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Holman Dial EZY Controller

Holman Dial EZY Controller

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Same problem as IAN 11 NOVEMBER 18

Second controller, wont retain settings .Horrible product. Pity, i had previous model for years
Worked fine.Have contacted holman via there email contact page. Haven't heard back.They should recall product and issue refund. Obviously all controllers are duds.Refunds and apologies should be issued. Make whomever is responsible for this batch accountable

Date PurchasedNov 2018
Hello Ddk, thank you for your review. We are available on 1300 716 188 for assistance with controllers and programming. We are happy to replace this item for you if it is indeed faulty. Please return it to us at PO BOX 1538 Osborne Park WA 6916. Alternatively, you are welcome to return it to your place of purchase with your docket for an exchange or refund. Thank you, your Holman Team!I already returned the first one for a replacement at Bunnings. If I do another one they will either think I am an idiot, or something funny is going on. How can I be confident that a THIRD one will function correctly, it appears the entire batch has a chip errorplease call our service team who will walk through the programming with you to check it is not a programming error, they will then be able to replace it for you if it is indeed faulty. 1300 716 188.

Dial easy

Does not retain input values, date,time, start time, run times defaults when you turn the dial back to auto. Have to reset the times every time than it loses the information when you switch back to auto. Ok it's a brand new unit and doesn't do what you claim it should do.

Date PurchasedNov 2018
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Hello Ian, please call us on 1`300 716 188 for assistance with this. Thank you, your Holman Team!

which wires do you connect to get power and to use auxiliary manual water outlet from bore

The connection details are different from one Holman to another Holman irrespective of the same number of solenoid connections, when my brand new controller is turned on to power, it tells me the battery is faulty, far from happy, totally inconvenient, supplier too far away to make easy warranty return

Date PurchasedJun 2018
Hello, This not a fault with the Controller. The "Batt Fault" will only flash when there is not a 9v battery connected. Please connect a battery to the battery strap and you will find the Batt Fault will stop flashing. It is not necessary to connect battery the Controller will work fine without one, but if you don't it will continue to flash. If you are wanting a Controller that has the Auxiliary connectors then you will need one from our K Rain range. Please contact Customer Service on 1300 716 188 if you have any other questions.thankyou.

holman pro 469

Hi ,
What a lot of crap , I have spent so much wasted time trying to get the irrigation set up .
The same thing is happening to the controller that I have . I have had this for over 2 years and has never worked properly .
I have only 1 program set to go off with 4 stations . Station 1 starts when its supposed to but station 2,3 and 4 all start one after another and not at the times that they are set to start and the entire cycle will just keep on going .

Date PurchasedMay 2015
Hello Martin, this is a common mistake, you have set too many start times. You need set only a single start time then, yes, the other stations will automatically run sequentially. Each of your valves can be programmed individually with this versatile controller, just be sure to set a station to OFF if you do not want it to run. Please call us from programming assistance on 1300 716 188. Thank you, your Holman Service Team!Thank you for the comment but I have only set each station to go of once. Can you please advise if there is some way of setting the controller back to a default mode, that will solve everything if what you wrote is correct . Cheers, MartinHello Martin, you need set ONE start time, not one for each station. If you have set one for each station, the programme will restart for each time you have entered, hence the reason your stations are continually running. Unplug your unit and remove the 9V battery for a half hour, this will reset your unit. Please call us on 1300 716 188 and we will walk thru the programming with you.

It is so easy to set and forget just great when you program properly I love my dual timer. It is my

Dual timer is my jewel so easy and saves me so much time I’m now thinking about getting the 400 I am so impressed with the 200 . My front lawn has never looked so good now I can put the mower to good use and give myself a workout as well . Don’t know why the bad reviews I give it top marks.

Date PurchasedJan 2018
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Hello Rhonda, Thank you for your review. We are an Australian owned and operated company and are very proud of our products and services. Should you need any assistance, you are welcome to contact our team on 1300 716 188. Thank you, your Holman Service Team!

I have bought a dial ezy plus

I bought installed myself I cant understand why low reveiws rating by others out there
I have used other makes before
This is so easy use and works great
If you have a problem read a very easy manual see the internet video

I had a problem then i rang hollman staff in western Australia it was a user problem
And they answered and where great helpful
the problem was solved

So easy too use than expensive models on the market
Im waiting to see rain senor works (when it decides to rain)
Well done to hollman staff and thanks and great work.
They do know there products well

Date PurchasedJan 2018
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Hello Vince, Thank you for your review! We are Australian owned and operated. If you require any further assistance, you are welcome to call us on 1300 716 188 Thank you, your Holman Service Team

Power supply plugpack fail within 12 months

I bought the Dial EzyPlus from Bunnings. The power supply plug pack failed recently. Brought this to Bunnings for an exchange but was informed the EzyPlus is no longer available and they are unable to assist :-(.

Very upset as I paid $89 for this. Would have expected the power supply to last longer than this. Power supply is kept indoor and no chance of rain damage.

Date PurchasedApr 2017
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Hello J.L. Thank you for your review. We are sorry to hear this has happened. You should have been asked to contact us directly by Bunnings staff. We are happy to assist you with either an equivalent replacement controller, or easily supplied a replacement transformer. Please call us on 1300 716 188 and we will assist you further. Thank you, your Holman service Team!

Tricky but worth it!

So easy to instal. Had a bit of trouble programming my timer but called the staff there and they were amazingly patient going thru all the programming with me. Wonderful Australian support
My irrigation now runs perfectly and i am very happy with it. Such a great product for a beginner gardener like myself and at a budget price. Good job Holman

Date PurchasedJan 2018
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Thank you Leanne for your review. We are Australian owned and operated. If you require any further assistance, you are welcome to call us on 1300 716 188 Thank you, your Holman Service Team!


I have bought 5 DIALEZY controllers and every time they seem OK until they are turned off for winter... on switching on in summer the programmes are still in memory but clock loses up to 4 hours ever day. They really are only reliable for the 12 months of warranty and seem to fail just outside warranty ... will not buy another one.

Date PurchasedSep 2016
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Hello Glen, than you for your review. We are sorry to hear you have had such a disappointing experience with our controllers. This is not a common problem with our controllers and we would love you to contact us in this regard, 1300 716 188. Thank you, you Holman Service Team!

Generally very good but very unhappy with Holman

Hi, I have used Holman for some years, I did have an 8 station on my front garden but found it hard to program due to the time limitation for settings, so I purchased Dial ezy Plus, great easy to program, I only used it for a short period in that summer and did not use during the winter, this new one was only a 6 station but I found it suitable with a little rearrangement of the tricklon.
As I had not been using my reticulation most of the pop ups have been over grown, normally I would have done my own maintenance, but due to an injury to my back and shoulder I got a retic guy in to give me a quote, he used the controller to cycle the pop ups and tricklon and decried the Holman controller, wanted to sell me a Orbit at $200 , I accepted the quote and work was supposed to be done to day, I went out yesterday to turn it off as their were storms coming and this resulted in smoke and a burning smell, of course the controller no longer worked and being an electrical engineer it was obvious, I was surprised about the burning as the out puts had "Electronic fuses" (some sort of clamp if the circuit overloaded), as the unit had a 2 year guarantee I was off to Bunnings for a replacement, where I found the unit was no longer available, so I took a Dial ezy which while not having the enhancements of the Plus I could get the optional box as noted in the instruction manual, ha ha this box was no longer available., Bunnings were very helpful and they said they would use their special order system, they phoned me this morning and told me the box was unavailable.
This comes to the point where I say I have never to my memory had a Holman controller fail, just a few programming problems so why am I unhappy with Holman? Firstly the Dial ezy Plus failed clearly due to a short, ( I have checked my system and can not fault it) With the electronics fuses the unit should have shut down with out burning up. Secondly it could not be replaced as it was not available any more even though it had a 2 year guarantee, and the Dial ezy I purchased, instruction manual said there was an optional box available which it is not.
I believe I could have transferred the one I bought to the old box had I been able to dismantle it (4 screws) but thinking of warranttee I did not do so, the Bunnings guy did try but it is against their policy and he was not electrically literate.
So I think you can see why I am unhappy with Holman, going from never having had a complaint about the Holman controllers to wanting to tear my hair out due to their administration about the real world.

February 8th 2018 Update: This is the first failure I have had with a controller, my concerns was with the Holman administration

The controller was a EZY dial plus which had gone up in smoke, it was only 12 months old with little use, it had a 2 year warranty, I took it back to Bunnings for a replacement, where I found that the model was no longer available, neither was the weather proof boxes. (I ended up buying a Dial EZY and that is why I was looking for a box) Bunnings contacted Holman on my behalf and then got back to me saying the Plus model was not available or the Boxes).

I was upset not because of the failure but that Holman could not cover their obligation of the warranty, so I wrote a review explaining the story, I got a response from Holman asking me to contact them on an email or phone number, I choose the email but later found that I had to phone, (Had I phoned in the first case it would have saved a lot of frustration and typing.
This one phone call solved the problems, the people at Osborne Pk were lovely and understanding of the situation and went to their ware house and found a number of the Dial EZY Plus controllers, they could not understand why Bummings had been told otherwise.

Clearly there had been a communication problem, and this would not have occurred had I gone directly to Holman, part of the problem is people that deal with Bunnings know that if you have a problem with a product take it back and Bunnings will replace or refund, in this case they could not do that.

Hopefully this review has cleared things up, I have only had one failure of a Holman controller in the many years I have been using them and found them reliable, and if you do have any sort of problem contact Holman direct, and the product review area is a good place to start. Once in touch they are very helpful people.

Date PurchasedNov 2016
Hello Greenink, thank you for your review. If you have any queries or require any further assistance, including warranty issues, you are welcome to call or contact us on 1300 716 188 service@holmanindustries.com.au Thank you, your Holman Service Team!Sorry for the late reply, I have been away during the holiday period. As I said in the review I do not from memory think I have had a Holman controller ever fail, and the Dial ezy Plus being electronically current protected, I would not have expected a failure. I am still upset that Bunnings could not replace the faulty unit as it had a 2 year warrantee and mine was just 12 months old and with little use, Bunnings confirmed with Holman that the Plus was no longer available. That Bunnings did not carry the optional case for the dial ezy and they confirmed with Holman that it was not available. The Dial ezy I took in exchange of the plus unit had an operating book let which said a case was available, again we know this is not correct. Bunnings did give me a rebate of $24 as the difference in cost between the Dial ezy and the Dial ezy Plus. Because of logistics I have had to mount the Dial ezy indoor unit in the same location as the Plus unit was, luckily I have never had rain ingress in to this location due to the weather pattern. So I now have an indoor unit with out the protection of a case, it only has a fuse for protection, (not that the electronic protection of the Plus unit seemed to function). and is not water proof. So what did I expect from Holman? As it was a warranty item with only 50% of the warranty used, if Holman no longer made the Plus unit I expected them to supply a unit with the equivalent specification of the Plus unit as the best option, or a refurbished Plus unit with a warranty. Of course with no further cost to me. Lastly the Dial ezy controller was checked prior to the maintenance guy doing his work and after I had installed the Dial ezy, there was no fault to the system, the controller failed after I had operated the switch.Hello Greenlink, We honour our warranties and are happy to assist with these wherever we are able. Bunnings should have referred you to us, we cannot assist if you do not contact us. you are welcome to call with regards to any product matter on 1300 716 188. Thank you, your Holman Service Team!

Health Hazard

This unit compared to the 28 year old mechanical one it replaced is difficult to program, for the not so young, make sure the unit is at eye level, as recommended, then struggle with the tiny writing identifying each function. This unit should come with a health hazard warning, EZY is misleading, setting up 6 stations for 1start is a health hazard, in my opinion, setting up 6 for multiple starts could prove deadly. This unit flashes OFP for OFF which was not a good start, will have to search for a mechanical controller and bin this, bought on eBay (will I never learn) at least Bunnings take returns over the counter.

Date PurchasedAug 2017
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Thank you Scholl for your review, you are most welcome to call our wonderful tech team in customer service and they will walk thru the programing with you. Thank you, your Holman Service Team!


Im having the same problem. After the winter lay up - i.e. unit switched to OFF - turning unit back on to test run to AUTO the unit registers 'faulty' and 'AC supply'
Using a test meter across the transformer output terminals (orange wires) correct current is showing at approx 27 volts ( 24 output from transformer).
Unit is less than 1 year old and already not working. Single station not working, test run not working. New battery replaced. Glass fuse checked and ok.
Not impressed at all. Old unit still worked even tho LED display was faded.

Date PurchasedDec 2016
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Hello, Sorry to hear you are experiencing difficulties with your unit. Please call our customer Service Team on 1300 716 133 and we will be happy to help.

Just purchased a new unit to replace the old one, good controllers once set up correctly

Have used Holman Dial Ezy controllers before and never had a any issues if they are set up correctly'
I have a CRS1556PR I replaced the old Dial Ezy I had that was about 8 years old, so old the housing perished and the numbers faded, never missed a beat, not bad for around 8 years and it was in the house when we bought the house so is likely older.
Before you go and condemn any product make sure you have followed procedure to set it up, it is a computer after all. They must be installed on thousands of homes all over Australia, go figure the odds of getting a bad one.

Cheers gardeners

Date PurchasedApr 2017
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Hello gardener, Thank you for your review! We would average around 90% of issues customers have with this product are incorrect programming! We are available to assist all our customers on 1300 716 188. Controllers can be tricky to set-up for first time users, and we pride ourselves on great customer service for assistance with this. Thank you, your Holman Team!

Unit is faulty, when I switch to set day intervals it just shows me the current time

Unit is faulty, when I switch to set day intervals it just shows me the current time of day...it's useless like this, goes off every day. This unit was installed about 8 months ago by landscaper and I don't have a receipt... Has cost me a lot in wasted water and has killed my Murraya hedge by overwatering according to nurseryman. Cost me $160 to replace 21 plants. Keep away from Holman, it's junk.

Date PurchasedJul 2016
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Hi Scooterman, thank you for contacting us. To assist you further please call our customer service team on 1300 716 188. They will be happy to talk you through programming and try to fix the fault, they will also be able to assist you with a replacement unit if product is faulty. We look forward to hearing from you. Your Holman Service Team.

Just keeps watering!

My Ezy Controller just decides it wants to re-run the programs continuously. I set 4 solenoids to go off 15 mins apart. After the 4th it starts again until I switch the dial to off and then back to Auto for my next day of watering. Hardly "Ezy". The clock is also losing time so I have to adjust it each week. Wouldn't buy another one.

Date PurchasedNov 2016
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This is a programming error. You need to have a single start time set, with start 2, 3 and 4 set to off. This will fix the issue. Thank you, your Holman Team!


Just bought two of these products and both are consistently giving me trouble. The latest problem is both at different times telling me there is a power fault. Can explain this product in one word (as in title) Rubbish.

Date PurchasedSep 2016
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Hi Troy, Thank you for reviewing one of our products. What you describe indicates a problem with the power supply which could be caused by a faulty transformer or simply a blown fuse caused by a faulty solenoid. Can you get in contact with our service team so we can help you with identifying the problem, please? 1300 716 188

Loose connection inside unit

Bought this Holman Dial Ezy from Bunnings about 6 months ago. It has given nothing but trouble. There is a bad connection in the box which means it requires reprogramming every couple of weeks. It must be on the board because even a new battery doesn't keep the unit memory powered. Unfortunately have lost the bunnings receipt so can't return it. This is the second time that a Holman unit hasn't even lasted one year. Never again!!

Date PurchasedMay 2016
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Hi men, please contact our service team at 1300 716 188 so we can help you further with your controller. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Absolute rubbish!!!

The best and only advice I would give to potential purchasers is; get another product, from another manufacturer!
I bought this from Bunnings to replace a 13 year old Hunter controller because the old one's LCD readout was getting unreliable. This Holman won't be programmed to run more than ONE station! Now I'll get the electrician back to reinstall the Hunter and hopefully get my money back from Bunnings.
Holman?...........NEVER AGAIN!!!

Date PurchasedSep 2016
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Hello Ken, Thank you for taking the time and review one of our products. The Dial Ezy is capable of running more than one station. Please contact our service team to talk you through the set up process to achieve the settings that you are after. We are looking forward to hearing from you. 1300 716 188

Absolute rubbish

I have had two of the holman Dial Ezy controllers and both have failed. I do not recomend this product to anyone. Absolute crap.

A piece of junk! Bad product and customer service.

Much like another post here, this is also the last product I’ll ever buy from Holman. I’m surprised Bunnings sells this junk. Unfortunately Bunnings range of Holman products is increasing.

The only good thing is that the Dial EZY is that it’s easy to program. It’s very unreliable, mine turned itself on even in “off mode”. The build quality is cheap.

This is the sixth item I’ve bought from Holman that has failed. I’ve had sprinklers, a WaterWhiz system and valves fail only after a very short time. Their customer service is no better, I only got a reply from them when pushed by Bunnings. And they didn’t even offer an apology for the amount of time and money I’ve wasted on their products.

Very poor for an Australian company - I purchase overseas now, professional brands like Hunter, not only are they sometimes cheaper but much better quality. As for Holman - never again!

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Questions & Answers

Hi I've got a Dial Ezy 4 station controller. I installed, programmed but wont turn on solenoids. I've tried to run each station but just doesn't happen. Thought is must be wiring issue. So I rewired it using new cable joiners and same thing. When I try to check current for each station, press < key and nothing happens; the image on screen doesn't change. Does that mean no current?
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Hello Ray, please give our Customer Service Team a call on 1300716188 and they will go through it with you. Thank you your Holman Team.

Why does my controller which is a pro 469 show no loop nothing working
1 answer
Hello John, I am unsure what the issue is here, please let me know so I can assist, or do give us a call on 1300 716 188 and we will walk thru the issue with you. Thank you, your Holman Team!

I am looking to buy one of these and ask can I set each station to run on a different day to another. That is , for example, could I set it to run 3 stations only every second and to then run a different 3 stations on every 3rd day?
1 answer
Hello Robert, yes, this is possible with the Dial EZY indoor station controller. Thank you, your Holman Team!

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