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Hankook Optimo K415

Hankook Optimo K415

4.2 from 45 reviews

Amazing grip and durability

I’ve fitted a set of 225/45/18 in my sport hatchback for everyday driving (80% good roads, 20% bumpy city), and weekend’s backroads twisted tracks. Pretty aggressive driving on twisted roads and high speed on freeways with amazing grip, low noise and low resistance, a very unusual combination! After 70.000 km, traction front axle has 4mm left before two (no rotation), and back axle looks like new. My only concern is that, after 70.000 km in a two year period, front tyre rubber got hard, and cracked the sidewall after a weekends speedy drive. Will replace for same model, no doubt.

CarCittoen vts

Excellent tyres

I have been using Hankook Optimo tyres since 1999. There was a change to the name a few years ago but the quality and performance only got better. My family now runs 2 late model Camry SL sedans, previously a 1996 camry, Honda Odyssey & KIA Optima.All fitted with Hankook Optimos'. Honda Odyssey achieved 84,000 kms on the first set, early Camry 72,000 kms. Both our newer Camry's have just been fitted with the same K415's. Optimó K415 are super quite at any speed, very. very grippy in wet weather and long lasting. I unreservedly recommend these tyres to anyone.


Does the job

Never a problem wet or dry, I haven't had them on dirt roads though. They seem reasonably quiet to us.

The only issue I have had was early on there was a slight hum at about 80kmh on very smooth surfaces. This went away after a couple of thousand km.

CarNissan Pulsar 2004

Good mid range tyre

Was immediately more stable than our old tyres. (But they are brand new of course.) got a four for three deal, which was a good price. Quiet and stable in the wet So far. Bob jane tmart at Lake Haven gave us the deal on these, but think its available anywhere at present.

CarNissan Xtrail

Have over 60,000kms and still going strong

My review is nearly the opposite of the one below and in an i30 too! I have had a faultless run on these and bought them because they are very close to the original tyres the car came with. To me they have just the right balance between grip and economy and have lasted much better than I expected. These tyres don't look particularly thick when they are new but run very well and last well. I did get a wheel alignment at the same time so no doubt that helps with even wear,

CarHyundai i30

Only lasted 17,000 km with 2 punctures before having to be replaced

I bought 4 brand new Hankook Optimo K415 tyres through Tempe Tyres in Sydney. Here's how they went over the next 3.6 years. One was punctured by a bolt on the road near the sidewall and was unrepairable (which can happen to any tyre), so my main critique is with the other 3: they only lasted for 17,000 km of driving, before they all failed the roadworthiness inspection, at a mechanics that I have found very trustworthy and have been using for years. Now admittedly the vast bulk of that was suburban/city driving (short trips to the shops and back), rather than highway driving - albeit in an ordinary car (a Hyundai i30), always on standard sealed roads, being driven normally and not hard, and inflated to the vehicle's recommended tyre pressure - yet city driving is how many cars are driven now, so 17,000 km seems a very low lifespan distance. And Hankook's warranty is of no help at all, as there's no minimum distance specified. Granted I had no problems with the tyre's handling during that time (no skidding, decent grip, no excessive noise), but from a sheer bang-for-buck perspective, I'd suggest buying something else, such as another brand that has a warranty that covers an expected driving distance (e.g. I have now replaced them with Falken ZE914 tyres, as they have a written warranty for 60,000 km of driving, and if they don't reach that they'll give you a pro-rata refund on the purchase price). In summary I'd rate these 2 out of 5 (bad, rather than terrible) - they work as expected during their lifespan, but that lifespan is much too short, at around a half to a third of what it should be (I'd consider 40,000 to 60,000 km to be the expected lifespan of a tyre). And I was so surprised about the short lifespan that I insisted on seeing the removed Hankook tyres myself to check they really were worn, but there were indeed mine (same make, model, year), and there were just above the legal minimum wear indicators. Furthermore there was another nail puncture that I had not seen yet (so 2 punctures inside 4 months, which I've not had before). I don't know if I got a bad batch of tyres, but I did check productreview before purchasing them, and given how quickly they wore down and how easily they were punctured, I cannot recommend them.

Car2010 Hyundai i30

Couldn't be happier!

After being recommended this tyre, couldn't be happier. Once tyres where on I could instantly feel the difference when I drove away, the drive being very smooth and quiet, could hardly hear when driving along the road. Got a great price when getting 4 at a time, would definitely get again when required.

CarMazda 3

Long lived and reliable tyres

Got 80,000 kms with no flats at all over five years from these - far more than I expected at fitting and impressive lifespan. A lot of those kms are country driving, some even on gravel roads so its a very impressive run. Only rotated once, front to back. I could have gone even longer but the front end alignment was a little out, so I got a wear band. Would definitely buy again.

CarHyundai Elantra 2012

Not reliable!

Hankook Optimo K415
Both front tyres replaced by Bob Jane T-marks, only for three weeks both tires are broken and flat on the roads, no nails attached or rubbing of the tire against the road, ripping the tire, or rim by collision with another object. Never buy this brand again!

CarMazda 3

Long lasting and quiet

This is my second set on Hankooks. Just got the front done and I am impressed with these tyres. When I saw them new the first time I thought they were cheap "new car" tyres but they have proven their metal and run 80, 000 kms which I am amazed by. They don't feel hard and have a good sure grip. Good tyres and much better than first impressions.

CarHyundai Elantra 2012

Good replacement for originals on Elantra

My Elantra came with very similar specced Hankooks (Evo) new from the factory and these are a direct replacement. Unfortunately my wife ran it up on a roundabout and although the car wasn't damaged, the front end was put out of alignment causing the tyres to wear to one side. It feels good to have afresh set now and of course I got an alignment at Kmart too. These are good safe tyres that usually wear well.

CarHyundai Elantra 2012

Ride very smooth with good road feel

I am satisfied with these. They seem like quite hard tyres. Visually they dont look as if they have that much tread from new, but they last very well indeed. They are very sure footed wet or dry. My car is front wheel drive but I have never even come close to losing control wet or dry and I live in Melbourne so you can add tram tracks into the mix too. Have never slipped or skidded - not once. I have had to do a few emergency stops and for the ABS going twice - again. Sure footed as a mountain goat. So all in all they are definitely not sports or top tier tyres but the are smooth running, feel very safe and have a decent lifespan.

CarHyundai i30

Great tyres - Safe a good grip

Very happy with the choice of these for the Elantra, It came with slightly different Hankooks but these are a good match. The cross over to these was seamless and as we have moved into winter they have proven to have excellent grip in the wet. They ride quiet and the last set were very long wearing (70,000ms) so overall chalk me up as a satisfied customer.

CarHyundai Elantra MD1

Nice tyre

Very good tyres for the price. Purchased through tyre sale's .com.au, very easy to purchase. Nice tyre that sticks to the road. Quiet and comfortable to drive on. Good for medium size cars. Have purchased them previously. Would by them again. Good inexpensive tyres for the medium earning ppl. Long lasting.

CarToyota Camry

Better Than Expected

I got these to replace the original Hankooks on my i30.
I was initially not happy with them as original equipment but they put in a solid performance. Over 70000 kms and no flats. Very impressed as they don't look like they come with much tread depth.
After a front end alignment I expect to do the same again. taking one point of for road noise other than that, good.
Note - shop around as prices vary a lot

CarHyundai i30

great tyres

After reading reviews on this tyre, salesman advised me to get i purchased them, so far so good. Not noise, grips to the road, haven't slid, good in the wet, round bends, up steep hills, incline, no wear or tear (been a year). On a Captiva, 235/50 R19. When time to replace will try and get the same. Recommended.

Car2012 LX Captiva

These do everything well, except wear!

I have these on an E91 BMW 320d wagon (yes, it should normally have run flats). As other reviewers have suggested, these tyres have excellent grip including in the wet and when almost fully worn to the markers, both cornering and braking. And were a quieter, more compliant, less bumpy knocky ride than the run flat tyres the car came with. Ironically the car felt in a funny way less 'responsive' too, despite definitely cornering and braking better - I'd put it down to these tyres sending less of the road into the car and steering wheel than the run-flats. You still get plenty of steering feel in an E91 with these tyres (any tyres!) though. I haven't had any flats in four years with these. I've only had two issues, one is that the tyre dealer finds it hard to get a good seal on run-flat rims - plenty of sealant required and pumping up required every couple of months (you shouldn't have this problem on a normal rim though). The other is wear - the rears lasted 25,000km, the fronts 38,000. Possibly the great grip is down to soft rubber, and possibly that grip encourages you to drive in a way that the tyres wear more. But overall a great tyre at a great price, and soooo much more confidence inspiring than the standard BMW run-flats.

CarBMW 320d E91 Wagon

Excellent Ride and Super Quiet

I must admit that when the dealer suggested hankook I though I don’t know enough about them and no one that I know had ever bought them so I had to rely on the dealers honesty. Because I complained about the previous tyres that had driven approximately 25k before needing replacement and also they were very noisy ( no fault of the dealer) he proceeded to tell me that he had fitted them to his wife’s car which was similar to mine and they had done 50 thousand Ks and were very quite he convinced me to fit them. I have to say the cars handeling and quietness in the cabin was evident straight away. I’ve now done 22 Thousand Ks and just sold the car and the mechanic who did the roadworthy thought that I had only recently fitted the tyres for the roadworthy and he couldn’t believe they had already travelled 22k as they were hardly worn
Will buy again every time !!!

CarHolden VT Calais

Reliable tyre

This is a Korea made premium tyre. It offers excellent outright grip and longevity, very good performance in both dry- and wet-weather. It has little noise during dry-motorkhana or sharp turning. Comparing with other premium tyres, such as Goodyear Eagle GA plus or Pirelli Cinturato that I have used, it is the best value for money.

Car1997 Mitsubishi Magana

Great tyre km wise but sometimes very noisy on our Hyundai i30

Tyres have done 70K plus and just at the point of needing to think about replacing with another set. We have found them okay in the wet despite other reviews to the contrary. However, these are fitted to a Hyundai i30 and on some bitumen sections are extremely noisy. But this could also be poor car insulation not necessarily the actual tyre. Apart from that we are thinking of replacing same for same (195/65 R15)

Car2010 Hyundai i30

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Questions & Answers

are these HANkook K415 Tyres available for my size 225/50/17 rims as i really like these tyres . Please can you advise and i really would appreciate your opinion if they are not available then what would be its equivalent in my size . I am lookin for low road noise and long life tyres. Much appreciated Frank in WA [email removed]
1 answer
Hi, sorry but wouldn't have a clue if available in 17", best you either phone a dealer or google it. In regards to low road noise, compared to my previous tyres, these are considerably quieter, very happy with these tyres.

would they be suitable for 2004 Commodore 205/65r15
1 answer
Hi Geoff, I can't say for a certainty but if I could get them for my Jeep Grand Cherokee, I definitely would get them. Like I said before, I am extremely happy with the performance of the K415s on my wife's car. I would think that they would be just as good with other vehicles. If, after you have installed the K415s, your vehicle still drifts, then it's more likely part of a trait of a rear wheel driven vehicle rather than the tires themselves. I'd buy them.

Would they be suitable for 2003 Hyundai Elantra Sedan XD GL?
2 answers
Potentially; as the car is heavier they may plant to the ground more. All I know in the wet on my lightweight MX-5 they're stupidly dangerous.The Hyundai Elantra sedan is not much different to our Holden Captiva. Like I said in my original comments, the tyres are incredibly great in both wet and dry conditions. I can only comment on how they have performed in our Captiva but they work well enough that I tried to get them for my Jeep Grand Cherokee. Unfortunately that don't make them in the size I needed for the Jeep. I was quite disappointed. Hope that helps you. I'd get them if it was me - but it's your decision to make.


Optimo K415
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