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Holden Commodore VT

Holden Commodore VT

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Just works.

Almost a 20 year old car and it's still going strong. Has nice power and no major issues yet, only the usual maintenance has been needed so far. With a few updates like a new headunit and headlight restoring kits the car still looks great and drives great. I've put in a reverse camera which fits into the rear number plate light and that works perfectly too.

Engine Size5.0
Date PurchasedMay 2010

had car for 16 years incredible car, it just keeps going

I bought the car at a Govt auction in 2000, the car was under a year old with 30,000 on the clock, I have added another 320,000kms (now 350,000) and have never had a spanner laid on the engine or gear box, it has only had 1 gear box oil change 2 years ago, I do change the engine oil every 6 months, I do the simple tune ups, (oil filter, petrol filter, oil change, squirt of carby cleaner in the air intake, change the plugs every 3 years, change the radiator fluid every 2 years. brake disc pads when required the only issue is a slight ticking caused by a manifold bolt broken allowing a slight airgap when cold which disappears after its warmed up, the front passengers seat has a broken strap (still feels comfortable) the aircon needs a new compressor, the front door window winder is on the way out. the paints still great (orion silver) it has absolutely no rust in the body or underneath) 1 week ago my friends big Ford territory broke down towing his ford sedan that had a crash in hilly country in Kalamunda shire, I towed them both back over 20 kms each up steep hills with no problems, the amount of room in the rear of this station wagon makes the Dr Who tardis look small, its had everything in there including a 7 foot table and 8 chairs. This would be one of the best cars for money you can buy and I would recommend it for anyone, its quick, cheap to maintain, good mileage per fuel and safe and comfortable, a great family car and Ive had 4 Nissans 2 fords a saab and am quite experienced maintaining vintage and modern vehicles being an ex RAAF tradesman so Iam qualified to say so.

Engine Size3.6 v6

Not really recommend

Common problem is aircon compressor not working. Airbag light is on. Many parts are installed from underneath. (I think the designer bans DIY). But I have to admit the previous owner didn't take care of this car. Pretty much every month I spent money on changing new parts. Good point is spacious room and a big boot.

Date PurchasedJul 2015

Right About Everything Except The Resale Value.

A wonderful car. Had mine from near new. Ex Sydney 2000 Olympic Games car, had 300Kms on the clock at purchase. But it's value today is only in keeping it. Was thinking of upgrading to a Camry Hybrid so put it up for sale at $4K with only 82000 on the clock and seems like I couldn't give it away. Not that I want to. It has always been and still is such an entirely rewarding car to drive and to own.


Late model commodore.

Mine had over 380,000 admittedly I looked after it. I was 2nd owner had 60,000. Was written off accessor said it was the best he'd seen give age and Ki's. Although, given the review I would now think twice, however my VT Calais ran 7.2 hwy 12.5 City
It was the most reliable I ever owned. Just regular services, touch ups and of cause good tyres rotated and balanced regularly .
Thanks All,


Engine SizeV6 lt

Holden Commodore Series 2 Auto SS 5.7 Litre

After an absence of nearly 2 and a half years, I came back to the Holden Commodore family (My last Commodore was a black VX V6 series 2). In that time I had a number of late model Japanese and European cars.

I wanted to have a car again, that was fun and that I could work on.

Doing my research I decided to buy a Commodore SS in the VT range. I wanted a V8 with all the modern comforts at a 'CHEAP' price and this model fit the brief.

Commodore prices (in the VT-VY range) have hit 'rock bottom' in my view. Checkout the online sales websites and your local papers.

There are some real bargains to be found if you are prepared to look around and not rush into buying. As thing get tough in the economy, a little cash can buy a bargain.

I found my Series 2 VT SS (which is a one owner 220 000 kms) w/factory HBD sunroof, service history, log books, in heron white for $3500, after some tough 'haggling'.

The car is 'stock standard' right down to the exhaust.

The thing about the VT (and VX,VY) range of Commodores, is that parts are cheap. In particular whole cars can be bought cheaply & wrecked for parts. OEM & non genuine items can be readily found on-line and locally through car part outlets.

There is an excellent Commodore 'on-line presence'. Any problems that you encounter can be sorted by looking up Google or the many enthusiast sites, such as the 'Just Commodores' forum. Members are only to happy to help and there is a wealth of information. Do you research before you purchase.

First point of order is to get a workshop manual, as there are many things you can do yourself with a little perseverance and minimal mechanical knowledge.

Also get yourself a diagnostic code reader to help when the engine or other dash warning lights that may come on.

I bought a 'cheapie' on-line and it tells me the fault codes. Which you can then find out about on-line and either rectify yourself, or at least have the knowledge before you see a mechanic.

The 5.7 litre Chevrolet sourced LS1 is a great engine. Plenty of power (220kw) in 'stock' form.

Personally this is more than enough for me, but you may be different. You can get great power gains from these engines (with simple 'bolt on' items), but I prefer to leave them 'stock'.

The LS1 is also quite good on fuel when not driven hard. But if you worry about fuel economy, DON'T buy a V8.

My advice is to buy a Series 2 VT SS. There were issues such as oil consumption with some earlier VT's, but that was sorted by the time the Series 2 was released.

Yes you can get great VX and VY SS's bargains, but I did not want to spend more than $4000 grand so these were beyond my budget.

Also look around and try to find a unmodified SS, whatever model with minimum modifications.

The previous owner of mine installed a rear camber kit, new shocks all round and new front bushes. Installing a rear camber kit is important, as the rear suspension 'squat' chews through tires, keep that in mind.

Make sure there is no damage to the body kit. Most owners will tell you they are an easy fix, they are, if you have money or are prepared to chase around second hand ones. Allow colour matching & fitting in your budget or deduct from the purchase cost.

Avoid cars that have super low suspensions. Mine has the factory FE2 suspension which with new shocks & handles fine without being too low or excessively firm.

Another issue is the rear main seal. Mine was replaced. This is a engine out job to replace the seal. Not a 'deal breaker' but does cost (for someone else to do it), so make sure this has been done or knock some money off the price to cover costs - around $500 - $1000.

The gearbox is the standard turbo 700 and is robust when looked after. Avoid 'shift kitted' transmissions as it means the car has been trashed and driven hard.

Generally look for leaks from the power steering, water pumps etc. These are not 'deal breakers' but take money off the purchase price to cover repairs.

The interior has SS inserts in the seat. Avoid 'custom' interiors as it is harder to return the car to original and harder to sell. There are some real 'ugly' combinations out there!

The leather steering can fray and deteriorate so check it. Also make sure the hood lining doesn't sag, seats have not collapsed, in particular the drivers side bottom half and the rear pockets come off the back of the seats.

All are fixable and can be sourced but haggle the price of the car down if this needs doing.

Also check the heater and air con as well. If someone says the air cond 'just needs a regas' this means there is a leak in the system which could be just a hose or something more serious which is expensive.

Overall Holden quality is patchy but I love this car. It's an 'old school' muscle car with a few mod-cons. People like the old holdens (as I do) but I'm not going to pay crazy $10 000 up prices for 202 kingswoods. Look at the crazy prices people pay for 'classic' Holdens, then check out Commodore prices.

There are a lot of 'seller dreamers' out there who have over capitalised on their cars and want you to pay for 'their' over capitalisation. Be smart, look around and take advantage.

The SS is a lot of car for little money and above all is FUN!

Engine Size5.7

The best car ever

We got our 1999 Vt Commodore in 2004 with 140000 on the clock! We have never had an issue with this car. In the past 10+ years this car has safely taken our family of 5 to Darwin, Brisbane, New South Wales and canberra (numerous times) and Victoria (numerous times). It is spacious (larger inside than our Prado) and as we have a station wagon, can carry loads of shopping, furniture, hardware, you name it. It now has 330000 on the clock. We are definitely a 'treat em mean keep em keen' kind of family so she has not been the best looked after car. We are now purchasing a new car as the time is right but the old faithful girl just wont die. The last time we took her to get a service we were told she would overheat in the summer as there was oil in the water, blah, blah,blah. Her temperature never goes higher than half way and has not skipped a beat. We love her and will be so sad to see her go.


Awesome car.

I've had one of these cars for 3 years now. Even though I was told "It's no good! It's got 306,000km on the clock! The electronics are shot! Don't buy it!" I still bought the car for a nice cheap 2400 bucks. Let me be blunt, This car is the best car I have ever driven. Out of all of the cars me and my family have we are always looking to my good old commodore for assistance. The engine has only skipped one beat since I bought it and that was almost immediately after I bought it when the alternator died... Which was fixed for 100 bucks and a bit of elbow grease and it was purring like a kitten the very next day. Hasn't had a problem since!

Not only do these cars provide PLENTY of space. Fitting my entire 6'9" body in there with room to spare but it also provides a lot of power under the bonnet. Now it's not some super car or anything but needless to say this thing has no problem whatsoever getting to 110 quickly in a pinch.

Not only that but the electronics in the car are a mighty fine piece of kit! Not only do all four power windows still work up and down after all these years. But every single gauge is accurate to a T. I know cause I've driven past many speed testers and the speedo was always a single km higher than the speed tester would say and the petrol gauge is spot on! Like really. My trip meter said 63.5 litres since my last refill when I filled up the other day and I put in EXACTLY 63.5 litres to fill it up. Also if you press UP and MODE when you start the car it gives you a digital speedo! Which is just cool!

The car gets a lot out of a single tank too. Now it is a V6 so getting a lot of km in the city isn't going to be easy. However when me and my friend trekked from Canberra to Melbourne a couple years back we filled up the tank in Canberra and we got to Melbourne when we decided to fill up (I wasn't exactly sold on the petrol gauge being accurate just yet) and when we filled up we found out there was still 20 litres in the tank! Enough to get us at least another 120km through Melbourne or so.

Now that being said as much as I love to praise this car (Because it's an awesome car) there are a couple gripes I have with it. First of all the cup holders are too small. If you're getting a 600ml bottle of something, forget the cup holders cause it won't fit. Second of all you can't push the back seats forward to expand the boot space. That gets rather annoying.

But apart from that this car has been an awesome car. It's currently done 356,000km on the clock and it's showing no sign of slowing down.
Lots of space, Very comfortable, Very powerful, Accurate instruments, Parts are very easy to find and cheap too, The car itself is cheap, Lots of mileage on the highway.
The cup holders are too small, The seats in the back don't move forward, It drinks a lot of petrol in the city.

Engine Size3.8L V6
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G'day can I ask what model your talking about? I'm looking at purchasing one and am curious on models. Yours certainly sounds fantastic!

This VT Commodore will be the last Holden I will ever buy, had 4 Holdens & only one was any good

The last Holden I will ever buy. Always something wrong with it. the last straw was when airbag/seat belt sensor went on so wouldn't pass rego until it was fixed. Turned out airbag was problem even though never been in an accident (bought it new in 1998)waited 3 months cause GMH didn't have a airbag in country (can you believe it the biggest selling Holden the VT and they had to order from overseas) Got lots of delaying excuses from supplier, Dealer & GMH (eg waiting to pass through quarantine , in port at Melbourne etc when in fact hadn't even arrived in country. was my 4th & will be my last Holden ever. (PS car maintenance & service was followed per GMH recommendations)

Engine Size3.8 V6

Good old cheap holden-value for money.

I have owned a lot of old cars mostly fords and one camry,and this car is great as a secondhander because ther is no timingbelt and front wheel drive cvjounts to worry about,I think its the best looking car ever made by holden and one of the largest but its not to bad on fuel if you take it easy,these cars like long trips out in the country so if its not runing the best make sure there are no vacuum leaks or water leaks and take it for a long drive,it will tune itself up.
Reliable big and safe easy to work on- plenty of used parts,new parts are cheap- and will last many klms- plus good resale value.
You need to drive slowly to be good on fuel,the throttle cable is rapted around the firewall wiring and will kink and bind rerout it across the engine,


We have a Acclain Station wagon that we have owned for 4 years. We have not had many problems with the Commodore apart from the back tyres. We had ours converted to gas and it has been failry economical on this. We use it for towing all kinds of things without any problems. Being a station wagon has meant we have been a able to move all kinds of things and the back of it is very roomy. The seats are comfortable and it is great to drive. Recommended.
Strong and can pull our trailer no worries. It has aged well and we have not had too many problems with it. Ours does not have power windows etc so we have not had problems with electronics. Easy dash to understand.
One problem we have had with our VT Commodore is that that rear wheels are not aligned properly so there the tyres wear on the inside first. We have been told that you need an after market kit align the wheels correctly.

i would dare say the car has been in an accident or some user reason (am in no way saying you did it, probably was a previous owner) as generally when the rear wheel allignment is out it was a minor accident, or going rough on it. that is my experience anyway :) hope this helps if you are wondering why, you may want to get it checked every now and then, i know my old car was in an accident (rear ended or something like that) and they suggested i got the rear wheels alligned every 4 months i think, i just did all 4 every 2 months with the km's i do though :)Hi James! Thanks, it's now two years later (since I did my review) and the VT is still kicking at 257, 000km.The air con has just given up and will cost $1300 to fix which we are unsure if we should do as the car is probably only worth $3000 now. The car has not let us down though. It has never had a proper service as my husband has been doing it. We do have a leak in the power steering that we need to get fixed but really it has done so well for a 14 year old car. Not sure about the accident. Thanks!Rear inner tyre wear is very common on these models and was fixed on the VXII model when rear castor adjustment arms were fitted. Rear castor adjustment bushes can be fitted in the the rear of VT-VX models to fix this prioblem.

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Engine heat goes down when driving over 50 km / h and after I stop, the heat goes up to normal I checked with mechanic the heat of the engine with laser after driving and everything was normal What could be the problem?
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Anyone know what i mean

I keep blowing my fuese when I put my car in to reverse anyone have an idea what it could be
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Vx Commodor I put WINDSCREEN SOAP IN RADIATOR. Will there be a problem as all ok now?
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Holden Commodore VT
CategoryWagons, Cars and Sedans
Starting Price $44,400
TransmissionAutomatic and Manual
Drive TypeRear Wheel Drive (RWD)
Fuel TypePetrol
Wheels17" Alloy
Fuel Consumption8 L/100km
Fuel Tank Capacity 75 L
Engine8 Cylinder 5.7L
Max Power220kW @ 5000rpm
Max Torque446Nm @ 4400rpm
Country of ManufactureAustralia
Manufacturer Warranty3 year(s)
Release dateJan 1997
Discontinuation dateDec 2000
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