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Every build needs a darbecca report!!!

So far we have had 3 reports done by darbecca, on the second report we met with Dale from Darbecca on site and he was execellent, he knew so much about everything and picked up on a lot that should of been picked up on. Our builder had their own inspector who passed everything and once you see all the photo and the things that are wrong that to someone who isn’t in the industry I was shocked at how they passed every stage.
Once things were brought up in the report we did our own research into every item and some were very serious which our builder would of left, had we not had the report done we would of been left with broken tiles damaged drainage, bricks different colours.
We have had the best experience with them and talking to the inspector on site. Our builder used bullying tactics and it was very helpful to know what was wrong and where we stand.
We couldn’t be more grateful for getting it done.
A lot of our friends are building and we have highly recommended the inspector we had!!
So thanks guy awesome job!!

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Svdl, Thank you for your honest review. Dale and the rest of the Darbecca team are fully committed to ensuring that you get a home that is a home. A place that is well built and will last the test of time. I thank you again for your review. Darren and the Darbecca Team.

Misleading information and wrong reports


The thing is why we people hire them for safety and security of our assets and trust them that they will do the just to the money you are paying them but they don't

Misleading information and changes everytime after they meet building managers

I have done my report from them and the things got discussed was not mentioned in the report

So I got another report after the property handed over to me after making several requests.

This people know the construction manager s personally even you pay them bloody $785 for each report they still give the benifits to construction managers

Worthless don't hire them

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Today i received a threatening call from the person who did my property report to remove the review and then during the call with him and darbecca director threatened me to remove the review otherwise there solicitor will sue me, This kind of people i am dealing with after paying $785 for report. Because of privacy reason i cant disclose the name of the person who threatened me but during the call done by the property inspector he didn't disclosed me that the director of the company DARBECCA is also in call he breached the privacy please be careful with this company

Arrogant Owner!! Don't use his company!

I called to ask for some information and I spoke to the owner. He was a very arrogant and rude when I explained to him I could get the same services he was offering cheaper. I just wanted to know why he was so expensive. He didn't have to answer loudly and rudely. I didn't use their services and I suggest that you don't either as he isn't a nice man over the phone so imagine what he is like in person.

Darbecca will not be blackmailed. You clearly stated to me on the phone that unless we give you a better price you would put a bad review up. We stand by our pricing and will not allow blackmailing regardless of what people write. It goes to show how the Product review system is flawed. The Darbecca inspection process is the best practise. We are diligent and well educated in our area of expertise. We strive hard to help our genuine customers and refuse to have our hard work discount by you.Not True! I never said anything of the sort you are suggesting above. Please leave me alone you ignorant bully! I am so glad I never did business with you.Sally, Darbecca will not be Blackmailed. Your whole review is based on me saying no to you. I will not tolerate threats of using this forum to get a better price. In relation to leaving you alone. You placed this on the WEB for all to see and all I'm doing is letting people know why we did not do business with you. Darbecca.

Overall good inspection

I have used Darbecca for the first couple of stages of my home build (I was based interstate). The reports provided were good and detailed enough. However, as a customer, the process to book an inspector seemed a bit tedious for me. There were a lot of "back and forth" going between multiple parties to just book each inspection appointments. Also, once I received the inspection report, I wanted to clarify few issues identified in the report. However, I didn't get the opportunity to even talk to the inspector for further clarifications. (I emailed him few times)

Regardless, since then, I have used another building inspection company for the final three stages and been very happy. My home build is now complete and looking good.

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Zane, I'm bitterly disappointed in this situation and will be following up with the report writer/consultant. Darren

Professionals through and through

Darbecca know their building code, A+ reports detailing all illegal defects with actual screenshots of the relevant building code.

Can not recommend highly enough, worth every single cent!

Seriously, don’t pass on their services.

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Aaron, Thank you for your review. We do try hard. Education is the key along with hard work. I sincerely hope that you enjoy your new home. Darren and the Darbecca Team.

Very happy with the service & professionalism of the Darbecca Team

We used Darbecca for all the available inspections they offered, and I think it was a very wise investment. I attended site many times while the inspectors were there and they couldn't have been more helpful and forthcoming with information, they would always tell me to ask as many questions as I wanted to and were happy to explain every issue with me and why it was important to rectify. They were my eyes on things I had no idea about and as a result I have a home that is very well built and defects that could have been an issue in the long run, have already been addressed and repaired.

I am so grateful for their support, particularly Brett who I met on a couple of inspections and he could't have been nicer or more knowledgeable. The office team were very friendly and quick to follow up and respond to my questions. I don't know what that other reviewer was on a out with prices lists, they gave me a list which was very easy to follow and broke down any discounts available if you did multiple inspections, simple!

I highly recommend Darbecca to anyone building a home, the comfort and reassurance you get knowing the your house is being built to the right standards is worth it's weight in gold. Thank you Darbecca, if I ever build again I will be straight back onto you.

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Rockin, Wow what a review. I will ensure that Bret reads this. Thank you once again and we sincerely hope that your house is a home. Darren and the Darbecca Team

Highly recommend Patrick Kerr from Darbecca - Thorough, efficient and friendly

I would highly recommend the services of Darbecca’s Patrick Kerr to inspect all stages of building a new home. We have now used his services twice.

He is accurate, professional, detailed and know the building regulations inside out. As I was also happened to be at the property, Patrick walked me through after he had finished to explain what I would be seeing in his report. He was thorough, explaining his finding and the level of risk if not corrected. His reports were very informative with lots of useful photographs.

Thanks very much for your services Patrick. We will be recommending you to anybody we know needing an inspection.

Can’t thank Darbecca enough!

Amazing customer service, the office staff are so pleasant to deal with. Our inspector Darren is a lifesaver. If it weren’t for him our house would have literally fallen down. He was able to assist us in getting our brickworks redone because the builder didnt follow building standards. Thank you very much Darbecca!

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Dear Victoria, Thank you for taking the time to review our service. The whole team appreciates your feedback as it is a reward for effort. The whole team is striving to make a difference to ensure your house is a home. We sincerely wish you all the best in your new home. Once again thank you. The Darbecca Team.

Worst Customer Service to Start With

Wanted to know what will be the cost for 4 inspections for house. The admin lady cant even provide me the price, instead she emails me with the discounted price and if you choose more than 3 inspections. Zero customer service, sounds like they are having enough business. Do not fall on these people's sales Gimmick.

Dear Sudarshan, I have taken your concerns on board. If we were unable to assist with clear pricing documentation that assist you personally, then I apologise. Wishing you all the best with your build. The Darbecca Team.And what does this mean? Did You even try to solve this matter? Or you are trying to show the readers that you guys care your bad reviews?

I highly recommend Darbecca to everyone

We are so happy with Darbecca. From the first time we got in touch with them to get a quote, to all the way when our house was built, they delivered everything they promised us. They responded to every question in a timely manner. Every person we dealt with was courteous and clarified every detail we were unsure of. Their reports were very informative, and the inspectors had very good attention to detail. Everything they did was on point! Their emails, notes, reports, everything! I can't fault them.

This was our first time building a house and the staff in Darbecca were the only people that didn't give us a headache.

I highly recommend Darbecca to anyone building a home.

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Dear Mary, Thank you for taking the time to review our team. We try real hard to make a difference. We know that this can be a stressful time. Every body in team wants to help and understands that their little bit in the overall effort is very important. Our core mission is to make sure you receive a home! Not just a House. A place that is yours and you can be proud of. Once again, thank you from all of the Darbecca team.

Extremely Thorough and Professional

Can't express how happy we are with our private building inspections from Darbecca. They are extremely thorough and great to deal with. All appointments were a breeze to book and the reports were all received on the same day. We had a close friend who is a building inspector interstate review the reports and he was extremely impressed with the quality and depth of the reports Darbecca produce. Our Site Supervisor was aware of this also, so I think it kept him on his toes!

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Dear Josh, Thank you for your review. An honest review is always appreciated on a site like this. Thank you once again. The Darbecca team.

Waste of Money and Time

I have used Darecca service for my new build house and they picked up some errors from builder and my builders engineer drawings, after month of delay in my project I used a private structural engineer to look into the report and site issues, I was informed that the report has many technical errors and incorrect judgement, do not waste your time and money, ask a qualified surveyor or a registered engineer who has basic industry knowledge.

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When you hold an engineer accountable, it is amazing how they try to get Darbecca Back. This is not a real review. It has been reported however the web site admin like a bit of angst to keep people reading the reviews. The Darbecca team

Was impressed

I was going to use darbecca, but my builder got them first, and I couldn't have them due to conflict I received the report from my builder, there very professional they found many problems with my new house I have hired someone else and there great as well, but thank you Darbecca for been thorough I just wished I got you first but I have another inspector that I will be using through my whole build his the best.

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Thank you Kathy. However you have changed from a 5 star review last week to a three star this week. What did we do wrong? The report that we submitted has not changed and we have had no contact with you at all. Your own review of our services clearly states that you are not our customer. If we have done something wrong, then by all means call our office and lets discuss it. However placing a review that was 5 stars and then reducing it to 3 stars would suggest that we have done something wrong. We need to know what that is. Only then can we improve. The Darbecca Team.

Put Darbecca on the top of your list

Darbecca was recommended to me by a work colleague after we were discussing our individual builds, and I could not have more thank full for the recommendation. We were having a number of difficulties with our build (review also on this site) and I was recommended Darbecca to check out all the work and I could not be more thankful to the Darbecca team.

The service was professional, office staff fantastic and the inspectors spot on. If you had any questions they were happy to answer them. The reports are easy to read, include the relevant building codes and standards that makes conversations with your building supervisor very easy as it comes down to a simple yes or no...........is it built this way according to the standard???? My independent inspector say no............then you can have a meaningful conversation.

If you are in doubt of using Darbecca for any reason, I want to quote my last building supervisor (had 3), that was also the regional manager for large building company. To quote him on our last inspection, he mentioned that Darbecca is the hardest building inspectors to get anything past, they pick up on everything and its hard to argue with the points they raise.

I want to give you all some food for thought on your building journey. You sign up for a house, you get the sales pitch and everything is sweet and easy, as you are in sales phase and its their job to get you over the line and relieve all doubts. You have confidence in the process and you view your builder as your trusted adviser on all things building. Its from there your build will go in one of two directions.
1: No problems, everything is fine, no real issues (don't be a idealist and believe there will not be mistakes made, mistake will happen, its the size of the mistake and how easily its rectified. Remember if mistakes don't happen planes do not play lawn darts!) and your house is delivered on time and you have a great experience. Read the reviews there's alot of them.
2: Then there's the alternative.........problems with your build. Check the same reviews and there's 40% plus of negative reviews. It's almost like tossing a coin in the air. Hmmmm is that the wheels turning in your head I hear??? Now when things go wrong your building supervisors gives you the same lines as they do to everyone. We will get that fixed, there's a delay, that's not a problem at all etc. Now let's revisit that statement of your building company being your trusted adviser.............bet you have some doubts. I do not blame you as i ended up hating my building company and that is where Darbecca came into its own.
To be fair I probably had a case that was at the start of the extreme end of things where everything that could go wrong did and they only got 15-20% right on the first time. While we were dealing with the building companies customer service officers and arguing points over and over (EG our stairs should be counter levered and free standing not boxed in) and talking to the site supervisor on major point, we missed alot of points that if you were not a building inspector you would not know about. That's where Darbecca came into its own.

I'm no builder, and did not know that our builder cut out too much of the frame to accommodate a pipe to make in nonstructural. Darbecca noticed this and also gave the builder a solution as he was at a loss..........yes you read that correctly!
The on the inspections, missed a number of wall/s out of plumb to Australian Standards, Darbecca didn't.
The floor on the second floor being too high compared to the plans (like I would know that........and the builder missed it).Darbecca didn't.
Change in building regulations about common boundary garage walls and their construction to meet new fireproof regulations. Darbecca picked that up as well.
The list went on and on, and to be frank you may think you know, but you really don't now until someone, a trusted adviser and advocate does..........I think Dale (our inspector) nearly wrote a thesis on my place. All fixed thanks to the team at Darbecca.
I think I used them 5 times, maybe more, and they paid for themselves each and every time.
So if you are going to build, flip a coin, heads you will have a good build, tales you will have a problem. it's a 50/50.........let's be logical, do not take the risk on what is probably the biggest investment in your life.
Get Darbecca's team to be your trusted adviser on your build.

If you were like my colleague, he had no issues and had piece of mind.........in his words, piece of mind and worth every cent.
In my case, a god send, and a problem to my building company who in reality built most of my house twice, at there cost. I now have a house I am proud off, and have no concerns thanks to the team Darbecca.
I highly recommend this company and it is worth every cent and very easy to deal with, simple reports for you to read and will take you through any questions. Everything you want from a professional service.
I'll end this with a simple statement. Darbecca is your trusted adviser when it comes to building your home.

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Dear NCEW, Wow. Thank you for your feedback. I started reading your comments and could not stop. Your comments are very precise and we appreciate the review of our service. From my Admin team to the Field team, I will be passing on your comments. Once again, thank you for taking the time to write such an informative review. The Darbecca Team.

Money well spent with Darbecca

This was my first experience t building a new house. I might know a few things but something I have no idea about are the Victorian Building Regulations. So I decided early that I would invest money in making sure my new house was built according to all the standards outlined in the regulations, ensuring that I had a quality house when the keys were handed over.
I took the option to have an inspection at every checkpoint ....... pre-slab, frame, pre-plaster, pre-paint, waterproofing and then the final inspection. This proved valuable in that any findings from the Darbecca inspection could be rectified before the next stage had commenced making it easy to address.
I believe that the builders also take a little extra care with their work when they know that Darbecca are coming on-site to check their work. I guess it is the pride in their reputation as much as their quality work that they are protecting.
I found that the staff at Darbecca were terrific. No issue seemed too big or too small to give it their utmost attention. They were friendly and always returned calls or emails.
The reports produced were very detailed citing the issue, including photos of the affected area, a snapshot of the regulation that had been violated and they were always happy to talk to the builder to clarify the problem/solution.
I'm more than happy that I chose Darbecca and the investment has given me complete ease of minds.
I would happily recommend them to anyone building a new home.

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Dear Laurie, We agree. Most builders do use the best trades when we are on a job right from the start. Some tell us who they are going to use on each stage. We thank you for your feed back. We are pleased that we were able to turn your house into a home. The Darbecca Team

Thorough reports

Well documented and thorough inspections, easy to understand and backed by relevant guidelines - however what the builder chooses to do about them is probably more relevant.

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Dear Emerson, Thank you for your feedback. The Builders are obliged to fix all items as per the contract. We sincerely hope that our service was relevant and we assisted with making your house a home. The Darbecca Team.

If you’re building, you would be stupid not to have Darbecca

We built with a volume builder and engaged with Darbecca from the very beginning. Not only did they pick up on massive structure errors but the support throughout our build was reassuring.
We would highly recommend Darbecca, each consultant that visited our build were highly knowledgeable and took the time to explain what we should expect/tolerate.

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Dear Whitney, Thank you for the feedback. Your detailed comments are appreciated. We wish you all the best with your new home. The Darbecca Team

Essential service

Darbecca provides an excellent and professional service, giving us detailed report and photos to submit to our builder for rectification along the stages of our new house. Thank you.

Dear Dil, Thank you for your comments and taking the time to assist others in there choice of service. We sincerely hope that your house is now a home. The Darbecca Team.

Well worth every cent for peace of mind and attention to detail!

Cannot speak highly enough of how much Darbecca assisted us during our very stressful and difficult build. Our inspector Paul was amazing and picked up so many things we couldn't see ourselves or didn't know about. The fact that the reports link to building code and guidelines is really helpful. If you are building we would thoroughly recommend getting the team on board.

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Dear Dduva, Thank you for your comments. Details make a house a home. We thank you again for taking the time to assist others that may read your review of our service and we wish you all the best in the future. The Darbecca Team

Brilliant Inspection by 2 Very professional Inspectors.

Thank you very much Darren & Greg for a very professional inspection & Report. Our building supervisor has commented to us on the report & they are ripping through with the defects & minor alterations. We have highly recommended your Company to our friends who are building in our complex & they also want peace of mind that they have been given a good build.

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Dear Ron, It was a pleasure assisting you. Thank you for your feedback and your recommendation to others. The Darbecca Team

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I want to engage Darbecca for my new house construction but after reading the above review I am now confused whether to go ahead or not, please suggest any other building inspector
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Alam, We have been chasing a client for payment. He has threatened to use social media if we did not let payment go so that he got the report for free. The matter is now with our lawyers and the police for attempted blackmail. I ask you to read all of the other reviews that are from customers that are good as they are true. Darren

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