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HomeBrand Baby Wipes

HomeBrand Baby Wipes

2.2 from 40 reviews

Other Homebrand (Packet form) Better than Huggies *NZ review

I don't use the one Pictured but I do use The Homebrand Fragrance Free Baby Wipes
*White, Red and Green 80 Pack with an Octopus and Star Fish

I used Huggies for a couple years but once my 2nd was born I started using them on my face and it would dry and irritate me (guessing the alcohol?) I then decided to try all the cheaper options as I wasn't keen to continue using them on my kids...

Homebrand is only $2p/pack at Countdown NZ!
Not as thick as Huggies but def not too thin! Yes occasionally you need a couple wipes however I have not once experienced any rashing on my kids since the change so I am more than happy to compensate knowing my kids don't need creams etc

Watch out for rashes with the Select Brand baby wipes

I can't find anything on Woolworths Select 80 Unscented Baby Wipes, so have to warn parents here to watch baby for any rashes. We are both adults who have used the Select brand for a long time now. We used them everywhere:- Toilet, bathroom, kitchen, bbqs and glovebox of 2 cars. Made in USA, and were great! Never had a problem! Now since Woolworths has recently changed their Manufacturer to China, we have both had nothing but pain, misery and distress! I suffered worse because i also use them to remove make-up. My eyes/ face became red, swollen & itchy and my hands have been left with scars from the rash. You can just imagine the distress after using them in the toilet. Was in agony. Had to force an urgent appointment, because none were available. What really bothers me is the fact that the Chinese manufacturer has changed the ingredients, but all other wording on the pack is same as when USA was making them. The chemicals they are using burns the skin. I've told Woolworths this, but last time i looked, they were still on the shelves. If these Chinese wipes have badly affected two adults, what are they going to do to a baby? They are supposed to be safe for babies, and they also state that they are safe for face/ hands too. We have now switched to Coles 80 pack Thick Baby Wipes, Fragrance Free. Have been great! No problems, and they are made in USA, so hope Coles don't change these wipes.

Swollen, red, itchy rashes.

Hii, sorry to hear about your experience. I have recently bought these Select baby wipes as they were $8 for a box of 480 with the baby and toddler club offer (SO CHEAP). So far i have not had any problems but i've heard that they were recalled in new zealand because they had a chemical that was not up to NZ standards, i have emailed woolworths to see whats going on but havent got an answer yet. Curious to see the outcome and if they will recall in Australia as well.. But like i said, so far i havent got any issues. All the best to you.Thanks, Nicole. Your Wipes appear 2b different, so hope they stay good. The ones that caused rashes were the 80 pack of Select Unscented Baby Wipes in a soft pack for $3.00.

This product needs a design ASAP

We have always used huggies wipes. I dropped her off a 7am, and My daughter ran out of branded wipes at school and these home brand were utilized. In 9 hours her bum was red with blisters poor effect and product. Now I have a screaming baby and a broken hart my baby is in pain
Liked nothing about it
Product as a whole.

Average quality

These will do in a pinch but I wouldn't buy them again.

The size and thickness is good, however they're a bit too dry - sometimes several are needed to wipe off all the mess on baby's bottom.

The wipes don't pull each other out of the packet, so you need to spend extra time fiddling around to pull out a new one each time. When the packet is getting low, this becomes a real annoyance.

The fragrance is nice and not too overpowering.
Thick and strong
Too dry, hard to get out of pack

Good wipes

I tried the homebrand wipes as I wanted to try a cheaper product (used to use the Aldi wipes, which are pretty good, but don't bother going to Aldi anymore as don't use the nappies since they were changed.) The Homebrand wipes are pretty good, not as wet as some wipes, which initially I worried about but I have found it is still gentle on my girls bottom. They are a good size and inexpensive, too. The packet I use isn't the same one as the one in the picture. The one I use contains 80 wipes, so may be a slightly different product... not sure.

Cheap and Nasty

I would never recommend these to anyone. They are cheap and nasty wipes which are better used wiping up puppy poofrom the floor than on a child. They are very cheap and in this instance you get for you pay for.



My mum bought these wipes to use at her house. I hated them. They are too flimsy and too wet. Would not recommend them at all.
Over wet and basically feel like they would be harsh on baby.


These are ineffective as wipes for babies. If you just want some wipes to keep in the car for greasy hands or faces, then these are ok. But I would not recommed these wipes to clean up during a nappy change.
As a general wipe, they will clean a face or hands.
Advertising these a 'baby' wipes implies that they will clean up a pooey bottom, but you would have to use about a million of them to do the job.


They are good for wiping dirty hands without actual lumps of dirt. They are not suitable for cleaning a dirty baby bottom as they are too thin. I bought these once, and it was years ago. I never bought them again after that. Larger thicker wipes, such as huggies are much better for changing number 2's
They are very cheap and readily available at the supermarket
They are not very thick at all, so they are not suitable for changing a dirty nappy. A lot come out of the dispenser at once, which means a few can be wasted


I always keep one of these in the car to clean hands before and after eating while out and about. They are affordable and work well.
These are a great, cheap wipe to quickly to freshen your face or clean hands while out and about. The container is handy and dispenses the wipes one at a time. They are great to clean hands before eating when your hands are not really dirty. They are also great to take on a picnic
I usually prefer unsented wipes, so the smell is not great. The wipes are quite thin and really not great for nappy changing as you are led to believe from the baby picture on the front. I would not use these on a babies sensitive skin. Sometimes you need to use more than one to make your hands feel clean because they are so thin.


I generally like home brand products, so I decided to try these. They're way too thin to clean up any mess, and even for wet nappies the wipes sort of fold and scrunch up on themselves so they're difficult to use. I also really dislike the strong smell that they leave on your hands. Even after washing my hands thoroughly, they still smelled like wipes.
too thin, smell too strong


I only bought it once and never liked it. It's too thin to use on anything. I have to use a few to do a job which I can use only one Huggies wipe to do. So it could turn out more expensive to buy this brand. I'll never buy it again.
Looks cheap and portable.
Too thin and small. So probably more expensive due to having to use more each time!


My baby has very sensitive skin so I am not too comfortable using cheaper brands on her skin. However I have found these wipes handy to keep in the car to use for any mess's or to clean dirty hands. They have been really handy when we go on camping trips or to clean tables in picnic areas.
Very cheap, handy container. Good to keep handy in the car or for camping.
I don't recommend these as baby wipes as they are way too thin, you need to use alot of wipes to clean babies bottom. I don't like how they are so thin that I feel like my fingers are touching my babies poo. YUCK.


I would not recomend these wipes for use on babies, too thin and arn't very effective as they seem to bunch. They are handy to take on a picnic.
Cheap price.
Too thin, container is not a good design, they seen to bunch when you use them on baby's bottom.


These wipes may be cheap but they are a waste of money. I was given a pack and tossed it out after trying them because they were just so awful. The wipes come in one long strip that is perforated between each wipe and they don't separate properly meaning you need two hands and they also tear half way through the wipe. Don't bother with these.
They are possibly one of the cheapest packs of baby wipes.
These are these nastiest wipes I have ever used. They are very rough and thin and are terrible for cleaning up after a dirty nappy. They are very soggy and don't tear off properly from the next wipe.


You won't pay much for these but you will use more than twice as many as they are very thin. Not great for sensitive skin and can be quite soggy and rip easily. If you just want them to keep in your draw at work or in the car to wipe sticky fingers they might be okay but not great for nappy changes.
very cheap
very cheap & nasty! They may not cost much but as they are so thin you will need to use a lot more so it will probably cost just as much in the long run as buying a better brand! They rip easily and very wet & soggy as all the moisture goes to the bottom of the bottle.


Cheaper product than many of the other wipes on the market and you get a lot more wipes to use. Alternatively, for them to be effective when nappy changing you would need to go through around 4 or 5 each time which is a bad factor. I found it more useful as hand wipes rather than baby wipes in the end, as they are just too thin to be effective. Im not a big fan of the packaging either, as it is bulky and the dispenser does not allow the wipes to come out efficiently.
Cheap, includes a lot of wipes
Too thin, cheap quality


I only bought them as a back up if I was out of wipes so they mainly live in the cupboard. Used them for the first time today, wouldn't use them regularily nor recommend them. They are the texture of netting and are very dry. Pretty useless as their lack of wetness does not clean up bottoms, and it feels quite harsh to use against their skin, especially if the skin is a little red. They are the cheapest on the market (at Woolworths) so they serve an economical puspose for those on a very tight budget, but a more expensive brand would probably be more economical as you wouldn't have to use as many wipes per nappy change.
Very cheap
Very thin and not very moist


Stay away from this, I bought two of this on special and believe me, I regret it. I now use them to wipe kitchen bench or to clean up the baby's chair after eating. I use it to clean up spills on the floor of which amazingly is very effective. Never use it for your baby. This one is cheap and ineffective, don't let your baby suffer just to save a few dollars.
very cheap, always on special buy one take one, always on the grocery so its easy to find. Generic brand
the worst product ever, very rough and useless.Wipes are like the cleaning clothes for the kitchen


this product is really crap, i would not buy it ever again and would not recommend it to anyone at all. the wipes are so thin and dry but then towards the end of the pack it is like a pool down the bottom of the packaging. out of all the wipes that i have tried and used this is by far the worst. another annoying thing about this product if the fact that the wipes keeps on breaking apart before it is pulled out of the packaging and therefore to get the wipes out i had to keep on opening the lid, so you will need to have both hands free to use this product.
cheap is about all that i can think of
very thin wipes
wipes are too dry

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Questions & Answers

Please advise why this product is not available at woolworths supermarket? - Morley Galleria WA
1 answer
Hi Graham, I'm sorry I can't advise you as I don't work for Woolies. I answered someone else's question re the wipes, which may help you identify the ones I was talking about: Hi Robert, at Woolies. The packet I was talking about was the one with 80 wipes in it (not the one with150 in the cylinder, which is pictured at the top of these reviews. Avoid that one as the wipes are too thin and probably what other people are talking about.) they changed the packaging and it now has a couple of fish and an octopus on it and comes in a flat packet. Hope that helps.

Where can I buy this baby wipe
1 answer
Hi Robert, at Woolies. The packet I was talking about was the one with 80 wipes in it (not the one with150 in the cylinder, which is pictured at the top of these reviews. Avoid that one as the wipes are too thin and probably what other people are talking about.) they changed the packaging and it now has a couple of fish and an octopus on it and comes in a flat packet. Hope that helps.

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