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Sanitarium Weet-Bix Hi-Bran

Sanitarium Weet-Bix Hi-Bran

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Healthy & Tasty

After cycling through various breakfast cereals I was after one that tasted good and wasn't chock full of sugar. I've gone through Weetbix before but I found they were pretty bland tasting.
I saw these in my local supermarket and decided to give them a try - the added bran, desiccated coconut and honey give these biscuits a much nicer flavour, and taste really great with a diced banana on top. I'll be sticking with these for a while I think. They do suck up the milk so you need to add a fair bit.
taste good, healthy, lots of fibre.
Not overly cheap.


This cereal tastes very nice, almost slightly sweet. The added texture of the bran is pleasant and not hard to swallow. I am a fan of this stuff and craving some right now! Highly recommended to all.
This cereal is great because there is nothing wrong with Weetbix and this is just an improvement on an already good product. The addition of bran just makes it more healthy and filling. Good for kids that aren't very regular and who won't eat other high fibre breakfast cereals.
The packet size is way too small, so you'll need to buy two or three each week.


Really like them. It's rare to find a true hi bran cereal that tastes good too. I highly recommend this cereal.
Hi Bran weet bix have a really high fibre content compared to all the other cereals. These have a really nice flavour - taste like coconut to me - much better flavour than regular weetbix and so much better for you. They really fill you up for a long time.
These can get really dry - totally soak up the milk. It must be all the fibre. So can be a bit of a chore to get thru even 2 biscuits. This is much moe expensive than regular Weetbix and NEVER goes on special.

Questions & Answers

Where are these being sold as Coles & Woolworths are no longer selling this?
1 answer
Coles should be selling them - the package colours and naming has changed to Weet-bix Blends - High Bran and Honey

G'day, My local Woollies seems to have stopped stocking the Hi-Bran Weet-Bix in favour of the blend with honey. Is Sanatarium still making the old recipe? Regards 70 year old Weet-Bix Kid
4 answers
Hi. I had a look at the Weetbix social media site and apparently the recipe is still the same, only the packaging has changed. This was Weetbix's comment to the same question you had: "Weet-Bix Hi Bran is still available but recently had a pack change, it is now called Weet-Bix Blends Hi Bran + Honey, this product is still exactly same great recipe, it has always had honey in it only the packaging has changed." I had a look at the Ingredients/Nutritional info on the Hi Bran with Honey and compared it to the box of Hi Bran that I have and yep they are still the same recipe.The new packaged hi bran blends tastes completely different to the original, they are a different colour and texture. Not as good as the original, I won't be buying the new ones again. Typical, these companies always change a good product and tell you it is 'improved'.I just received an email reply from Sanitarium to my complaint that HiBran Bix tastes like crap now, since their change to HiBran + Honey. She says that only the packaging has changed, not the recipe. I find that "hard to swallow" , the bix definitely taste different since the packaging change. Anybody else out there thinks like me, or am I just imaging the taste change?

Would like to know sger content of weet-bix hi-bran compared to just ordinary weet bix
3 answers
Hi-Bran weetbix have 3.4g of sugar per serve (40g, 2 biscuits), ordinary weetbix have 1.1g per serve (30g, 2 biscuits)Thank-you as I was concerned about the right weetbix to buy re the sugar content as it is time consuming reading all products whilst shopping.It might be a bit higher in sugar but you don't have to add anything to it like regular Weet Bix - sugar, honey etc. Just add dairy milk or your favourite plant milk.

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