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Hope's Relief

Hope's Relief

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Amazing product

This product I tried for my dermatotis after many other creams from the doctor. Cleared up all of my rash and my skin started to heal in 2 days in facthe practically cleared up in 2 days very happy and will continue to purchase

Product Quality
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This was useless for me

I purchased Hope’s Relief Eczema Cream after reading and hearing good things about it.
I have suffered from dermatitis for years but had a really bad break out on my legs. I have tried so many so called remedies that have had little or no effect on my dermatitis. This is yet another one that I wasted my money on. Good moisturiser maybe though not for me.
I have finally found a cream for half the price that is working wellr. I will review it when I’ve used it for a while longer but so far, I’m thrilled.

Miracle cream

I have very dry skin and have been suffering from perioral dermatitis for months after excessive use of steroidal/cortisone creams to treat a rash. It seemed like nothing would work to get rid of this horrible (and embarrassing) flaky dry skin around my nose and mouth. I had tried EVERYTHING and read all the online forums....anything from apple cider vinegar to green tea masks. Nothing worked. That was until I tried Hopes Relief!

I used the eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis cream and it has done wonders on the rash. My skin is now completely clear, healed and soft and all evidence of perioral derm has disappeared.

I should note I also took a month of antibiotics (tetracycline) before trying Hopes Relief and although this lessened the rash somewhat this did not entirely cure the perioral derm. Hopes Relief eczema cream did!! Best purchase I’ve made.

The moisturiser and goat soap are fantastic.

I use the every day moisturiser on my face and whole body and can’t believe how good it has made my skin. It is not itchy now and the soap is very moisturising. I have received comments on how good my skin looks now, I had dermatitis and it has cleared up wonderfully without even using the Hopes dermatitis cream.

Not for me

I had a mild breakout on forehead used premium eczema cream. Forehead turned bright red and felt burning. Maybe its the alcohol content that doesn't suit me. I will not buy it again for myself.

Use The Soap-free Cleansing Bar - It's The Best!

I use this bar instead of normal soap, and it's the ONLY thing that relieves my skin and prevents rashes. I use it all over my body and face, and my rash and itch completely disappeared. It is so soothing and relieving. I ran out once and went back to normal soap, and other soap-free body washes, and my itchy rash returned, so I started using the Hope's Relief bar again, and my itchy rash again disappeared. As soon as I lather it on, I can feel it soothing immediately. I will be using this the rest of my life (hopefully they will never discontinue it). Because I've had so much success with the bar, I've tried just about all the other products in the Hope's Relief range, but they were average at best. The Soap-Free Cleansing Bar is the stand-out supreme product of Hope's Relief, and I would recommended to anyone to try it.

Waste Of Money And Dishonest Sales Tactics

Having a daughter with Eczema from 3 months of age, I have tried almost everything. I came across this product 6 years ago and gave it a go. Seemed to work at first (like most of the products on the market) and then failed.

Recently, I saw a promotion at Chemist Warehouse that if you purchased the ridiculously expensive 60g tube you would get $5 cashback. Well, being a sucker I purchased two tubes and sent in the receipt and promo. Did not hear a thing back from this company since. No cash back received to date! The product does not work on my daughter and even if it did, you would go broke attempting to afford it anyway.

There are products on the market that work and are endorsed by The Royal Children's Hospital so get in touch with them if you haven't already. I highly recommend avoiding Hope's Relief products.

I thought it was helping but its "burned" my scalp- conditioner

I was thinking it was helping but after every application my scalp would be redder and redder then it started hurting to touch so I had to dis-continue. Asked my partner how he was finding it and he also said it felt sore to put on almost like a burning sensation- also left a really greasy weird film on my hair after rinsing. My scalp is falling out in actual chunks it looks so awful, patchy, red, sore, peeling awful!!!

Absolutely rubbish

I purchased the shampoo and conditioner for eczema and it’s terrible. My scalp was irritated by it and the damage it did to my hair was terrible. I basically just threw $30 down the drain certainly did not do what it says it will do. They should be done for false advertising very upset over how bad it was

Dont use on baby (Excema cream)

I love the moisturiser for myself and ill use it on my baby if he has dry skin. I wont use the excema cream on him during a flare up though as it would burn. It has benzyl alcohol in it which i find so disappointing... it burns me during a flare up- so of course its going to burn my baby. Why alcohol? I love the aim of the brand but this is disappointing.

Relief at last

What an amazing product. Have used so many different products and have finally found THE ONE for me. My skin loves this cleansing bar it is now soft and smooth and calm.Love it, love it, love it.Thank you Hopes Relief.

I really wanted this to work, but now I feel bad for recommending it to friends!

It seemed like this was going to work for both my daughter and I after the initial application, it felt soothing. Every time I applied it after that our eczema got worse and more painful. Only after I stopped using it did the extra flare go away. I jumped the gun and recommended it to friends..now I have to tell them the truth..how embarrassing!

Proceed with caution

I purchased the premium eczema cream after it was recommended to me and used it on my hands that were experiencing a bad eczema flare at the time. It felt soothing at first but then I noticed it would sting on the raw patches. I had the impression it was working hard to heal my skin and persevered. Soon after using the product I had a dermatologist appointment and my doctor questioned what I'd been using on my skin. When I showed her the tube she told me it had caused a bad contact dermatitis and had made my skin worse. I stopped using it immediately and will never use any of these products again. Please be careful.

shampoo really bad, creme ok-ish

I bought the shampoo to replace the coal tar shampoo that I've used for the last years. after the first use my hair was really greasy. I thought I didn't rinsed it enough. but it continued like that. after every wash my hair is filthy, greasy, sticky. it made my scalp even more itchy. they say, you should use it 2-3weeks, which I did, but it got worse and worse. after 3weeks I went back to use tgel. thanks to hopes relief shampoo I now have soft hair, but my psoriasis is really bad again. and about their money-back-garantie: I contacted them weeks ago and never got an answer.
I bought the cream as well. it's ok. it softens the skin, covers up the flakes quiet good. but even after 2.5weeks of using it, it doesn't make anything disappear.

Never want to be without it

I stumbled across the cream some years ago, as sometimes I get itchy patches of skin, and find it hard not to keep scratching at them, which of course makes them even worse... this stuff breaks that vicious circle.
Chemist suggested it. Blessings upon them, this stuff is absolutely wonderful for me. It soothes those itchy bits I get at times, and just makes them go away in a couple of days. I make sure I am never without it.
Haven't tried any of the other products, just the 'eczema cream' for itches, whether from unknown cause, insect or even sunburn. It works wonderfully.

Premium cream is great for me!

Have had eczema outbreaks on face intermittently.Have whole drawer of creams,bottles,tubes in past & reluctantly used 1% cortisone cream sparingly out of desperation!Works when applied as others say but returns when stop using.Then tried Hope's Relief Premium, was great, in about 1 week started to heal.Now use at first sign of outbreak.At present just started to get relief from 3month dryness,cracking, redness ,flakiness, OUCH! around lips after travelling.2nd day and already feel soothed.Just visited here to see what other products they make.BTW. like the smell & at least it is natural.Love this cream & 'hope' (no pun intended, lol) my skin will benefit from rest of range.Everyone is individual so can often be trial & error

Skin cream

I'm getting pimples from your skin cream but the cream is okay I will buy it again and I want a discount on it next time

Is it a bandaid or a cure.

I have dandruff and dry sensitive skin, my face flakes and dries out really bad, when I apply the moisturising lotion it works the flakes dissapear my skins soft and I apply it 3 times a day. But the next morning the dreaded flakey skin and redness has returned. So is it a bandaid or a cure?

Hope's Relief cream soothes my sensitive skin

Stress, sun, alcohol, soap, sodium laurel sulphate: this are all irritants that make me turn red in the face and ready to erupt like a volcano. I am loving Hope's Relief natural skin care range. Stumbled upon it via recommendation from a friend with dermatitis. It's all natural ingredients no irritants and no chemicals have made me realise just how much gunk I've used on my face in the past. I have switched to natural non toxic skin care now and my skin is reaping the rewards. This cream is chockers full of botanical super stars, I think that the medical grade manuka honey and calming calendula is what's making the biggest difference to my skin. It works overnight when my skin flares up in response to an irritant. I love it!

really helps

i've had an itchy scalp for months and nothing seemed to work and it was driving me insane, then i tried Hopes Relieve Shampoo and Conditioner, it took about a week or two for full results, no more itchy scalp and if you color your hair the color doesn't fade as quickly, couldn't do without it........

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Questions & Answers

Is it suitable for baby who is 8 mths old. He cried terribly after the application of premium eczema cream , become really red, crying terribly , my heart ache for him. Please comment?
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I have loved the Hopes Relief Shampoo.They don't sell it in my local supermarket in Auckland New Zealand any more. Can you please tell me where I can buy it now? I was so relieved to find the shampoo that suited me best but I just cannot find it anymore.
6 answers
I bought the soap from The Chemists Warehouse but I no longer use it since I discovered SEBI MED liquid wash. Has answered all my prayers .*I buy Sebi Med from The Super Pharmacy in Hornsby. It is wonderful.Thank you.I live in Auckland and have found it now in a Life Pharmacy.Seba Med is a 5.5 Ph body wash. I have TMAU and is the closest thing to a cure I have found.

I have started using the hopes relief shampoo. It's been just over a week and my hair is now very greasy and still itchy. Should I continue? How long does it take to improve?
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I haven't used hopes relief shampoo sorry just the eczema cream!I use Garnier Fructis anti-dandruff Classic to shampoo.( Blue bottle) The zinc in the shampoo stops the itch and my hair is soft and shiny. I use Hopes soap and cream on my face for outbreaks of dermatitis. Sometimes I only wash with the soap and after rinsing I lightly spray Peoplefor Plants mist toner. Happily now my skin is trouble-free. Worth looking at PeopleforPlants products online. Wonderful gentle natural stuff. Available from Priceline.I was very disappointed with the product. The itchiness got worse and my scalp became very dry, flaky and tight. I gave it up after a week and started searching for new products. Then a friend mentioned a product called Coco Scalp Ointment - a 40g tube. It was the perfect solution to all my problems. After a week of use, the itchiness went away. In fact itchiness lessens after first application. The scalp gets a bit dry during the use but all it is doing is getting rid of dead cells. I used this product more than a year ago and have not used it since. I got rid of all my scalp problems. Thanks for Coco Scalp. I hope it works for you too. Just apply to affected areas and see it work. This product can be purchased at a chemist. Good luck, Kashmir

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