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New Home Inspections

New Home Inspections

4.9 from 39 reviews

Professional and very helpful

We have been using NHI for 4 stages throughout the build and all 4 stages were done by different inspectors (you may request same inspector but due to timing issue we don't mind to have different inspector at different stage), we must say we are very satisfied with all the inspectors. They are all very professional and went above and beyond their service in helping their clients, they even offer post inspection assistance if we have any dispute with builder in fixing all the defects. Overall, very happy with the service provided. It's best money spent for peace of mind.

Very Happy with the Service of New Home Inspections

It was really wise of us to use New Homes Inspections services. They are very thorough and gave us a lot of helpful information about the defects they found in our home. They know the building regulations, standards and they responded to our questions. Reports are provided in a timely manner.

Probably the best investment I've ever made!

NHI were thoroughly professional, organised and efficient, and our Inspector was incredibly approachable and helpful at all times.We couldn't have possibly identified some of the shortcuts taken by the builder, or deficiencies and defects which our Inspector identified. Our builder clearly didn't enjoy having his work scrutinized by the Inspector, and that was what gave us an enormous level of comfort and peace of mind.

Builder Lost Control Of My Build

The Builder had lost control of my build, there was an undersize beam, the mortar had holes all over the brick walls due to not enough concrete used, drainage was not compliant with plan, walls were not straight and Builder was cutting corners all over the place. Paul C made sure that all outstanding issues were actioned to Australian Building Codes and that our Building Project was back on track. Now that The Councils are no longer checking the Build its is imperative that an Independent Inspector checks that the Builder has met all the Australian Building Codes.

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Hi Ceedy, thanks so much for taking the time to leave that feedback. We're so glad that we could assist you with your new home and will pass that feedback onto your inspector. Best wishes going forward. - NHI Team

Great Private Home Inspectors

The inspector was very thorough and picked up on lots of issues that we didn't even think to look at. We were very pleased with the report and how professional and detailed the findings were.
Would highly recommend getting an inspector from New Home Inspections before your handover.

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Hi Jacki, thank you for taking the time to leave us such a kind review – we really appreciate it! We will pass your feedback onto your inspector. Congratulations on the completion of your new home build, and best wishes going forward. - NHI Team

You can't afford not to hire NHI

Have used them throughout the construction of new home. Found substantial defects at every step of the way which I would not have been able to detect and will have saved me thousands. Not only that but also unsafe issues that I would never have been able to know about once the plaster had gone up. Their level of detail and reference to building codes makes the report a must if you are going to get the defects addressed. Even when your builder tells you they will rectify them, get NHI to recheck - more often than not they will not have fixed the issues. If you are not a builder you need NHI. So glad I used them.

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Hi Peter, thank you for engaging in our services, and for taking the time to leave a review – we really appreciate it! We will pass your kind feedback onto your inspector, too! Congratulations on completing your new home build in Airport West, and best wishes going forward. - NHI Team

Small price to pay for peace of mind

This was our second build and keen not to make the same mistakes we did the first time, engaged New Homes Inspections based on the recommendations of others in a Facebook group. Havent been let down at all. Tim is great value, and very knowledgeable. He picked up things I wouldnt have even thought to look for. We've been pretty lucky with our builder that there havent been any major issues anyway, but the ones he did highlight... the site supervisor was willing to fix because of the reputation of New Homes and that unless it was an issue, they wouldnt mention it.

I was spurred on by a friend of mine and their bad experience with their builder, but they had an Inspector and it literally saved their bacon which convinced me we should have one too.

Not going to lie, the price is a little out there, but not as steep as some others... but on the whole, you're paying a total of like 1% of your build price for their expert inspectors to make sure that everything is above board and not just hidden away because you dont know what to look for.

Long story short, highly recommend them,

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As a business, we really appreciate the time that you took out of your day to write us such a kind review. We loved assisting you through your new home build in Armstrong Creek. Thank you for the feedback about our inspector, Tim Larkin – we'll be sure to pass that on. - NHI Team

Recommend for all new home builders

My first time building a house, I had no clue on any details on construction. I explain all to Amber who helped so well and from point to point and relaxed me saying they take care of everything. It was hard to believe as some ppl always talk negative but I had full hope with New Home Inspection. Amber organised all my dates and communicated very well with me and made sure I follow all the steps the right way.
I recommend the company to anyone who is new for building and make sure your builders do the right thing. I didn't have any issue with my property and it was such a great dicition I made. So happy with you guys. Thank you so much Ambet and also Andrew who took care of my inspections.
Definitely will use you guys for the next property.

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We really appreciate the time you took to leave us such a kind review, Dharsh. Thank you for choosing us to assist you through your investment property build. - NHI Team

New Home Inspections is your New Best Friend if you are building a new home

I would highly recommend the services of New Home Inspections to inspect all stages of building a new home. They were accurate, professional, detailed and know the building regulations inside out. They definitely saved us from potential building defects that we have no experience or acumen to know. They can even help with pre-contract negotiations with your builder. Do not trust that your builder will do the right thing in the contract or building of your home, engage the services of New Home Inspections.

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Thanks for engaging our services and leaving such kind feedback, Jane. We loved assisting you through your new home build! - NHI Team

Better than doing it alone !

Great report with good factual support information allowed us to approach our builder with confidence and get the value for the investment made on the inspection.

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Thank you for engaging our services, Max. We enjoyed assisting you through the completion stage of your new home. - NHI Team

Worth every cent!

New Home Inspections have been great to deal with. Excellent communication. Our instructor Tim was consistent throughout all inspections and saved us thousands on building mistakes and stuff ups. Highly recommend for and type of build!

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Thank you for engaging our services, and for the kind feedback, Nick! Congratulations on the completion of your new home in Tarneit! - NHI Team

Would not build without New Home Inspections

Although we had renovated before we had never done a complete build and were keen to ensure we had someone independent to our builders with building knowledge provide independent inspections throughout. New Home Inspections (NHI) proved their worth at the first inspection when our surveyors had signed off for the slab to be poured only for NHI to pick up major structural faults and called our builders immediately to halt any further work until the issues were fixed. Our builders agreed and rectified the issues before a reinspection by NHI provided the go-ahead. Had NHI not caught this when they did our build would have been a disaster.

NHI were always professional, efficient and detailed in their work and reports and identified many things that our eyes and knowledge would not otherwise have picked up. They worked well with the builders who respected their work and our builders always fixed up the things identified by NHI.

NHI have us peace of mind and confidence that our build met all regulations and was of high quality and we are thrilled with the final result. I would highly recommend them for anyone building and would definitely engage them should we ever build again.

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Thank you, Kim for taking the time to leave us such a kind review. We loved assisting you through your new home build. Congratulations on your new home! - NHI Team

Building a home? New Home Inspection are great

We built our home and we took New Home Inspection services for all phases. At all time their reports were great and detailed. The inspectors are providing great support as well with clear explanations of issues and points noted. I won't kid anyone apart from the last Completion stage where the taps and lights go on, I have no clue about building a home. New Home Inspection brought me the help needed to ensure the other phases were properly taken care of and issues discovered early where it is easier to fix them.

Special notes to the admin team that handles the bookings at the office. This team is providing timely answer and quick turnaround time for booking your inspections.

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Thank you for engaging our services and allowing us to assist you through your new home build. We appreciate your kind feedback, and wish you the very best with the finalisation of your new home. - NHI Team.

Worth the reassurance

New Home Inspections were fantastic. Easy to deal with. Quick to get an appointment.

The report that is generated is very easy to understand with photos and a great description of what needs to be done.

Looking forward to getting a great result from my builder now I have proof that things are not right

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Hello Shannon, thanks for taking the time to leave us such kind feedback! We loved assisting you through your construction journey. Thanks for engaging in our services :) - NHI Team

Quality inspections with very professional service.

After doing some research I decided to go with New Home Inspections and was not disappointed. All the inspections were done by Tim. He had detailed knowledge of different aspects of construction and was very thorough in his inspections. I would recommend New Home Inspection. As a normal person we would never know the details/nuances that go into the construction. Report provided after each inspection was also very detailed and professional with photographs citing relevant guidelines and other details. These inspections are worth every penny as it will definitely help to improve the quality of your house much more than what you spend.
On top of that response time of the team that schedules inspections is very quick as well, which allows you to make unexpected changes at short notice.

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Thank you for choosing NHI and for the kind review, Mukul! We loved assisting you through your new home build. - NHI Team

Worth every cent!

I found new homes inspections to be fantastic, the reports you are send are easy to read and have pictures of what's wrong from your actual house. They state what part of the building code has been broken and why it needs to be fixed.

It's good for peace of mind that you know your house is being built right!

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Thanks so much for the review and for engaging our services, Dan. We loved assisting you through your new home! - NHI Team

Best Investment for a New Home construction

New Home Inspections were brilliant. Highly Recommended. They took a great deal of stress away from the construction of my property. A normal person can never know the great detail of the Australian Building Code to which they match all of the mistakes therefore your builder has to abide by that code and fix the issue. The report highlights each issue against the building code therefore ensuring you have a solid base to argue to get the issue fixed.

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Thanks Ramesh for the feedback. We loved assisting you through your new home build.

Very professional

From the first phone call new home inspections were there to help every step of the way, Tim came out and was easily contacted through emails and phone calls, my questions may have sounded basic but none the less Tim explained the answers to me.
Could recommend a better company to carry out house inspections.
Thanks Jase

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Thank you for engaging our services, and for the kind feedback. Congratulations on the completion of your new home build project!

Great Service, Attention to detail

NHI team were always pleasant to deal with and our inspector Andrew was very detailed at what he does and did it exceptionally well. I would be more than happy to recommend the service to anyone.

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Thanks so much for engaging our services and for the kind feedback, Carl!

Peace of mind

Great communication and their services will help to get us to understand what is missing with our build and push builders.

It is bit hard to book if you give them 3 days notice even though it says 3-5 days notice. But again they are busy beacuse of their service i guess.


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Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately, we do experience periods of high demand and do endeavour to book the earliest availability in line with your build schedule.

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