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Huggies Baby Wipes

Huggies Baby Wipes

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Really dry compared to the Silk brand, so I find it grips to the skin a lot more. Noticed that when I started using these wipes, my daughter had started developing a small rash but thought it was due to not changing her nappys straight after she’s peed, etc. But now her rash has become incredibly inflamed, raised, bumpy and red the more I use the wipes! And I know it irritates her because she tries to scratch it every chance she gets. I used these wipes on my NB son for the first time the other day due to running out of the Silk wipes and it ended up pulling a little bit of his skin off in between his pelvis crease.

Big 0/10 if I could. They are horrible.

Purchased in February 2019.

Won’t be using again!

My poor son has been in such pain after the huggies wipes have caused him nappy rash. His bottom and testicals are blistered and bleeding from this product. From process and elimination I’ve found it was the wipes. When I changed brand it got better. Out of desperation I used them again as it’s all I had left, and once again, he’s in agony.

Wouldn’t recommend huggies to anyone. Ever.

Purchased in January 2019.

Not my favourite

I feel like when I first started using huggies wipes - they were thicker and I didn't need to use as many as I do with new ones.

My pet hate is that SOOOOOO many come out when you just want one. The new Coles ones make it possible to just pull out one wipe at a time, I don't know why it's so hard for other companies to do this. I am often changing one handed (holding feet with other hand) and I just need one more wipe but I'll get 3 or 4.

I like the huggies containers though - they're useful.

Purchased in June 2018 at Chemist Warehouse Online Store for $5.99.

Used to be good but are horrible now

We used the bulk packs less then a year ago and then changed to the Aldi wipes due to price. Unfortunately Aldi are out of stock and we bought the huggies wipes ago..... They are now thinner and drier and horrible to wipe with. They grip the skin and have no moisture. What an expensive waste of money!

Okay wipes

Love the coconut smell but the wipes it self are weak and tear easily. Packing is okay but when taking actual wipes out it’s very fragile which is not great when using on children.
Wipes do smell nice but are a bit too wet and having to squeeze out excess when using.

The product is not bad but the packaging is horrible

I bought a box of these wipes from costco the packaging is absolutely horribble... each pack is wripped from the 1st time use!!! Im very disappointed at this product ill never buy it again such a waste!!!! I threw out most of it because once the pack is open the wipes dries out and becomes useless


Tried using the Huggies Mickey Mouse brand. Within hours started seeing a rash occurring. By the next morning it was all over my son bottom an genitals causing him pain and discomfort l. He is only 2 months an the same thing happened when I used the huggies pampers when he was a newborn. He kept getting a rash. These products are not safe for my baby.

Huggies aren’t safe

Huggies have made my son bleed used it only ONCE and automatically started getting red and slightly bloodly. I freaked out and took him a shower ( he was only 2-3 weeks old ) . Now my son is almost 2 and someone went behind my back and used huggies wipes and of course my son is bleeding again . And my son is NOT allergic to anything . This product just isn’t safe and right now I know a few childeren that it’s happening too . This is why I only use PARENT CHOICE . But now my son is bleeding and in pain might just head to the hospital like last time because of HUGGIES product .

Best wipes by far

I’ve tried a lot of different wipes and these have been the best by far. Other wipes I’ve tried have given my kids nappy rash or given me dermatitis or taken a HEAP of wipes to actually clean their bottoms. Haven’t had any of these problems with Huggies though. Every time I try a different brand of wipes I regret it and end up coming back to Huggies. Bit more expensive than other options out there, but they’re worth it.

Very disappointed with Huggies Gentle touch baby wipes

These wipes didn't tear off easily, but worse than that, they left fibres from the wipe on the baby. Not as good as other water wipes, although they are 99%water! I found it hard to pull of 1 wipe with one hand while holding baby legs out of poonammis
Would not buy again.

excellent for money!

This can be a bit dearer than the other baby wipes but I would say huggies wipes are really worth the price!
My daughter has a very sensitive skin and ended up having a bad rash in her bottom, my GP suggested using huggies nappies and wipes at the same time. The rashes had faded and fingers cross my baby didnt have rashes again.
We have been using the "sensitive" and with coconut oil baby wipes by huggies and it works well so far.
It has a thicker wipe compare to the other ones I've used

Caused irritation for my baby

I used this product for my daughter but a few days later I started to see a bad reaction on her skin It was all red and irritated so I stopped using it Shame because it’s such a well known brand but didn’t work on her Also it’s not cut well every 2,3 wipes that they are sealed together which made it hard to use just with one hand

Surprisingly good

I tried huggies after using several different brands that I found unconvincing. While huggies are more expensive I found they are saving me money. Firstly, I can actually get one wipe out of the box at a time, rather than they all sticking together. Secondly, they are soft and moist and easily wipe off even the biggest poop explosion. The result for me is I use a lot less wipes and my child is happier because the change takes less time. I have actually managed to use one wipe for those huge poop explosions that used to take up to seven wipes. It's definitely a keeper.

Not for us!

We were given a lot of Huggies baby wipes when our first was born so used quiet a few. They were moist and thick but I found them to be like paper and tear very easily whilst trying to wipe clean which was very annoying! We use other brands now.

These use to be the only wipes I would use. Not now!

These use to be the only wipes I would use. They were perfect for my first born so sensitive and loved how they were nice and thick too.
Since having my second the way they are folded they get stuck together and too many wipes come out and they rip. I tried a few boxes thinking maybe a bad batch and from different stores and nothing changed! It’s a shame as they were good, just not any more

Seems to have the perfect amount of moisture

We have tried many different brands and this seems to have the perfect amount of moisture. We bought the 384 Mega Pack from Baby bunting but did not realise that you had to buy the dispenser separately, which turned out to be fine as the wipes dispense much easier as the dispenser is made of hard plastic.

Our Favourite Wipes

Been trying different wipes due to having twins. By far Huggies is our favourite given:
- it always moist
- thick, good when bubs do the big one :p
- you can tear it to half, save half later
- great on my bubs sensitive skins

Huggies is not cheap, get it when it's on sale :)

Best wipes but too expensive!

These are the best wipes out there but too expensive! Thickness and wetness cleans bub well and no nappy rash encountered. Packs are easily closed to keep moisture in. Easy to pull out (encountered other brand wipes which get knotted together). However, cannot give more than 3 rating due to unaffordability.

Good wipes

Huggies wipes are always moist and never tear while I am using them. I usually use the unsencented ones but I have use the ones with slight smell and they do smell great I just prefer the unsecented ones. They come in great handy packs of 80 wipes to keep in the nappy bag or come in big boxes to use in the wipe box at home. All over they are a great baby wipe I love them.

Huggies Baby Wipes - Water only. really?

Bub has very sensitive skin and I bought the water only wipes for him thinking it will be fine as it's just water, what could go wrong? Bub reacted sooo badly to it, very very red bum, I had to use steroids to calm it down. Makes you wonder if it really is just water only.

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