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Kellogg's Mini-Wheats Blackcurrant

Kellogg's Mini-Wheats Blackcurrant

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The best breakfast of champions


Please bring back Mini Wheats! Truly the best cereal. I was devastated to go to all the supermarkets and still not find them. My favourite! So much better than a bowl of the ripoff Buds.

Cant believe its discontinued


Why would you stop making such a beloved cereal? Its Mini Wheats! Man I miss it so much! My go to every morning since I was a toddler in the 90s (and the healthier option than the sugar laden ones, and is still perfectly sweet). Sugar frosted ones are a abomination, being back our black currant Mini Wheats!

Purchased in February 1988.

Danii R.

Danii R.Greater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

Please bring back mini wheats:(


PLEASE bring back mini wheats :( I adored these and breakfast truly hasnt been the same :( Still cant understand how you could take an Aussie favourite off our shelves !!!!



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Please return!


I used to have these all the time but now they are off the shelves in Australia :( Missing out! They were so yummy. Please make a come back. I will buy them.

The best


The best cereal I've been hardling living life without this in my life. Why would you not want to make stacks of money what moron discontinued the best in the entire isle. Dry or with milk 10/10

Loved Mini Wheats!


Here we are years after they were discontinued and i still look out for them, hoping that they will miraculously appear. No other cereal compares. I want them back please.

Please return Mini-Wheats to us!


These were the best cereal ever. If I had 3 wishes from a genie, unlimited mini-wheats would be one of them! My partner and I got together after these were discontinued, and it was amazing to discover that every time we went down the cereal aisle we were both still looking out for them! I miss mini-wheats... Please bring them back! Nothing compares to the wrap of wheat strings.

Purchased in June 2005.



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Best Kelloggs Cereal they made.


they decided to remote the yummy blackcurrants from inside the miniwheats and cover them with frosted sugar..
Well I hope the guy who came up with that Idea was Sacked immediately and changed professions.
everyone in our household loved them..

Bring Back Blackcurrent Mini Wheats


Best Cereal ever never should of stopped selling it think used to sell it at woolworths and coles and iga healther for people more then a lot of cereals


TaylorHervey Bay

Bring them back


I am at Woolworths almost everyday, and I will always check to see if my favourite cereal is back on the shelves. I leave disappointed, every.single.time.
Bring back the blackcurrant mini wheats. Make Australia great again.

The perfect cereal. Where have you gone


Where has the nation's favourite cereal gone? You wouldn't just stop making vegimite. Mini Wheats blackcurrant was the reason I got up in the morning. Give the people what they deserve. Give them sunshine and happyness in the mornings again.

Yours faithfully




Can't live without it


Please bring the black currant and raspberry mini wheats back there's nothing like them on the shelves and so many people miss them!!!!! Bring them back listen to the people!!!!!

Missing our blackcurrant mini-wheats.


I have no understanding why Kellogs would pull such a long time favorite off the shelf? And why in Gods name would they be replaced with chocolate ones? Isn't therecenough chocolate cereals around to choose from? May as well start pouring milk over a bowl of tim tams and giving them to our children for breakfast.. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE BRING BACK BLACKCURRANT MINI-WHEATS.....

Bring em back!!!


Just found out that Kelloggs have discontinued this product line and we are struggling to find any remaining stock anywhere on the shelves. These were perfect for the kids lunch boxes!!!
Please, please, please, please, please bring these back as we can't live without them! The new chocolate ones with sugar coating are horrible and aren't the same...
Best cereal ever!
No stock!



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Used to be good but not enough fruit now :(


I used to love these Mini Wheats! Would eat them straight out of the box. Bought a box recently, after not having them for a while, and not sure if it was just the batch I got or if it's a recipe/quantity change but most of the crunchy little pillows had either no fruit or so little fruit that you couldn't even taste it!
Crunchy and the ones with more fruit are very tasty and what I've come to enjoy about Mini Wheats
90% of the box had pillows containing hardly any fruit and some were even fruitless.


yavisQLD, 4030

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Sarah V.

Sarah V.asked

Please please bring these back!! I crave them all the time and have now had to settle for the knock offs which don't even use shredded wheat :(

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Danii R.

Danii R.asked

Please please please bring back mini wheats :( Hands down the best cereal!! Cant believe you could just remove an Aussie favourite of our shelves just like that ! Smh ... not happy

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Samantha H.

Samantha H.asked

Hi where can i buy these?

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