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Huggies Ultimate

Huggies Ultimate

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I am so disappointed in the Huggies size 2, 5-8kg nappies. They leak right through. No matter how I ensure I’ve put them on correctly, within 4 hours my baby is wet, and I have to change clothes and bedding.

Purchased in February 2019.

Quality has been terrible since new changes has been made

Since the 'new and improved' changes has been brought out with this nappies, my son has had red/sore nappy rash (even once it became a blister) whenever we used it, even if it's only for 1-2hr!! Very disappointed as we used to only use huggies ultimate on our son since he was born.

Purchased in January 2019 for $30.00.

Leaked first wee -majority of 3 boxes I tried !

Around 3/4 of all of the nappies I tried out of three whole boxes , leaked upon first wee. Right through to bedding also. I have never had trouble with Huggies over 14 years until this year. Terrible. I would compare them now to the quality of cheap brands.

Purchased in January 2019 for $34.00.

Dangerous dangerous dangerous and horrid quality

The new huggies nappies are extremely poor quality. Bad absorbency, a strong stench appears after minimal use, and both my children got burns and rashes from these 'new and improved' nappies.

Purchased in February 2019 at Coles Online for $30.00.

Will never buy huggies again.

Gave my little man blisters. Will never buy again. went though so much sudocrame it was only helping little, no matter what I did I wasn't clearing up. Until I changed nappies but I still had ulitmates in nappy bag I used a couple and blisters came back, it wasn't until then I put two and two together and realised it was the nappies.

Purchased in January 2019 for $30.00.

Bubs left with burns

This range is visibly thinner and poorer quality compared to the previous range, which we loved. And not as absorbant. Problems with leaks, but worst of all gave my little one a bad burn like rash. This product is not only poor, it is outright dangerous

Purchased in January 2019 at Woolworths Physical store for $30.00.

Gave my baby a terrible rash.

Gave my baby a terrible rash. Bubs was scared of putting nappies on. Must have burnt her. Very upset have never had an issue with huggies until they changed the design.

Purchased in January 2018 at Woolworths for $30.00.

Terrible terrible quality since change

These were our favourite Nappies for 18ths until they made the new unisex ones. Terrible quality! I don’t even have words to say how horrible they are now. We were so gutted as these were the only nappies our daughter could use due to severe skin allergies to others. Huggies (all types) have now caused major nappy rash/burns that required lots of drs appointments. Will never be purchasing Huggies again. Doesn’t even deserve one star.

Purchased in January 2019 at Coles Supermarkets for $30.00.

If I could only give a half star or none I would...

The “new improved” unisex range are useless. They don’t fit properly within size ranges, leak urine/faeces during reasonable timeframe of general use but also crystals from within nappy lining, they rip and tear in several different places (tabs, between lining and external layer, along leg holes, waistband etc), are not as thick or nice in feel as their previous boy/girl range. Just don’t stand up to what they claim to be, not worth the price they charge and worst of all are directly causing harm to our babies and children. I used to use huggies ultimate nappies exclusively since birth (my child is now 15 months) and recommended them to everyone who had babies and children in nappies... but won’t ever use them again now, and tell everyone to steer clear! (They’ve caused reactive, severe, persistent nappy rash to point of broken skin/bleeding and chemical burns on not only my child, but hundreds of other babies as well- simple internet search of web and/popular social media sites should give all the info you need to avoid these nappies).

Purchased in January 2019 for $30.00.

Don’t risk these new improved Ultimates

New unisex ultimate nappy pants caused my daughter to have chemical rash on the insides of her thighs . With proper treatment and visit from doctor we stopped using them and continued cream until it cleared up fully . Don’t risk huggies on your babies or toddlers ever again !

Rubbish, thanks to huggies I have an upset baby!

The new ultimate unisex range is complete trash, hate them!!! My daughter has always slept through the night and as soon as I started to buy the unisex nappies she was waking up 5 times a night soaked in URINE bed sheets and all!! So upset with huggies because the previous ‘ultimate’ range was absolutely worth the money and was one of the only nappies that didn’t leak/cause a rash... well not any more! Feels cheaper, thinner, very boxy on the bum. One of the worst situations was when I was out shopping about to pop my daughter in trolley and BOOM she and I were soaked in urine thanks to your nappies. Came straight out the sides!!! Dear huggies: bring back your old ultimate range! The public demands it!

Horrible so disappointed!

I have been using Huggies Ultimate nappies On my son since he was born.
My son is now 5 months old and Huggies have change the ultimate range to unisex and they are terrible, they leak and not as absorbant as they use to be they also smell and giving my son a rash which he never had before.
The new range feels cheap and thin and they are suppose to be their top range most expensive it certainly doesn’t live up to the ultimate standard I am a very disappointed that Huggies have changed them.
I will be looking into a different brand of nappy as Huggies have lost my trust in their nappies.

New boy girl ultimates are terrible

I’ve always used huggies ultimate boys. The new boy girl ones are absolutely dismal. They break easily, are far less absorbent - my son wets through them. The fitting also gives him wedgies. I won’t be buying them again - terrible terrible nappy. So disappointed because the previous version were brilliant and absorbent and were worth every cent. These are a disaster.


The diapers have gone unisex. There is a bulge in the front and she wets through. She has been in huggies ever since she was born. I sware by them. However this new nappy is pathetic. They dont re seal the same. They are so much thinner my finger has gone straight through while trying to put them on her. That hasnt happened before. It is really dissapointing if im replacing them more often then I will be buying another brand. I paid the extra for quality. This is not ok.

Ultimate nappy pants are terrible

My supermarket was sold out of the normal Huggies nappy pants so I had to get the ultimate range, I thought I would have any issues - I was so wrong.
1. They are impossible to pull over shoes, or put on a wriggling toddler because they come apart at the sides SUPER EASILY. they even come apart randomly once they are on! You can "reseal" them but it's not the same and they'll just keep separating.
2. There isn't any indication which is front or back
3. The distribution of absorbency is really flawed. Normal Huggies are really good at making sure most of the nappy will absorb moisture before changing, the ultimate just bulge more and more at the front and you have to change it early because it's super uncomfortable for the child and 2/3 of the nappy is still bone dry!
4. She has wet through her onesie 5 nights in a row in the ultimate, whereas the normal pull-ups keeps her dry all night.

Waste of money, just get the normal nappy pants!

Worst Nappies ever

I was an absolute huge fan of the huggies newborn nappies. They were soft, easy to use and worked.
When we moved up to the 6-11kgs It felt like there was stiff cardboard at the bottom of the nappy. It didnt soak up any of the poo or wee and just left a very bad odor.
I now use the thankyou. Nappies and they are honestly wonderful. I recommend them to all my family and friends. Super soft & doesnt leave a bad odor. Only thing is there is no wetness indicator but I'm ok with that and my baby is more comfortable

New unisex huggies ultimate nappy pants are AWFUL

Have been using Huggies Ultimate Boys Nappy-pants as overnight nappies for the last several months and found them great, lasted overnight. HOWEVER Huggies recent replacement with unisex has been terrible - every night since they changed, my son wets right through the nappy and soaks his Pjs and often his bedsheets. I now have to change him 2-3x overnight, every night (NEVER had to do that with the old range). There are also fewer nappies in the bulk-box, yet still cost the same as before. Nappies feel much thinner too. Won't be buying these anymore, will be looking for a more effective replacement or may as well switch to cheaper nappies if I have to continue changing 2-3x overnight. Really disappointed in the New Unisex Ultimate nappy-pants range.

New unisex ultimate range is terrible

So they've changed the boys and girls nappies to unisex (must be because of cost of manufacturing) All I can say is I'm astonished at how much worse they've become. The nappy gets socked so much easier and they're definitely a thinner nappy now. Goodbye Huggies hello something else !

The best we have ever used

These feel so soft, they are well designed and fit perfectly. We have never had any leakage. My son has allergies and sensitive skin but does not get rashes whilst wearing these. both the ultimate nappy and nappy pants have served us well. We have tried all the brands but I now do t waste my money as it is worthwhile to spend that little bit more on these.

Worth the money

I have used Huggies nappies for all 3 of my kids. With my most recent baby we used the newborn size then switched to Aldi for the next size up to save money. Within a week my 10 week old baby had severe nappy rash (he sleeps 6-8hrs per night so the wee was sitting on his skin). Huggies have by far been the best, they hold his wet nappies and keep moisture away from his delicate skin. Within a few days of switching back to Huggies (and using Mustela nappy cream) his nappy rash is almost gone.

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