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Homebrand Eucalyptus / Pine Disinfectant

Homebrand Eucalyptus / Pine Disinfectant

Eucalyptus and Pine
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Never again! This is so watered down & the smell is awful, no it doesn't clean anything.
Cheap & nasty, guess you get what you pay for.
Pay extra get the better stuff you will never look back.

Does the job

Good value as is often typical of Woolwoths' Home Brand, Essentials and Select products.

Bear in mind that according to the media, Home Brand is gradually being phased out although there are no announcements as to which products become 'Essentials' or 'Select' first: I guess in 12 months' time one might turn up at a Woolies and find this product rebranded.

Does the job - no complaints. I like the smell which helps but performance is more important.

Eucalyptus scent, worked a treat!

I have used this product for a while now throughout my home. It's great. Works second to none on my floors leaving a steak free non tacky finish. it's great diluted as a surface cleaner, great in the bathroom, laundry etc. the smells is moderate without overpowering, my husband hates strong disinfectant smell as he says it reminds him of sick. This scent is fresh and clean. Product is excellent value and now I've used it I wouldn't be without it. Give it a try!


Ok for someone wanting a low price cleaning agent without a powerful smell or frangrance .
I have used it to clean my bathroom and toilet as well as kitchen benchtops so does have its merits.
As long as your not looking for something strong smelling then its ok.
Its also heavy to carry in shopping bags being 2 litres.
Cheap,in fact cheaper than all the rest and 2 litres too.
Hardly any smell/fragrance.
Heavy to carry home from shopping.
Didnt really find it effective in cleaning,didnt seem strong enough and more watered down so to speak.

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... the only issue I have with this undrinkable product is... it is the exact same bottle as their drinkable lime cordial bottle!... they look identical to a child!!

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