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Myo Disinfectant Concentrate

Latest review: I add this to the flush water on my porta potty and it is the only disinfectant I have found that does the job properly , better than the purpose made concoctions that cost an arm and a leg. 100ml

Pine O Cleen Liquid Disinfectant

Latest review: I have been using Pine O Cleen for the past 30 years and have always found it to be extremely efficient however, I never really like the perfume of the product until I tried Pot Pourri. I have an

White King All Purpose Bleach

Latest review: Second bottle of useless trigger on mould and soap scum remover powerfoam . When the product does come out it’s very good but pointless if it dribbles and has no power to spray and takes forever to a

Actizyme Natural Safe Pellet

Latest review: with a teaspoon of Actizyme in a bucket of warm water let it dissolve and water on sick plants. may take a few application and you by surprised .I but the same mixture on my silver beet, some thing I

Tri Nature Sphagnum Moss Disinfectant

Latest review: To my knowledge, no company has a product anything like this one. No commercial company because their products are laden with Lot's of Chemicals........and no Natural Products company because for

Homebrand Regular / Lemon Bleach

Latest review: It's a $1.19 from Woolworths. Works fine. Smells like bleach. Works like bleach. Is bleach. I use it to disinfect my sink once a week. I haven't used it on mold yet, but someone in the reviews says

Nu Clenz Eucalyptus / Blue Fresh Disinfectant

Latest review: Nu-klenz Blue Fresh was a great product. The fesh smell was perfect for those of us who do not like the ubiquitus eucalyptus or pine, which smell like public toilets. We also used some in with the

Dettol Antiseptic Disinfectant Liquid

Latest review: Hi there, I’m get really upset when I see the green frog in the jar in your latest ad, please can you stop showing that as I am sure the frog is fine but having it in a jar is not good to see, I live

Euca Smell Expell

Latest review: After being a loyal Euca laundry powder user for more than 3 years I was eager to try this new product from the Euca range. Although it certainly does remove odours extremely well and cleans

White King Concentrated Bleach

Latest review: I discussed with this product and White King in general. Their Consumer Information Service 1800 025 917 just rings out then cuts off. I ran Pental Products and spoke to a lady by the name of Maxine

Homebrand Eucalyptus / Pine Disinfectant

Latest review: Never again! This is so watered down & the smell is awful, no it doesn't clean anything. Cheap & nasty, guess you get what you pay for. Pay extra get the better stuff you will never look

Coles Lemon Smart Buy Bleach

Latest review: After a few hours of soaking a badly mildewed quilt cover in a bathtub with about a quarter of the bottle (mixed in with enough cold water to cover), it appears to have removed all of the mildew, but