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ULX110 Motor Oil

ULX110 Motor Oil

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The good oils!

ULX110 has proven itself to us over the past 12 months as being the gods creation of lubrication! In 2017 we covered over 4000km on the Aussie Muscle Car Run in our 85 VK SS Commodore. With the ol Holden 5ltr being pushed on the highways and race tracks over 7 days we found the protection offered by ULX110 to exceed all expectations. We made great power, fuel economy and a tear down for inspection after the event showed absolutely no signs of wear internally to the Holden V8. Thanks for the support and products guys and keep up the great work!

Car1985 HDT VK SS

ULX110 Motor Oil is more than just a premium oil!

ULX110 is more than just a premium motor oil.

ULX110 is a great choice if you are using E85 or alcohol - ULX110 contains the necessary zinc to protect the lobes of a flat tappet cam shaft - we have torn down engines for a refresh and it is evident that ULX110 has done an outstanding job of protecting the bearings and metal surfaces . . . but let’s face it, if you are buying a premium motor oil such as ULX110, that is you expect!

For me, what truly separates ULX110 is that ULX110 is not a faceless corporation. ULX110 is a proudly (South) Australian company; an Australian manufacturer!

People often complain about the fall of the Australian manufacturing industry, but then in their very next step turn their backs on an Australian producer.

The people behind the brand ULX110 are local auto enthusiasts. You will see the ULX110 team at various auto enthusiast events. The owners and operators of ULX110 sponsor and support local motor sport teams, both big and small.

If I have a question about the ULX110 oil that I am putting into my engine, I can pick up the phone and talk to a real person! They are Australian, they have a face . . . they are likely to be standing next to me at a car meet or auto sporting event!

So when I am looking for a premium motor oil AND to support an Australian manufacturer who supports the Australian motor sport and enthusiast community – I choose ULX110.

Car500hp Holden 355 Solid Flat Tappet street machine

ULX110 motor oil is excellent

ULX110 motor oil is a great product. He best result I have seen is in our everyday drive RG Colorado diesel. A regular 350ks trip with other oil returned between 9.1 and 9.3 litres per 100ks. ULX same trip and similar conditions returned 8.7 litres in 100ks. Very happy . ULX must create a tail wind!

CarRG Colorado diesel, CV8Z Monaro and WB Statesman.

ULX110 Motor Oil is the best.

I write this as I like supporting products that deliver on performance and are also manufactured locally supporting Australians.
I have been using ULX110 in all my vehicles for the last 4 years. From my daily drivers to several of my performance cars.
I have used this oil solely in my LC Torana Race Car which runs on AVGas and has on a couple occasions blown water pumps and radiator hoses with no damage to the engine thanks to ULX110.
The old oil appears to look still healthy when changing to the new oil after servicing.

Very happy customer and recommended.

CarI use this oil in my following vehicles. HJ Holden LE Coupe Prototype, LC Torana Race Car, HSV GTO 2006, HSV Coupe 4, Mercedes 600SL v12, Mercedes ML430, HZ Statesman SLE, HZ Holden Ute, and several other vehicles.

Will never use anything else now

After building my current Nissan 180sx drift car, I wanted to do it properly and make sure the engine was getting the best lubricant, considering how hard the engine was going to be pushed. I was blown away with how clean the oil stayed after dyno runs and then doing its first track day. Safe to say I love ULX that much that I’ve converted my daily 180sx and also my hilux over to it.

CarNissan 180sx SR20DET RB20DET and 2005 V6 hilux

Why use anything else?

With having 3 drag cars on the track finding a good oil was paramount ulx110 is a engine builders dream having a 308 reving to 8400rpm and not one single bit of bearing wear how brilliant ..used in all my cars now i love the stuff you can see the quality!

Car308 hx drag car vs drag car vy v6 nitrous drag car

ULX110 Motor Oil - The best there is!

This oil is like liquid (green) gold!
We switched to using ULX110 Motor Oil exclusively in our drift car after an oil pump failure on our previous motor whilst using another brand - and we have never looked back! Our R32 skyline runs an RB20DET which everyone knows loves to be revved - and being a purpose built drift car, the engine is redlining 90% of the time; so dependable lubrication is a must. Not only does ULX110 oil help to give our car the freedom to rev to redline with ease; we also have the piece of mind that it's doing its job in keeping our engine safe and reliable. We've now switched to using ULX110 in our our daily drivers, weekenders and tow vehicles which include: Subaru WRX's, Mazda Rx7's, Ford Territory's and even Hyundai Accents! We have no hesitation whatsoever recommending ULX110 to our friends and family. Whether it's your street car, track car, bike or just your daily driver - this oil has an application for everybody's engines; and if you're ever unsure what oil to use, don't hesitate to contact ULX110 directly with any questions, as they are quite knowledgeable and happy to help out. There's really no wonder why more and more reputable engine builders and high performance tuners are now stocking and using ULX110 Motor Oil. We highly recommend you give it a try and let the results speak for themselves.

CarR32 Nissan Skyline + Subaru WRX/Mazda Rx7/Ford Territory/Hyundai Accent

My choice of engine oil

I have used this amazing ULX110 oil for over 5 years now. First in my ROVER 75 finding I had much quieter running, smoother performance and improved economy. Then I used it for a year in a temporary car, a Peugeot 406 with over 200K kms covered and recognised a clear running improvement.
Now I’m using it in my Mercedes CLC 200 and again recognise obvious quieter, smoother more powerful performance.
A really believe in the superior quality of this oil over any other.
Rodger Yates (Car Enthusiast over many years)

CarMercedes Benz CLC 200 Kompressor 2009

Great oil!

Here at Australian Civil and Mining Training's racing division, we use this oil in our race cars and passenger cars. Does a great job. Good price and friendly service.
Added bonus of a South Australian company who supports local businesses and charities.
Without ULX110 we would not have got 3rd place in the 2017 Adelaide Motor Sport Festival.

Car1978 holden HZ

No doubt ULX110 Motor Oil is the best that money can buy

I have been using ULX110 Motor Oil in all my vehicles for over 7 Years now and can honestly say I have noticed
how much smoother and quieter my engines run and also an improvement in my fuel economy as well.
My cars do both metro city and country driving and I have no doubt that ULX110 Motor Oil is protecting my
vehicles engines. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending this South Australian manufactured
Motor Oil. Try it for yourself and I think you will be pleasantly surprised at the difference it makes.
Fantastic Oil and now I will never use anything else. My vehicles are too good to destroy by using ordinary Oils.

CarAudi Q7 + VW GTI + Mitsubishi Lancer VR

Best Oil my engine has seen

This oil is fabulous, I've switched from
Another brand , as I run E85 fuel , and ULX110 is the only oil that doesn't turn milky , my car cops an insane punishment of constant revs being a burnout car , I would never use anything else again , I have numerous cars from race , street , daily driver and old classics , all my cars run ULX.. engine pulled done for inspection after 2 yrs of punishment, and is still like new , love the stuff it's amazing

CarMercedes 500SEC , running a 600hp LS2 6.0L

ULX110 Motor Oil

Since my last service on my Camry Altese the economy has improved by over 10% both City & Country driving. This means 9 trips to the petrol station instead 10 previously
The Vehicle is also running very smoothly I have no hesitation in recommending ULX110 Motor Oil
Cheers, Kevin T from Adelaide

Car2006 Toyota Camry Altese

Best mineral oil on the market by far

When i built my new motor i had an issue with oil blowing past the rings, after changing to ulx 110 this problem was immediately fixed. I now use ulx 110 in all my cars street driven or race car i recomend this product to any motoring enthusiasts especially older engines with flat tappett camshafts

Car1976 hj holden 308 street strip drag car


I am very pleased with the consumption of oil being used as my car had been burning oil before, ulx has proven to work much better than any others I've tried! Would definitely recommend to anyone having problems with over oil consumption or burning oil that some Subaru's suffer from.

Car2007 Subaru liberty GT spec B

Never seen anything like it.

We use ULX110 Motor Oil in our fleet.
Never seen anything like it.
Best performing oil l have ever come across.
We service our oil every 80,000 km on ULX110
Oil pressure is better and lower oil temperatures
Less oil usage between services.
Less down time off the road.
We are very happy with this product.
We have been using it for 4 years now.
Some of our fleet have done 1.3 million kms and still not needing a rebuild.
Happy to be using ULX110 motor oil


A Big Difference

What a great product !! ... I do a lot of kms per week , average is 3900 km and i have previously done oil and filter changes every 3 weeks.
Even though the vehicle manufacturer recommends 30,000 km i found the oil very thin and the engine noisy ...
With 195,000 km on the motor i made the swiched to ULX 15/40 low ash Diesel oil ....
Changes at 20k , 30k then 40k have proved beyond doubt this is a fantastic product ...
Improvement in fuel economy, performance and the engine noise has been reduced to that of a new motor despite the fact that it has done over 300,000 kms ....

CarMercedes 313 Sprinter LWB / High Roof .... 2.2 ltr twin turbo with manual trans

Finally the perfect oil

I've tried a few other oils but nothing handles the heat, Longevity and harsh conditions of trucking like ulx 110 I can't speak highly enough of this oil. The initial cost maybe a bit dearer but when you work out that you get three times the life out of the oil and it's still good at 3 times then it works out way cheaper and I've got a 14 litre Series 60 Detroit which are renowned to be sooty motors

CarFreightliner century class

Best motor oil ive ever used

Ive used all brands of motor oil and since discovering ulx110 i will not use anything else.
I have experienced less wear on internal parts.
More horsepower on dyno and way better service intervals. I used to change oil every 5k but now i can go 15k without any concern and the oil comes out lots cleaner meaning less wear and debris in the old oil...
Even my fuel usage is improved..
I would recommend this to anyone who cares about their engine. The gains are impressive....

Car2014 hsv clubsport r8

Greg's 2011Sunburst Fpv boss 335 Fg Gt!

ULX110 Custom Blend Motor Oil,I've known about this great South Australia Product for many many years and finally got around to running it in my precious 2011 Sunburst FPV Boss 335 S/C Fg Gt,and soon to run it in my 1985 M323i BMW....very noticeable differences in performance and economy,I can't say enough about this Awesome product and if I had my time over again I would've been using ULX110 Custom Blend Oils a long time ago.Many thanks to Sergei and his amazing team for all the advice and help cheers Greg.

Car2011 Ford FPV Sunburst Supercharged Boss FG-GT


I use my car for work and recently purchased a new Subaru Forester.
I had the first service done as per manufacturer at the required log book interval and at 4,000km I decided to go to ULX110.
The first thing I noticed was the engine was quieter and smoother starting.
I am old school and understand you get what you pay for.
ULX110 has made a convert out of me and I have talked to several others also with new vehicles who are having the same results.
I highly recommend others to change.

CarSubaru Forester 2016 special edition

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Questions & Answers

Do you have this oil for a BMW K1600 motor cycle? If so, where to buy please? Thanks Sales@chiptuning.com.au
1 answer
Yes as per manufacturer spec use ULX110 10w40 Find your nearest Stockist here http://ulx110.com.au/store-locator/

All of ULX110 oils are Group-II petroleum oils except their VW 5W30 504/507 oil which is stated as 'fully synthetic.' Has anyone used this any reports? Does anyone know if it's a Group III/IV/V based oil? Regards Jordan
1 answer
Sorry Jordan I have no idea as my product review was as a end user not a technical review Best leave this question on there Facebook page All the best

What grade can I use on my Suzuki gsxr 750? It has 52 thousand ks on it now.
2 answers
Please check your owners manual for specific oil specs and visit your local SPRINT Auto dealer to get that same spec in the ULX flavour. Hope this helpsFitzgerald Racing in Adelaide who race 2 Superbikes a Suzuki and a Yamaha use ULX110 10w40

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