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Go home grown.

Well you are probably reading this in search of a mower, and you've come to the conclusion there are many brands, pros ans cons to consider. well I am writing this because i spent alot of time researching and wanted to share it with you to help you with your decision.

The geeenfields offer a very sturdy construction with a fabricated deck. If you buy a mower make sure you get a fully fabricated deck as they are stronger and will outlast pressed decks. You never know when you will run into something that could destroy your pressed deck and cost you $500 to replace.

Greenfields also mow grass is reverse, to me this was the winning point. JD mowers as far as i am aware dont mow grass in reverse without disengaging the blades.

I have the 34 inch cut, do 3/4 of an acre. I was first concerned about the small cut size however these machines are fast. They also use mower blades instead of a bar blade unlike regular ride ons. This is important because it only costs around $20 to change the blades and if you hit something like a rock they will fling back to reduce damage unlike a bar blade which would be damaged in that instance. Greenfield now offer zero turns and bar blade machines with a bigger cut size

The diff lock is handy aswell for rough terrain something very hard to find on ride ons.

The heel drive is amazing (trust me you will thank me later)

The only thing i dont like was the rubber grip dor the brake pedal came off at 50hrs. no biggie still fully functional just havnt bothered gluing it back on.

Would i buy another one? yes
If you cant afford one at least buy a mower with a favricated deck and make sure to maintain it as it is a working machine.

I am not paid by anyone, i just think pay credit where it is due and with the saturation of information on the web it can be so difficult to make a decision.

Happy mowing!

Date PurchasedApr 2017

love this mower

Thirty five years ago I bought the 'best' rideon ever built, a Deutscher, It is still going, but I moved, interstate..
Looking for a new mower in QLD I asked several 'sales' people for the 'best',, new ride on mower..
The salesman at Greenfields Bundaberg said,,"sorry we only sell the second best'!
I bought IT,, The mower I bought (32 inch Greenfield) nine years ago has been fantastic! It has done more work than you can imagine,
Still going strong.. IT's how you treat them and look after them that counts!
New, bigger property now. New mower required..In zero turn I believe, Bobcat are the 'best' by far,but,,
I needed a more compact and easier machine to drive,,prefering Greenfield I bought,,
The Grayden zero turn,, it is fantastic! Bring on mower therapy!
Can't wait for the grass to grow.
Downside,,All manufacturers should adopt the spannerless blade removal of 'Deautscher'
and the rugged simplicity of Bobcat and Greenfied !
MUST have a remote engine oil drain fitted !!!

Date PurchasedJun 2017

What the hell is going on

The 50th Anniversary model big Red 30 hp nothing but a money pit
They did not strengthen the drive system to accommodate the motor
Now making cheap crap parts to replace even more frustrating
Come on greenfield accommodate your Aussie business trying to have a go frustrated Ken .

Date PurchasedJun 2013

Cutter belt - lasted only four hours from new.

Bought a brand new Greenfield on Sat and it broke down Sunday, after 4.1 hours of use. The cutter fixed clutch pulley split in two. Not impressed at all.
I had a Cox mower for the past 12 years with no problems at all.
I will see how Greenfield warranty goes. I will keep everyone informed.

Phoned a dealer closest to me for repair and was told by Days Machinery they could fix it under warrenty. Could be fixed the same day or one week. Over the phone I agreed. After I took the mower in I was told a different story that it would now take at least weeks to just even look at it. Spent thousands of dollars on a new mower and this is greenfields service on warranty. POOR indeed.
I was warned re these posts.
Do hope I can say something positive.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Battery keeps going flat - is that normal?


This is a great heavy-duty mower - except for one thing - despite regular use the battery keeps going flat in the machine.. I am pretty sure the battery is not supposed to go flat if you are using the machine regularly. The guy I bought it off changed the battery but that hasn't helped.. Bit disappointing. I am presuming I will be able to get it fixed under warranty... I am hoping Greenfield will be able to help out and explain how I get it fixed..

Date PurchasedOct 2016

Great Mowers

I mow approximately two acres of varying terrain with some rough and sloping areas. This is my second Greenfield with the last one doing over 600 hours. My current one has 325 hours on it and I'm just about to replace the chain. With both, the only repair items have been belts and blades except for a deck bearing which was my fault for washing down the mower when hot. I now use compressed air or let it cool down before washing it. So easy and cheap to maintain. Oil and filter changes religiously every 25hrs. I do have a back problem and have no issues with ride comfort providing I don't mow for more than three hours in one go. a tank of fuel will last from 5 hours when easy mowing to around three in tough conditions like very long grass and working hard. Cannot understand others having issues with a Greenfield as both of mine have never given me any trouble through build quality at all. Would not consider any other mower as it does as good a job as a hand mower as far as finish goes.

Date PurchasedDec 2010

Excellent machine

Very happy with my machine as will mow anything and the result is amazing. Comfortable, quick and easy to maintain. A solidly built machine that is more expensive than alternatives but worth the money. Do not expect to ever own anything else to do my lawns. I refuel every third mow and is heavy on fuel due to its power, but the motor does not have to work hard it does it all easily.

Date PurchasedApr 2016

Lasted 6 hours total - Stay Away

I bought one of these brand new, used it once through tough grass and it did really well. Cleaned it and 2 weeks later used it again. This time mowing the short grass that I had left after the first time it caught on fire and burnt down to nothing before myself and the neighbour could get it out. I told the dealer and Greenfield. The dealer was rude and Greenfield showed little interest and with no investigation and without asking any real questions about what happened said it was grass on the deck so no warranty.

I will not go Greenfield again based on Service alone without even questioning what caught on fire.

Buyer beware

Potential new owners should know about dealer only service availability.
I had the experience of a seized pulley. I rang the dealer who is over an hours drive away and was told that it would be more than 3 weeks before they could even look at my mower. So I took it to my local mower shop which was not a Greenfield agent and was told they could fix it but NO, their account for parts at Greenfield was cancelled as only Greenfield dealers can now get parts. Beware of this as and there can be long long wait with a small dealer network. On my personal approach to Greenfield was told that it was only a new decision.

Solid machine but the overall finish needs improvement. Perhaps not worth the money.

I purchase my 26hp Greenfield Deluxe back in March 2010. It had just ticked over 200 hrs. There are some good points and some bad points regarding this ride-on.
Firstly the good. The motor hasn't missed a beat and runs well. The ride- on has the ability to cut through long grass and within several cuts gave my property a great looking finish. All the components (throttle, deck height adjustor, engage cutter lever, etc) are simple to use and I really enjoyed using the hydrostatic drive. The general build of the machine is solid (i.e. no plastic).

Now the bad. If you intend to use this machine on any hill, expect to break heaps of belts. The drive belt is just not up to the task on any slope. Like a lot of other reviewers, my machine also gets caught wanting to surge forward, when I want to go back. You have to fight the foot pedal, the noise and the burning belt smell just to get it to engage into reverse!! The fuel tank needs to be bigger. The key start in my machine is really flimsy, as I have to push really hard, whilst turning the key, just to get the machine to fire, normally after several attempts. The alloy on my diff lock wheel, around the centre hole, just disintegrated one day. When I ordered a replacement wheel, they sales person stated this is a common problem for this wheel. Recently the hour meter display just failed!
As you can see, I've had a lot of annoying issues that shouldn't be happening! Not on a ride-on that cost $6290 at the time. Yes, it is solidly built and does the job well. But with all of the above issues, as well as the normal servicing requirements, it make this machine expensive to maintain, not to mention unavailable as it is at the workshop far too often. I have bit the bullet and have just purchased a Razorback.

Not happy Jan

18 months old 150 hours and have got the same problem as most of the unhappy greenfield owners. Gets stuck going forward and have to kick it into reverse to get it to stop. Obviously a recurrent problem. Oh, also told its not under warranty. Listen to your customers GREENFIELD. Also broke the join on the foot peddle this arvo :-(. If you could put the drive system of a cox on this machine it would be awesome.

appraisal of this mower

I bought this mower on 14/ 07 /11 and have nothing but trouble ever since right to this moment, I will say one thing at this point , the Kawasaki motor has performed excellently . I also at that time got a catcher & front blade , the blade also has given me no trouble, I wish they would rename the catcher 'a way station' between the cut grass & the driver because you get covered in dust & grass.the drive train is totally useless , it has developed a mind of it's own in as much as it won't stop whether fwd or back it sticks in drive with foot of pedal which has cost me a lot in repairs around the house. I have returned this to firstly, the dealer while in warranty, the first problem was having mowed the grass it looked like a rice paddy all sweeping terracing , 3 times I took it ,3 times they told me nothing wrong, it is still doing it. I told them at the time I thought it was caused by the weight of the catcher ,& was told in no uncertain terms that the designer/owner of greenfields & he knew what he was doing.So knowing what I know now commend ANY OTHER MOWER except this thing, oh did I mention rust , i'l save the rest for the future BEWARNED.


After much research bit the bullet and paid for Aussie made quality. This mower runs over tall grass as if mowing a lawn. Once you get used to the forward/reverse action on the pedal it is highly manoeuvreable. Motor is a gem and nothing stops it. Only issue is that the left front wheel rubs on the support wheel for the cutting deck and stretches the tyre when turning. If turning left to mulch cut grass it leads to punctures, so make sure you have a spare wheel! Current model has a 5 cm longer chassis to remove the issue. After sales service has been great.

Cannot fault

After extensively researching ride on mowers, Husqvarna 52 inch, JD x540, Cox, victa, Kubota, etc etc I decided I needed a mower which could mower the front acre of my yard with the precision of a push mower, but be able to handle the back 5 acres with with rough, long overgrown paddocks without an issue. My neighbour has a $12,000 JD x540 which I have used and the other a new Cox 17.5hp. After looking at all aspects in detail I could not go past the all Australian made Greenfield v25hp 34inch fastcut. The build quality, simplistic yet highly effective engineering and ability to mow anything sold me. After using all brands listed above previously, when I first used the mower it blew me away. Comfortable, sheer power, ease of steering, quality of cut was amazing. The diff lock enables me to climb sandy hills on my block no problems, the ground speed and single pass on really thick kikuyu is amazing. If you are in the market for a mower and you don't seriously considering a greenfield you are making a huge mistake!

Moved on

My family have had these Greenfield type for years they just keep going ang going.
It was a bit more than I wanted to pay but I thought i Would bite the bullet and give this little aussie champion a go. And blow me down it's no slow go.
first time in years we have had grass like this but it knocks it down.
- Sold mower two years later too much trouble
I brought a V20 Twin Kawaka and man does this Kill my old american mower "heap of ----" for performance and cutting. I mow 2 good acres and 10 "out back" acres last two with heavy hill work. I think it is the only ride on with a lockable diff for hill work. Completely WOW!
Was not a dealer in my area.

You pay for what you get!

So, after 20 years of sitting on unreliable plastic and tin rubbish, I decided to bite the bullet and finally purchase a good strong reliable ride on. I did a lot of research and watched a fair amount of youtube to finally bring me to - what turned out to be - a very good decision. I purchased a GREENFIELD 25hp deluxe fast cut - included in the all up price of just under $6000 was a factory fitted dozer blade for levelling and pushing - that's how much grunt this beast has got.
Make no mistake - this thing has power and more to cut through thick 30cm [inappropriate word removed] (is that how you spell it?) as if you were mowing the lawns in the botanical gardens. Doesn't miss a beat and just keeps plowing through without difficulty at all. The dozer blade is manually operated on a push rod handle set up and though it is not a bulldozer, it will level off small piles of dirt, mulch etc and is great for spreading stones on my paths and driveways. Saves my back using a rake and shovel, believe me!!

It is fitted with a Briggs and Stratton v twin motor that is electronic start. It sounds like a stock car and I grin everytime I start it up. More than enough speed, it will kick along at about 15 kph on open ground, obviously a bit slower than that when mowing of course. ha ha. The foot brake and hand brake are amazing - they will stop you basically as good as a car. The steering is chain drive and the chassis is welded solid metal. I have been told that Greenfields have not changed their design since 1946 or something like that - and does that tell you something? "When you're on a good thing...etc"
Servicing is going to set me back $400 and needs to be done every 100 hours - that's a lot of work though and probably about 12 months mowing for me I reckon. I was told that the biggest problem by far with ride on mower troubles is not the mower - but the owner. By not getting it properly serviced and adjusted will, in time, obviously lead to difficulties. I have learnt my lesson on this and I will be spending the 400 just for peace of mind of having a mower that will work each and every time. I have had this mower 4 months now - time will tell but for the first time ever, I feel quietly confident that we will be spending a lot of time together.

Faults -
1. Its a bit on the smaller size compared with other rides on I've had. My 6.2 frame finds it a little difficult climbing into the cockpit, but once I'm in I have no difficulty with seating, foot levers, steering and blade operation. Once you get over the surprise of its smaller size you will be genuinely impressed.
2. The hand brake is on an actual lock in lever. Because the mower has tons of grunt, I rode around for an hour or so before I realised the hand brake was on. (The foot brake still worked fine and I was puzzled as to why it seemed sluggish) I had to get the guys to adjust the handbrake on its first service without drama - albeit some owner embarrassment...... I make it a point of releasing the hand brake every time now. Still - a warning light or something on the dash would be really great but maybe over the top for just a ride on.....(?)
3. This thing is thirsty. I have a level one and a half acres with thick long lawn. I will go through 10 litres in about 2 hours - but - it does have a strong powerful motor that cuts [inappropriate word removed] and if I have to buy that little extra fuel, so be it.
4. Ear muffs are essential - after driving this thing around for an hour or so without ear protection my brain was slightly scrambled. I told you it sounded like a stock car!!

My overall view? At this stage of the game (its only been 4 months) I am very very happy with my outlay. You pay for what you get and I have been assured that I will still be using it 20 years from now. Second hand resale is surprisingly good - watch the second hand Greenfields get snapped up on E Bay etc.
Convince the wife or hubby and go spend the money on a mower instead of buying that second car for him/her. You wont be disappointed - and let your partner have a drive to convince them as well. My wife offers to mow the lawns now - is THAT heaven??? ha ha
Go for it...

Footnote - the inappropriate word which has been deleted is cooch grass - a tough thick lawn. The word is commonly found in Google search.Getting on to 18 months ownership now and the honeymoon aint over yet. Not by a long shot. I STILL loving climbing into this thing and getting the job done. I was right, it costs close to 400 to have it serviced (I had mine done at 70 hours instead of a 100 - it had done a LOT of hard work and I felt it just needed an early service) I had a minor problem with the choke linkage coming off (it will NOT start cold without choke) and some problem with lawn "chopping" thanks to a hidden stump and a blade bent at 45 degrees which I dint pick up on first inspection - but apart from that it starts first time, runs well all day, cuts beautifully and I climb out just a little bit stiff after two and a half hours in the seat. Only a little though. The seat and drivers position is quite comfortable actually. The paint chips way too easy for my liking. They need to improve on this. Overall, I love it. Its just a GOOD mower. Look after it and it wont let you down.READ THIS ! 2.5 years and 150 hours (service) later - and my favorable comments may have to be reconsidered a little. The rear wheel drive chain had to be replaced along with the seat auto cut off switch. OK - I can accept that's normal wear and tear. My block is 1.5 acres of lawn and the mower did a a bit of hard work initially - but I have REALLY looked after it - kept it oiled, adjusted, clean, under cover, tucked it into bed at night (ha ha ha) - but now I am advised that the cutting blade bearings and the housing are totally scrambled and must be replaced if I want my mower back working. Hmmmmm....... The cutting blade deck is welded onto the drive shaft and extensive works have to be done before they even get to replacing the bearings!!!. I am up for $1000 so far perhaps a bit more - that works out to $15.00 every time I mow my lawn - not including petrol. So, do the math. The problem is though - I STILL love using this machine - when its going its a really really good mower !

Don't Damage your Greenfields Mower

I recently damaged my mower by running over some large stones. This caused the cutter deck to warp and also bent the cutter disk and spindle. Since the replacement cutter disk and spindle are apparently sold as 1 unit, the local dealer had to acquire and replace this unit and the deck. The cutter deck is cast iron so it does not rust. The down side is that it cannot be hammered back into shape. Try in excess of $1200.00 to repair the mower. I do not wish to amend my favourable earlier review but purchasers should be aware that structural repairs may not be as cheap or as easy as with mowers with a steel cutter deck and components that are not bundled.

fast worker

Just bought 34" 30hp, replaced old but good john deere stx38. Have 5 acres mixed lawn areas and horse paddocks and an acre of scrubby land. Mowed the lot yesterday ... Reduction in time compared to stx38 massive, at least a couple of hours time saved which was why I bought it. Only have to mow in single pass, and at much Faster ground speed. Bit of time saved due to foot pedal reverse, and even with diff unlocked turning circle bit larger than my old stx, but only a minor issue as it is so darn everywhere else you more than make up the time. Mower deck doesn't stick out wilder than wheels so I cant quite get the deck under post and rail fences like the old one. 34" vs 38" no problems... The greenfield is way quicker mowing speed leaves the old one for dead. Thick weeds and grass don't slow it down. Thick couch no probs. This mower might not suit everyone but if you need to mow rough or weedy paddocks horse yards etc but still need to do a bit of nice lawn this will do a good job.
Have ordered a dozer blade too.

1 comment
Have fitted dozer blade, its pretty handy and surprisingly strong. I have to take the blade off if I am mowing right up to fences though. Not hard to take off only 3 bolts... Wondering if might be better I blade was offset about 2 inches to the left, then I could leave it on all the time.

Good mowers

Ive had 8 greenfields ,5 of em v twins and a 30hp for 3 years unreal machine , except grub screws in bearings , if ya blades are jumping out undo the nut on the lever a bit , that usualy fixes it

Extremely capable machine

I have a 3 acre sloping block typically 1 in 4 to 1 in 5, thick kikuyu and the odd weed or two. Many mower shop owners were pointing me in the direction of zero turn mowers, however I felt the slope and more rearward centre of gravity and lack of steerable front wheels would not be ideal on this block and a Rops would have been a must. After a fair bit of research online it was a toss up between the vanguard series Briggs and Stratton 20 HP v twin or the Kawasaki 26hp motor Greenfield. I went with the Vanguard.

The mower has plenty of power and has no problem on climbing the slopes, although I am very cautious, the manufacturer advises not crossing slopes of 5 degrees or more or running up and down greater than 10 degrees. I keep the diff lock engaged all the time on acreage, although on our suburban block ( flat) it's not required. It's reasonably manoeuvrable and the single back forward pedal is very effective for getting around tight areas. Some of the grass on our block when I first mowed it was nearly 1 metre high, surprised at how well the Greenfield handled it, took it slowly, the blades do a great job at ejecting the grass. the mower is exceptionally well built, very well engineered with some good accessories such as blade, grass catcher. All controls are very simple and logical. The quality of the cutting finish again on my suburban block is as good as my victa push mower.

The mower takes a bit of getting used to driving down slopes, the trick is to put your foot on the accelerator and let the motor control the speed, taking your foot off can let the mower speed down the hill. There is an emergency foot brake which is quite effective.

If the ground is bumpy or you lift your backside the motor can cut out because of the seat safety switch activates, seems a bit too sensitive for my liking.

Overall I am very impressed with the build quality and capability off this mower.
Build quality, ease of use, capability

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Questions & Answers

I have a Greenfield Fastcut 34 and have managed to put the blades through the alloy deck twice. Am very dissapointed with the flimsy alloy deck and am surprised an optional steel deck isn't available for the 34. I can fix it, but am worried about future breakage. What are my alternatives??? Hope someone can help resolve this shortfall in the weak alloy decks. Cheers John!
3 answers
I have exactly the same problem. My Greenfield 34 inch alloy deck developed a small within the first 30 hours. The dealer patched this with a small plate, but this temporary fix failed and the small hole has now expanded to a huge and dangerous hole. It just cannot handle roots and rocks. Pretty disappointing for a mower that sells itself as being designed for tough Australian conditions.Hi Murray, Thanks for your post. I to have had to bolt on several plates to hold the deck together. I cannot see the sense in replacing my deck with the same deck. I may have to opt for the smaller 32" deck replacement (heavy duty steel) and put with having to do several more cuts to make up for the loss of the 2" decrease in deck size. I will however put up with the 34" until it becomes a danger to use. Hope yours doesn't get as bad as mine. Good luck... John!I have had my deck welded up successfully. There is also a guy, advertising on Gumtree who will fabricate any mower deck in steel. His greenfield deck (advertised at $550) looks good in his add. He is in Queensland so freight may add a little to the cost.

is there a mulching kit for the greenfield ride on 30 inche fast cut?
1 answer
Yes there is.

Has anyone here purchased the Greenfield with the 42" twin cutter deck. And how would you compare it to the single 32-34" deck?
1 answer
Hi ap6ute. The performance of the 42" over the 32" or 34" will depend on your intended use for the mower. The 42" deck is fitted with 2 cutter bars and designed specifically for the larger area, well kept environment. Whereas the 32" and 34" use a heavy duty disc with swing back blades. The advantage of the 32" and 34" deck is in the long and heavy grass mowing situations or where the surface may be rough. The 32" and 34" will give you a lot more versatility in all conditions.

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