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Excellent product to help with dehydration

Hydralyte is always in my family health care kit. It helps to replace water and electrolytes in case of diarrohea and vommiting. i have been used for my kids several times. they are amazing. My kids love the tastes and enjoy the icy pops. Icy pop is the only way they like to keep down water and electrolytes. Thanks for this great product.

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Dear ynz, thank you kindly for your lovely feedback. We are very happy to hear that your kids enjoy our Hydralyte Ice Blocks products! Please do not hesitate to contact me direct should you have any queries regarding our products. Free call number 1800 788 870 or email Consumercare@carepharma.com.au Kind regards, Lisa Tran Customer Care Associate Care Pharmaceuticals

When nothing else will stay down

I used hydrolyte for both me and my 20 month old daughter when we came down with gastro on the same day. The poor little mite wouldn't eat anything or drink any water but she would happily drink the 'juice'. She was back on her feet by the end of the day. Having her drink something was a huge weight on my mind.

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