is not cheap and the expiry date was 20 February 2017 so you would think that it should not be mouldy. Totally disappointed shall not be buying there products again.

Packed with fibre and not too sweet

This cereal is really enjoyable, especially because the sugar content is quite low so it doesn't have an overwhelmingly sweet taste. The resistant starch and soluble fibre content is great - better than bran which is almost entirely composed on insoluble fibre. The only qualm I have is that it is quite expensive, and rarely on sale.

Absolutely Love this cereal

Filling & high in fibre tastes great have given to family & friends to try & now all 4 supermarkets have run out!

I'm back

My wife brought home a box and we tried it it - hated it at first as its quite chewy with a slight burnt taste. But atfer a few days surprisingly I grew to love it. It definitely has a big affect on your digestion with flatulence, extra throughput etc. I feel thinner and better already, and look forward to longer term results. Finally I eat cereal daily again.
Very high fibre.

I love the cereal.

Love the Protein variety. However I love even more the porridge. It's great in winter. I cool it down with frozen blueberries. It fills me up all morning so I don't feel like snacking plus I feel like I'm doing something nice and healthy for my body and general health.
It's good for me
Bit tasteless without added fruit

Please, change back to the old digestive 1

Please, change back to the old digestive 1. That was good. Now its like the sweepings of the bottom of the bird cage. The old Whole flakes took longer to brake down. But the new small crumbs go straight though you. How could you let something so good, go to something so bad.
It's good for me
It's contents is to small in size

A great product spoiled.

I really enjoyed the original Digestive 1 cereal and would have rated it as excellent. However recently they completely changed the formula, flavour and texture. Now I would not use it as chook food. How could a company change a product so radically and still present it in the same packet. If they changed Marmite like that it would cause a revolution.
Healthy, high in fibre.
Flavour, texture, boring

Could not agree more with Kat54. The "new" "texture" is revolting, a small breeze and the pathetic floury-flakes would fly out of the bowl. WHY WOULD A COMPANY CHANCE A GOOD PRODUCT SO RADICALLY??????I prefer the new formula, the old one was too heavy. The Heart one on the other hand is now way too light and has lost flavour I loved this product, too and have eaten nothing else at breakfast for at least the past year. The new product is so fine it has little or no texture. Sadly, I dislike it so much that I have decided I will buy no more of it. Wendy R.

Tasty and nutritious

Minimal additives and processed ingredients, especially compared to conventional cereals. The barleyMAX they use is supposedly a very low GI cereal.
Unprocessed, fairly wholesome ingredients
A bit pricey, but still ok

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I have used this range of products for several months. I highly recommend this product. It has good health benefits and is pleasant to eat. Many breakfast cereals with less much less fibre are unpalatable in comparison. Barley max, being the main ingredient, is good for cholesterol and other health issues. I highly recommend it.

Love it

Yummy and very enjoyable. Digestive 1 is the only reason that I eat cereal it is very enjoyable and filling. Only cereal ever that I have not experienced bloating after eating it. My energy levels are much better and I don't crave that bit of chocolate mid morning after eating Digestive 1.
Best cereal ever.
Life changing

I was enjoying the Digestive cereal till the new formula came out, its not as nice as the original formula.You are being very generous

The best cereal I have eaten in all my 60+ years. Crunchy and flavoursome.

I tried Digestive 1st as a change from my boring high fibre cereal for a change. It is pleasant on the palate and I do not feel queasy after eating it. I would recommend it for anyone who is seeking a high fibre, low GI breakfast food. It does not sit heavy on the stomach.
Very flavoursome, value for money


I never have stomach problems but because I am pregnant I wanted to increase fibre in my diet... digestive 1st was terrible for me... after I eat it I have stomach aches and gas...

The stomach aches are due to the sudden increase in fiber in your diet(in particular resistant starch). If bloating/gas does occur, it is recommended that you decrease the serving and start with a small portion until your body becomes accustomed to a dies higher in fiber, then slowly increase the portion size.This has to be the worst change to a product since VB changed it's formula. I will not buy this product again!I agree with the above.. I haved stopped buying digestive 1 as the new formula is disgusting, it is sloppy and has no taste..

Questions & Answers

Where can you buy this cereal?
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Why can’t I find it in supermarkets anymore?
1 answer
I can't find it either.

Does anyone know where you can buy the digestive and heart cereals? Cant see them in Safeway, Coles or IGA
1 answer
Hi They have changed their name. Check out Freedom Foods web page https://www.barleyplus.com.au for your answer to their products new name. Clare

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