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Gulf Western Premium Energy 10W30

Gulf Western Premium Energy 10W30

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Ideal replacement for 10/15W 40 in Queensland.

Sick of factory recommended oils turning to a watery burnt consistency and the associated engine noise that accompanies oil failure prior to recommended change intervals.
35°+ heat, air con flat out, your engine needs better protection from a higher viscosity oil and Gulf Western 10W 30 is a high quality, realistically priced Aussie oil that lasts the recommended change intervals as opposed to breaking down at 2000 or 3000km.
I personally would never had tried the stuff if it weren't for the fact highly reputable and experienced sugar cane harvesting contractors swear by the stuff (diesel oil of course but they buy 44 gallon drums of the stuff) and to my surprise it is NOT purely budget motivated as I initially assumed.
A harvester and 3 haul out machines is a million dollar investment that works flat stick for 6 months of a year in horrendous environment and weather conditions, a fool would settle for second best and I'm glad I followed suit with my humble ten year old $5000 Mitsubishi Lancer because the stuff LASTS.
And stories of fuel economy suffering due to higher viscosity oils than recommended may be true in Antarctic conditions but in 35-40° QLD summers only a fool would use 15w-40 full synthetic overpriced oil pitched through targeted marketing practices aimed at the uneducated and inexperienced consumer.
Gulf is a BRILLIANT product.
I can't help but put my 2c in as well on vehicle choice, penrite users I've done the whole Ford and Holden thing both new and used and personally I can't believe ANYONE would buy one.
Unless you have money to burn a Falcon or Commodore will depreciate in value so rapidly your head will spin and for good reason.
People can't even GIVE them away.
Absolute embarrassment to the Country they are.
You own one because your parents brain washed you from birth.
So don't dare listen to my advice about oil choice, I kno nuthin ay bro.

Car2006 Lancer

Great Aussie made and owned oil.

I was a bit sceptical about Gulf Western oil at first not knowing too much about them. But doing a little research and talking with converted users I decided to give it a try. I was using castrol magnatec for a while but just wasn't happy with the sound of the engine at start up and idle. I bought the 10w-30 premium energy oil and after a few days of operation I'm positive the cars running smoother. That's a big call but I've had this car, a Camry for 8 years now and I know every little sound as most long time car owners do. Also it's 100% Australian owned where nearly all the other brands are foreign owned.

Car2011 Toyota Camry

Excellent oil and good price

Done over 140,000 km on a vt v6 and compression at 200000km was like new.

Done over 80000km on an aurion v6 and engine was like new.

Service intervals per manufacturer recommendations.

People talk a lot of crap over oil and everyone claims to be expert. At end of day if the oil lasts the service interval, where your engine don't rattle and fuel economy is good and engine runs like you expect then this a good oil.

Ignore the haters who put in $100 worth of synthetic oil into a $50 piece of crap falcon or Commodore and tell you it's amazing with no actual supporting evidence rather a case of beer inspired Bogan opinion.
From experience its just oil - it's about making the service interval - not making an engine unbreakable - which no oil can really do.

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