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Highland HP6SS N/L

Highland HP6SS N/L

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Terrible. Do Not Buy One.

Constant problems, clicking, failure to light, gas remains on when it should off and shorting in the igniter that has blown the entire kitchen circuit. But worse is the fact that there are simply no parts available. I have had the local service agent out four times now but he cannot get parts anywhere. Now I have to use a BBQ lighter. I managed to buy from EBay - for a hugely expensive cooktop this is just not good enough. Do not buy one.

Date PurchasedMar 2014

Please don't buy

I have purchased two highland gas cook tops. The first one for my home in Melbourne. I was looking for a high quality product, reliable and long lasting. I really liked the wok burners on the highland range and I really like the aesthetics of the highland products.
But the wok burner stopped working after one year, and a service agent came out and replaced it. All good.
We sold our home and moved to regional Victoria. I purchased again a Highland gas cook top this time with two wok burners. Two years in and the whole system is playing up. First the wok burner staring clicking and the clicking would not stop, so I stopped using that burner. Then two of the other burners started doing the same. Then they would be ok again. Then the wok burner started to work again and then the ignition stopped working completely. The gas was being released but there was no ignition to ignite it. I made a call to the Highland Service Agent and I was told to vacuum my wok burner. I explained that I did not think vacuuming it would solve the problem but the service agent insisted and treated me like I was a very unreasonable and difficult customer. A plumber came to service the cook top. They replaced the wok burner but could see that there were other faults that they could not address and that they needed too press down very hard to get the burners to light. At no stage did the plumber vacuum the burner. I explained to him that Highland felt it was very important to vacuum the burner and hence at the end of the job he did so. About five weeks after the service call the wok burner stopped working again. When I made the second service call to Highland, I was made to feel very much that I was the problem and that they were doing me a big favour in helping me out. I explained that it appeared to me like there was a inherent problem with the electronics and that maybe just replacing the wok burner was not enough. I suggested that the plumbers were having a difficult time solving the problem and therefore could someone with more experience service the cook top. That is when the service agent started saying to me "so you don't want us to send someone out" and I would say "yes I do but I need someone who can solve the problem'' and then again the service agent said ''so you don't want us to send someone out' and kept saying this over and over again until I was so distressed that I hung up the phone. I braved the phone once again and asked Highland to send the plumber again and they have agreed to do so. However the agreement is always been offered with a "this is the last time we will send someone out" and with me saying 'but if the problem is not fixed then it is not fair". I am very grateful for these forums and the support they provide. Thank you.

Date PurchasedMay 2018

Fantastic performer

This is the second cooktop we have had from highland. The first was so good we ordered the same one for our new build. The new one had the click as reported by many here. However once advised highland sent a tech out who replaced it with a new improved system which has been faultless.
Great customer service, great product.

Date PurchasedJul 2016

Igniters not working on 2 yr old stove just like everyone else!

After around 18 months of having my cooktop and loving it, I started to get ignition problems with the ignitor ticking constantly on 2 burners. Thinking I only had one year warranty (silly me) I did nothing about it at the time.
Now, 10 months later I have the same 2 burners ticking constantly still, plus I have one burner not lighting at all, plus one burner that half lights but goes out if I try to get another burner going and I have 2 back burners that do work. ie. 2 out of the 6 work.
Having seen everyone elses' problems and realising this is clearly a design problem on an almost $4000 cooktop I feel that I should have bought one for $1000 like I did last time which didn't have the high wok output but which was still working 5 years later as if it were new.
Highlands' response to me was for me to go and get a service agent, nothing they can do, they had never heard of the problem before (clearly incorrect).
Not worth the price when it goes wrong through a design fault that can't be fixed without disabling the safety feature (see one of the previous reviews) which I would think would be illegal to disconnect a safety feature.

Date PurchasedApr 2015

Solid, hardworking cooktop

Our Highland Cooktop has been installed for four months now. We had an initial problem with sparking igniters as others have had, but it was very quickly and professionally addressed even though we live 60km from the nearest regional centre. We do a lot of cooking and so far this cooktop has delivered beautifully. After having owned an Ilve cooktop, I would never go back...the quality and robustness of the Highland is far superior. I do wish the trivets were level all the way across so I could put more big pots on! The control of gas level is really good, and the power of full wok burn is awesome! I am really happy I was able to buy an Australian made product. Keep up the good work Highland!

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

igniters keep ticking

I always had Ilve Cook tops and ovens but wanted the low setting for gas these have. works great except 1 or the 2 wok burners keeps ticking. had several service calls which came when they scheduled but telling me its the pots i use or the size of pans and other rubbish did not wash. just booked another service call today and they say the part has been redesigned and they will swap both wok burners parts out under warranty. not sure what parts but suspect the gas reader or the igniters.
Will update this post after they finish the service. I will also expect they restart the warranty on all the parts they have been servicing and replacing !

Date PurchasedMar 2016
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Ok Folks - here is the latest. i have had the 3rd free service and yes they have now stopped the ticking. what they have done is adjust how the wok burner buttons works It now has no power once it is turned on hence it can't tick anymore. Sounds great and certainly works..... EXCEPT the power is also turned off to the flame auto restart feature. So if your using the wok burner large element to simmer a large pot BE CAREFUL as it has and can now flame out and fill the house with GAS mine has already done this several times. I don't consider it a repair when they don't fix the problem they just provide a work around and now have disabled the safety feature in doing so. Unless they put a auto shut off on the system for when it flames out then its dangerous. A large part of buying a expensive unit like this is the safety feature. At this stage i would not try it again i would go back to the ILVE i had before or try another brand. These would be fine if you don't have wok burners in them, but thats why i went with it in the first place... no easy fix, redesign the wok burner and refit. expensive so it isn't gonna happen.

Have had this for years and still love it!!

I purchases this cooktop many years ago when we renovated our kitchen. It has given me such joy over the years. It has all worked perfectly from day one. So much room and easy to keep clean. There is a gas burner for every need. I was cooking on it tonight and though I should write something positive about this product i love.

Date PurchasedApr 2005

Poor quality and poor service

Purchased the Highland cooktop, it was the worst decision I made for my new kitchen. It was sold to me as being a premium product, but after 3 service calls later and having to wait for 3 months for parts and for me to do all the follow up, I would recommend buying another brand.

Date PurchasedJan 2016

Poor attention to details in workmanship

Within few months of installing the cooktop, the igniters on the wok burners became faulty - they would keep sparking even though flame was on. It took 3 visits from technician to fix it. Now my warranty has expired, the igniter on medium burner works intermittently. The black coating on the trivet where wok sits has started to come off. The knobs were always loose and wobbly when it was new and technician never bothered to fix it. For such an expensive cooktop, the quality doesn't match it. I wish I had stuck to ILVE cooktop which I was very happy with.

Promise of so much but in the end Australian build quality and service disappoint.

We bought this cook-top based on having the highest output wok burner (22MJ). On this point the cook-top has delivered. However several things have left a bad taste in our mouth. Firstly, upon delivery, we opened the box to find a scratched and a gouged knob, and a poorly printed control panel (splattered/overspray). Not something you would expect from a premium product. After talking to after-sales service agent (PR Kitchen & Washroom Systems - PRK) they agreed to address the issues once the unit had been installed.

The local service agent ("Peter the Plumber" - a subcontractor) for Adelaide visited once the unit had been installed only to discover the spare parts provided by the factory, were 1. not the correct items, and 2. in no better condition that the items to be replaced. He left with the promise he would obtain the correct and better spares from the factory.

Once we started using the unit, we have found the ignitors do not consistently ignite the burners. One can stand there with the ignitor clicking (and clearly sparking) until the smell of gas overcame you. Clearly a design fault here. Fiddling with the gas controls (turning down the gas flow) it is possible to ignite the burners - the opposite of what the instruction manual says. Once alight the flame is good, however if it is turned down from maximum, the flame failure system cuts in causes the ignitors to start clicking continuously even though the flame is still present. Clearly another design fault.

Ever since purchasing the unit near 12 months ago we have been trying to get the serviceman (Peter the Plumber) to return to address the original issues. After another visit with spare parts no better than the original, and another cancelled because of incorrect parts all has was quiet. A call to PRK indicated spare parts had just been sent to "Peter the Plumber" and a call to Peter suggested he would visit soon.
Well obviously he is not paid well by the Highland Service Agents because unless he happens to be going past on his way to/from another job AND you happen to be home at that minute you will not be attended too. We received one call whilst we were out and have not heard from him since. We have given up trying to call because it is clearly a lost cause and if the issues are design flaws then they probably can't be fixed anyway. We will just have to live with our mistake as there is Highland cook-top sized hole (which is non-standard I might add) in our $7000 granite bench-tops.

Unless you absolutely must have the highest output wok burner, don't waste your money. Buy something imported from a mainstream brand which is very least likely to have better build quality and better after sales service.
High output Wok burner
Poor build quality, design flaws, bad after sales/warranty service

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Been having similar issues as you Mike, plus some more with mine.


High quality product. Gas control is very good, the wok burners do everything from a blast furnace to the gentlest of simmer settings. I looked at everything prior to this purchase and this cook top is the closest you will get to a fully professional unit.
Great unit, well built and made in Oz
Expensive but worth it

Got it for my Chef wife.. Love the stirfries

Great aussie made product for a chef. Looked for high gas output and made a decision to buy this great product. It is a little bit expensive (specially for me being a first home buyer and all money accounted for, but money well spent). 2 real wok burners from .05 mj to 22 mj, Closest to what you will get in a home cooking range.
My wife is a chef so she had to have a great cooktop. This the closest that you can find with great gas output. Auto cut point makes it safe if gas is accidently blown out (or water spilled on it), Cooktop will reignite it for 3 times after that it will shut down the mains.

Love the product.
2 years already and still love it. Ignites everytime. Quick and great to look at.
Price is a bit expensive. But hey how many times do you want to change your cooktop :)

I bought the cooktop last year and I am very happy with the product. I was glad that I made the right decision to choose this cooktop. The great thing about it is the gas output is really strong and it is so easy to clean. Love it!After only two months already feel this cooktop justifies the expense - simple and sensitive to use from the strongest wok burner to the gentlest simmer. Very easy to clean and elegant to look at. We also purchased the Highland oven and are having a cooking renaissance with it as well. Our previous set-up was a 20 yr old Ilve free standing -extremely poor and they still make the same model.Agree with you about the Ilve free standing - their marketing dept would have to be one of the best in the world to induce so many to believe its a good product

Break down after 4 years

Has cook top for 4 years. One of the wok burners became faulty. After 2 visits from repairer recommended by Highlander and $500, burner worse than ever and more parts became faulty from the repairer. Do not know whether should continue to spend money on a repair that may cost me as much as a new unit
Love the wok burners
Only last 4 years

Questions & Answers

The electronic ignition keeps lighting on its own every few seconds. What can I do to fix it?
1 answer
That is a change. Mine will not light at all. I tried to find new igniters but they are not made any more. In fact I cannot find spare parts anywhere except on ebay. I eventually bought a BBQ lighter to light the thing. Try cleaning the element and igniter. There might be food or grease that keeps the knob depressed. Otherwise do what I did. Take the thing to the tip and buy anything but Highland.

Ok highland owners I would like to know if I am the only person in Aussie that has this issue(apparently I am). I have found that the gas controls in the showroom and for the first few weeks of use in my home are silky smooth. After a few weeks and under heat conditions the gas controls become jerky and binding. Not sure if a lack of decent hi-temp grease in the valves or brass bodies distorting/expanding with heat?? Valves I was told are top of the wazzer German made?
4 answers
I am on my second cooktop after moving. Neither suffered that complaintHi, I dont have that particular problem, however, having had the cooktop working for over a year now, I find that I cant control the level of flame as easily as I could initially...ie it seems to be on/off but very little control in between. I had an initial installation installation problem which was quickly and efficiently managed (and we live a long way from Melbourne).. I am just about to address this issue with them, and expect that they will offer the good service they did last time!! (fingers crossed). I really love that this is an Australian company, and really want them to stay in business...so I hope they see the importance of excellent customer service to ensure their survival!Hi, Mine's 11 years old (HP6SS) and never missed a beat. I'm building shortly and the only reason I won't buy another is we are tree-changing and will be off grid so we are having induction. Don't want the hassle of gas. What's with high temp grease? There's no heat at the control valve. It seems the later ones were plagued with the "clicking" igniters but mine's been fine. I have only two grumbles - the screen printing wore off because the cleaners keep scrubbing with Jif despite my insistence not to, and the trivets are a bee's d*** out of level so the oil runs to the front of the pan on the wok burners. Cupboard is level, cooktop is level. They replaced the trivets for free, but they must bend with the heat?

Hi, I recently have problems with my highland cooktop and I have read some reviews it's seem like lots of you have the same problems as mine with the ignitor keep playing up. Has anyone eventually get the problem fix? What is the outcome? I have problems getting the cooktop fix.
6 answers
Yes, we had a representative come out and replace the ignightor system. It is a common problem wirth an easy solution, the original ignition system was substandard. The new parts have operated without fault, the service technician was spot on. AndrewHi, my response is the same as Andrews...our problem was fixed quickly and efficiently by a representative organised by Highland themselves. As we live a long way from the city it was not an actual Highland technician that did the work, but the fellow they sent was excellent. No problems since it was fixedHi Alim Yes we posted that we had a problem with the wok igniters not igniting and Highland would not fix because I was out of warrantee by one month even though this is a known problem of theirs....so they didn't score any brownie points with me for that. Subsequently someone else has pointed out that you still have "statutory rights" after the warrantee is over. However I contacted a gas fitter near me whom is their preferred service agent and he spoke to them on my behalf and managed to get a "free kit" from them that solved the problem. I had to pay for his labour to do it but it did fix the problem and only cost $200 or so dollars. If I had persevered with Highland I think i would have got it done for free so i would try that avenue with them. Our kit which solved the problem had been in for a few months and is still working well. Cheers Ceri


Price (RRP)$3185$3185
Cutout Width960mm960mm
Cutout Depth470mm470mm
Cutout Height60mm60mm
Primary Element6 x Gas6 x Gas
Control PositionFrontFront
Release dateMay 2005May 2005

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