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Homelite 26cc Petrol Blower

Homelite 26cc Petrol Blower

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Great for the price. Great for patios, Car garages, pathways, and for blowing light yard rubbish such as leaves etc. Always run it out of fuel after use so it won;t gum up in the Carby.

Purchased in October 2017.

Build Quality
Value for Money
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despite the fact that i had read few people here mentioning it is really weak, and hard to start, i made the mistake of thinking a company like bunnings would have advertised reliable specs and probably the people who said it's hard to start might be inexperienced running such equipment. i didn't expect much of a life span for the price, but at least assumed it would work for a while.

i can tell you whole heartedly, i bought this item and hated it. 1. it is absolutely far from the advertised wind speed... 2. it easily gets flooded engine and very hard to start. i spent few hours battling with it both it's starting and performance and took it back the next day and bought a ryobi instead, which is powerful enough to push my hand back while blowing leaves... i'd say don't bother, spend some extra and get something that actually works.

Date PurchasedDec 2018

Hard to start

This product has really tested my patience. I’ve alread returned the first one I bought because I just couldn’t get the damn thing to start so I went to the store where I bought it to get a similar one hoping that it would work but the same thing happened. I Can not start this freaking thing.

Date PurchasedNov 2018

Works for now

Easy to assemble one screw for handle and one click on blower pipe. Light to carry and easy to start out of the box. Read the starting instructions. Blows like a tornado but can get loud on full throttle. Hopefully its a good one have read some other reviews on here might have been a bad batch. Father in law has a Homelite generator hasn't missed a beat on 8 years.

Date PurchasedOct 2018

Yep, only runs if you keep it dead level!

I've got exactly the same issue with this unit as the other poster! It worked fine for about 12 months but now it simply surges and dies if a tilt it up or down.

Appears painfully obvious that while it is sucking up the fuel after the initial priming it is fine - for about 3 minutes - but then it can't pull any more from the carby!

Spend $50.00 at the mower repair shop where the guy told me the carburettors were absolute junk and go get a new one - AUD70.00!

Don't touch it - won't go the distance!

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Great for small, quiet jobs.

Yay yay and yay, This blower is awesome it works fine it is great for the apartment use. It is a great opportunity for kids in the garden. It is light weight works excellent essay start and low bass usage. This blower is very quiet its awesome. Grate for Oliver.

Date PurchasedJun 2013

Waste of money. Buy a quality name brand instead

I bought one for light yard work, not anticipating any need for a heavy work load, you know, just the lawn clippings on the driveway and the neighbour's tree leaves... in my driveway. I spent more time trying to get the damn thing started than I ever spent using it. It was frustrating trying to get it to start from cold or warm. The choke was useless. When it did start it would not idle unless it was flat, any angle and it stalled. After the last frustrating time I spent trying to start it I put it in the rubbish bin. Moral of the story: if you want something to work then spend your money on a quality brand.

Date PurchasedFeb 2016

Best value

For the price I can't complain and it's always started easily. Just goes through the fuel a bit and really only has one speed flat out. I use it a lot for leaves and it does the job around the house & good enough to clean the gutters with. Cheers

Date PurchasedFeb 2014

forget it!

Bought mine a number of years ago (sings "don't know where don't know when ..." so the date is only for this lot!) & has always been v difficult to start and impossible to restart. Works ok when it does go but I've had enough and I'm getting a replacement. I wont touch homelite again.

Date PurchasedJan 2013

Excellent product for the price

This is a little ripper of a blower. I used my friends Homelite blower on a property for about 6 months and it did a great job. I then moved house and needed a blower for myself. I bought the Aldi product on price alone, well I used it once and found it to be too heavy, my clothes were getting sucked in to the suction fan and the blowers air speed was insufficient. I returned it to Aldi and got a refund, I went directly to Bunnings and bought the Homelite blower. So much better in every aspect. I was happy to pay the extra $50 for the better product.

Date PurchasedNov 2016

Not Bad for the Price

I bought this from Bunnings to use in my big shed that is on the other side of my acreage property, about 200mtrs away from the house.
Its good for small jobs only.
For $99.00 Its not bad value for money.

THE GOOD....Its easy to start, Light in weight, Solidly built, Well balanced, Has Adequate blow speed, Doesn't move around on the ground at idle speed, 2 year full replacement warranty.

THE NOT SO GOOD.... Its a bit louder than your other 2 Stroke blowers, Engine gives off a bit of heat and vibrates just a little at full revs.

So if you don't want to spend a lot of money on a petrol blower and have piece of mind with a 2 year warranty this is a good choice. Its has enough power for a medium domestic block and easy to use.
If you want a machine with more power, then you are better off spending upwards of $299 on something better.
Here you get what you pay for.

Date PurchasedAug 2016

Came off the dump, started there and then!

They are dirt cheap to buy but if it's on the rubbish heap and starts right up all the better. Picked it up, started it and turned to me mate "hey look at this" he turned around and had his hat blown off his head! Carby needed a bit of a clean as the whole blower was filthy and had stale fuel in it so cleaned it up and did the carby clean and away it went ever since and that was two years ago. Weighs next to nothing but packs a punch. She's loud as anything as a two stroke usually is but you just flick full throttle after a quick warm up and go for gold and this is coming from somebody who has a lawnmowing business. Thinking of going 4 stroke like I have with everything else so I'm more quiet, just need unleaded petrol and it's more environmentally friendly but I'd never get rid of this blower if anything once I do upgrade this'll be a backup ready to go.

Date PurchasedJan 2014


Bought 2 one for home and one for work. Collectively have not had more than 2 hours use. Waste of money time and effort. Hard to start from the beginning. One has problem with pull cord will not retract, second one will not start. Tried everything. Useless piece of equipment dont waste your money

Blowing strong!

So i needed a blower for my little business at work and i was on a tight budget and i found this little 270kph wind blowing machiene on special for $88... I used one before on my previous job and saw the abuse it copped it was kicked around and thrown in trailers, launched in the air by abusive tradies when it didn't start first go... and guess what.. It still runs like a dream

So i bought one for myself... i'm a lot more caring for my machinery, it is a tad hard to start as expected with some cheap stuff. But once started it runs great! It's very loud though so i recommend you use earmuffs!!!

Perfect for patio.

Cleans the patio a treat. Does around my home good. The grass clippings, leaves, dust.
Perfect for around the home small jobs. Comes with a 2 year replacement warranty for $88 you can't really complain. Plus you do get what you pay for so I reckon it's a great little unit for cheap cost.

I think its value for money

Cost me $75 @ bunnings and use it on a fortnightly basis on my 800sqm block. Didn't really have high hopes for this chinese built machine at the start. I've had this blower for a year now. Works every time. I think it has enough guts to blow grass cuttings, leaves and dirt. Its very loud though. Maybe I got a lucky one.


Bought one from Bunnings for urgent yard prep work. It started twice and nevermore. I live a long way from Bunnings and I needed a replacement that day, so bought an electric Stihl from the local dealer. The Stihl cost twice as much but works a charm from my off-grid solar, power to spare, smooth, reliable and doesn't cost a cent to run. I can live with dragging a long cable. I tried to get the Homelite running, every possible solution mentioned on the Internet and then some - but that Homelite is dead as a Norwegian Blue parrot, so it's going in landfill, the packaging recycled. I'm happy some people have had success with their Homelite but if you're considering buying one just hope you're not one of the 25 percent of reviewers here who got a dud.

Great Little Product For The Price

I Agree With Travel_Bug,Its A Great Unit For $88,You Got A Lemon,Take It Back,Or Get Your Money Back,It Does What It Was Intended For,The Only Complaint Is With You Everyone Is Entitled To Their Own Opinion,Without Being Ridiculed.Regards. Bryan. I Would Recommend This Unit As A Blower Only,I Do Not No About The Vac

Great product

Brought mine today beats dragging cord around. Power is significant .does what I want it to do . can't beat the price. If u want something remarkable spend more money

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Still have the same homelite blower ,runs great needed the carburettor cleaned out at one stage but thats what u need to do to any motor after working around dusty areas. Starts and runs like the day i brought it. I've had it about 3 years and im betting it will last well over another 3 year. The key is to run extra oil in the fuel and services. It will last a lot longer runing 20 to 1 pre mix ,

Not bad for small jobs

Bought this little bloke for $88 from Bunnings. Started with no probs and does what I need (grass clippings) . Great for the price and it replaces my $300 one which is crap!!!! If I get a year out of it I'll be happy!

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i need a vac tube
1 answer
Always after run them until carby is out of fuel and you won't have any trouble.

My homelite 26cc working & now not working. I have fresh 2 stroke fuel & oil mix and new spark plug. Any ideas?
4 answers
If you left the old fuel mix in it then the carby could be blocked up. You need to EMPTY THE TANK and run the carb dry after use. You could try emptying the tank , putting a cup of metho in the tank, pumping it thru with the bulb , draining and then putting your fresh fuel back in.And use fuel stabiliser. Always. After I finish blowing or snippering, I drain my 2 stroke fuel back into my container from the tank, pump the primer and tip that out too, and start the blower/snipper until it stops. The carby is now free of fuel and oil, and varnish won't form due to stabiliser. If you read the reviews you will see some from pros who use the machine continuously and have ZERO issues.Thanks mate

Not starting what is the problem?
3 answers
It just won’t prime at all. I’ve followed every step of starting up a new blower but nothing would happen. I’ve gone over it many times checking if I missed anything and I’m 100% that I haven’t. Anyways I’ve returned it back to Bunnings where I bought it and got myself a Yardking Blower vac and thankfully my new Yardking blower vac started straight awayThe problem is not runnning the tank/carby dry prior to storage and also NOT using fuel stabiliser. Bunnings now sell 2 stroke oil with stabiliser added already.1 minute ago Always after run them until carby is out of fuel and you won't have any trouble.


26cc Petrol Blower
Price (RRP)99
Maximum Air Velocity270

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