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Health Shop Direct

Health Shop Direct

5.0 from 3 reviews

Fantastic Store, Fantastic Service

I'm on a tight budget so indulging in quality products that this store stocks is a rare occasion for me. But every interaction has been fantastic. Finding a store that has excellent customer service, a good range and quality products is a difficult trial in the modern online market. But this store puts the effort in. I highly recommend buying Nirvana Stevia from them. Ten times better than the ones you find in stores. If I tried the one at the supermarket for my first time I would never have bought it again.

Couldn't recommend more.

Online shopping done well!

A week ago I put in my first order with this company - a rather substantial one,as I always like to get free shipping if it is available. That day I got home from work to find not only an email, but also a phone message letting me know that two of my items was out of stock, and asking what I wanted to do (refund or hold on to the order for the stock). I asked for one of the items to still be supplied and the other item to be refunded - which was promptly done.
This was only the start of some outstanding communication - I was advised what the supplier had told her, when the stock arrived and when the order was sent. All communication was friendly and professional.
I am absolutely overwhelmed at this experience. It is always a bit of a risk shopping online - so being able to pay by paypal, and with the great communication relieves some of the anxiety.
I received the order today just as expected. It was well packed and arrived safely.

Health Shop Direct - Products Dispatched So Quickly

I found Health Shop Direct completely by accident, because my usual Online Store was out of stock, so I googled the name of the Health product, followed by "Online" and a Health Store came up, but they were in Perth, and I'm in Canberra. But I decided to put in my Order, and was pleased I could use Pay Pal.

I ordered the products about midday, and I received an email later that afternoon which read "Your Order has been sent!" It took 2 working days to get from Perth to Canberra, which was great. Sometimes, it can be a blessing in disguise if your usual Store is out of stock, because you can end up finding another Store with even better service than your usual one.

Five years ago, I wasn't ordering products on the other side of Australia, but this is the third terrific Online Store I've found in Perth. Product Review has been a big help to me, as I have also typed some negative Reviews here on Stores that have treated me poorly. To be completely honest, I'm more likely to come here and type a Review when I'm really annoyed with being ripped off, or dealt with a business with poor customer service. So when I find a business that is helpful, and dispatches parcels so quickly, then I think it's important to spread the word, whether your experience was positive or negative, it's a big help to others here.

Before I buy a new product, or try a new business, I always check the Reviews here, as it gives me a much better idea.
Staff so helpful and friendly. They also use a very reliable delivery service.

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