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Power Force (Aldi) Mould Away

Power Force (Aldi) Mould Away

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Needs quality assurance....top severed and disaster

I buy this product regularly and like it however, when I used a relatively new bottle the bottle severed from the neck and fell to the floor. It splashed and completely ruined my top and trousers, bleaching them instantly, it also splashed onto my cupboards discolouring them. I was so grateful that my dogs were not around or they would have been blinded and for that matter, had I been kneeling, my eyes would have been affected too.
I contacted aldi, they asked me a million questions, for me to take heaps of pics at every conceivable angle and then told me after i had sent them and had a couple of discussions with them, that there was nothing wrong with the bottle and effectively called me a liar. I don't know how they get their kicks but I actually have better things to do than to make up ridiculous stories about bleaching products!
Aldi should have seriously investigated the complaint because this could ensue as an ongoing issue with more serious consequences. If there are then I suggest that poweforce and aldi will be sued to hell and back given they have already been warned. Just pathetic especially for aldi...so what are their ads about...oh yeah, how to be a spectacular hypocrite.

Purchased in May 2019 for $2.00.

Works well but beware the fumes!

I've used this product very successfully in the shower but yesterday I cleaned the grout in the bathroom floor tiles. The fumes really got to me in my eyes and nose even though I had fans going and the window open. For the rest of the day I had a massive headache and the smell lingered in my nostrils! Whilst it worked well again I'll be wearing a mask next time!

Purchased in March 2019 at ALDI.

Great product

Great product had some mould on some baby items that were in the shed for a while and it removes the mould with In 30 seconds would highly recommend this product for other users

Miracle product. It really works!

I moved into a rental property and the mould in the shower was built up badly. I tried everything to try and remove the mould and clean the shower to no avail. I thought I would give this product a go and it was fantastic! I sprayed it on, walked away for 10 mins and returned to a clean shower without having to scrub it! It's a bonus that it is so cheap. If you have tried everything else with no results I highly recommend you use this product.

Coles brand

I use this product as im a cleaner, its cheap and does an ok job but a client of mine had the Coles brand " bathroom and toilet" cleaner.
It is amazing.
After using if afew times i can see its taking built up calcium off around taps and shower door.
Give it a go!

Absolutely AMAZING results!

I was skeptical but it was either this or the homebrand version from Coles, I went with Aldi and I'm amazed with the results! I've used many alternatives but this did the job in under 5 minutes with only a few sprays- never again will I be spraying vinegar all over the place or scrubbing the walls silly.

different but still Aldi

I couldn't buy "mould away" and used Power Force Pro Bath and Shower cleaner yesterday and it has an xcellent result. I don't know how long the mould will stay away.

Perfect for fast and easy bathroom clean

It comes in an easy to use trigger bottle and is very good for mould. I used it in our showers - 15 minutes after spraying it on the tiles were clean and shiny again! It outperforms others, in fact, its better than any other leading brand I've tried, and it is the best value for money. Don't waste your money with anything else, this stuff really works.

Power Force Mould Away-Caution with Asthma/Allergy Sufferers

I've found the the Mould Away product to be most useful when cleaning away mould and soap scum from shower tiles and glass areas. Just spray and leave. Return around 20 minutes later to wash off with a soft cloth and water. It doesn't stain the tiles or grout. Amazing around taps on the vanity to remove the yellow water stains and the black mould spots around the kitchen//laundry sinks... etc. Warning.... This product has a toxic odour. You'll need really good ventilation like the fan on and window and door open when applying, and a tight fitting respiratory mask with charcoal filters to prevent breathing in the fumes. This mask is commonly known as a Protector Respirator Kit with two P2 Combination filters. It sells at Bunnings for $44.95 and is value for money as it comes complete with 10 sets of pre-filters ready to use for extra protection and used by plasterers, painters, chemical, pest control and weed killer workers. This mask is comfortable to apply and wear. Also it's best to use long dish washing gloves when applying. This product may be TOXIC, but it makes short work of wet area cleaning.
Power Force Mould Away is similar to most Toxic cleaners and produces a toxic odour and can cause an asthma attack in sufferers with Bronchial problems or hay-fever sufferers. Best to spray after a shower while wet areas are still moist.

My daughter almost died of fumes

The fumes landed us in ER. It gave us horror of life. My kid is 13 months and had suffered respiratory irrirltation that stopped her breathing. Miraculously she came back.

The best

We have tried every product in our shower to get rid of mould. This stuff is fantastic.spayed it on and 20 mins later my wife came back and it was all gone . Dont buy anything else, it actually works

Great stuff!

They must have some sort of penetrating agent, or dispersal agent that is superior in this. Bleach did not do this job, and I've tried repeatedly. I use vinegar to kill the mould, as bleach doesn't kill it, only removes the colour. However, after the mould had been killed and stopped growing, my household bleaches did not remove the stains. This product was so good. I came back half an hour after spraying, and all the colour was gone.

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One downside... the bleach smell lingers waaaaaay longer than the usual bleach products, and is waaaaay stronger... I had to open the whole house and put the extractors on, even after I had rinsed it repeatedly... still smells strongly the day after, and has given me a massive headache.

Best Ever

I have tried all the expensive products on the market over 6 months and this had me smiling in 10 minutes, what an amazing and worthwhile purchase this was today!

Mould Away - You beauty!!!

I live in a tropical area where you can just about watch the mould grow. Recently I went to an Aldi store and saw Mould Away on the shelf and thought I'd but a bottle to take back with me.
I sprayed Mould Away on the affected areas when I got back and with in one minute the mould was gone. This product is fantastic and highly recommended.

absolutely fantastic

I am unable to clean lower parts of the shower. This product is just sprayed on and gets rid of the mould and keeps it away for a long period.

Best Mould remover I have ever used!

Just try this.. I was blown away with how good this product is. I bought one for my mum who lives in Rocky where there's no Aldi! Really effective product and cheap.

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Are there any other ingredients in Power Force Cleaning Bicarb.?
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We have mould on a Painted Timber Fence that we wish to clean off. Is Power Force Mould Away concentrated enough to be watered down a bit so it can be broomed on and go a bit further?
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