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Uncle Tobys Nut Feast

Uncle Tobys Nut Feast

4.9 from 10 reviews

UncleToby's Nut Feast

Can you buy this anymore and if so where. I loved all the nuts in it especially the macamadia ones

Best on the market in Australia

What has happened to the availability of this cereal. Uncle Toby why have you stopped making your best cereal by far?

Bring it back!

My life is ruined because some idiot decided to take this absolute treat away from stores, he/she should be fired and this back on shelves

Bring it back!

Best cereal ever, please bring it back, in a bigger pack, like 1kg box, or 1000gm, my wife and I used to eat a box of it each week then bang! Gone. Not cool.

Best cereal in existence.

Just want to say I miss this cereal and would love to see it back on the shelves. Please Uncle Tobys!

Please grace my shelves once again, they're empty without you.

One of the best cereals I have tasted, I'm craving it, I'm needing it in my life, please come back to me. Grace my empty shelf, grace my life with your goodness once again please.
Really hoping they do bring it back because this was honestly one of the best, if there was even the possibility of there being a box somewhere for sale, I would hunt it down and buy it at almost any cost.

My absolute favourite cereal ever!

Please bring back nut feast!! Still craving it and have not had it for years now :( come on Uncle Toby it's too good not to make. Put it back up on the market for a week even.... it was my all time favourite cereal and the nut clusters that were so delicious and sweet mixed with those yummy flakes of toasted wheat. Just absolutely amazing! Bring it back please!!!!
Amazing, tasty, nutty, delicious, favourite, miss it, bring it back

Missing my favourite treat.

My family loved this cereal as we would have it as a treat. Very rich, quite expensive for a small box but oh so delicious. In a big family it just didn't last long so rationing very important. Please bring back to shelves. Even my picky kid (who only likes weetbix) loves this cereal.
Delicious, nuts, clusters, hint of coffee
Nothing really. Size of box was too small for my family.


Excellent cereals. I used to be a big fan of Kellogg's Crunchy nuts and All Brans Almonds. They are both great cereals and very irresistible. But when my friend introduced me to UNCLE TOBYS NUT FEAST, this has become my favorite. I would recommend this to anyone, kids and adults. And if you haven't already try it, this is a must try.
This is one of my all time favorite cereals. It is very delicious and provides extremely good nutritional value. Not super unhealthy and not too healthy. Just the right cereal that you will enjoy everyday.
Not enough nuts.


I have been eating Uncle Toby's Nut Feast for several years now and it has never changed its great taste and high nutrition. But I do need to ask - Why can't Uncle Toby's sell this cereal in a larger quantity? Nut Feast has to be the most addictive cereal on the market. Sometimes it is hard to find but isn't all hidden treasure?! The crunch of the wheat flakes and nuts, the mouth watering flavour which bursts from the nut clusters with each bite, the visual delight which floats around in the bowl in front of you makes you want to jump right in and swim in this sea of yumminess!!!! What a cereal. Just the smell which flows up your nose as the box is opened, hooks you in. This is one of those cereals you nibble on as you pour in into the bowl, as you are opening the milk to pour it on, as you are putting the box away - come to think of it you need to pour extra into the bowl because by the time you sit down to eat it, well, it is gone! Well done Uncle Toby a champion cereal!
Absolutely everything!
too smaller quantity

Questions & Answers

Is uncle Toby nut feast gluten free ?
1 answer
Hi Drongo I think the flakes are made from wheat which would probably contain gluten.It is a great cereal but you would need to either check the pack or confirm with Uncle Toby's about the gluten content. Jo :)

Where can I buy Nut Feast? Has it gone off the market? It's much too good to stop producing it.
1 answer
Hi Peebeeway It is a great cereal! I don't think Coles sell it anymore and am unsure about Woolworths. I have been able to buy it from smaller independent supermarkets but that was a while ago. Good luck in your search. Maybe email Uncle Toby's for your local stockist. :)

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