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Terrible attitude after payment

On site inspectors are good working people and other staff are acting as normal business manners. However, after my Architect left message to their office number to say that he needs to speak with the building inspector further to building inspection report for clarifications . They did not response on this.The woman operator was speaking with very rude attitude when I asked her to contact with the building inspector to response to My Architect in a timely manner. Unbelievable tough conversation over the phone.Make you feel sick. No response from the inspector to Architect yet.

Excellent service

We booked Houspect for a building and pest inspection after our friends had recommended their services , they were extremely helpful And answered all of our questions . All of their inspectors are fully registered and their reports were very detailed not skimpy .Definitely worth the money when buying new home.

Outstanding Service

We contracted Houspect to completed stage reviews during our new home build with a large volume builder. We paid for the service as a piece of mind check as we believed that the builder had adequate checks in place to ensure a quality build.

Unfortunately we were sadly mistaken and whilst we identified a number of issues the Houspect reports confirmed our fears and found a lot more issues. Our builder rectified all the issues, however, the complete report from Houspect was extremely useful in getting the builder to acknowledge the issues and to fix them.

If you are a building a new home then building inspections through the major stages of the build is a must have and I could not recommend Housepect enough.

The inspection cost is an extra cost on top of the build cost, however, I think it is well worth it.

Once we booked in our inspection, both the inspection and final report happened very quickly.

An absolute must have service when building a house!

Considering a house costs hundreds of thousands of dollars, one would be foolish to not spend a few hundred dollars in making sure their house is built in a high standard. Houspect did an outstanding job in picking up defects that I would never have been able to detect. They use experts from the home-building industries that understand the standards that must be reached and know the dodgy practices that tradies use to get a house built quickly.

I would recommend a 4-phase inspection which ensures defects are picked up as early as concrete slabbing as these defects are impossible to pick up once the walls, roof, etc are installed.

Not quite happy with the services

I am building a new house and I used their service to inspect one of the stages. The inspector spent a lot of time at the site but didn't really put many things on the report. Also out of 4 items, he missed 2 item which was mentioned during the inspection. Not so professionals in my opinion. Also, the actual report contains unnecessary information which can make you confused.

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