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Gulf Western SYN-X

This engine oil is very good value for money!

Brought two 5-litre bottles while they were on special from Repco for a total of $60.00. Was a bit reluctant and sceptical first...I have been using either Valvoline Synpower or Shell Helix HX8 for the last five years, but since I've got two old cars, I thought I'll just give Gulf Western a try and see how things go. Result: It was and is right up there with either Valvoline Synpower or Shell HX8. Had the oil changes done three months ago....I checked the oil quality and quantity every fortnight...oil stayed clean and still at the right level. No problems so far. Looks like Gulf Western syn-x 5000 is performing well. Would buy it again, yes!

Car2002 Toyota Corolla and 2004 Toyota Camry


Just serviced my 2009 YAMAHA XJR1300 MOTORCYCLE with this oil and it runs great . No clutch slip , smooth gear changes , engine runs smoother , less engine noise than using twice the price MOTUL 5100 Oil from a MOTORCYCLE STEALERSHIP , and you get it in 5 litre containers instead of 4 litre Motorcycle oil container sizes . I would be happy to use this oil in any of my Motorcycles that I own , and GULF WESTERN OILS are AUSTRALIAN OWNED .


Excellent quality at great prices.

This was recommended to me by a fellow professional mechanic and have had great results. It may clean up an engine after previous poor quality oils have left sludge. This may cause the oil to discolour at the first time use.
Will continue to put it in my fleet including the newest acquisition, a Land Rover Series 3, V8.

Car2007 RAV4, 3004 Daihatsu Terios, Landrover V8.

Stopped lifter rattle on Start up

I have been using Penrite HPR 30 in my HZ Holden for the last 9 years, every time without fail there was lifter rattle on start up from a cold start, since switching to the GW Syn-X 3000 no more lifter rattle. And tho oil is half the price as well .. A win win for my old Holden.

CarHZ 308

Cheap and nasty oil.

Own a 2007 Hyundai Elantra and was due for 90000k service, Hyundai were miles too dear so went back to our old mechanic. Oil used was Western Oil and shortly after noticed the motor was noisy on start up. Dipped oil and it was already dark and starting to stink and it had burned onto the dipstick even though the level was ok. This was at 93000k...ONLY 3000K AFTER SERVICE!! Drained oil and cleaned dipstick and replaced with Castrol and engine is again smooth and not noisy on startup and oil is lasting longer with no burning on dipstick. Won't ever go near Western Oil or this local mechanic again. You are charged the same for this garbage oil as you are for a good oil so am of the opinion it's obviously a cheap blended oil for workshops that they use to maximise their profits, Contacted Western Oil in Shepparton, being the local distributor, at the time and never heard back from them.

Make the switch today :)

Switched to Gulf Western Syn X 5000 Full Synthetic Oil 2 weeks ago. Got it on special at under half the price of the other brands fully synthetic oils. Previously using Nulon 10-40 Hi Tech fast flowing for many years, before making the switch..

I was reluctant at first, and sceptical, but after 2 weeks of using the product I can honestly say that I'll be sticking with it from now on. Sick of paying top dollars for marketing purposes.. for the same thing..

This oil meets and or exceeds many specs and is a high performance product. Im running 2 V6 ECOTEC engines at home and the engines are quiet, smooth and I really cannot complain at all. This oil far exceeds the oil specs set dow by Gm for the Holden V6 ECOTEC.

As for the price, I might as well switch to 5000 klm service intervals, instead of 10000klms. It works out not much more than the cost of one service using the other brands synthetic oils... So it makes sense really. Its a fully synthetic oil with zinc and other additives, just like the other brands.

Australian made and tested on Applications in Australia and to the industry standards..

Not letting the hype of brand name control my choices anymore. If it works good, it works good.

I would honestly recommend it to any car enthusiasts looking for the best quality high performance oil possible, without costing you a days pay along the way..

Im stoked, will change oil more often now.

SN/CF, ACEA A3, B3, B4, MB 229.3, RN 700/710, VW 502, 505, PSA B71-2300.

CarVx Commodore VT-VX-VZ-VY ECOTEC V6

Questions & Answers

Is gulf western sync 3000 full zinc oil
1 answer
Hi les , yes it is , this is a great oil for cars and wet clutch motorcycles as there is no friction modifiers in this oil . I am currently running this oil in my 2009 yamaha xjr1300 and it runs great , but when all syn-x 3000 is gone , I will be putting top dog xdo diesel multigrade in all my motorcycles , as it is fine in wet clutch motorcycles , as once again there are no friction modifiers in top dog xdo 15w40 , so as I have a diesel 4x4 , and motorcycles , one oil for all my vehicles, which makes service time easier, as one oil for all , plus you can get it on special at number one - supercheap . If you have any questions about gulf western oils , ring the tech guys @ Gulf western oils , they are always happy to advise you and have a chat . Cheers .

can this oil be used in 4 stroke 250 hp out board motos?
1 answer
G’day Bill, you would be better off calling GW to get a definitive answer, I don’t know about boats but I wouldn’t use it in my Yamaha MT01 1700 cc motorcycle.

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