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Goodness Superfoods Protein 1st

Goodness Superfoods Protein 1st

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The best cereal on the planet !

Apart from the usual basic muesli, I am not a big processed cereal fan. I discovered the Goodness Protein cereal quite by accident some six months ago, what an awesome combination and good for you too! My family would eat two boxes of this a week, it is a great pre workout and post workout snack because of the high protein content. Kids love it just as a snack, it is tasty, crunchy and filling, not too sweet. I wish I could buy it by the carton. :)

High Protien and fibre, no longer have to mix two cereals together...

I switched across to this cereal about 6 months ago...I am gluten intolerant, but had trouble finding a gluten free cereal that I liked. Some people find this cereal a bit coarse ("Chaffy"), but I love it, I believe that is the only way you can get the protein and fibre combination. I also add a table spoon of LSA (ground Linseed, Sunflower seed and Almond) and my favourite Cinnamon (approx half a teaspoon). This cereal does not disagree with my digestive system or energy levels that other cereals have (with gluten). I have breakfast at 6am and keeps me going till 9am when I have a 200g serve of mixed nuts (walnuts, almonds, cashews and sunflower seeds). Enjoy...Thanks Dane

I have been advised by Goodness Superfoods this product has ended, due to a one of the ingredients no longer being produced. I have still been able to buy it at my local IGA (Co-Op) supermarket (they must have a back stock available). I have been advised by Superfoods they are releasing a new Protein range in February but is going to be a cluster style cereal (this rings extra sugar to me). We will wait and see. Once it comes out I will do a new review for this product.
Highest protein cereal, with low sugar and the high fibre all in one...reasonably priced for a specialist cereal.

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>>>>UPDATE>>>> So I have been using the new protein range. "Protein Clusters" it does have a slightly higher sugar content than the previous cereal (approx 2-3g per 100g) still at least 10g less sugar than similar cereals. Protein and fibre still very high. Protein 20.2g per 100g, Fibre 14g per 100g. I still use my LSA and cinnamon as per first review. I find this cereal better than the first for flavour and overall enjoyment. It's also good as a snack, couple of clusters in a container for afternoon tea. My son who is 12 will eat this cereal, but would not eat the original style. Price wise, I believe it is good value comparable to other healthy high protein cereals. There is a price difference between supermarkets, non-sale price ranging from $5.50 up to $6.50, I still get mine from an IGA Co-Op in Port Macquarie $5.50, but if I go to IGA Ritchies it is $6.19. Enjoy. Thanks Dane

Tasty, Low Carb& Filling!

I'm loving this cereal atm! I'm trying to cut down on carbs& lose a little weight and this cereal seemed to be the best choice. I have mine with skim milk& a dollop of greek yoghurt on top. It's delicious and keeps me full until lunch time. Would definately recommend this cereal.
High protein, Low Carb, Filling& Tasty

Yummy on the tummy

This Protein 1st is very tasty. It is crisp with honey flavor until the bottom of the bowl. The high protein makes it a meal that stays with you for hours. I am adding it to a healthy eating plan for weight loss and health. Five grams of fiber is a big plus also. This cereal is about the ONLY low-carb high protein good tasting breakfast food for low-carb diets. I hope they don't stop making it!
Good taste

Wonderful filling and tasty

Once you get passed the burnt look of the cereal and actually start eating, you will soon discover how filling this cereal truly is! it's more then enough to keep you going till morning tea or lunch and I like how it takes awhile to chew it so it lasts a little bit longer
Lovely aroma, filling, wholegrain with lots of protein and fibre
It looks like it's a burnt batch when you open the box

No more Weet Bix for me!

I love this stuff! Have even bought a packet for the office so I don't miss a breakfast!. I used to add sugar to my cereals. No need with this. It's good for me, tasty, I can add yoghurt to sub for milk just for variety, its filling and the wheels and cogs that grind away inside me are definity working better. Still getting used to the extra pressure on the exhaust system and extra visits to the mechanic each day but am sure that will settle down.
Healthy, Tasty, Crispy, priced OK, available in the supermarkets no need to add a sweater for a suger kick
Does roasting decrease the health content compared to say 'natural' muesli's, cause flatulance and increased daily bowel movements

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I love superfood protein .I have it with a chopped banana and an apple with a tee spoon of crushed oats then a table spoon of Greek full cream yogurt.And topped up with light milk.I love it.And it keeps me full all day.


Why can't I buy Protein 1st in any shops anymore. I feel lost. Please do something about that.THANK YOU!
The best start to the day I have ever had. Feel fabulous and have lost weight.

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It is still available in the shops, they may have just sold out due to an increase in demand! keep looking :)


Overall a really good cereal which is good for you! Tasty and nutritious, very high fibre rating and protein keeps you full. This was recommended to me for the Weight Watchers pro points program only 4 points per serve.
Tastes a little like a toasted muesli, without the sugar (was expecting it to be alot worse seen as its so good for you)
Kept me full all morning
Takes a little chewing power but overall ok
Needs a few saltanas or fruit to break up the taste (i just added these in afterwards)
A little flatulence due to the high fibre content.

Great for a weightloss diet! High protein, feel full for longer

Lots of fiber, but not heavy. Lots of little grains & seeds, but light, crisp & flakey. Great mix for people who hate sultanas & dried fruit!
Light, crisp, filling, tasty-don't need added sugar.

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I have been regular since I started eating Goodness Super Foods which is bes the digestive, heart, and the other brands.I have tried them all and I like the Heart the best

Just what I have been waiting for

It is so hard to eat enough fibre without over-indulging. For someone who's daily kilojoule requirement is about 6000,finding your Superfood Protein was wonderful. Yum,yum, yummy too.
Fibre and protein together. It is looking after the digestive system and keeps you satisfied for a long time.

Questions & Answers

Goodness Superfoods Protein 1st where do i buy it from ??
2 answers
Firstly it was re branded Freedom Goodness and this cereal is now called Barley + Protein Clusters, I buy it from IGA stores, I find it difficult to get in Coles and Woollies. Best of luck it's well worth looking for and trying.Okay thanks

I have been purchasing Goodness Heart Cereal at local SE Brisbane super markets (Woolworths & Coles) but find they are no longer available. Could you please advise which local supermarkets are stocking this cereal now?
2 answers
IGA seems to be the best for stock. All the best. Cheers DaneIGA stores anywhere near us (SE Brisbane) do not stock these products.

Dane c what do you mean protein clusters, what do you mean there's a new one?
1 answer
Yes there is a new one not all the supermarkets are stocking it same brand but it's called protein clusters you look try and find one of the IGA they seem to be stocking it it's still the best cereal on the market as far as I'm concerned value for money protein vs sugar vs carb vs fibre cheers Dane

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