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Castrol Edge

Castrol Edge

5W-30, 5W-30 A3/A4, 0W-40, etc...
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castrol edge titanium 5w30 vs 10w30


Purchased in January 2021 at Supercheap Auto for $45.00.

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Daniel W.

Daniel W.Victoria

So good


Been running this in my bmw for 12 years and now at 331,000 km the engine still is like brand new no rattles or anything !!! Great stuff !!!
Would recommend to everyone much better than most other oils I believe this is a group 4 synthetic so one of the best made !!!

Purchased in January 2021 at Supercheap Auto for $63.00.

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You changed the oil recommendations, to the more expensive one.
this oil did not exist when my car was manufactured, and you tell me the oil you used to recommend for my vehicle is no longer suitable!!

Your just ripping people off, by manipulating them with misinformation!!!

It's a disgrace!

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Barry H

Barry HSouth East Queensland, QLD

  • 6 reviews

No complaints with Castrol Edge,

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Great oil for protection


Found this oil to be well above industry standards
It has a slightly heavier weight than most 5w30 competitors and stays in grade well over its use
Good start up protection
Clean synthetic with great hot weather protection and solid total base number TBN to ensure it’s integrity
Watch for sales at Repco and Superchesp
Very reasonable sub $40 pricing and once you’ve tried you will be a convert
Better suited for multi cam and valve set ups with production years early 2000’s onwards which need oils compatible with catalytic converters and O2 sensors
Try it
I see it is a worldwide favourite and I trust Castrol engineers !

Purchased at Supercheap Auto for $39.00.

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Sarah L.

Sarah L.South East Queensland, QLD

  • 6 reviews

Used on my bmw 120i


Used different types of oil for my engine Penrite, Mobile etc and by far this oil lasts the longest and makes my engine sing happy.

No idea why but this one sustains the longest the other ones that was used don’t last very long and it seems that the engine needs more oil to be happy with other oil brands. Will use this for a lifetime on all my cars.

Purchased in January 2020 for $30.00.

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BradPerth, WA

  • 3 reviews

Amazing oil that I put into my 2016 3.2 litre Ranger.


Have owned this car since new and have always run Penrite 5w30 full synthetic oil in it but have always been a little disappointed in the fuel economy.
I change the oil & filter every 7000 k and the car has the usual mods, including a remap and 3 inch exhaust. It tares in at 2860 kg so she is heavy. Using the old oil I used to always average 13.8 litres per 100 kilometres.
Now I have gone to this new Castrol A5 oil as it states, it is recommended for rangers and mustangs, my fuel economy is back to 11.2 litres per 100 kilometres. Very happy with those figures.

Purchased in September 2019 at Supercheap Auto for $46.99.

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  • 4 reviews

Good motor oil


Have used for around 7 years or ao in my Subaru liberty 3.0 wagon. I'm convinced it's the only reason the motor still exhibits signs of oil pressure. Changed rigorously between every 5-7000km. Wait for specials and buy the 10 liter containers. Have recently switched to Valvoline but may go back.

Car2004 Subaru Liberty H6 3.0R

Castrol edge


I have a santa fe 2,2 deisel i use mobil 1 normally i was a diesel fitter for 20 years working in the bush in Australia
I tryed castrol edge 5w30 edge with titanium cant fault the oi
l i brought it could not get any mobil 1 at the time.
Great oil ill be sticking with it.
Engine runs really smooth these people put comments on these sites i think they just want to mouth off
Castrol as good as any oil ive tryed 5 stars from me
And better than most

Car2012 santa fe 2.2 diesel
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Excellent protection qualities for highly stressed race engines


We use Castrol Edge 10 - 60 SYN in our blown alcohol 510 cubic inch circuit race boat. Have only used this oil since converting to the supercharged engine that develops around 1500 hp at 7200rpm (1115 kw). In the past 3 years on annual maintenance engine tear downs there have been no marks or wear on any rotating components, piston/bores or valve train components. I highly recommend this product if you want your engines to have the best protection. It isn't the cheapest on the market but competitive if you want the best. Try to buy up when the product goes on sale at your parts store outlets.

CarBlown Alcohol Displacement Race Boat

AlbinusDarling Downs, QLD

  • 31 reviews

Overpriced and mediocre


I obtained my vehicle with the former owner recommending this oil in a 10W60 viscosity. It also had a substantial valvetrain noise that wasn't remedied by adjusting the valves. Imagine my surprise when a competing product in the same grade that was $20 cheaper silenced the rattle, and has continued to this day.

I have a friend who swears by this oil but I feel it's more marketing than anything. I honestly can't warrant paying a premium price for what is essentially just another full synthetic. Plenty of other products out there that will give a similar result for less money, or a better result for the same money.

Car1983 Mazda 626 FE-T
The King

The KingSouth Australia, 5000

  • 11 reviews

Only good as an engine flush


I used this product for 1,000km in a 2008 Toyota Kluger with 10,000km on the clock. The oil was given to me by the Castrol rep and he promised me it was the best. As soon as I started using it in the engine i would get valve train noise on start up every time. Having not experienced the issue when using Mobil 10w/40, I dumped the castrol oil, refilled with the trust Mobil and the noise went away. I will never run this rubbish in my engine again.

CarToyota Kluger Grande 2008


  • 2 reviews

The synthetic standard


I've been using Castrol Edge Titainium for a number of years in all my cars. I have tried most of the readily available oils from supercheap auto. After a recommendation to try Castrol Edge in my VS SS commodore I was extremely impressed with it's performance. I change every 10,000km and it is clean. I believe it could easily do 15,000km.

A tip for people wanting to try it but are scared of the high price. "Stock up when there is a sale". Best time of year is around the Bathurst 1000 race.

CarVE SS Commodore, Toyota Corolla, Mazda 2

Castrol Review 11/18/15 lah


I have been coming to Dallas Hwy. Castrol for oil change and referred others to them. I rate them with 5 Star all day long. Technicians are very polite and accurate. The place is clean and comfortable. They are located in a very convenient location. They are the best yet.

CarHonda Civic 2005
The Jackal

The JackalAuckland

  • 12 reviews

Edge Sport 5W30 SM


Was reasonable oil for the price, although I stopped using it after the price increased 25% when it changed to Titanium Fluid Strength. Did 10K km service intervals no problem. Wasn't great on cold morning starts but I guess it's not a proper synthetic it's only highly refined mineral oil/hydrocracked so you can't expect too much.
Moved on to Mobil1 5W30 which was better & similar cost to TFS.
Had the opportunity to try Motul 300V 5W30, what can I say but this oil is only a completely different level. If you haven't tried it you must!

Not proper synthetic, overpriced, bad cold start flow

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Castrol 5W 50 Edge - Pleasant surpise


First time I used this castrol 5W 50 Edge to my Porsche 996. I used to run on Motul, BP, M1, and Wakos in the past. This time, I really felt the difference in smoothness. I was surprised to really experience this I wasn't even expecting any better than Motul or Mobil 1
I personally like this Castrol Edge and will be using it for my Audi S4 on my next oil change.
Smooth running and effortless. Price is also reasonable



  • 10 reviews

Great Oil, but it seems to oxidise and evaporate quicker than Mobil 1 Oil


Castrol Edge Sport 0-40W is used in both my Honda 2.4L IVTEC and Nissan Maxima V6 3.5L. The oil has to be topped up about every 2500kms in my nissan maxima, which was not required previously when I used Mobil 1. In my Honda 2.4L IVTEC it requires slight oil top up every 8-9000kms. Besides this quicker oxidation issue, everything else is great about this oil. It does make both my vehicle go alot faster, quicker, smoother, quieter and definitely saves fuel.
Provides smooth, responsive engine, helps saves fuel, vehicles goes faster and quieter too.
The oil oxides and evaporates quicker than Mobil 1 oil 0-40W. So u need to check your oil every 2000-8000kms depending on size of vehicle engine.

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The Jackal
The Jackal

Mobil1 0W40 is on another level compared to Edge. I'd switch back to M1 ASAP


DrLupoMelb, VIC

  • 12 reviews

Top quality oil as good as anything on the market


Have been using Castrol Edge 10W - 60 for a number of years and I have no complaints.

Beware of internet fools that post on forums with false and misleading information e.g. wankski. This fool writes rubbish as if talking of the effects for a full on race car doing a 24hr race yet applies this to road car use. Suggesting you use some exotic silly oil...ignore this clown.

This same fool drives around on three different type/brand tyres...even a twit knows this is dangerous and not reccomended.

This Castrol oil is great and no one could be dissapointed.
Great technical specs matching OE reccommended oil
Can be expensive when not on special but as we know good stuff costs more


SlazmoSouth East Queensland, QLD

  • 243 reviews

Best Synthetic used by far!


A high quality Fully Synthetic engine oil I have used. It has lasted longer than the 6000km service interval and will run all the way to 10,000kms without any issue of wear or breakdown.
Have found that there is no oil consumption and a cleaner service interval than that of mineral type oils or semi synthetic oils that I have used in tha past.
Greater fuel economy and faster warm up periods in cold weather, also faster circulation around the engine at start up means less wear than conventional oils.
Scoop purchase of 10 bottles at $32 - huge saving over vehicles life.
Had two bottles leak from poor bottle manufacture & then subsequent fluff around with exchanging a closed half empty bottle...

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Can I use this oil in a Golf mak 5 2.0 FSI

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John N.
John N.




Edge 0W-40

What’s is the best oil for the supercharged coyote engine?

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Mr Cool

Mr Coolasked

Edge 10W-60 SN

Is Castro edge 10w60 best in hot weather?

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