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Honda Shadow VT750C

Honda Shadow VT750C

4.8 from 22 reviews

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Great bike to bob Don't need to cut frame

Its a 2001 ace great bike to ride, light enough to throw around on the bends easy to work on and honda quality. I've bobber the bike looks great and only need a day to refit all the bits I've taken off to make standard again. it has after market pipes and air filter so you do need to rejet the carburettors and the only downside is that it has odd size tyres and you are limited to what you can buy

Purchased in November 2018 for $2,000.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Mileage 6,000 km
Acceleration / Power
Fuel Efficiency
Gear Shifting

Best bike

I own a 2003 Honda shadow 750 no body has wrote what I have always wanted to know about the bike can it hold weight so hear we go my bike has 14k miles cobra everything saddle bags and windshield I'm 330pnds and my wife is 240pnds bike runs amazing no loss of power and very comfortable so yes the bike is strong enough to ride double at a big weight

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Solid Performer For Almost 20 Years

Bought my 2002 Shadow ACE new in July of 2001. Put about 5K miles on it the first year. It now has 11K on it. I have put every accessory available on this bike with the exception of the exhaust and saddle. I was in and out of riding throughout the years, but the Shadow was always there waiting for me when I came back. Put a smaller sprocket on the back to help with 70+ MPH highway rides. Very effective. Other than oil changes and batteries, have never had to do anything to this bike but put fuel in it and keep the chain lubed. Very reliable and never goes out of style. I will say this, chrome spoked wheels and a chain final drive are a bad combo. Almost impossible to keep the rear spokes clean, especially with the saddlebags. The chain does, however, provide tons of torque. It is a pulling machine. I ridden two up, both of us larger folks, and all I ever had to do was catch a gear in the mountains, but the smaller rear sprocket I installed contributed to that. Always a head turner, ridiculously reliable, and so inexpensive to maintain. What's not to like? If you can find a used one that's been garaged and babied, like mine, do not hesitate to buy it. You won't be sorry.

Date PurchasedJul 2001

Best bike for the right price!

I just got to say I have an 04 Shadow Aero vt750 it is fully loaded the only thing it's missing is a radio. This has been the best bike I have owned most were 80s and 90s bikes. This bike has great performance and is exceptionally cheap. If your a new Rider or only a few years in this is the perfect bike it has great gas mileage (as long as you don't use ethanol), enough power to get around town and do anything you need to do. The only bike you will ever need besides this is a Goldwing when you have realized that you're a year-round Rider and need all the accessories.

Date PurchasedMay 2012

Great cruiser

Picked this up when wifey let me buy a new bike.
I use this now as my primary transport, into and out og the cbd on a daily basis.
Gets about 250k per tank.
Bike has good power. Is comfortable (like sitting in a chair).
Aftermarket pipes give it a louder throatier noise. This would be the only criticism.
Probably the best bike i have owned.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Great Motorcycle

I love my new motorcycle. I have only had it for just a few weeks. It is everything I expected and more. Honda has been around since I was a kid. They have been very dependable outdoor sports equipment for a long time. When I purchased mine the salesman and the service department was very helpful to me. Thank You-Beckley Honda-Now you have me for as long as I make it. WOW Mr.Ronnie Bishop-7/10/17

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Very durable bike

2004 VT750 Aero. Very dependable bike, used mainly for commuting 40kms a day. I have put about 100,000 kms in 6 and a bit years, changed oil at regular intervals, a couple of batteries, many sets of tires. The only problem has been the occasional carb blockage (that requires either draining float bowl or removing float bowl for thorough clean).
Dropped before I owned it and I have replace tank, headlight, grips, and various bits and pieces associated with the accident.
While this is not the most powerful bike by far, it has no problem in town, out on the freeway or loaded for a weekend of camping.

Date PurchasedNov 2010

Shadow dancing

After six months research I finally bought my Honda Shadow. Paid more than I wanted to but the end result was worth it. Previously ridden by a lovely lady who looked after the bike as if it was one of her own kids. In gleaming white and chrome it is a head turner wherever I go. The 750cc V Twin water cooled donk is world renowned for reliability with enough power for around town or highway cruising. The five speed gearbox is a delight with lazy gear shifting the norm. No chunky changing of gears on this beauty. As with all cruisers the handling is solid but don't go silly around corners, it is not a racing bike. With panniers, windshield and floorboards instead of pegs this sweetheart is a delight on long trips. After 600 plus kilometres in one day, you get off the bike feeling relaxed and ready for more adventures.
There are plenty of Cruisers out there and I have ridden many and I find the Honda Shadow 750 to be up there with the best for a lot less hard earned.

My bestest ride ever

I have owened a 2001 VT750 for 10 years. I have clocked thousands of clicks
My 4x4 usually has a flat battery Cose I ride everywhere
My n is chopped an customised to suit my siting nothing stupid but looks great an I have had 3 Harley's offered cheap. As replacement but no
The black widow will always be in me work shop waiting for the key and the smell of leather

Date PurchasedApr 2007

Best ride I've had for some time

Did 180,000 km on my 1997 Virago 1100, sold it and bought a 2007 Hond Shadow as I'm getting on a bit (a lot) I love this bike and spend many hours in the saddle like others I have been across the Nullabor and down to Vic from Qld, it is reliable, comfortable and I have had no problems on it, I hope to cover many more kilometres on it before I fall off the perch,

An awesome midsize cruiser for entertaining about urbans and high ways..

Owning this 2007 model about 2 and an half years and never been disappointed of it even once..
I'm commuting it to work and Sydney CBD all the time and feel more in love with it. At the red traffic light, she can't beat other super sports but on the long run, you feel like on a good arm chair ;-).
Sometime i feel the gear box quite clumsy operation, but if you throttle up abit then clutche it off, its fine.
Now i have just upgraded the exhaust to Cobra 's straight exhaust and 4 platinum sparklers, it improved performance a bit...
Never say "die" with honda shadow classic vt 750 model.

Excellent Cuiser

I have had my Shadow now just over 12 months now and I can't fault it, I asked a friend once "which do you think I should buy" he said "one that puts a smile on your face" my Shadow does that all the time. There is the odd time that would like a touch more power but not that often.
The red candy apple red colour. It starts first go every time and always sounds great
Sometimes scrapes on corners.

A good buy

2 years ago I purchased this bike from Action Motorcycles in Paramatta, I found them good to deal with. I suited it up with after market saddle bags & a windscreen + powed phone holder ( for navigation ). These accessories really make this a versatile machine. I commute on it most days (weather permitting) + I've been on some long runs as well, i.e. Sydney / Dubbo / Tamworth / Canberra etc. Very stable on the road .
Comfortable good looking, reliable bike.
Fuel tank good be bigger, (200k range around town)

Honda VT750 C4

A fantastic cruiser very economical , comfortable a bit soft on the bac shocks if 2 up cruise at 110 with plenty to spare , if you are after a racer go some where else but if you want a balanced easy to ride motorcycle thats very cheap to run then this girl with classic lines is it ,,the shaft drive adds to the easy service ,,,,,great 4 plug 2 cyl 4 stroke cruiser about ,,, value ++++++
low seat easy to ride
not much may be at a pinch the rear brake could have been disk but the drum adds to the style

No dealer wants it for a trade in!

Was considering trading my 02 Shadow ACE for a new Bonnie but turned down at 2 different Triumph dealerships. Gave up and decided that all it needed was a "big needle" kit for my Staintune pipes to stop the backfiring I get when decelerating. Prior to this I could not keep up with my daughter's CB400. Goes great and quite economical on fuel and parts. Still on original tyres, chain & sprockets after 26000km and 10 years. Bought loads of chrome accessories but would love alloy wheels.
Still looks great after 10 years. A timeless classic.
Needs more power. Old school spoked wheels hard to clean.

This is it,This is what you want.

When you ride this bike its for shear enjoyment,true it could do with more power but by and by if you keep the rev's up you can keep up more or less with the bigger bike's on a club run,mine is the abs version 2011 and the brakes are better than the last one i had a 2007,i would love the back brake to be a little better but we learn to compensate for it,.This engine is more responsive than the 2007 version and is more user friendly sound good too.
Im not all that happy with the crome on the wheels,a bit thin ? spokes both should be better quailty, you realy need to keep on top of them.
And would recomend if you have a problem that you get back to honda asap,that way they might improve it. All that said you couldnot wish for a better bike, feels,looks and does you good,and enjoy the envious looks you get from car drivers as they let you get to the front of them.
Best tip, go get one.
Dave Geddes
Very relible starts first time even after being laid up 5 months
Need better llights,You need to add a couple of extra one's to be able to see the bends at night before you hit them.

I'm in love my vt 750,not being on a power trip.The cons are the seat and the brakes,could be better.The pros are the feel of the bike.the next thing I will be doing to my bike are better set of tyres and LED lights.I agree Dave, My VT750C 2012 is the best bike I have ever owned, I can't fault it in any way. The fuel injection is excellent, no fiddling with a choke just start it and GO. With a shaft drive there is no maintenance..10/10


i have a 2000 VT750 its black and chrome shiny smooth and loud with my custom pipes people turn there heads and come out to see what is coming up the street every one tells me nice bike mate makes me feel real good i just love it and would not trade it for a new one
love my shadow retro look & lots of custom parts available like loud pipes and just about any thing to make it look great i find the power is all you need for a cruiser it has never let me down !
i cant get it into my bedroom at night

Love of my life

Best thing I ever did after I got my divorce was learning how to ride a motorbike. Stepped up from a postie, to the 250 Virago, and now this baby. I'm loving it more everyday. I'm a female and at 175cm it suits me just fine. Not overly heavy, just right. And it looks a treat in my lounge!
Honda engineering, great efficiency, looks fantastic. Still turns heads
Only thing I dislike is the gear pedal I have to lift my boot off the peg to change gear and I would like not to do that. Would like to just lift the front foot up. Never mind, I'm used to it now. It's low but that's a cruiser for you tho I hate hitting a speed-bump and scraping.

ive been rideing road bikes for over 35 years all types an i cant find a falt with my 2007 750 shadow best ride an comfertable like rideing in a arm chair awsomeAfter reading other comments here, my update is : I replaced the original bulb in the headlight for a stronger one. The bike is very low and often my boot will scrape including the pegs as I love cornering. A rev counter would be good as I am always taking note of what gear I am in as I wear ear plugs to help eliminate wind noise. I changed the loud pipes which were on it when purchased (Vance & Hines) and put the originals back on. It is still a gorgeous bike tho I have a few stone chips on the tank now :( I think a bigger engine would be good 1100? or similar but then that would probably make it heavier and that can cause problems too. I certainly can't pick it up now. It is a very comfy bike to ride. If I get another bike I will be looking for more dials and less chrome and more road clearance. Female, 175cm and 55kg in case anyone is interested. So it suits me just fine. I was disappointed to read about the resale elsewhere here.An update : I have ridden the bike of my original review across the Nullarbor to Perth and return to Qld twice now ie 4 trips and still highly recommend my Honda Shadow 750C 2006, in case anyone is wondering. Also out western Qld and norther Qld several times. What a great machine. Love my Honda


My bike is a 2009 VT750 shadow and I've had it for six months. I'm one of these old blokes that had bikes as a young man and traded them for a station wagon when I got married and had kids. Now I'm your typical cashed up, 100kg, 50 year year old who still has the passion for the open road. This bike is perfect for me. Not too big, not too small. Very easy to ride after not being in the saddle for 20 + years. Handles 200-300 km afternoon rides with ease. I added saddle bags (for shopping trips etc), modified pipes which gave it a bit more grunt and better sound and put a set of floorboards on. I can recommend these mods to make the experience even more pleasurable. So if you want style, practicality, reliability and a bloody great time without the huge price tag buy one of these.
This Bike is just a Gem. Looks great, a real head turner. Handles great and brakes great. There's not much I don't like about it. And value for money is first class. Plenty of power and can cruise at 110kms/hr all day. Reliable, starts first time every time.
Lots of plastic bits but you get what you pay for. Gearbox is a bit "clunky" until you get used to it. Standard pipes give a "nice" note but a bit quiet.


I would recommend this bike to anyone looking for a good-looking, comfortable, mid-sized cruiser. The bonus is the Honda quality.
Honda quality, looks the part, is very comfortable. The paint is great and I love the look. Cruises nicely and the ride is very comfortable, even over poor roads. The reach to the bars is perfect for someone my size (178cm).
The bike could easily handle more power and the pipes are a little too quiet for me. With two up you need to keep it on the boil.

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Hello i have bought a honda shadow 750 ,,phinex edition ,,i need to know when this model was made ,, it looks like exatly as an vt750 c Aero ,,it is fuel injection. the logo on fuel tank is deferent and is a phinex bird is there anyboday who can help me? thanks
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Do vt750 have bafflels in the fuel tank which makes it hard to fill
1 answer
The last 1-2 litres take forever, there are mods on line to modify the tank but it is only a litre at the end that is the slow process.

Can I rebuild my 750 shadow out to a 1000cc
No answers

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