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Excellent oil

This oil is excellent in the Buick 3800 V6, no complaints whatsoever...ok maybe oxidation is a little high. Shear stability is very good though and so is the additive package.

I have been putting it in this engine for a number of years now. I think the formula has changed once in the time I used but it still seems to be more or less just as good.

Purchased in March 2019.

"Simply the best"

I have now been using Mobil 1 for 20 years and never had any problems. I first used it in a XE Falcon with a rebuilt motor, after 330,000 km the motor was still ran like new and consumed little oil, the car was written off but the mechanic I sold the engine to pulled it down, found it still clean inside and with little wear. The next car is a 2003 Subaru Forester, started using Mobil 1 from the first oil change, it has now gone 480,000 km and still good, burns about 1 litre oil 1000 km, no engine noises or rattles. Third vehicle is a 2007 SY Ford Territory with 320,000 km on the clock, engine still runs like new, and has never been opened, it uses about 1 litre of Mobil 1 between 15,000 km services. The exhaust system and catalytic converter is still the original, only one oxygen sensor has been replaced. The spark plugs only need changing every 150,000 km. I am using Mobil 1 on my FGX which has done only 40,000 km, barely run in, no noticeable oil consumption at all between changes.
Another good reason for using Mobil 1 is that where I live the temperature can fall to as low as -8 in winter, Mobil 1 synthetic oils do not thicken like conventional oils which allows the engine to start faster, the oil starts circulating more quickly, and warms up more quickly. I would recommend it to anybody.

CarXE Falcon, 2003 Subaru Forester, SY Ford Territory, and XR6 FGX Falcon.

My go to oil! Outstanding engine protection.

I first chose to use Mobil 1 back in 2004 in my old Toyota Hilux 2.7L 4cyl ute, after hearing the story of my friend tell me how Mobil 1 increased the reliability of his sprint car during the racing season. As a privateer speedway racer, engine protection was paramount to prevent engine damage to his sprint car, as a good quality synthetic engine oil is much cheaper than a new 600HP sprint car engine!.

So after hearing his very interesting story, I thought I would give it a go. Firstly, before I go on, this oil is expensive, and is the only negative to this story, but I consider it an important investment, as you only get what you pay for, right? (A good tip, I buy Mobil 1 in a 20L drum from a Exxon Mobil wholesaler - more cost effective that way, and decant into 5L Mobil 1 containers when servicing our cars.) In my humble opinion, using a good quality synthetic engine oil in your vehicle/s is paramount to good car engine reliability. But I digress ... Back to the ute:

After the first oil change with Mobil 1, (my ute already had 70,000 km on the clock at this stage), I was truly amazed how quieter the engine sounded, and how smooth it felt in all aspects of operation, from idling to gentle acceleration, under normal operation and during wide open throttle (WOT). During my ownership of the hilux ute, I had zero engine issues. I chose to keep using Mobil 1 in the ute for piece of mind, until it made way for the new arrival of child number 2.

The wife and I currently own a 2009 Toyota RAV4 and a 2011 Toyota Corolla Hatchback, and we bought them both new. I chose from the very start to use Mobil 1 5W-30 in both of our Toyota's since their first oil changes, and continue to do so for piece of mind, despite the cost. Both our Toyota's engines run like new. The engines feel and perform exactly the same as the day we bought them brand new. They get serviced every 10,000 km, and apart from a couple of minor wear and tear items on the RAV4, (Alternator failure and leaking water pump), they have been very reliable vehicles. Only the RAV4 uses a little engine oil. At about 7,000 km after every service I have to top up the oil - around 100 - 300 mL of oil into the engine, well within spec of oil usage rates for the 2AZ-FE engine. Apparently the 2AZ-FE engines are known to use a bit of oil. Ours is not too bad.

I can't fault Mobil 1 at all. It keeps our engines clean and does a good job of lubricating them as well. I'm even using it in the Honda lawnmower! I am surprised by so many consumers going for much cheaper oil, by either lack of knowledge or for sheer neglect for their automobiles. You can look down the oil filler caps of both of our Toyota's into the rocker cover and the cams look beautifully clean, a testament to the very high quality of Mobil 1 fully synthetic engine oil.

Do I recommend this oil? You betcha! I wouldn't use any other oil in a million years.

CarToyota Hilux, RAV4 and Corolla

Excellent, stopped noisy camshaft tappets

Found this oil on heavy discount at Supercheap. Said they were not restocking Mobil because it was too expensive and didn't move. My dads Honda CR-V had a noisy top end. After flush, filter and new Mobil 1 the noise had gone. Not sure if I would pay the premium price next time around, but the CR-V sure does run well now.

CarHONDA 2002 CR-V 2.4L VTEC


This oil is very good for my engine, no dramas with it, this is the same exact oil that my local ford dealership uses in services, this oil is well recommended for anyone wanting some awesome performance, Mobil 1 is the best and even better than Castrol oils all the way

Car2009 Ford FG Falcon XR6 Sedan

Only Oil I use

Lost my 4x4 in a river, pulled it out and drained cylinders via spark plug removal. Drove for 10km listening to a loud equal coming from the engine, pulled the dipstick and the oil had emulsified to a yellow custard but the engine did not seize and went on to do another 160,000 km fault free. Try doing that with a lesser oil.

CarHolden Rodeo 3.2L V6

Mobil1 5W30 Dexos1

Good quality synthetic oil. Car ran very smooth on it. Good cold start flow, much better than Castrol Edge 5W30 but I guess that because of it's PAO base stocks. Edge 5W30 isn't a proper synthetic.
Have had the chance to try Motul 300V 5W30. Sure it's twice the price but it's twice as good as M1. Improved oil pressure & VVTi performance.
smooth, proper synthetic(although it doesn't have as much PAO in it as older brews has)
RRP is a bit step

Mobil 1 starts it life as the highest quality oil you can get before it’s refined into Mobil 1

Being an Engine builder I get asked this question all the time!

Let me just start with if you use a reputable brand and the correct viscosity oil that has been internationally tested in a normal unmodified car – you will not have a problem. Also don’t believe the [censored word removed] about how one oil (Same Viscosity) can produce more power than another oil – the benefits are unmeasurable on a Dyno!

Do you want the best oil?

Ok – well all the engines I have built then tore down after racing for a rebuild I can honestly say Mobil 1 has been the best without a shadow of a doubt.

The engines remain clean after furious driving conditions – which means the oil does not breakdown or contain impurities and also has the right level of detergents.

Mobil 1 starts its refining from very very high quality oil – you pay for what you get.

That’s right Mobil 1 starts its life as a PAO oil – the highest rating you can get. So it’s already the best before it starts (one reason why it’s so expensive).

Some other Synthetic oils live on the “edge” and actually start life as a grade 3 or tier 3 oil then its Hydrocracked to try to make it better. Don’t get me wrong these are still very good oils but in reality Hydrocracked oil should not be as expensive as Mobil 1 by a long shot!!!!!

Another reason you might want to consider Mobil 1 over the others is that Mobil is an oil company and therefore has access to high quality oil reserves first – other smaller engine oil sellers have to purchase oil off the exchange and have to dose their oils up with additives to make them better. Feel free to have a look and you will find most small engine oil sellers started life as oil additive businesses.

Another thing I like about the Mobil 1 product is as an engine builder I can choose any viscosity I require. The others usually cannot as they have dosed their product up with so many different additives that some of their product cannot be used in some engines.

So to sum up – Mobil 1 is the best engine oil just not from the protection it provides but the fact it actually starts life as the best (PAO) oil available.
It starts life as the best oil you can by before it is refined up to Mobil 1
Because other companies are Hydrocracking grd 3 oils and charging the same price as Mobil 1 this may force Mobil to do the same and downgrade their product over time!

PAO isn't the best!... Poly-ol-Ester (Group 5) is the best base stock u can get!. Most major companies have switched their base stocks to Group 3 Hydrocracked due to cost. With the advances in additive technologies these lubricants perform just as well as PAO which are true full synthetic base stocks and are Group 4. The whole secret is change your oil on a regular basis using good quality renowned brands and do not go over service intervals and always use high quality fuels, I always use premium no matter what.Engine, its condition, and how u drive it; these things determine whether or not you need to use premium. Depending where u live... higher octane doesn't always mean higher QUALITY. Fuel-cleanliness and octane are 2 different things.

Mobil 1, 5-50W Full Synthetic Engine Oil

Bought 25 litres of this oil at Supercheapauto when it had the 20% sale. Very good oil for my Honda 2004 Accord Euro Luxury and my Nissan Maxima 3.5L V6. Both vehicle responded very well to this oil. Quiet start up, smooth engine response, stronger engine performance at higher speed, quieter tappets. Again, the oil cleans the crankcase very well. Engine crankcase very shiny in both vehicles. Lexus LFA uses this oil as factory fill, along with many other prestige and high performance vehicles made in Germany and Japan. Cheaper than Mobil 1, 0-40w. Provides higher engine protection, at 50W!!! Especially under the hot, harsh Aussie sun.
Smooth engine response. Higher engine temperature protection. Factory Fill for Lexus LFA and many other high performance German and Japanese vehicles. Tappets are quieter.

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Why would you run a 50 weight in vehicles that specify 5W30 from factory??? All you're doing is DECREASING power, efficiency & fuel economy. Mobil1 make a 5W30 so why not use it? If you're in a really hot part of the country then you might want to look at M1 0W40 but jumping up to 5W50 from 5W30 is just plain silly.

Awesome oil for the car. Cannot fault it in anyway except it is too expensive! At $95 for 5 Litres!

Tried it twice in my vehicle, has excellent cleaning properties. As well as making the car go a lot faster, smoother, quieter and more responsive than ever before. It cleaned out my engine crankcase really well, very shiny inside, and fuel economy improved as well. Zero oil consumption after 10,000kms per oil change. Too bad I won't be buying this oil anymore as it has gone beyond my budget. At $95 for a 5 Litre bottle at Supercheapauto, I will be switching to Castrol Edge Sport 0-40W at $85 for 5 Litre and then once I have tried Castrol Edge Sport for a year, I will try Shell Helix Ultra 5-40W at $65 for 5 Litre. Other than the steep price, it is an excellent oil if you have money to burn. You will definately notice a massive improvement in your vehicle engine performance once you switch from Mineral based oil to Mobil 1, 0-40W Full Synthetic Oil. If I have money to burn, I will keep buying Mobil 1, 0-40W oil for my vehicles.
Cleans engine extremely well. Smooth engine running, quick response, fuel savings, quieter engine during startup, idle and under hard acceleration.
The price...$95 for 5 Litre at Supercheapauto!!

I have been using Mobil 1 for my Honda Accord (2003 model) since 5 years ago. Still drives like a new car - super smooth and very responsive. The price is only around $70.00 at Repco or supercheap auto. to Don't change to other oil just to save $10 - 20 bucks per year. A good oil keeps the always engine clean and feels like brand new! Mobil 1 is a very good choice and my favourite oil. Is it still produced using Group 4 PAO base stocks?I use Mobil 1 5W-30 in both my Toyota RAV4 and Corolla. I buy 20L drum at a time from a Mobil distributor and decant into my 5L container. Works out around $69 per 5L of oil. Much moe economical this way. Can't rate this oil highly enough!

Questions & Answers

Hi, can I use Mobil 1 5W-30 for a 2009 Honda CRV which has 109,000 km on the odometer.
No answers

Hi there, My Merc 320 ML 2006 ( W164) 3.0 turbo diesel with particular diesel filter has done 270 000 km and it is a bit noisy. I want to try Mobil 1 oil. Would you recommend 5w30 or 0w40 ( due to millage done). I am currently using a genuine Merc oil mb 229.51 and changing oil every 5000km. I am living in Sydney and often stuck in traffic. I don't want my Merc to die so I need the best oil possible. There are 100 of oil out there but I heard that Mobil 1 is the best. Before I try I want to know what viscosity should be the best for my engine. Thank you so very much for your help.
No answers

I have run my BMW X3 N47 turbodeisel for the last 100,000km on Mobil 1 ESP 5W 30 ( as per manufacturers LL04 reccomendation ). 50/50 city to highway.Total KM 150,000. As I live in a sub tropical climate where summer temperatures can regularly exceed 30C.with winters no lower than 5C, I was thinking of changing to ESP 5W 40 (alsoLL04) for the next 100,000km. What do you think? The engine runs fine, though with a hint of timing chain noise. which is the archilles heel of this engine I am led to believe. I was also thinking of flushing the engine with a cheaper fully synthetic as the drained oil is black as pitch. Say for 30km only. I know it's a deisel but with a reccomended change interval of 30,000km this sounds cruel to me so I cut it back to 20,000km changes. Your thoughts & suggestions please?
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If oil comes out black in a diesel then the detergent pack is doing its job to keep your engine clean. Track down some Motul engine clean/flush rather than wasting your time running through a cheaper syn. It's a detergent based flush rather than solvent like the cheap brands, it works very well. Have you thought about getting a UOA (Used Oil Analisys) done? That's the only way you're going to know what's really going on inside your engine & how well the oil is holding up. Anything else is speculation. Depending on the resultsite you see 5W40 may not be needed until around 200K. I think you're wise not running 30K intervals, 20K is a stretch IMO but obviously working fine for you.Yes, exactly what I thinkHi Peter080 This is my opinion only and as such; open to variation by yourself and others. 30,000 is a LOT of kilometres - if it was my vehicle I would be cutting that in half or even down to 10,000 km. Synthetic engine oil is so cheap when compared to the cost of parts and labour at pull-downs? I mean - it could only benefit the engine and extend the life. It may even assist with that timing chain noise (if the tensioner is hydraulic).


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