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Haier Australia

Haier Australia

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One really "non thinking" issue can ruin the whole issue.

OK I have one of their smaller Air Cons. It works. There is massive room for improvement in terms of really cooling the compressed gas - which does make a huge difference at 45*C... (spray water on the condenser coils).

But the gist of the issue is that they put the make, model, serial numbers etc., in super fine 1/2mm high fonts, on stickers, that are located in hard to reach places....

I absolutely HATE these Chinese based / manufactured / imported product resellers that don't appear to even have half a brain between the entire management team.....

Like no one gets it.

If you cannot READ the make, model, serial numbers - because the font is germ size print, and the IDIOTS just have to insist in sticking it in the hardest to read locations.... And they just do not get that.

It's an absolute PET HATE...

Like with computer monitors... why not just print the make, model and serial number, in a large font, on a big label and stick i ton the back... Why do these IDIOTS have to use micro writing, and then make up a postage stamp sized label, and then stick it up underneath the screen, between the casing, and where the power and HDMI cables plug in. Like "trucking" why?

So anyway the place was really humid last night and all that cool night air being sucked through the place, made it really humid when it warmed up... and so I turned on the air drying / humidity reduction function, for 30 minutes and then back to plan cooling... only after doing this the temperature could not be reset...

A battery change in the remote and much rooting around, a reset and all sorts of funny things.. No luck so I called the customer service line and got the right person and I gave her an in brief, to the point story and I asked her a few questions along the lines of reconfiguring the units... an order of operation and does the air con it's self have a reset switch etc.

She said the aircon did not have a reset switch, when it did, and she kept on asking me if I have put new batteries in the remote, when I had just told her that, and when it came to sending the technician out, she asked me to read her the make, model and serial number info, and I said I am not going to do this, because the management of this company in Australia - I have raised this before a few years back and this microprinting on labels stuck in difficult to read locations, has not been address and so I want you to send my message to the management to get this issue fixed up once and for all.

A a sexy mature Australian - I told her that I am ferociously fed up with the trucking micro-printing issue of making labels that no one can read...

She said,, "If you swear at me again I will end this call". Evidently as well as being unable to retain information longer than 10 seconds, and not knowing anything at all about the air conditioners they sell, me describing the problems these people at Haier create for everyone with their microscope manuals, in the most effusively delightful terms is according to her, declaring that she is the center of my universe, and if I say trucking again she is going to end the call....

I suggested that if she does not like her job, that she find a nice wet pond, full of tadpoles, and shove the phone in there.

She evidently hates the wonders of mother nature too, and hung up on me.

Anyway with more resetting the hand piece and the unit and some odd combinations of button fiddling on the remote, I was able to regain control of the system once again.

The management of this company as well as doing really dumb things with the labelling, also needs to employ people who are specialists in fixing, setting up and running the airconditioners, and not people who can simply answer the phone.

Don't buy it!

I bought a washing machine and dryer. The washing machine stopped working after 3 days and I had to wait over a week for them to come and fix it.
The dryer stops and starts and gets very hot at times. I contacted them and and except for some basic questions, nothing was done.
Not very happy with this product.

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Haier Australia
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