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Selleys Rapid Mould Killer

Selleys Rapid Mould Killer

4.3 from 33 reviews

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It actually works

I have tried many cleaners for the shower. This one actually works. I don't need to use any elbow grease. I just spray on, leave for a few hours and it comes up nice and clean.

Purchased in August 2019 at Bunnings Warehouse.

Very effective cleaner, however the smell is sickening!

This product is a very effective mould cleaner, however the smell is so awful. It stinks of chemicals & bleach, so much so that it almost burns your skin/eyes while cleaning with it. I would recommend to spray and leave on for about 20-25 minutes before scrubbing away for maximum results, however be very careful of your skin whilst doing so.

Purchased at Woolworths for $6.00.

No fuss No Mould. Truly a miracle product.

Absolute miracle product. I recommend it to my cleaners and I use at home. Just spray it on and a minute later the mould is gone and for several months. I tried so many products before this one and the mould was back quickly. This is brilliant. I wouldn’t recommend spraying while wearing your favourite shirt just in case it sprinkles onto you as it will strip the colour but that’s the only negative and really it’s common sense isn’t it.
Make sure you open windows and doors for ventilation.

Purchased in August 2019 at Woolworths Online store for $6.00.

Damaged my clothing

I’m very upset. This damaged my clothing, it’s like bleech. No warning on the front bottle. I wish I never got this product. Others please be warned not to use near fabric.

Purchased in January 2019.

Great Stuff

I love this stuff. My ceiling gets mould on it from the hot showers but every couple months I go and give it a spray and a wipe over with this stuff and it's gone. You don't even need to scrub hard. I find the mold takes longer to come back as well which is a plus. Figers crossed that Selleys don't go and "improve" the formula.

Best mould cleaner I've ever used!

This works incredibly well! We had some mould build up on the top of our shower near the ceiling and in some hard-to-reach crevices in the shower and literally all I had to do was spray this on and wait a few minutes and it was gone! I've never used a mould cleaner that worked as effectively as this! The smell is VERY strong so definitely open the windows and leave the room for a while it airs out, but it's a small price to pay for how well it works!

Worked !

My kitchen window, sill and frame [above sink], was 50% covered with mould. I used other products, but the mould [seemingly in the paint], remained. I used the above product, left for a while, and scrubbed. A lot disappeared,but some mould still remained. I gave second application and a scrub, and the rest was gone! Very happy. [Please use gloves, as I didn't, and my hands became very dry and stiff. ♥ P.

Better than others

Couple of applications needed for ingrain mould in grout and sealing. Applied over a few hours. Fumes are very strong. Product is in the upper price range for this type of domestic mould remover. Worth keeping in the cupboard.

Very good

This worked great in the bathroom. Removed stubborn mould from grouting after a couple of applications and left it on for about an hour, works like magic. Very strong smell but don’t need to use it often.

Excellent product

Agree with the other reviewers. The best mould killing bathroom product I have ever used. Dissolves mould unbelievably. Very happy and highly recommended. Agree the smell is strong but a small price to pay for the great result

good product but be careful

great product , it really get rid of mould, but the fume is terrible , i got sick after using it due to heavy fume that can damage your skin an throat. I think product should be improved to give better fume.


Use it on my shower ...I leave it overnight ...in the morning spotless...brilliant stuff
Caution though.
..very strong smell and will turn skin to sandpaper
...will bleach your clothes, bath mats, carpets etc
...will also strip chrome off cheap plastic trims in shower (mums house) and leave black streaks on tiles that are very difficult or unable to be remove ...I recommend you test and keep very close eye on for 10 mins or so

Great product

This product works very well and it got rid of heavy mould in the shower. The bathroom it was used in is enclosed, small and windowless, definitely recommend using the exhaust fan and closing off the area after spraying. This is most effective product that I've found which works in an area that gets no natural light and is constantly damp.

Mould? What mould?

I used it on a heavy mould and thirty minutes later, there was no mould. Just buy it, excellent product !

P.s.) so effective on a stubborn soap scum as well.

The best mould killer I've used

The wall of our shower is made with medium sized tiles meaning we have plenty of space for mould to grow! Over the last 3 years, the mould got worse and I couldn't keep up with it when you have 5 kids sharing a bathroom with no chance to dry! I tried using Selleys and was astounded at how within 3min the brown stains and even blackish stains started to dissolve. I helped scrub a bit with a toothbrush since the mould was quite old, then rinsed. After the first rinse, I reapplied again for the stubborn stains as directed, left for about 3min and it cleaned it up beautifully! It worked on the bathroom and toilet floor under the mats where the kids walk on. It's true, the scent is the strong bleach-like smell, so I kept the exhaust on for about an hour after. Use gloves, make sure you can go out for a breath, find a time when there's less people at home or a way to close the area off post-clean so that the kids don't breathe in the fumes. You won't have to apply this on a regular basis as it lasts for awhile, which makes it fantastic for the home. Highly recommend this!

The sprayer stopped working.

I wanted this to be a quick job because of the fumes. I was going well when the spray mechanism seized. In the end I transferred the liquid to another spray bottle and finished the job. It was somewhat effective ie. not all of the mould disappeared.

Selleys Rapid Mould Cleaner is great!

If you need a mould cleaner that actually works well definitely use Selleys Rapid Mould Cleaner. I used it on my shower and it literally dissolved all the mould including black mould from the grouting and tiles. The product says it will work within 2 minutes but leave it for 5 minutes and it works even better! The only negative


First of all it didn't get rid of the mould in the tile grout left it on for 20 minutes and nothing happened and it stained my bathtub bright yellow which won't come off! Very disappointed.

Good product

The product worked well on mold we had lots of it the black kind and it did the job. Smelled a bit but that's expected & hasn't come back since.

Best bang for product in this range by far!

After the first spray application and approximately 30 minutes waiting time there was a massive improvement.
As noted the smell is intense, but not unbearable, especially if you've worked around heavy duty cleaning products previously.
At under $6 a bottle from Bunnings this is liquid gold.
Selley's are yet to make a poor product from my experience with renovations and cleaning.

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