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Holden Commodore VS (1995-1997)

Holden Commodore VS (1995-1997)

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Amazing Vehicle

Fantastic Performance, easy handling, long distance capability fantastic, Performs well and low noise
I like the comfort of adjustable manouvering with the front seats, plenty of leg room back and front, clear vision through windshield, dashboard does not block any view. The car has been very reliable and maintained. Running costs around $100 a full tank. Needs regular service to maintain performance.

Badge60th Anniversary
Engine Size6 cylinder
Date PurchasedOct 2010

Owned it for close to 8 years and never had a problem.

Q:How would I best describe my VS Commodore?

A: A product of its management.

One thing that buyers of this car-age-demographic often forget is that this car is likely to be subject to two main factors affecting it's performance and behaviour:
1) How it was driven and maintained in its earlier years.
2) How you choose to drive and maintain it.

Ownership and maintenance: One of the best features of cars of this era is the fact that it still encompasses an element of owner serviceability; that is, most home/backyard mechanics can maintain them with ease. Routine services, minor repairs and a raft of modifications can be easily done with a modest selection of tools and intermediate mechanical knowledge. Assuming that you chose to utilise a trustworthy mechanic to maintain it for you, you'll find that VR/VS Commodore parts are relatively inexpensive, making servicing much cheaper. Second hand parts are cheap and easy to get, Wrecking yards/ebay/gumtree are all choking with VR/VS parts of every description.

Longevity/reliability: Whilst no two Commodores are exactly the same, I've owned mine for 8 years and never, ever been let down. It's towed full size (loaded) car trailers, done plenty of circlework on the farm, carried drunk friends home at 3am and carried me to work every time without fail. There are other examples I've personally known and seen last less than a week after purchase before being towed to scrap, but their treatment is questionable at best.

Fuel economy: Not at all bad for a gently driven V6 in a medium/large vehicle body. Flog it an it'll drink heavily, as will any car. My utility returns 13-15L/100kms in town, 9-10L/100kms on the highway. The 304c.i. V8s also fair surprisingly well, but once again, throttle use causes the biggest variation.

Power and handling: Sedans fitted with independent rear suspension handle impressively well for their vintage, with solid (beam) axle sedans and utility's not as nimble (in the fast corners) in my experiences.

Overall: One of the best Aussie-made cars from the '90s. The greatest danger to these cars is poor servicing and impatient owners. If you choose to buy one of these, buy one that appears to have been well loved. This in mind, don't let the loving maintenance end there. Good care will see these cars outlive many new examples. Get it inspected by a good mechanic and expect the need for some ongoing repairs.

Date PurchasedOct 2008
Engine Size3800 EFI OHV V6

Excellent vehicle

This is my wife's car. It has been a real sweet vehicle. It just passed 302,000 kms.
It may be 15 years old, but it is a great car. Built to last for many, many years of driving pleasure to come. Solid, comfortable and reliable. Easy to park, drive and handles well.
The starter motor lasted 301,000 kms as did the ignition barrel. Everything else was great.
Tyres last an average of four and a half years. Standard features are good, too - even if there was no added electric windows or a trip computer. She has used premium fuel - RON 95, that gave us better fuel economy and engine performance.
Good on fuel, generous space inside, cheap to service, spare parts are easy to find at wreckers.
Passenger air bag cover warped in the sun, head lining can droop, some rattles inside can be hard to keep quiet.

Engine SizeV6
Transmission4 speed auto
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I bought a holden vs commodore 97 back 2 years ago. My review on them. Bucket of crap Firstly. Ignition barrel jammed up on me. Had hot wire my the car to get it back to the machanic cost 254.00. Starter motor went on it another 452.00. power steering went on it. I dident want to replace that. as it was going to cost 400.00 Leaking power steering fluid. plus not to menton The diff was on its way out, So much money spent on that car i could of saved up on a toyota.

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Questions & Answers

My brake lights come on when i turn my headights on. I have taken out the fuse and the brake lights still come on. They flicker after a bit and then turn off. When i press the brake pedal the parker lights come on. With the fuse out for the brakes the parkers dont come on. Any help greatly appreciated.
1 answer
That seems like it's extremely likely to be a electrics problem. As it's difficult to find electrode faults so i would recommend to take the car to a holden australia workshop or even better - perhaps a reasonable auto electrician workshop may be able to help. I also found ultratune auto service centres experts at diagnosis and repairs of faults

I'm having problems with my vs commodore when I get to 60km my revves go stupid and I notice today that my radio light is fading in and out does anyone know what is wrong with my Lola?
1 answer
Check battery terms are tight. Check earth strap on wiring loom at relevant points. Are not loose n clean fuses n all the above.

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