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Homebrand Regular / Lemon Bleach

Homebrand Regular / Lemon Bleach

Lemon Bleach and Regular
4.7 from 3 reviews

Works fine.

It's a $1.19 from Woolworths. Works fine. Smells like bleach. Works like bleach. Is bleach. I use it to disinfect my sink once a week. I haven't used it on mold yet, but someone in the reviews says it's good for that. I haven't tried the lemon - I suppose that would smell lemony?

Great value for money!

Does a great job sanitizing the toilet and cleaning the mold between tiles in the shower.
I would advice not use in the washing machine as it is chlorine based and a oxygen bleach in this case is to be preferred.

Why pay more?

I have always used Homebrand bleach and have been happy with the results. My bathrooms are always sparkling white after using this product. It gets the job done even when used on my white clothes. I have never felt the need to switch over to branded bleach. It's expensive and effective.
inexpensive, effective

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