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Husqvarna Automower

Husqvarna Automower

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Many Many Many issues!

I love this mower, when it works! Ive only had it for just over two years and It's been to the repair shop at least three times for three or four months at a time. Husqvarna service is atrocious to say the least, I don't think they bother because we are a small and distant market. I will replace it when a decent competitor comes along, I'm tempted to get the new Husqvarna automower but without support there is not point.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Robotic Mowing

My buffalo lawn is relatively flat with a few short step sections. I have several large gum trees around the perimeter. This lawn mower has several functions that work well. The spiral cutting mode helps with missed areas. Although the mower works on a random pattern without the spiral mode I found several areas where continually missed. It is very quiet and can be operated at night without disturbing the neighbours. It doesn't track over the same path when it returns to the charging station and therefore it doesn't create track marks in the lawn on the return path.
This mower replaces the Lawnba robotic mower I had operating in my yard for the last five years. It was half the price of this mower and I believe it was superior.
This Husqvarna mower was purchased for $3200 and has a few disadvantages compared to the previous mower. It doesn't mulch up the gum leaves that continually fall on the lawn during summer. Although it is designed to operate in rainy weather, I would prefer it didn't. It doesn't have a rain sensor whereas the old mower did and would return to is base station during rainy periods.
I also had difficulty pairing this new mower with the app that has several great features such as programming and GPS monitoring. The GPS monitoring is a great feature enabling tracking if the mower is at risk of being stolen.
I think there are a few improvements to be made to this mower that could really make it unbeatable.

Used to love it, now not sure unreliable service support from Husqvana

When my automower worked I loved it...

But for the last 4 months it's been living at Sydney Tools waiting on parts from Husqvana, I've just been told it will be another another 3 weeks before the part arrives. That's now the 4th time I've been told that, so not sure if I will ever get my mower back....

Date PurchasedSep 2009

Good idea,poor back up

This is a great product but it's let down by the lack of back up service.
The local mower bloke does his best and is slowly building his supply of spares parts ( this is required as the delivery from Husqvarna is slow at best)

The job it does is great when it's working.

March 21st 2019 Update: More trouble than it's worth

Following on from my review of 2 years ago and nothing has changed.
My mower and the charging station have been out of action for a combined 8 weeks apparently waiting on parts.

Husqvarna are clearly not serious about this product or product support and I can't recommend this to anyone.

I'm getting close to ripping the whole installation out and returning to Husqvarna as a monument to their failure

Purchased in December 2013 for $2,000.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
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Product is used: Daily

I finally found someone to install it for me!

In Quebec, it's super hard to get our hands on one :O I found : http://www.automowerquebec.com/ They installed it for me and they also offer the installation which is super hard to do yourself properly. If you live in Quebec Canada I can't recommend it more, it saved me so much lawn mowing time!


We bought our Automower almost two years ago to the day. I was sceptical at first, but I have found that it is a very fine product for lawn mowing. Our property is just shy of an acre and has around 80 trees on it. Considering all of the obstacles, it does a fine job.
After 1854 hrs of mowing over that time, it has averaged 17.83hrs per week mowing at a cost of 18c/week. A caveat is that the blades are a little costly, so we bought them on line. A little thought needs to be put into setting it up too. But can be modified later. Including the cost of blades the cost is around 76c per week to run. When I compare that cost to the cost of the ride on running and maintenance, it wins hands down.
If I had known that they made a solar powered model I would have bought it. But 50 million thumbs up on this product.
Eggs sell ant!
Have a nice day! :)
Mostly that it works on it's own, and saves money!
Very little.

They are way too expensive for a suburban block...$5,000??????These machines come in various flavours to suit all kinds of situations. So the price will vary on a case by case basis. Our installation was around 5k clams. Our block is just shy of an acre, so if you have a small block, there would be less cost. When I compare the cost of the installation to a ride on it's not that bad. Running/maintenance costs are a slam dunk in favour of the Automower. Show me a ride on that runs for 18c a week! And while it's mowing I'm doing other things. It's a win, win if you ask me, and does not pollute, dust is minimal and it saves me having to badger our young bloke to do it. Have a nice day.Just an update on our mower. It has mowed our lawn for 2719 hrs since April 2012. Power cost per week during that time has been about 15c per week to run. If I include the cost of blades (I still have about 24 in hand) it is 54c a week. Which I think is pretty good considering. I have noticed the batteries are starting to degenerate and next year that will cost me around a 100 clams. But still on these figures it still beats a ride on of any kind. :) Have a nice day.

I'll literally never have to cut my grass again!

Got my Husqvarna Automower 220AC set up two months ago and all I can say is if it's possible to be in love with a machine, I actually am - No joke - I f*cking love this thing!! They sent a technician out from the store to install it for me which wasn't altogether necessary (I watched him and could have done it myself realistically) but it definitely made the entire thing just even more hassle-free! I find myself sitting looking out the window with a cup of coffee watching it move around the lawn in a random fashion! I took the strimmer out to the edges there last week as there'd been a fair bit of rain and it had grown a good bit but other than that, I haven't touched the lawn since the day our automower was installed! I think it's an incredible invention, I'd actually never heard of it before the sales rep in the store started telling me about it but now that I've seen it in action I actually don't know how everyone doesn't have one! Two of my relatives came over last month and were so impressed they've both bought one since, the 305 though, they've smaller gardens!
Everything! It's simple, easy, effective, hassle-free, labour-free, modern, innovative - Just cannot fault it, I'm smitten!

Questions & Answers

what is the max recommended area to maintain? I have approx 1 acre of land to mow. that is excluding buildings. 1 acre of actual gras area to mow. Which model is best suited and the price.
2 answers
You need a 450X for it to be effective. Check it out on : automowerquebec.comAs far as I am aware there is no maximum area. The model I purchased is the 230ACX and the manual states "40 kWh/month with a working area of 3 000 m²". An acre is about 4 047 m². My yard set up is for roughly 2 800 m², split into three separate areas on one wire. I paid about 5.5k clams all up for our system. I had to buy a signal repeater and an extra 250 m of boundary wire on top of the initial purchase. You will get a different price depending on the dealer you are dealing with and the model you are looking at. Husqvarna have produced a number of better models than the one I have since I bought it, including solar models. You can have two machines running in the one area, but when I looked into it you had to have two distinct charging stations for them, but you really need to talk to Husqvarna about the installation. Personally I would set up one machine in two different areas. The price I paid roughly as above, but what price can you put on you and your families health? No pollution emissions, no dust, no grass cutting fumes and minimal maintenance. K, I hope I have answered your questions, have a nice day.

How does it handle things like mowing the nature strip, or places where the front and back yard are separated by a fence? Can you put it in these places for ad-hoc mowing?
2 answers
AP, The mowing areas are defined by a boundary wire, which emits a signal that the mower knows which side of the wire it is on. It depends on how wide a strip is. We have a narrow neck in our front lawn that it doesn't navigate too well. In our back yard we have a 1.5 m wide pathway that it seems to handle OK. We have a narrow strip up either side of our property which I mow with a petrol mower every couple of months. I have three separate mowing areas enclosed by the one boundary wire, in total there is around 800 m of wire on/in the ground. In the front yard I buried it under ground about 100-150 mm to protect it from vandalism and I buried it 150 mm + around our compost heap and fire heap, so I could rake and burn brush without damaging the wire. You can adjust the boundary wire any time you need to. I hope that answers your question. Have a nice day.Thank you for your answer. Based on this I don't think it would be suitable for my situation.

Where is a web site to look and get more info on these please? And what model is the solar one? That sounds interesting.
2 answers
Hhhmmm? I couldn't really find an Australian website for this, but this site is one I found :- http://www.energymatters.com.au/renewable-news/em270/ and this website is an American one :- http://www.robotshop.com/eu/en/husqvarna-automower-solar-hybrid-robot-lawn-mower.html Pretty sure if you go to any local Husqvarna dealer, they can get one in for you. :) I hope that helps. Have a nice day.www.mcdpower.com.au


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Price (RRP)2999199939994999399929991999349944994999
Cutting Width220220170240240220220220170240240220
Minimum Cutting Height606060606060606060606060
Maximum Cutting Height202020202020202050202020
Mulching CapabilityNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNo
Release dateNov 2009Nov 2009Nov 2009Nov 2009Nov 2009

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