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Honda HHB25

Honda HHB25

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Excellent Quality & Easy To Use

I purchased the Honda HHB25 Blower as a replacement for my old Weed Eater brand blower.

I chose the Honda as it was a 4 stroke. So no more messy 2 stroke fuel to mix and much less noise. In fact it’s much quieter than my old leaf blower was...

I also wanted a high quality, well made blower that would last for many years with minimal servicing and lots of use. The Honda has not let me down !!

Being a four stroke, the HHB25 is s little heavier than a 2 stroke blower... But still light enough for my wife or i to use without straining ourselves.

Less smoke from the exhaust is another 4 stroke plus as i use it not only in our front and back yards but also in our open garage and back patio area.

In the 3 years i have owned it... The HHB25 has had a lot of use - Usually twice a week. But i haven’t had any breakages or mechanical issues arise. It’s robust and easy to start.

Regular maintenance: I hose off any dusty build up from time to time... Change the engine oil once a year and clean and re-oil the air filter once a year.

I recommend the Honda HHB25 to anyone who wants a well made and easy to use 4 stroke blower for their home. It’s proved to be easy to start and quiet to use. Faultlessly reliable as you’d expect from Honda !!

Date PurchasedNov 2015

This model has no chrome bore cylinder making it a sure dud from day 1

Picked up a used hhb 25 blower motor is gx 25 had no carby got an after market carb and got it going but not for long wouldn't rev out checked every thing fuel supply adjustments nothing worked further inspection found piston and rings badly scored causing blow by this is when fuel and air comes out of the intake this could of happened from day one of this model bad design if not run in correct but was bound to happen regardless of age this one is around 5 years old don't know how it survived this long so its not carby or fuel its poor engineering from Honda a cheap 2 stroke blower will outlast the hhb 25 piece of crap any day at 500$ bucks don't risk it get a cheap one with warranty at bunnings just take it back and get another one if it plays up hope this enlightens you cheers

Date PurchasedMay 2014

Constant stalling at Throttle - YES yet another

I've had the same issue as everyone else here. Starts easy, idles fine, throttles up OK (mostly), then just dies if you stay on the throttle.
Had it back to the dealer multiple times, with different excuses each time (fuel, carb filter, spark, etc).
I've tried most of the tricks I have seen mentioned on the internet, still no no avail.
Going to try the fuel filter fix mentioned previously.
Have been very happy with my Honda mower and whipper snipper (same age and treatment), but the issues with this blower mean I wont touch Honda again.
Posting this mostly to add to the collective voice, so that hopefully fewer future buyers choose one, since it seems obvious Honda don't care.

Date PurchasedJun 2015

Once fixed a good machine

I purchased the hhb25 about 6 years ago used. I replaced the carby (cheap one), fuel lines and filter and I had issues for a long time getting it to rev up to full power. Once I decided to get a genuine carby it ran better but still conked out at full throttle. I discovered that the genuine honda fuel filter was way too restrictive and once I put a cheap chainsaw filter on it ran perfectly. I use this every day for my business and it hasn't let me down since.

Date PurchasedOct 2011

can't fix

Stops after runing for 30 seconds throttle up it stops always hard to start even when new about 4 years old now but only used on weekends stripped cleaned renew any used parts to no avail. Do you have an answer for this problem or not Honda? If you have make it available on the web if not just admit the HHB25 has a fundamental problem that you have nomanswer for at least purchasers of this product would not be frustrated wasting time and money.

Date PurchasedJan 2013

biggest piece of crap ever made

from day one the useless thing would cut out while trying to use full throttle i have only used 95 octane petrol as per dealer instructions took the useless thing back to the dealer for its first service in running order got it back not running dealer tells me it needs new carby the idiot put the choke in back to front now having a fight with honda i will never buy any honda product again.

Date PurchasedMar 2014

good blower

I had the same issue where my blower would stall at full revs. i thought I was doing the right thing and using 98 Premium. When I bought my Honda lawn mower, the Honda dealer said use 95 or 91 petrol only. Do not use 98. He said it also applies to the blower. I stopped using 98 and the problem went away after a couple of petrol refills. Usually, it is something simple. In my Stihl line trimmer the air filter caused the same issue.

May 8th 2017 Update: Fuel Tank

Another a trick I discovered, the fuel tank is sort of a U shape. If you fill the tank from the rear of the blower, there is an air gap, in the fuel tank, towards the front of the blower. Before I fill the tank with fuel, I tilt the front of the blower towards the ground. The air gap travels up towards the petrol cap. Originally, I did this to fit more petrol into the tank. I blow my driveway every morning before I go to work. I'd like the fuel to last the week. However, maybe air in the fuel tank might contribute to the problem. I've found these blowers don't like low fuel levels. Also, I have to let it warm up. It can stall when it is cold. Let it idle for about 5 minutes (no different to my Stihl line trimmer). After changing to 95/91 petrol, tilting the front of the blower towards the ground, before refueling & letting it warm up, it hasn't missed a beat. I hope this helps. I believe they are a good machine.

Date PurchasedJun 2016

HHB25 Cuts out!

I've had my Honda blower for 10 years now it's been cutting out on high revs since year 2. It's now at the point that it literally turns off when I accelerate. By the sounds of just about everyone else's comments, Honda have created a lemon on this one. Totally not what you expect from Honda!
I tried overhauling card. Removing the foam like filter in the tank. Still crap!
I won't be buying Honda again! Very frustrated.

Date PurchasedNov 2007

bad running on Full Throttle cutting out. ...

Stripped the carb out cleaned and reinstalled . Still the same problem .cutting out on
full throttle . changed the carb for a brand new one from the dealer. tried again still the same cutting out on full throttle. . changed the fuel filter for a brand new one . still the same just keeps cutting out on full throttle spoke to a few people with the same leaf blower and lots of them have this problem. and it seems that they all are unable to find a solution . Honda know about the problem but are unable to cure it . no body has a cure for this problem . unless you call throwing it away and buying a cordless type which work brilliantly a cure . so good luck and if you find the answer I know of at least 5 others waiting to be fixed. . happy days.

Date PurchasedOct 2016

Honda HHB25 cutting out on full throttle - Problem solved!


I've been using the leaf blower since the last 6 years. I am very satisfied with it. It had the same problem of cutting out on full throttle, and it is very frustrating.
I solved the problem, and I can run all day long at full throttle now.

The fuel line inside the tank has a grey weight with a little filter on it. You have to take this filter off. (I did not replace the foam filter)
Then clean the grey weight !!! It looks like a solid block of aluminium, but it has a very fine maze inside.
This maze blocks the fuel to the carburettor. Clean it !! (I used compressed air 2 bar / 30 psi and a little fuel)
If this maze is blocked, the engine will not get enough fuel at wot. Simple as that.
Then reinstalled everything and your are good again!

Other than that, it has not given me any problems in the last 6 years. It's not heavy, 4 stroke, low noise, low maintenance. I use it 3-4 times a week for 20-30 minutes. Always starts at the second pull (3x bulb, wot, first pull with choke, second one without). It even works upside down, or sideways. In fact that is why I bought another one 3 years ago! Both running great.

Good luck fixing your leaf blower!
Kind regards.

Date PurchasedAug 2010

Waste of money

I bought Honda blower as i have Honda mower and brush cutter and they are faltless. Blower cuts out at full throttle and is very frustrating. Dealer is blaming fuel but i flushed out tank and pumped fuel out of carby using primer pump and put fresh fuel in but it only improved for a few minutes and now it stalls again. Very much a let down as i use to pump up honda to everyone. After reading the reviews here it doesnt look like there is a solution. Cmon Honda- your better than this.

Date PurchasedJan 2015


I have been using Honda equipment for many years and have had little to no problems until I purchased the HHB25
Blower. I am on my third blower now and I have had the same problem with all of them, (you would think I would learn my lesson and try another brand) after reading these posts it seems I have been having the same problem that everyone else has with this blower, after 5 min on full throttle it just seems to die. The local dealer is happy to make excuses and then take your money, meanwhile I am without a blower and trying to run a business. Lift your game Honda.

Date PurchasedJun 2014

Honda Lemon!!!

I have been a fan of Honda equipment for years, but this Honda blower has really soured my opinion. My blower would be lucky to have had 5 hours running time since I owned it & has already been returned to the dealer on a number of occasions to try & fix its constant stalling. Dealer replaced carb kit, still stalls. Take back to the dealer for repairs, still stalls. I have always used premium grade BP fuel, as according to the dealer Honda are trying to blame the fuel, which I suppose is typical of any multinational company trying to avoid admitting they have produced a dud, and don't wish to replace the item. Well Honda, my blower is at the shop again with no idea when I'm going to get it back, as according to the dealer, he trying to get you to step up to the plate & do the right thing. I can't afford a new one, so I'm well truly screwed.

Hi Disapointed, we are sorry to hear that you have had a poorer than expected experience with your Honda blower. Taking the unit back to the dealership for inspection is the best thing to do at this point as they will be able to ascertain the main issue that causes you unit to stall constantly. We apologise that this process with your dealer may take a while, many of our dealers are solidly booked out with service work for weeks at a time. Alternately if you are not confident with the dealer your blower is being inspected by, we encourage you to take it to another local dealer for a second opinion. If you need more information, would like to discuss this further or have any questions or queries please contact customer.relations@honda.com.au. Many thanks, SarahThe dealer is being more than helpful & has always provide excellent service. The problem is from the Honda end who are refusing to recognise the problem & are trying to blame other factors such as fuel. He has approached Honda who are refusing to honour their commitment to the consumer.PS Just tried to contact Honda via provided email address & not to my surprise.... Does not exist. Nice work Honda

HHB25 Blower stalls and will only run on half choke

My Honda mower and brush cutter are faultless, however when it comes to the blower you need to keep it on half choke and it will still stall with continuous high power settings. I don't use Honda service anymore Because it was always returned the same and I service my own gear now.
I have changed the fuel filter, run it with the fuel cap loose, cleaned the carby etc, to no avail.
My equipment is now around 8 years old and from the first service the blower has had problems.

I have chanced upon this review while trying to troubleshoot my issue and it seems I'm not the only one.

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Hi Woodsy, Sorry to hear that you have had this issue with the HHB25. If you can get in touch with our customer relations team on 1300 559 846 or email us at customer.relations@honda.com.au we will have someone look into this issue for you. Many thanks, Sarah

Water logged

Bought wee thing last year and its never missed a beat we recently had major floood and it go submerged ,turned it on its side and drained it put new gas in it and left a fan heater running on the fan side for a bit,primed the bulb an as usual she just burst into life and bubbled along
All the other tools needed a strip down

Do we still use this. Yes

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Thanks for the review Lakesbuster, great to hear you Honda powering on! -Sarah

very bad

I have just go down the local mower shop and got a new Honda HHB25. Use it for 15 minutes, it cut off at full throttle. First I thought I accidentally turn it off. Try again and make sure I am not turning it off, it cut off at full throttle again. Back to the shop, they say maybe the fuel cap, changed the cap. I said if it still happen in a couple of weeks can I have a new one. They say no. So I said you better give me a new one now.

Back home with a new one. This time the same thing happen but only after use it for 2 mins - cut off at full throttle. Well, time to back to the shop again. They ask me do I want to try a third one or get a refund. I said, give me a refund and let me know when you have one that work.

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Hi Peter, Thanks for taking the time to post your experiences with the HHB25. Would you please be able to email us at customer.relations@honda.com.au with the above account of events as well as the dealers name? Once received we will have someone look into this for you. Many thanks, Sarah

Well worth the extra cost

Just got a Honda blower great machine very low noise 1/4 throttle is more than enough to blow most rubbish away. 4 year warranty im sure won't be needed. I have other Honda equipment that just goes and goes first time like they say. Love it when after sitting there after months of not being used fist or second pull bang away we go ready for action.

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Great to hear your feedback Matt Vincent! - Sarah

ordinary. doesnt perform as i expected

Runs for a short time at full throttle. Then dies. I do not trust my service centre as they have said they have fixed it. But it isn't. Costing me close to 200 dollars and still isn't running. New filters spark plug, fuel lines you name it.My old stihl blower has been going well now for over 10. Can't bring myself to throw Honda out as it cost me twice the stihl price.

Hi Gary, My name is Sarah and I work in the marketing department here at Honda Power Equipment. Sorry to hear that you had this issue. If you can get in touch with our customer relations team on 1300 559 846 or email us at customer.relations@honda.com.au we will have someone look into this issue for you. Many thanks, SarahHi Sarah, again some one was going to get back to me to get the machine picked up, but wiyh xmas holidays etc, we left it till after the break, nobody called me as they said they would in January, I sent off an email yesterday asking what ws going and still no responseThe Blower has been fixed now. thanks to the Honda repair dealer in Samford QLD, Plenty of replacement parts used but at least it now runs very well. Thanks

Temperamental. Does not run well at full throttle .

I agree with Shane75. I've had a Honda HHB25 for about 7 years and have had continual issues with it not been able to run at full throttle. You need to constantly feather the throttle to keep it ceasing. Unfortunately, starting the blower isn't the legendary one pull start that I have got of my Honda mowers (which are excellent and very reliable!!). I find i need to unscrew the fuel cap before engaging the fuel pump. I've had it fixed a couple of times but has never solved the issue.

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Hi hamish, my name is Sarah and I work in Honda's head office in Melbourne. This is not something we have come to expect from this product. We suggest that you take the unit to your nearest Honda Dealer for inspection. (http://dl.hondampe.com.au/Default.aspx?d=P/E) If you are still encountering issues please contact customer.relations@honda.com and we will have this issue looked into right away. Many thanks, Sarah

Great when they are working properly

When I bought this machine it ran poorly and struggled to run at full throttle often. This prolem got worse and I returned the unit to be fixed. The carby was replaced under warranty. It now runs perfectly.

If you buy one of these machines and it doesn't run perfectly there is a good chance there is a problem with the carby or diaphragm. It should run cleanly at full throttle after about 15 seconds or so, not die as mine was. Take it straight back if there is a problem as I have had a bad experience with a Honda Brushcutter with the same problem that worsened over 6 months - when I returned it I was charged for labour and replacement of the diaphragm - not covered under warranty apparently. I am certain there is a problem with some of these machines from the factory or they are sometimes stored for too long before being sold.

I am also finding they run better on 91 unleaded than premium but that's just my experience.

Good machine when running well and once sorted seem to be quite reliable.

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Thanks for your feedback Oceans - Sarah

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Questions & Answers

my honda handy blower starts runs for a short time then cuts out it will keep going as long as i stop and rev it a few times
1 answer
Sounds like your idle setting maybe to low try turning the Phillips screwdriver in at the amount you need it to idle the screw is located on the carburettor accessible from outside filter cover

Hello mixed reviews here, poor when you consider the mark (Honda) and the cost and that the issues are more or less always the same. I was considering buying one of these blowers but the comments have turnd completely off. But, can you say the problems have been fixed for good maybe ? many thanks Max interlogic@btinternet.com
1 answer
Hi, Don’t be put off purchasing by negative comments. Buy from a legit Honda dealer and i’m sure you will not have any issues. I have three Honda garden care products and have never had any problems with any of them. If you are unlucky and do have a problem - Return it to your Honda dealer for repairs.

Just aquired a hbb25 blower and wont run off choke and pumping primer any help gratefully accepted.
1 answer
Your profile picture suggests you may live at a higher altitude if so the carburettor fuel needle may need to be adjusted to allow more fuel to enter the engine also if this one has no crome bore like so many of this model I don't know how many were made untill Honda realised there was a problem the air intake that sucks the fuel in on the intake stroke maybe loosing pressure due to what they call blowbye around the piston and cylinder from an imperfect seal if the engine has already been running the damage has been done already no going back now it will never run the same and starting will be a nightmare you can take this up with Honda but they won't admit failure sorry you may be like so many people who have spent 4-500$$ on a dud to check if this model has a chrome bore you may see the shiny crome bore (not dull aluminium colour) through the spark plug hole or you can remove the carburetor or muffler and look inside the cylinder for damage usually large deep scratchers indicate failure hope this helps


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Maximum Air Velocity252
Vacuum FunctionNo

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