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Husqvarna 562 XP AutoTune

Husqvarna 562 XP AutoTune

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Husqvarna 562 XP AutoTune - A great saw......but

Yep agreed the 562 XP A/T is a great saw. Really hooks in. I too, chainsaws for 30 odd years in Australian hardwood. Like you guys, I'm dissapointed with the air cleaner as it lets the very fine stuff through. The dealer did say it would be OK as the saw will just pass it through.
My concern is the longevity of the motor when the warranty runs out.
Husqvarna really need to do some work here.

Purchased in July 2018 at Robinsons Motorcycles Dubbo for $1,750.00.

great saw

i bought my 562xp back in 2014 and have never regreted my decision i have found that with all 2 strokes that if you run quality petrol and oil and clean it every 3 tanks it will look after you, i run an 18 inch bar and have put well over 60 hours on this saw, i have had great aftermakert service from richlands mowers and chainsaws and have zero worries when ever using my 562 xp weather cross cutting or slabing, i also have a 28 inch bar with a skip tooth for bigger timber i come across and the power of the saw handles it very well

Purchased in September 2014 for $1,500.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance

Not Happy!

Bought a 2014 model. Found it to be excellent tool. I cut about 2-3 full cords of wood a year. In the last few months the exhaust bolts fell out. New gasket and heat shield. Just discovered the oil pickup weight had fallen off the suction hose. Suction hose is split. Have also noticed several bolts coming loose on the handle and spike bar. Not very pleased with the quality of such an expensive saw. Will try different brand next time. Dealer has been great.

Date PurchasedMay 2014

Died after 2 years would not support warranty

I've been running chain saws for 35 years. I have an 18 yo Saw a 20yo line trimmer and a 25 yo leaf blower. No issues maintaining and running. I purchased this saw to mill lumber, pine and ran the saw hard but this is why i purchased a pro rated saw. The cylinder is scored Husqvarna claim I ran the fuel mix lean however I've kept all my other equipment running for many years issue free. Very unhappy with this product and Husqvarna "Warranty"

Date PurchasedSep 2016

The husky 563XP is most impressive performer.

Probably all the Still agents write together how bad this saw is, because they can be scared. Still cannot meet the awesome power for a small price and 5 year guarantee . The saw is balanced, light in weight and handles like a song with everything you throw at it. The only negative is that all that power is thirsty on fuel and oil.

Date PurchasedJul 2018

Have to thanks to dealers apprentice mechanic

We all make mistakes from time to time. Admitting to them is much harder for most people but particularly companies. I was happily using my 562XP for not quite a year, very busy, set a colleague up with a new Husky fuel can and some new chains on my old 445e and lost concentration and failed to put 2S oil in the fuel of my new 'can.' Quickly burnt out the chainsaw to not running within one tank. Took it to my dealer and got an apprentice masquerading as someone highly experienced. He showed no compression in the pull start and that I'd failed to put oil in the fuel so I asked embarrassed for the first time in 35 years of engine use what a rebuild would cost. He said Husqvarna weren't going to help me out, the piston, cylinder and crank would cost $960 and there would be $500 odd repair costs involved. I needed a machine to keep up with the firewood supply so I was forced to buy a second one.

Turned out I didn't need a crank even though I got a genuine one and other components from the USA for less than half the price in Australia through, at least, my dealer. After spending $12,000 plus in 12 months with my dealer on Husqvarna products, you'd think Husqvarna Australia could have supplied a rebuild kit for cost. An incredibly over priced 'cost' for Australian customers in the first place! (Just compare the .com to the .com.au sites for prices). Anyway, it turns out I only needed a new piston, ring and, arguably, cylinder head. So I could have got going again within a week for less than 20% of the parts cost quoted to me based on American retail costs - not costs to Husqvarna and be at worst off, no other discount, down only $700 AUD but going. Yeah so I bought a new saw and with the parts from the US as well as chains at less than 1/3 the price here, I had 2 saws. 2 and 3 years on, I have found the saws to be pretty reasonable IF over maintained. This is to say, if you want to operate 1 for a full day, day in, day out, you will actually need 2.

Use 1 for a tank, let it cool down whilst using the second one for a tank. Thats around 25 to 45 mins use. Then rotate the bar on the first one, replace the chain with a sharpened one, replace the air filter with one of your 5 spares, grease the sprocket, the clutch and fastidiously follow the warm starting procedure. Don't over oil the fuel to hope for a longer engine life as it will cause you grief to get going again as the crank chamber will become over oiled too and thus starting will bomb every time to flooded if it doesn't fire first go on plug removal and clean out. Don't EVER seek to show how good these saws CAN be by having people around you try to start it warm if it didn't start warm first pop by following procedure. Understand that Husqvarna are not owned by the original Swedish mob they used to be but by foreign interests determined to make money on their original good name. Understand that corporatisation and the way it is chooses to downgrade their quality control and accept higher percentage returns (if they have to) as another rather questionable way of upping profits whilst decreasing over all costs.

Understand that brands like Stihl will necessarily have to do similar things to remain competitive. Understand that Australian regulations about where something is made really means, it can have one or two small parts put on in assembly in Australia to be claimed as Australian made. So even if the saw says "made in Sweden" do you think the saw is really, in entirety, made in Sweden? You know, forged and manufactured and assembled in Sweden by the Swedes? Think again. Generally speaking, it's the design that makes these chainsaws and products in general potentially better than from elcheapoland. Generally there is an expensive reputation to at least attempt to uphold for a few years more to either recoup invested monies or carry a market advantage into the future in making good money. But for goodness sakes, don't rely on a dealer and especially on the brand in Australia because, like insurance companies, if they can get out of it for squiggling and worming hard, you can be sure you will cause yourself ill health before they will admit to or even generously give you any kind of a fair go without a lawyer!

Date PurchasedJun 2016

After 15 yrs with huskys, bought a new 562 xp to retire 372 xp faulty saw from the first day

Would not cut straight,.After spending $400 on recomended parts from dealer and huskys technical bloke finally threw it at them,wanted a replacement so much for 5 yr warranty,just blame the operator.
Finnally solved,faulty oil gear worm drive ($6 covered by warranty) 12 hrs work
10 hrs latter,piston seizure, Verdict, ran without oil, other 2 saws,running perfect,no signs of being ran without oil. All 3 run of same fuel,,Warranty, no way ,my fault. New husky head kit ,3 tanks ,piston seized,again Huskys,respond ,bab luck your fault,no oil,Other 2 saws still going,
Never, Ever will i buy a husky again,5 yr warranty,biggest joke out,nothing wrong with there machines ,Jst ask them

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Husqvarna saws

Husqvarna 576xp have these saws and alot of other husqvarna saws love them. 395xp 576xp best saws..... Sorry to hear you have had a bad run . Have used the 562xp and thought it was a good saw am using one again tomorrow. Like I said sorry to hear you had bad luck.....

Date PurchasedJan 2011


After 30 years of disappointment using Stihl & plastic bits breaking & McCulloch that wont start hot or cold ! I bought a New Husqvarna 562 XP Autotune after seeing friends use Husqvarna ,season after season and start ! 1st or second pull ! even after 6 months in shed !
Important ! *1/ I read manual ! AND *2/ Right from the box ! Started saw ! * Ran it flat out ! cutting Red Gum or what ever you cut ? To Educate or tell the Auto tune ! Brain ! how you want to to perform ! and sync it in .
My 562 XP Autotune Wow it cuts hard ! I cut ? 50 + ton of Redgum Australian hard wood every winter on our Property ,In conjunction with purpose built three cylinder Diesel saw bench ,and a D9 Caterpillar ram hydraulic splitter. Both are tow behind units on 6 stud toyota rims & offroad tyres ,so fair to say ! " We cut a reasonable amount of wood " ! Sure the 562 XP Autotune, she can be temperamental ! like ANY Chainsaw ! *BUT If you treat it right and use the *EXACT same start procedure *EVERY TIME ! it starts 2nd pull Each and Every Time !
eg : Cold start = Push fuel prime bubble 7 times , Decompression in ,Choke on ! Pull start once,very occasionally twice ! until it fires ,Choke off ! Decompression in , Pull start Away you go ! Note once saw is Hot ! Start = *NO CHOKE , *No Decompression , Pull start ! Away you go ! IF YOU follow that it starts EVERY TIME & CUTS HARD ! Every tank of fuel as soon as it splutters for fuel ! shut it down , making easy re start when hot .
i resharpen my chain every tank ! ( 3 or 4 minutes ! all it takes ) using a Granberg 12 Volt Hand Held Chain Grinder with decent quality white stones or swap another chain and rotate bar ! *I grease bar tip every tank & use a paint brush to clean off saw dust on saw .Each week i remove side cover ! * make sure brake is off ! I clean cover etc then *grease clutch shaft needle roller bearing through hole on end of shaft .I use a chainsaw roller bar tip grease gun ,with Castol Castrol Agri Grease Ultra a Dark Green lithium extreme pressure grease .Each day i remove cover & brush off saw dust from air filter & every week ? wash filter in 2/stroke petrol & blow dry air compressor .I carefully blow out the build up of gunk ! in and around airfilter base /carby inlet with air compressor obviously with butterfly closed & saw upside down ! Yes air filter could be better ! but if maintained , i have had no problems ! If really bad build up i use a brush and petrol to clean gunk in carby inlet with saw upside down ! & blow out with air .If that butterfly is closed ! i have had no trouble getting gunk in carby , but do it carefully not 100 Psi !
Overall A Beautiful Chainsaw that has excellent torq ! and cuts bloody hard !
Number One Rule ! is if your not using your saw ! * Run it out of fuel ! even if you have to tip fuel out ! start & run dry ! before storage ! Use that on ALL your 2 stroke & ,4 stroke equipment pumps ,saws ,mowers etc ! = No Headaches next time !
Husqvarna 562 XP Auto Tune A Beautiful Chainsaw & 30 years experience of cutting Australian Hardwood.

Date PurchasedJun 2016

562xp Husqvarna chainsaws are DODGY

I bought 3 new husqvarna chainsaws from Red shed melbourne dealership in 2016. 2 of these were 562xp at $1500 each.. Both saws have required a rebuild twice in 18 months. Husqvarna australia honoured 1 rebuild and i had to pay for the 3 other rebuilds. Prior to this I owned older model jonsered CS2165 chainsaws for 10 years with no problems. Husqvarna have declined warranty due to "lack of filter maintenance".. Fine dust particles are getting past the filter which is true. We have followed their advice and used lubricant on and around the filter without any improvement. They still maintain the problem is a result of no filter maintenance. We are cleaning the filters twice as regularly and the saws last 9 months before going back to the dealer. I'm pulling my hair out trying to resolve the situation. Ive had enough of husqvarna and need to replace the saws ( $4000 after purchasing and repairs ) Can anyone suggest an alternative brand. ?

Date PurchasedJan 2016

Fantastic saw

I've been using the 562XP for about 3 seasons now and it has been a ripper. Starts easily, (apart from when my wife flooded it) light and easy to handle.

I'm not a profesioanal and only use it to cut wood for myself and the inlaws and it has not let me down.
Keep the chain sharp and it eats through the logs.

the bar oil tank runs out a bit before the fuel tank, adjusting the oil flow down leave s the bar a bit dry.
The air filter lets a fair bit of very fine dust through.

Date PurchasedMay 2015

Waste of hard earned money

Finally upgraded to a bigger saw from my 440. Worst decision I've made for a very long time. My 562 xp has been a problem from day one. Will not start hot no matter what tricks you try. If it doesn't start in the first 5 pulls when cold it won't start at all. Been at the dealership longer than its been at my place. They tell me "oh it's flooded" or it didn't have enough fuel. Extremely poor service and I'll never buy another Husky.

Date PurchasedOct 2015

Husqvana downhill

After 40 years in the bush using stihl, dolmar, homelite, pullan, jonsered and then xp husqvanas for the last 12 years I bought the 562 Xp. Not even cutting 50 metres of wood its on its 3rd rebuild, hard to start when warm, an all round dog of a saw, not suitable for professionals when it's advertised as a professionals saw

Date PurchasedMar 2015


On my second saw now. First one engine seized 12 hours. That was using husqvarna brand fuel that I bought for the extra warranty. After four months, got a replacement saw and 12 hours on that saw, crank broke by the clutch. Waiting for another warranty. This product is pure junk.

562 junk

The 562 is a garbage piece of equipment. Had 2 of them, both were garbage. Had the 2nd saw 26 days, the crankshaft broke off right next to the clutch. I've had clutch problems, with the springs breaking, even the houseing for the clutch went to pieces. I've bought two chain oil pumps, about 4 worm gears and the list goes on. Not a professional saw in my opinion.

Good saw but crap air filter

I've had my 562xp for about 3 years now and have had on going problems with fine dust getting into the air filter holder and a constant layer of gunk in there. When I took it back to where I purchased it from (Melbourne farm supplies) they were pretty good to deal with. I asked for a new saw and was told that husquvana Australia had said NO! But they would rebuild the saw and give me a new saw warranty as the bore and piston were rooted. When they plugged my saw into the computer it said it had done 4 hrs run time. Any how got the saw back and Husquvana recommended that I lightly oil the filter and put a small amount of grease round the bottom of the filter, which I have never had to do with any other chainsaw I've owned... Oil and dust don't usually go to well together one would think. what a mess is all I can say!!! The air filter is caked in the first 10 minutes, the grease runs when the saw gets hot and still lets dust in!!! Back to the dealer this week and see how I go...

Excellent piece of machinery

I bought an 562xp autotune 3 years ago as a farm chainsaw as we had nothing but problems with Sthil chainsaws. Using a 50:1 fuel mix you get excellent power and unreal cutting whether it be old dry gum or fresh Blackwood haven't had a problem
Sometimes after a long cut when it's hot, takes a few pulls to start but runs great
Recently used a 28" bar to slab out a huge gun, had no issues turning it into sawdust
Recommend hands down to anyone thinking about getting one
Bought from mowers galore, great service


I was very disappointed with the 562xp at first. Hard start and low power. 357 out performed it. After a lot of effort locally with no results I sent the saw out of state to a Husky tech shop that new the saws well.

The saw was replaced by the area husky rep; had carb and autotune defects and oil coming out of the crank case by the muffler.

They gave me a new saw and after run in this is the best saw I've ever run. Been using it for 2 years now with just an occasional starting issue when it gets warm and humid out. Very, very nice saw but make sure you buy one from a dealer who has the tech equipment to work on it.

357 (ported muf no base gasket), 562, 372 (ported muf no base gasket)

love the light weight slim style lots of power when working right

I am a professional logger loved this saw except for hesitation once warmed up good took it back to the dealer put it on computer they said it was fine but the problem was still there every day its only one year old and bottom end done in for warranty work now not sure how that will go.

Best all around Limbing Blocking pro saw ever to date!! Hands down

I'm a professional aborist in northern wi "nicolet national forest". I own over 25 husqvarna saws. Everything from 334xp's & t540's one hander bucket/climbing saws to 385xp's with 34 in bars and i own and operate my own tree service business this is by far my favorite saw to run i all ready sold 4 of the 562xp's to my close friends and they absolutely love them 5 stars dont even give this 562xp justice!!! The rev boost is like no other saw on the market!! Hang your stihl on the garage wall!!! And never touch it

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Questions & Answers

What size bar is the 562xp able to take as I'm looking at buying one?
1 answer
I run a 20 inch and it works fine. It can handle a 24 but it is on the edge. If you get the saw make sure you get it from someone who can and has worked on the AT. I am still having issues with starting when it is warm. It's better but not fixed yet by Husky engineering.

Hi guys ,which saw do you think is the better all rounder between 357xp and the 562xp auto tune. Regards Adrian
1 answer
Hi you carnt go past the 562xp great saw light and heaps of power


Husqvarna 562 XP AutoTune
CategoryPetrol Chainsaws
Price (RRP) $1,739.00
Bar Length51 cm
Weight6.1 kg
Engine Displacement59.8 cc
Manufacturer Warranty5 year(s)

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