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Hair Wavz

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They rolled up easy, but almost pulled her brains out getting them out her hair.

I think maybe they were to small for her hair. They rolled hair up perfect. But had a Bad time getting them out her hair. Hair was not even curly.

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This is amazing

The wavz curlers are amazing for cheer and dance competitions because they stay bouncy and full of life all day. You can do different hair styles whichever way you want this to be.

This is the worst product I have ever brought

Absolutely terrible. Do not buy this crap! It hurts my head and hair and does not pull through properly. It makes me want to cry. So bad, and am really unhappy!

Horrible, pulls your hair

If you have long hair, it pulls your other hair as well. Also it takes 10 times longer than hot curlers or using my curling iron. Like everybody else said, the directions did not explain u need to put wand in the tip 1st, then hook hair and pull thru, however it did not work on my dry hair. Would not recommend. Would like a refund.

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If you have shorthair this could possibly work for you, however on my dry hair I didn't get any curl whatsoever. I have very long hair and It just pulled my hair, and it would not go through the long plastic curlers

Consumer instructions not clear

I've only just worked out how to use Hairwavz, though I've had them for ages. It took visiting a consumer review website.
None of the instructions on the Hairwavz box, nor in the Styling and Instruction Guide, describe how you have to put the wand up the interior of the mesh curler, through the rubberised tip at the top (or bottom).
It is all too easy to believe you just put the wand up the centre of the curler. In which case, the curler will fall out immediately.
Marketing department! re-read the instructions given with Hairwavz, and rewrite them, to make it clear, with a close-up illustration, exactly how the wand has to be "inserted into" the body of the curler, not just shoved up the middle.
I can't provide proof of purchase because I bought them secondhand. No doubt from someone who simply never figured out how to use them.

Amazing product

I loved this product, my curls look like Taylor Swift's hair, it's adorable. But make sure you have a lot of time to try it out first. It takes a while to get used to. And there weren't very many in the package. I'm looking at buying "curl formers" they are more expensive but there are different looks and ones for longer hair, and more in a package.
Amazing heat free curls
Not enough in a package. Doesn't work well if you have really long hair. I suggest "curl formers" instead

Fabulous invention! Finally a beautiful curl without damaging my hair in the process

I received the Hair Wavz set 2 days ago and I am thrilled with the result. I've used the larger size curlers both times which produce beautiful, big, elegant curls (providing you dry your hair thoroughly!). Hair Wavz is super easy to use and truly does what it claims to. I will never use my curling iron again!! Why would I when I can curl my hair without frying it in the process?!
Easy to use, cheaper and much less time consuming than a curling iron and doesn't annihilate your hair in the process!!

Fast delivery but...

I purchased HairWavz and was happy when it was delivered extremely fast (a couple of days) but when I looked inside I realised that I wasn't given the HairWavz wand. Which renders everything useless because I can't put them in my hair. This is my first time using Global Shop Direct so I'm not sure what to do.
Fast delivery
Missing important piece of equipment

Great product

Firstly, if you are saying these fall out then you are not using them properly! You have to put the wand thru the centre of the actual rubber and not just up the centre of the curl - your hair needs to be INSIDE the rubber, not thru the middle of it! It took a bit of getting used to, and I can see will be quicker and easier every time you use them. First go, my hair was slightly damp, and I left in for only a couple of hours with a quick blow dry at the end, I looked like Shirley Temple! The next step for me is to master what to do with the curls that come out! If you are having trouble I suggest you look at YouTube... heaps of videos.
Easy to use once you get the hang of it.
If you use too much hair it can be a bit difficult to pull through

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Thanks this really helped me. Feel like an fool now though!

Love love love it!

I have read a review that the product slips out of your hair and that made me very sceptical, but after a few months decided to buy it in anyway, as my hair is so damaged and frizzy that I'm too scared to bring a straightening iron near it. Can I just say, the BEST decision I've made!! If you use the product correct it does not slip out and it gave me perfect curls. It honestly looked like I've been to the hairdresser. And I'm not a very savvy person when it comes to hairstyling!! Cant wait to use it on my daughter's hair, she is going to look like a princess :)

Oops done it wrong

So happy to see these on tv, looked easy and safe for hair. Tried tongs, straightners etc but I'm [censored word removed] at curling my own hair. Got these, tried straight away and it fell right off... What a load of horse [censored word removed], waste of money.. tried a few weeks later and doh.....was doin it wrong lol... Wasn't threading hook through the rubber, stupid me was hooking through the curl... Slaps forehead and lets out a Homer Doh.. it sticks and sticks good... Now it's easy.. . i know not the sharpest tool out there lol...

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I am so glad I read your review....I did exactly what you did and thought what a piece of junk I bought. I then threaded hook through rubber....,voila!!! It WORKED. Homer Doh. LOL

Amazing. Hair wavz. Highly recommend.

I can't curl my hair with a curling iron. My arms get too sore and my hair is too thick so it doesn't hold and takes forever to complete. BUT HAIR WAVZ SAVED ME. Put them in my long thick hair. Rubber grips on them helped them stay in place. Didn't slip at all. Left in my hair after shower for 1 hour. Took them out when my hair was dry. And perfect Shirley temple curls were in my hair. Then I used my fingers to comb through the curls to make it more wavy less springy. Then perfect gorgeous hair. I was thrilled. (Skeptical prior to buying but after trying them, I will never pay a hairdresser to curl my hair when hair wavz can do it free, easy and convenient every day of the week). 10/10.
Rubber grips hold it in place for perfect curls.
Nothing except that its not avail in stores yet, only online.

Love it

I was sceptical about this product but decided to give it a go. I am really happy with it. I have thin straight hair and wasn't sure it would hold a curl. But after about an hour and a half without using heat i had lovely soft curls. And trust me, i have no hairdressing talents!!
So easy to use and love the way you don't have to use heat which fries thin hair

Most useless items ever to be sold

No way can it give a curl, if it doesn't stay in.
If all you need to make money, simply make something,sell it, don't worry if it's useless, and doesn't do what its suppose to. I have never purchased anything so useless in all my life. These don't stay in, they simply fall out as quick as you let go. I assumed these hair wavz would had something to hold the hair, but nothing. Don't waste your money. It's rubbish. I have long hair on sides and back, with short finge, it makes no difference what length I try to put wavz in, just fall out.
I liked the reading what it is suppose to do, what a dream
Everything, they do not stay in, as soon as you let go, wavz drop out.

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Were you threading the hook through the rubber??? I noticed a couple of customers above reviews had the same issue and worked out they weren't threading the hook first!!!??? Am looking to buy as I have long fine hair...urs is the only review that I have found saying doesnt work??? So confused now...

Questions & Answers

Hello just bought these, have followed instructions, and curlers fall out of my hair? Why?
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I had to put a little styling gel, cream or mouse. I found that my hair had to be damp, not really wet also. And I kept it in for the full night. They were loose curls, not ringlets. There are ones you can get for different styles of curls too. Like loose curls, tight curls or ringlets. If your hair is naturally straight, you might have to use the ringlet one with styling cream in order to keep even a loose curl. And after you pull them out, don't brush the curl right away. I found it flattens if you do that.I'm guessing you might not be putting the wand thingamajig through the sides of each curler. See the little rubber 'lip' at each end of the curler? You need to pry that apart and put the wand through that. It can be a bit tricky to get the rubber bits apart. Hope that helps!

just got the hot wavz set and tried it. they keep falling out of my hair, so obvioiusly I'm not doing it right. Can anyone help?
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Are you putting the wand thru the sides or the middle of the hot wavz? If you look closely at the rubber ends of each one you can prise them apart, and then (with a bit of force) insert the wand thru to the other end and out the other side so you can hook your hair and pull it back thru. Hope that helps! I did the very same thing first go :-)


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