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Solid Great Performer

We brought this 05 van in start of 06. It has not to date had any faults and its now 2017. The front lounge is massive, good size kitchen, queen bed, rear ensuite makes it a very enjoyable van to travel. The composite panels are very soundproof with the domestic double glaze windows. Plenty of cupboards, led lighting , and aerodynic shape. Highly recommend.

Got another major woops!!

Tyres due for rotation approx 10,000 ks. Front lh side didn't make it. Wore very uneven. Took it off, checked to see if bearings were ok. Hmm a bit of movement. Took off dust cap only to find no split pin in castle nut. Quality workmanship. All others ok. Could have been a disaster. Do not trust anybody. Check everything yourself.

Couldn't Be Happier

Recently picked up our triple bunk Grandcruiser 1750 x-trax offroad caravan.
Just back from a trip up to cairns and return and the only problem has been one internal led light has failed which Dave has said will be replaced. No fuss at all.
Fit and finish is spot on and can't believe how easy it is to tow compared to my old van even though the 1750 is slightly longer and 200kg heavier. I'm averaging 2lts per hundred better fuel economy.
We've had some great feedback on the sleek lines and look of the van.
Just need more time now to use it.
Happy camper.

Floor Plan1750 x-trax

Grand cruising in a Grandcruiser

We purchased our 2nd Grandcruiser from Dave last Nov (2014) having had our first one for 6 years.We are now 10,000 klm into a round Australia trip with the new one ( a 2150 Grandcruiser Platinum) and loving it. We had it custom built with a slideout bedroom and the additional room and cpd space has been excellent. The finish on this van is first class and we would not hesitate to recommend Grandcruiser to prospective customers.

GrandCruiser Cruisen

picked up demo model GC2150 November 2014 and cant be happier with the van and the service received from the GC team at Belmont. Had some minor modifications and fixes that were never a problem to Walter and the team to address to fit our requirements. We have towed to Wagga and back and planning a lot more trips to come. Isuzu DMAX pulls this van effortlessly and the McHitch makes it even easier. I cant praise Walter at GC enough for the support and assistance he has provided us novices. Post sales support exceptional

Floor PlanGC2150

Don't buy one !!!

I bought a Sportscruiser 1550 from Dave in 2012. Worst buy I ever mad. The only thing that hasn't had a problem is the trailer chassis. When you do report a problem to Dave he gets you to try and fix it yourself but not to go to anyone else. Then if you can't fix it he says he'll get back to you or send you a part then nothing! He ignores you everytime. He even passed the buck to his business partner John trying to get him to fix it. Still nothing! It wasn't till I made a song and dance at a caravan show 10 months after I bought it that they sent me one item out of the several that I needed and told me not to contact them again. YOU'LL BE SORRY!
Every time I see one I try to catch up with the owners and out of the ten or more I've spoken to all have had problems with the van and had to fix some things themselves. Some have had some service out of David but not great service. I think he must write his own "Great Reviews" because I havn't met anyone with one.
Not alot now!
Bearings not fitted or greased properly , Van was unroadworthy by Qld standards, Sink drains into Shower, circuit breakers are sensative and faulty, rear bumper rusting under poor cold gal treatment, Interior cabintery poorly fitted, cabinetry doors not aligned nor even same dimensions as mateing doors

Floor Plan1550
Hi Dave here from Grandcruiser in Newcastle I have gone through our files but cant find a Ben but it may have been sold to his wife or second hand I have spoken to all of our staff and nobody remembers talking to a Ben maybe the van was delivered by John Smallwood in Queensland and yes he is an ex business partner of mine as he owns Sportscruiser and has done since 2012 .However if the vans are sold in NSW they are checked independently by an inspection station but all trailers should be serviced after 1000km as bearings bed in and sometimes need to be nipped up and adjusted most customers do not take this on board when being told this at hand over and the waste water has a flap you push over when the shower is not in use as plumbing on caravans so not have s traps fitted like a house as they would hang too low and create other problems this is the same in all caravans and as far as the rear bumper rust I just don't know so if you have any issues with the van by all means bring it in and we will fix it. So give me a call I still have customers that come in five years after buying Grandcruisers and we have fixed there problems if they speak to me nicely . Regards Dave ph 0415664876 I rang Dave on 22/7/14 and we have agreed to come to a mutual solution for any outstanding problems. Will update at a later date.So I spoke to Dave Curran on several occasions about the problems with the van and he can still not come up with a viable solution to fix the initial problems with it, nor has he reimbursed me for the unroadworthy items that he agreed to. I have just had the van at a local repairers spending a further $972 fixing some of the minor problems. I have now spent over $2500 on several problems on a new van. Funnily enough the repairer told me a few of these vans had been in for the same things. Word of mouth will hurt these vans !

Home on Wheels

Purchased a GC 24ft. in 2010. In that time have travelled through out Queensland, three return trips to South Australia and along the Murray river. In that time I have had no mechanical problem with the van, any problems I have had were fixed with a screw driver. The van tows exceptional behind my Nissan Navara and comfort is to kill for. Stands out well at the van parks and along the highway. Can't really fault it.
Easy towing,comfort. everything you want when on the road.
Better locking set up on shower door. no handles on cubboard doors.

missed the launch of the new model looking forward to seeing it

Just back from our eight weeks away in our 21ft Grandcruiser what a great trip we had. We travelled 7,430,00 klms on bitumen and unsealed dusty roads and the van handled it well. We didn’t need to use the sway bars the whole trip as the van felt comfortable behind the Landcruiser. We couldn’t get over the amount of people that came up and complemented us on such an impressive van ,when we gave them a look inside they were blown away with the space and airyness of the van ours is shale grey in two pack paint with black leather club lounge seating. The ensuite has a full size shower which is great, also plenty of cupboard and outside storage space.We are so proud of our Grand Cruiser behind us and can’t wait for our next trip.
comfort and open space

Mid Winter Grandcruiser

Hi, just back from a trip around Mid North West NSW, winter may not be the ideal time for a trip, but in June, we took our Sportscruiser 1550 from Newcastle to Merriwa, Ulan, Gulgong, Wellington Caves, Dubbo Zoo, Coolah Tops, Narrabri, Mt Kaputar, Gunnedah & home.
When we bought our caravan, David told us he took his caravan & family to the snow, oh yeah "sales talk" but we couldn't believe how snug & warm we were, even with a cold frost on most mornings, the composite shell contruction has brilliant insulation, OK, we did turn on the optional reverse cycle air-cond a couple of times, after we had come in from the cold, to thaw out. Second prize was missing out on that night walk to the amenities, the built in toilet is very welcome.
Towing the Grandcruiser on secondary tar roads, sometimes the undulations are worse than dirt roads, can be taken with confidence, yes the optional shock absorbers help.
The aerodynamic shape of the Grandcruiser handles the airwash from the "B" Doubles clocking around 120k's travelling in the opposite direction when you are on roads like the Newell Highway(?).
Next trip we're off to southern Qld & Lightning Ridge in our home away from home
Still in love with our Sportscruiser
Should have bought it sooner

Floor Plan1550

Just Love it!!!

We spent a lot of time examining the Grandcruiser before we decided on purchase. We have now done our first trip & are just ecstatic with our 24' model with front leather lounge. It is very solid & well insulated & we love the light interior. The storage is superb. We had been a little concerned because there aren't the big number of overhead cupboards we were used to but everything fitted in well with room to spare. The wardrobe space is exceptional & the fit-out good quality. We were initially worried about the extra weight, but even after we loaded up with 4 heavy-duty batteries & 3 solar panels & extra water tank, we averaged 2 litres/100 kms better fuel consumption than our previous 21' Jayco. We went on dirt roads & NO dust got in. Wow!! We were travelling with others & when we camped near roads they were bothered by traffic noise but we couldn't hear it in our well insulated Grandcruiser. We contacted Grandcruiser on our return about a couple of minor issues & they have been extremely helpful & courteous. Our van was delivered on time which we had been worried about as our trip date was close to delivery time. We love this van & will be keeping it for a long time
No wheel arches - fabulous! Big front boot. Rear boot (which we have hinged). Which other van has that! Outside storage space excellent. Strong construction. Good insulation
We lowered the tow-coupling to suit our tailgate needs

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Our GrandCruiser is now 4 years old & we still love it. We have travelled all over Australia & Tasmania without problems. We had a bit of a drama when a land cruiser ran into the side of the van. If we had aluminium sides we would have been up for a major repair but with the fibreglass sides we could just polish out the scratches! In the past we have updated our van roughly every 4 years but this van is a keeper!

Public relations zero

6mths old 1st trip wheel fell off in nth Qld. Cost & repair authorised by Grandcruiser resulting in new axle,brake system,hubs,& fractured wheel bearings all replaced & with heavy duty grease.Wrong grease had been used. We had to pay up front & send the invoice to G'cruiser.. Over 6mths later & several phone calls later the owner has finally told us we aren't going to get our xxxx money. We cannot deal with this man again and we have since found his P.R skills are doing the rounds.
Layout was very comfortable
Owner shouldn't be dealing up front ...He should hide out the back

Of course you'll fry the Brakes & bearings If you you drive with the caravan handbrake on & the get upset when the dealer tells you that clowns don't get rewarded for stupidity"GrandCruiser is not recommended by Avis???", I reckon this clown has been sprung towing a Caravan behind a rentawreck, probably pulled the freckle out of the Camry it when he didn't know how to realease the caravan handbrake lol--you obviously work for grandcruiser---the fact is they are made by monkeys

Outstanding home away from home

We purchased our grand cruiser from David in Newcastle 9 months ago. The service and information he provided were outstanding as is the ongoing service. We have enjoyed thousands of kilometers of trouble free touring in comfort and style. We are so impressed with the overall performance and quality of the inclusions and have recommended both the van and sales team to many of our caravanning friends. Congratulations grandcruiser for being one of the best vans on the market and congratulations David and his team.
We could not be happier.
Efficiency of design, quality of inclusion and modern appearance

Grandcruiser Great van now manufacture In Tamworth

The Grandcruiser is now manufactured in Tamworth and the Quality is good the new cabnet makers are doing a great job and now you can pick your own colour furniture what a bonus no more old fashioned timber i wouldnt have a timber kitchen in my house so why have it in your van just because were in our 60s doesnt mean we want to go on holidays in something that looks like a coffin so good on you grandcruiser for making a van thats a bit more modern and refreshing and i paid $65k for my 21fter and its not much dearer than a jayco so yes well worth a look .
clean modern look and inexpensive
the Alko roof hatch screens drive us made

1 comment
We had a wheel fall of in nth Qld. No dirt roads only main roads. Only 6mths old 1st trip.Cause being wrong grease used in wheel bearings resulted in new baxle,brake system,hubs,& wheel bearings all replaced with heavy duty grease. Grandcruiser were contacted & authorised cost & repair but we had to pay up front & forward invoice. Over 6mths later the owner of Gcruiser has told us we are not going to get our xxxx money we cannot deal with this man again. No p.r ability


We looked at many caravans before we decided on the Grandcruiser and are very happy we had a few things changed to suit our style and tastes but we do this to all the vans we buy anyway, we had a few teething problems which they fixed for us but this has also been the same with every van we have purchased.
I believe that they now have a new factory manager and a new production manager and the product that we purchased that has been made under this new team is very good.
The van in very good to tow and because of the front and back it has some how a lot less drag and we use the same fuel as our pervious smaller alloy van.
When we pull into caravan parks we end up having a crowd of people coming over to look at our van and they can not believe the price we paid for this caravan, they all say was this 80 or 90K.
When we look at a caravan we look at the whole picture and could not go past a Grandcruiser and are very happy, we change our vans quite often but I think we will be hanging on to this one for a while!
Caravan insulation -- to get the same insulation out of Styrofoam you would have to make the walls 3 x as thick, so I will save money heating and cooling my van.Chassis – All you need to do is look under the caravan and see the big solid draw bar running all the way back to bind the double axel to know that this is built to last. And the van has no wheel arch inside the van, so the Grandcruiser is at an off road height, big winner for me. Price – The closest van we could find to match this was a Trailstar but we would have been 20K out of pocket for know reason. And the next was the Roadstar at 30K differeance.Front Boot – Very big front boot is more than handy !Shower – We like room when we shower and this shower is fantastic Bedbase – The lift up bed base is very good, and inner spring mattress is very comfortable
The all white is a bit plain but does grow on you. I think that on the non-entry sidewall of the van needs some striping stickers / colour.Gas bottles can be hard to get out.

Just been to the launch of the new Grandcruiser

Ive been looking at the Grandcruiser for a year and a half now and they invited me to the launch of the new platinum model they are Australian made again they showed a video of the factory in Cooma very impressive .
The 2150 platnum hade its new two pack painted furniture made of a new plastic board had a perfect finish and it looked like glass spash back in the kitchen and the fibreglass finish couldnt fault it and finally they put some independent suspension under it i have been asking for it for ages they also will have the aluminium chassis available in 6 weeks .
Dave has gone nuts this time the other brands need to watch out this is the best van i have ever seen and i like it he finally woke up to himself and got rid of the Chinese out of his vans and brought back the Aussie made good one Grandcruiser i think you've nailed it this time .
I will be ordering very soon just not sure weather to go aluminium or steel gal chassis .
The whole package is magnificant
couldnt decide on colours loved e'm all

Just seen the new Grandcruiser Platnum

Ive just been to the new Grandcruiser factory in Cooma and i have to say these vans are unreal .They have now Brought the whole business back from O/S and have now got a new furniture builder and a beautiful modern finish i nearly bought a 12month old GC and when i saw the quality i placed an order gloss paint furniture in silver grey black bench tops with glass splash backs and independent suspension plus all the standard grandcruiser gear .I was happy with the old Grandcruisers but these new ones are at least 20% better they are a bit dearer i payed $72000 but i think it is well worth it.Have a look you will be blown away.
Best Quality i have seen using all modern materials
Couldn't put Landcruiser Wheels on it

Questions & Answers

Would it be possible to put an oven in a 21,6" GC, club lounge layout? Looking at second hand ones but sadly most only have cooktop with grills? Thanks Granny.
3 answers
I wouldn't buy a grandcruiser if i were you. It wouldn't be structurally strong enough for the oven anyway. I have had to fix and strengthen all of the cabinetry in my gc. The board they use is cheap chinese and impossible to colour match unless you get some spare with the van from new. Won't be woth the trouble.Obviously the reply above is an owner that bought a Chinese import that Grandcruiser did for a short period. We have had 2 Grandcruiser 21'6" caravans .The first one we had for 6 years buying it in 2008 and was a factory seconds . The only problem we had was water pipes bursting We probably did about 30,000 Klm in that one.The 2 nd one we had built and started touring in November 2014 It has acombined oven/ hot plates and front club lounge with the east/west bed in a slideout. We have just completed a 40,000 Klm round Australia trip with only very minor problems. The cupboards in this van are all marine ply with a 2 pack type finish and are of excellent quality. Both vans were built in Australia.Thanks for your replys. I have spoken to other van repairers, since my enquiry and they can fit an oven, or remove the grill and put a complete unit in. We have checked out Sportcruisers personally in 2012 and we were impressed with the cabinetry.I guess if extra support needs putting internally, they will do that. Overall , it is do able, something to think about.Benf what year was GC using the cheap chinese imports?

Are talvor caravans any good? I know that Apollo has dumped them from their range (they need to update their website to reflect this and the fact that the Melbourne dealership no longer exists) Trevor
2 answers
Grand cruiser caravans are made in Newcastle and have nothing to do with Talvor or ApolloAnything would probably be better than grandcruiser!

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